Great Eastern Trail Guidebook

Great Eastern Trail Guidebook

Hancock, MD to I-64

Please note:  This guidebook will be going to press soon.  When it is available in print, I will no longer have these pages up as a result.  I will probably have a list of sections, and trail condition reports will remain.
Be aware, there will be some things updated in the guide.  Some distances have been superceded already, although the route has not. 
The Guidebook will be published by PATC. 

(updated 1/29/2014)

This posted guidebook is a work in progress.  The desired end result is a guidebook to fully describe the Great Eastern Trail from Hancock, Maryland south to Interstate 64 west of Covington, at the Allegheny Trail exit. 

The Great Eastern Trail follows the Tuscarora Trail from Hancock, Maryland to just south of Waites Run Road on Mill Mountain.  From there it follows trails continuing south on North Mountain along the Virginia/West Virginia state line for 25 miles, and then heads west over to Shenandoah Mountain, and follows that south for about 60 miles, then it heads west to meet the Allegheny Trail near Lake Sherwood.  From there it follows the Allegheny Trail south to I-64. 

I have divided this into 7 sections divided by major roads, and each section is divided into subsections between access points that can be used for day hikes. 

I would appreciate any feedback, additions, corrections, etc.  I am just starting to make GET hikes and a few more road investigations.  I have pages for my trail section descriptions and trail condition reports.  If I haven't got to it yet, or I don't have it posted, it won't have a link (yet).  I'll include the date of when hiked or visited or when I plan to.  But I will need help to get this done in a reasonable amount of time. 


Section 1 :             Hancock, MD (I-70, US 40) to Gore, VA (US 50)        50.5 miles

                              (Tuscarora Trail)



        Section 1a:            Hancock, MD to WV 9 (9.6 miles)                 Guide           Condition report     


        Section 1b:            WV 9 to Lower Campground  (10.7 miles)   Guide           Condition report


        Section 1c:            Lower Campground to 
                                        Hampshire Grade Road (7.5 miles)              Guide           Condition report


        Section 1d:            Hampshire Grade Rd to Siler, VA                 Guide           Condition report

                                         (12.4 miles)


        Section 1e:            Siler, VA to US 50 (11.1 miles)                        Guide           Condition report



Section 2 :            Gore, VA (US 50) to US 48 & VA/WV 55                       28.2 miles
                             (Tuscarora Trail)




        Section 2a:            US 50 to Back Creek Road  (13.6 miles)      Guide           Condition report


        Section 2b:            Back Creek Road to 
                                        Capon Springs Road (7.2 miles)                  
Guide           Condition report


        Section 2c:            Capon Springs Road to 
                                        US 48 & VA/WV 55 (7.4 miles)                   
Guide           Condition report



Section 3 :            US 48 & VA/WV 55 to VA 259 near Bergton, VA       42.6 miles
                             (Tuscarora Trail and North Mountain trails)



        Section 3a:            US 48, VA/WV 55 to 
                                         Waites Run Road  (8.9 miles)                       
Guide           Condition report


        Section 3b:           Waites Run Road to 
                                        Wolf Gap (9.9 miles)                                       
Guide           Condition report


        Section 3c:            Wolf Gap to CR 59 (5.9 miles)                        Guide           Condition report


        Section 3d:            CR 59 to Dominion Towers  (6.4 miles)         Guide           Condition report


        Section 3e:            Dominion Towers to 
                                        Hunkerson Gap  (7.8 miles)                           
Guide           Condition report


        Section 3f:            Hunkerson Gap to VA 259 & VA 826            Guide           Condition report

                                        (5.7 miles)



Section 4 :            VA 259 near Bergton to US 33                                           29.6 miles



        Section 4a:            VA 259 to Little Dry River Road                   Guide           Condition report
                                        (19.3 miles)


        Section 4b:            Little Dry River Road to US 33                      Guide           Condition report

                                        (10.3 miles)



Section 5 :            US 33 to US 250                                                                30.0 miles
                             (Shenandoah Mountain)




        Section 5a:            US 33 to Briery Branch Gap  (10.0 miles)     Guide           Condition report


        Section 5b:            Briery Branch Gap to FR 95  (9.8 miles)       Guide           Condition report


        Section 5c:            FR 95 to US 250   (10.2 miles)                         Guide           Condition report



Section 6 :            US 250 to US 220                                                              41.3 miles
                             (Shenandoah Mountain, ridges west)


        Section 6a:            US 250 to Benson Run Road  (7.5 miles)          Guide           Condition report


        Section 6b:            Benson Run Road to VA 627  (15.5 miles)       Guide           Condition report


        Section 6c:            VA 627 to Cowpasture River on VA 678 
                                         (2.6 miles)                                                          
Guide           Condition report


        Section 6d:            Cowpasture River on VA 678 to                       Guide           Condition report
                                        FR 1325 (7.8


        Section 6e:            VA 609/FR 1325 to US 220  (7.9 miles)             Guide           Condition report



Section 7 :            US 220 to White Sulphur Springs, WV                              60.2 miles

        Section 7a:            US 220 to VA 600   (12.8 miles)                       Guide           Condition report


        Section 7b:             VA 600 & VA 39  (7.9 miles)                          Guide           Condition report


        Section 7c:              VA 600 to Lake Sherwood (9.2 miles)           Guide           Condition report


        Section 7d:             Lake Sherwood to CR 14 (10.7 miles)           Guide           Condition report


        Section 7e:            CR 14 to Slash Lick Road (14.0 miles)         Guide           Condition report

        Section 7f:             Slash Lick Road to I-64 (5.6 miles)               Guide           Condition report



A Brief Guide to GET from White Sulphur Springs, WV to Pearisburg, VA



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