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     Halifax County, Virginia is in South Central Virginia, with a border on North Carolina.  Hupps were present there as early as 1820.  In that year and in 1840 there were listed the household of Philip Hupp. 

1820 Census

                             0    10   16   18   26   45

Phillip Hupp      M    0     2     0     0     1     0

                          F     1     0        0         1     0


1840 Census:

                             0    5   10   15   20   30   40   50   60   70

Philip Hupp    M    1    0    0     1     1     0     0     0     1 

                        F     0    0    0     1     1     0     0     0     1


1860 Census:


p. 29, 7/7, #234

Mary A. Hupp           40F      farmer     Va.      $497 + 185

Daniel J.                    19M      laborer    "

Sarah J.                      13F                       "

John R.                       9M                        "

Mary C?                     5F                         "

Susan R.                     1F                         "

Richard Wooding      54M      laborer    "        -- + $20


      The connection between Philip and Mary in unclear.  It would appear that she would be the wife of one of his sons, who died before 1860, but not much before.  But there are no records of weddings in Halifax County from 1812 "Thibble Hupp", probably Philip, and the time that Daniel J. marries in 1860.  This would suggest that Mary is Philip's daughter, and she had the children out of wedlock.  Yet it is hard to believe that a woman would bear at least 5 children over that period of time in those times. 

      The 1812 marriage was "Thibble" Hupp to Elizabeth Hamblet, in December. By 1860, Virginia marriage records included the names of the parents of the bride and groom, but these records aren't helpful.  When Daniel J. Hupp married, he is named a son of Mary A. and Jas. Hupp.  John R. was married three times: 1st he was a son of Rich'd + Elizabeth, 2nd he was a son of --- & Mary, and 3rd he was a son of Mary + William (with William lined out). 

      In some letters to J.C. Hupp, an earlier Hupp historian, there is also  some confusion.  A 5/30/1961 letter from Mrs. J. Wayne Adams of South Boston, VA said that she understood Daniel J. Hupp's ancestors were from Strasburg, but no connection was known.  From Emory Harvey Hupp of Pittsburgh, PA on 12/25/1960, Daniel's father was John Hupp, who came to South Boston about 1850. 

      It might also be noted that only one of Mary's daughters has a recorded wedding in Halifax County.  It is too bad the 1850 and 1830 censuses had to miss the Hupps. 



Family Listing of the Halifax County Hupps:

Mary A. --- (1820 - after 1870)


I. Daniel Jackson Hupp <1498> (2/1840 - after 1920)

  m. Ardicilah Hazelwood (9/1844 - )  on 12/20/1860

            A. Philip Thomas Hupp <1500> (9/10/1866 - 2/27/1925)

              m. Rosa Ann Green Shapard (5/21/1871 - 3/12/1949)

                                    see SV-3, lower part of page

            B. Robert Samuel Hupp <1501> (8/15/1871 - 7/11/1960)

              m. Victoria Clay (7/15/1879 - 6/2/1972) on 2/13/1894

                                    see SV-6

            C. Martha F. Hupp (1862 - )

              m. George A. Clay  on 10/16/1889

                                    1. Hester Clay

                         m1. --- Slate

                         m2. --- Hatcher

            D. Daniel Lafayette Hupp <1502> (1/1867 - )

              m. C. Beatrice Allen  on 8/18/1903

                                    1. Leslie Hupp (1905 - )

                         m. --- Bebber -- South Boston

                                    2. Frances B. Hupp (1907 - )

                                    3. Rawley L. Hupp <1509> (5/29/1909 - 7/22/1989)

                                    4. Charles Allen Hupp <1510> (7/27/1912 - 12/1985)

                         m1. ----

                         m2. Marge Martin  on 5/4/1945

                                    a. Andrew Allen Hupp <1511> (b. 1939)

                                      m. Doris Jeanette Newton  on 12/21/1962

            E. Andrew L. Hupp <1503> (5/1879 - )

              m. Myrtle Albert

                                    1. Evelyn Hupp

                         m. --- Reavis -- Greensboro, NC

                                    2. Howard Hupp <1512> (1/6/1912 - 12/1977)

                         m. Mary Owen  on 11/14/1935

            F. Joshua Alexander Hupp <1504> (5/1881 - )


II. Sarah J. Hupp (1847 - )


III. John Robert Hupp <1499> (3/1851 - )

    m1. Susan Dyer  on 10/22/1875

            A. Maria F. Hupp (1877 - )

              m. Francis A. Bliss  on 12/23/1893

    m2. Missouri Ann Francis  on 12/25/1878

            B. Robert Edward Hupp <1513> (5/1881 - )


                                    1. Herbert Hupp <1516> (b. 1903)

                                    2. Elizabeth Hupp (b. 1905)

                                    3. Rosa Hupp (b. 1907)

                                    4. Isabel Hupp (b. 1910)

                                    5. Belt A. Hupp <1517> (b. 1911)

              m2. Alice Farmer  on 5/8/1915

                                    6. Hoyle Hupp <1518> (b. 1916)

                                    7. Ellen J. Hupp (b. 1919)



Descendants of Mary A. Hupp, cont.

