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H U P P S   f r o m   t h e


S H E N A N D O A H   V A L L E Y ,   V i r g i n i a




after the American Revolution




























                                                by Timothy A. Hupp

                                                Harrisonburg, Va.

                                                Copyright 1986






About the Author 


     I, Tim Hupp, was born on 5/8/1957 in

Waynesboro, Virginia.  My parents had lived

many places prior to coming to Waynesboro in

1955, but my dad has lived in the area ever

since.  My mother died when I was 3, and my dad        <photo of author>

remarried a year later.  Let me say that my

step-mother has been as good of step-mother as

I can imagine possible-- she raised me as one

of her own.  I have one older brother and two

half-sisters  (our family is listed on page


     I graduated from Stuarts Draft High School

in 1975, and from  Virginia Tech in 1979, where

I had majored in Chemistry.  I am now  employed

at Merck & Co., at the Stonewall Plant in

Elkton, Va.  I work in the Quality Control

department.  From October of 1980 until 2/1/86,

I worked as a shift Lab Technician.  Since then

I have been a daylight Chemist in the same


     From earliest memory I have attended

Presbyterian churches.  I had godly parents,

and I made my own commitment to Christ in 1976,

and was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ

at Virginia Tech.  I now attend Covenant

Presbyterian Church of Harrisonburg, Va.

     My interests include, besides genealogy, Astronomy, hiking,

photography, computers, and several other things scientific.  I am also

a big brother.  

     I started into genealogy in May of 1984.  I come from a line of

Hupps that has been isolated for 130 years, and we knew little about

other families.  There were some other Hupps that are listed in my

phone book.  I called some of them, and got to know them, and also 

started going to the local library, to find that Hupps lived in this

area in the early 1800's and earlier.  At the end of 1984, I printed up

my first book, "The Family of Balser Hupp".  Research continued, and

I took a trip through Ohio and Indiana in 1985, collecting a fair

amount of information.  Also I corresponded with other interested

people.  This book has been a lot of work, but it has turned out much

as I envisioned it.  It is my hope that all who read it will find it










     I could not have done nearly so much in the book if it weren't

for the generous help of many people.  I will list just my major

contributors, for there are many more that I could not name all of. 



Section A:  Robert E. Hupp of Mesa, Arizona, for the listing of Balser

Hupp's estate.  


Section B:  Daniel Rinker and his wife, Ruth, of Travers City, Michigan;

Mrs. Edith (Zirkle) Kipps of Timberville, Va.; Roscoe I. Hupp of

Slater, Missouri; Brown Hupp and his wife, Dawn, of Bergton, Va., and

Brown's sister Mrs. Alma Martz of Timberville; Robert Sealock of 

Alexandria, Va.; Ms. Beverly Gray of Kansas; Robert E. Hupp; Clarence

Zirkle of Edinburg, Va.; Mrs. Pollyanna (Neff) Halterman of Quicksburg;

and Mrs. Charlotte (Zirkle) Emery of Harrisonburg.  Special thanks go

to Edith Zirkle and Bob Sealock, who led me to so many other people

that could help me.


Section C:  R. Craig Hupp IIII of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, and  

Charles J. Hupp of Boca Raton, Fla.


Section D:  William Mahan of Urbana, Ohio, who introduced me to many

people in his area; also Roy N. Hupp of Germantown, Ohio; and Geneva

(Hupp) Kendrick of Bryson City, NC. 


Section E:  James Morrison of Linnville, Ohio; Mrs. Estella Hupp; Mrs.

Dorothy (Hupp) Winegardner; and Mrs. Ruth (Courson) White, the last

three of Thornville, Ohio.  Each of these gathered more information for

me, in addition to that which they had at the time I met with them,

particularly Dorothy Winegardner.  Also Ruth White and her husband gave

me a place to stay when I came to the Hupp-Mereidth family reunion of

1986.  Also, Paul Bryan Hupp of Linnville and Russell A. Hupp of

Newark, Ohio.


