Lost Children News

This page will list events of lost children that I get news of. 

It will also update lives of characters in Children Lost in the Mountains.

Joshua Childers, 3: lost from home in rural Madison County in SE Missouri on May 4, 2009, found 50 hours later:

Finn Furth, 8 and Asher Molyneaux, 7: Edmunds, Maine on April 8, 2009 - the two boys were playing in the woods that they were lost--then realized they were.  They were dressed for the weather and "outdoor types", and made a plan to find their way out.  But it took time, in which the officials began a search, requiring the fathers of the boys, who were most familiar with the land there, to stay out of the way.  The boys found their way past several obstacles to a neighbor's house before the searchers found them.  They had been missing four hours. 
I found out this story on meeting Asher the next year, hiking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. 

Khari Dawn Hatfield, 11 and Zen Ezra Phelan Darby, 8: lost on an outing near Augusta Springs, Virginia on October 5, 2008 and found the next day:
A friend of mine tried to help in the search.  He reported that the sheriff's department seemed to be hindering people helping while doing little to communicate anything to the families and the people trying to help.  The news report from the newspaper (Staunton) was very sketchy, too, especially about how the children were found.  The linked story explains more. 

Michael Auberry, 12: lost from boy scout outing in Doughton Park along Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina on March 17, 2007, and found three days later:
I spoke with Brent Pennington, a BRP ranger involved with the search.  Michael was found about 1 mile from where he was last seen, though he probably travelled much further to get there. 

Updates to persons in Children Lost in the Mountains:

Paul Coffman, who found Doris Dean in 1943 (Chapter 2) died August 14, 2009, age 92.  He had moved from Harrisonburg to Stuarts Draft Retirement Home. 

Sylvia Burkholder Coffman, wife of Paul Coffman (chapter 2) died April 15, 2009, age 89.  She had worked until less than a year ago. 

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