(III. John Robert Hupp)

    m3. Lucy J. Smith (5/1867 - )  on 12/18/1889

            C. John W. Hupp <1514> (9/6/1891 - 1/1980)

            D. Joseph Dennis Hupp <1515> (3/1893 - )

              m. Nannie Ethel Jordan  on 12/23/1933

            E. Nannie S. Hupp (2/1895 - )

              m. P.C. Murray  on 4/5/1919

            F. Mary J. Hupp (3/1897 - )

              m. Jonah O'Neal  on 12/22/1916

            G. Maggie Lee Hupp (8/1899 - )

              m. Robert Walton  on 4/5/1919

    m4. Nora Johnson  on 11/12/1906


IV. Mary C. Hupp (1855 - )


V.  Susan R. Hupp (1859 - )

   m. James R. Wilmoth  on 9/22/1892





Descendants of Philip Thomas Hupp & Rosa Ann Green Shepard


Philip Thomas Hupp <1500> (9/10/1866 - 2/27/1925) [from SV-2]

m. Rosa Ann Green Shepard (5/21/1871 - 3/12/1949)


A. James Daniel Hupp <1519> (9/12/1891 - 1/4/1977)  Mooresville, NC

  m. Myrtle Morrow (b. 5/1897)

            1. Rosa Eugina Hupp (b. 3/13/1918)  Florida

              m. Joseph Daniel Eckard (b. 3/31/1917)

                                    a. Joseph Daniel Eckard, Jr. (b. 2/21/1942)

                         m. Judith Anderson

                                      i. Derek Hupp Eckard (b. 12/2/1972)

                                     ii. Kristen Allison Eckard (b. 6/21/1976)

                                    iii. Neal Olive Eckard (b. 6/7/1978)

                                    b. Jennie Eckard (b. 1/2/1944)

                         m. Lynn D. Wight

                                      i. Laurin Kylie Wight (b. 1/2/1968)

                                     ii. Sahnnon Wight (b. 9/15/1969)

            2. Inez Virginia Hupp (b. 6/29/1924)  Mooresville, NC

              m1. Richard Jenkins

                                    a. Dixie Jenkins

                                      m1. Michael Prevatt

                                      i. Michael Prevatt

                          m2. William Hord

              m2. James Tudor

                                    b. James Tudor



Descendants of Philip Thomas Hupp & Rosa Ann Green Shepard, cont.



B. Henry Thomas Hupp <1520> (9/27/1893 - 9/4/1975)

  m. Ruth Perkinson (b. 4/3/1894)

            1. Henry Thomas Hupp, Jr. <1526> (b. 10/1/1923)

              m. Margaret Estes

                                    a. William Thomas Hupp <1527> (b. 11/30/1954)

                                      m. Theresa Stewart

                                    b. Stephen Estes Hupp <1528> (b. 9/6/1962)

            2. Ruth Carol Hupp (b. 12/24/1926)

              m1. Clarence Adams

                         a. Betsy Adams (b. 5/26/1950)

                           m. Tommy Smith

                                     i. Hollie Smith (b. 12/31/1974)

                                    ii. Dawn Smith (b. 7/4/1977)

                         b. Diane Adams (b. 5/29/1952)  Boydon, VA

                           m. Alfred Newman

                                     i. Ivey Newman (b. 12/22/1977)

                         c. David Adams (b. 8/3/1956)

                           m. Terry Jones

                                     i. Kevin Philip Adams (b. 1/24/1982)

                                    ii. Derek Lee Adams (b. 2/9/1983)

              m2. John Roark

C. Emory Harvey Hupp <1521> (12/4/1895 - 3/12/1965)

  m1. Ina Travis

            1. Edna Virginia Hupp (b. 10/24/1922)

              m. Ray Hersman          -- Indiana



            2. Mary Elizabeth Hupp (b. 10/1923)

              m. --- Cobely          -- Newport News, VA

            3. Emory Harvey Hupp, Jr. <1529> -- Maryland

  m2. Anna Fisher

D. Emma Green Hupp (b. 9/29/1897)

  m. William Oscar Bryant  -- Wilmington, NC

            1. William Oscar Bryant, Jr. (10/7/1923 - 9/8/1973)

              m. Ruth House

                           a. William Oscar Bryant, III

            2. Nancy Rose Bryant (b. 12/19/1927)

              m. Walter L. Barnes, Jr.  -- VA

                           a. Gayle Barnes (b. 6/4/1951)

                            m. David Runkle  -- VA

                                    i. William Nathan Runkle

                            b. Martha Julia Barnes (b. 5/14/1954)

                         m. Paul Jepson Shaver

                                    i. Paul Jepson Shaver, Jr.