Section F:  James G. Hupp of Orinda, California. 


Section H:  Frank Hupp of Strasburg, Va.


Section I:  Mrs. Elaine (Hupp) McCreery of Bolivar, Pa.; Mrs. Kathryn

(Hupp) Corwin of Front Royal, Va.; Mrs. Mary (Wisman) Kirkpatrick of

Leesburg, Va.; Mrs. Patricia (Ridgeway) Scott of Westmont, NJ; Mrs.

Lucy Hupp of Strasburg, Va.; Robert A. Hupp of Warrenville, Ill.;

and Mrs. Myrtle (Hupp) Foster of Thornville, Ohio. 


These are in addition to some mentioned in "The Family of Balser Hupp". 



Also, I want to thank Mary Carr for proofreading my text and for 

drawing the sketches in this book.  Also thanks to Terri Hoffman, who

also helped proofread, and to Robert Sealock, Robert E. Hupp, Mrs. Edith

Kipps, Mrs. Dorothy Winegardner, Mrs. Ruth White, and James G. Hupp

for reviewing sections of my early drafts. 

Finally, I want to thank Terry Fertitta of Kwik-Kopy Center for giving

me good terms for the printing of this book. 










m.      married

m1.     first marriage to

m2.     second marriage to


b.      born

d.      died

bi.     born in

@       at

( - )   birth and death dates unknown, but known or presumed dead.

---     first or last name not known

----    name unknown

div.    divorced

so.     son of

do.     daughter of

co.     child of

dau.    daughter

ch.     child or children




     I make lists of names in the outline form, with each succeeding

generation being further indented, e.g.:


I. first generation

      A. second generation, first born

            1. third generation, first born

            2. third generation, second born

      B. second generation, second born

            1. third generation, first born (of family)

                  a. fourth generation

            2. third generation, second in family

            3. third generation, third in family

      C. second generation, third born

II. first generation, second born

      A. second generation, first in family



     Each list as this will have the parents of the first generation

at the top.  Also each person's marriages will be put on the line

immediately above the first child born to that union (usually 

immediately below the person married to, but not in the case of second

marriages to descendants already with children.  It is not my policy to

include step children in the lists of descendants, unless they are also

adopted.  Adopted children are included, and usually indicated so. 

     It is also my policy to list dates with the months as numbers,

e.g. 7/20/1986 for July 20, 1986. 









Virginia's Shenandoah Valley



This map shows the area included by the

following counties:  Frederick, Clark,

Warren, Shenandoah, Page, Rockingham, and

Augusta, all of which are west of the

Blue Ridge.  The state line with West

Virginia is shown also. 

     The Hupps of the Shenandoah Valley

primarily lived between Strasburg and

Broadway, concentrating near New Market.






<hand-drawn map of Shenandoah Valley>



Hupps in America











 <hand-drawn map of US from Illinois to Virginia and Pennsylvania>

















     Hupps came from Germany in the mid-1700's, arriving at Philadelphia

coming from Rotterdam, Holland (the beginning point of the Atlantic

voyage.  In America, Hupps have tended to concentrate in certain area,

and not spead out evenly.  Those places listed below are by no means

the only places of concentration.  Some of the are farther west.



        location                         time       by whom

    -----------------                   ------     ---------

A  Shenandoah Valley, Virginia          by 1763    see sections A,H

B  Greene and Washington Co.s, Pa.      1766       Everhard Hupp

                                                   George Hupp

C  Monroe-Noble Co.s, Ohio              1790's     Phillip Hupp

                                                   later immigrants

D  Licking County                       1810's     see sections E,H,I

E  Champaign and Clark Co.s, Ohio       1830       see sections B,D

F  LaPorte, St. Joseph, Marshall Co.s   1836       see sections B,F,G

G  Henry, Delaware, Madison Co.s, Ind.  1840       see sections B,I

H  LaSalle Co., Illinois                1840's     see sections H,I



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