                            c. Walter L. Barnes, III (b. 8/30/1960)

                            d. Randall Barnes (b. 9/9/1965)



Descendants of Philip Thomas Hupp & Rosa Ann Green Shepard, cont.

E. Charles Thornton Hupp <1522> (3/8/1899 - 2/14/1983) Mocksville, NC

  m1. Minnie Lee Moore

            1. Charles Thorton Hupp, Jr. <1530> (b. 9/1931)

  m2. Mary Rattz (b. 1921)

            2. Robert Shapard Hupp <1531> (b. 1/1953) Lexington, NC

              m. Sandra Sheperd

                        a. Jason Robert Hupp <1532> (b. 10/15/1980)

                        b. Carrie Rae Hupp (b. 12/4/1983) 


F. Berkly Woodard Hupp <1523> (12/9/1901 - 8/10/1980)

  m. Dukie Ferneyhough (5/30/1903 - 4/9/1978)  Boonsville, NC

G. Samuel Shapard Hupp <1524> (9/19/1904 - 7/7/1931)  Halifax, VA

H. Annie Mae Hupp (b. 6/2/1906)  Salisbury, NC

I. Philip Joshua Hupp <1525> (8/20/1909 - 12/8/1984)  East Bend, NC

  m. Ruth Smitherman

            1. Ruth Anne Hupp (b. 12/15/1942)

               m. Jack Adams  -- East Bend, NC

                          a. Amanda Adams

                          b. Susanne Hupp Adams

            2. Sue Joshline Hupp (b. 5/2/1948) East Bend, NC

             m. Charles Leon Brown

                        a. Darren Brown

                        b. Sherry Brown

                        c. Cameron Philip Brown (b. 8/8/1984)

J. Mattie Irene Hupp (b. 10/25/1911)

  m. James Adam Fink -- Salisbury, NC

            1. George Hupp Fink (b. 7/31/1952)

              m. Kim Morgan

                         a. Jessica Lynn Fink (b. 10/6/1977)



Descendants of Robert Samuel Hupp & Victoria Clay

Robert Samuel Hupp <1501> (8/15/1871 - 7/11/1960)  [from SV-2]

m. Victoria Clay (7/15/1879 - 6/2/1972) on 2/14/1894

  I. Florence Lorene Hupp (8/17/1895 - 1/15/1988)

    m. Maurice Langhorne Appleton (4/12/1889 - 1986) on 10/20/1917

            A. Maurice L. Appleton Jr. - Strasburg, VA

            B. Beverley David Appleton - Strasburg, VA

 II. Effie Elaine Hupp (b. 12/14/1896) - Upper Marlboro, MD

    m. Frank Ernest Elam  on 11/18/1921 

            A. Ernest Elam

              m. ----

            B. Florence Elaine Elam

III. boy, stillborn

 IV. Robert Samuel Hupp <1533> (lived 6 months)

  V. Annie Patti Hupp (10/2/1902 - 12/14/1937)

    m. --- Arthur



 VI. Willie Etta "Buck" Hupp (6/2/1904 - 6/15/1991)

    m1. Lawrence Richard Walden  on 4/17/1922

    m2. --- Adams

VII. girl, stillborn

VIII. Gable Jackson Hupp <1505> (b. 10/7/1907) -- South Boston

    m. Evelyn Sue Copely 

            A. Gable Jackson Hupp, Jr. <1507> (b. 1933)

                m. Mary Ellen Kilgore on 12/5/1960

            B. Evelyn Elaine Hupp (b. 7/10/1937)

              m. Nelson Ferguson Matley on 11/22/1971

            C. Douglas Copley Hupp <1508> (b. 1938)

              m. Mrs. Josephine Blalich DeSentis

            D. Dale Hupp <1534>

              m. ----

                         1. a dau.

 IX. Kathleen Ester "Tizre" Hupp (1/16/1910 - 9/2/1991)

    m. --- Granger

            A. Jackie Granger

              m. Ralph P. Hamilton 



Descendants of Robert Samuel Hupp & Victoria Clay, cont.


  X. Frank Clay Hupp <1506> (5/10/1912 - 4/12/1993)

    m1. ----

            A. Marsha Hupp (b. 8/29/194-) - Lincoln, MA

              m1. Irwin Will

                        5 ch.

              m2. John Gillis

    m2. Juanita Roberts (b. 1/29/1922)

            B. Roberta Frances Hupp (b. 5/39174-) - Pueblo, CO

              m. Paul Tsuyama (b. 7/4/19--)

                        1. Reiko Janice Tsuyama (b. 2/23/1973)

                                    a. Kaylynn Joy Tsuyama (b. 3/28/1992)

                        2. Kim Keiko Tsuyama (b. 8/5/1974)

                                    a. Bryan Kelaho Mittino (b. 3/5/1992)

                        3. Jill Eileen Tsuyama (b. 1/4/1978)

                        4. Ann Paula Tsuyama (b. 2/7/1980)

            C. Randall Allen Hupp <1535> (b. 6/13/1948) nm - Louisville, KY

            D. Brett Carlton Hupp <1536> (b. 6/16/1952) - Lancaster, CA

               m. April Berry

                        1. Larry James Hupp <1537> (b. 4/6/1974)

                        2. Jason Aaron Hupp <1538> (b. 5/21/1975)

                        3. Amy Elizabeth Hupp (b. 1/16/1979)

            E. Clay Ryan Hupp <1539> (b. 8/4/1953) - Middlebourne, WV

              m. Linda Lee Jaggers

                        1. Amanda Lee Hupp (b. 9/10/1979)

                  (Katie Wells)

                        2. Carrie Jo Hupp (b. 4/25/1982)

            F. Rische Joe Hupp <1540> (b. 4/11/1955) - Elkton, VA

              m. Christine Knight (b. 9/15/1955)

                        1. Rachel Shana Hupp (b. 7/10/1980)

                        2. Travis Christopher Hupp <1541> (b. 4/25/1982)

                        3. Valery Janelle Hupp (b. 7/30/1986)

            G. Steven Ray Hupp <1542> (b. 5/26/1957) nm - Macfarlan, WV

            H. Janis Marie Hupp (b. 4/5/1960) nm - Richmond, VA

 XI. Barbara Hupp (7/8/1914 - 6/25/1916)

XII. Victoria Louise Hupp (b. 9/20/1919) - South Boston, VA

    m. --- Talbott




(from a South Boston 100th birthday booklet)

Hupp's Mill a familiar city landmark

            Hupp's Mill is without question the most familiar of all South Boston landmarks.  Pictures of it have appeared frequently in local papers, and virtually every local artist has painted it.  Postcards of the mill are still found in various parts of the country. 

            None of this would be so unusual were it not for the fact the mill burned in 1942. 

            There may have been a mill at the site as early as 1831 or before.  That year, John Hart sold to Anderson R. Henderson 234 acres of land bounded in part by Perry's Mill Creek and Poplar Creek.  (This land later became the property of Capt. FB. Jeffress and was his home farm, Forest Oaks.  The dwelling is now the American Legion.)

            The site was an ideal one for a mill, with a small creek running through a low area between hills.  Several springs fed the creek as well. 

            Mrs. Martha Hamilton purchased the mill site from James and William Easley in 1854.  The next year her husband, Thomas Hamilton, built the first known mill, called Hamilton's Mill. 

            It was sold to Daniel J. Hupp in 1881, and was in need of many repairs at the time.  In 1884 it was torn down and a new mill built, but it was placed on the opposite side of the wooden wheel from the original. 

            The mill built by Mr. Hupp was almost square, of frame construction, with stone foundation.  Its two large rooms were not finished, just the rough shell of the outer walls.  A crude stair led to the upper floor but there was no railing, just the steps.  The floors were of unfinished pine. 

            There was no glass in the windows only shutters to cover them.  Actual glass sashes came much later.  The entrance door was of pine, divided in half, its hardware of common iron. 

            The cellar was one large open room, filled with the machinery needed to operate the mill and, later, a sawmill. 

            The Hupp family operated the mill for about 40 years, their reputation as millers ever increasing.  They had hundreds of customers who regularly brought their grain to have it water ground, which the Hupps believed was the superior method of grinding.  There were times, it is said, when their grinding orders far exceeding the mill's capacity. 

            The mill was sold to Hunter Moorefield and John W. Easley in the 1920's.  They made some improvements to modernize the mill, one of which was to replace the old wooden wheel with an iron one. 

            In 1935 it was sold to Mrs. Hannah N. Vaughan, who rented it to W.H. Edmunds.  Mr. Edmunds was operating the mill when it burned in 1942. 

            The cause of the fire, which occurred during the night, was never established.  A large crowd gathered to watch as firemen and volunteers fought unsuccessfully to save the historic structure.  By morning, nothing remained but ruined machinery, the foundations and the wheel. 

            After the fire the wheel itself became a local landmark.  It stood rusting beside Wilborn Avenue until 1963.  Portions of it were salvaged, and what remain was pushed over and now rests beneath the parking lot of the Southside Community Services Board. 

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