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Section 3e Dominion Towers to Hunkerson Gap 7.8 miles


 1. North end of section.  Go 1.4 miles west of I-81 Exit 273 on VA 703, turn left on VA 614 (Middle Road) and go 1.1 miles, right on VA 263 and go 9.4 miles to Basye, right on 717 (Jerome Road) 3.8 miles, left on VA 720 (Crooked Run Road) 4.5 miles to top of mountain at state line.  Turn right for trail parking.  
 2. South end of section.  Go 23.5 miles west of I-81 Exit 257 on VA 259 into West Virginia (by 1.4 miles), turn right on Hunkerson Gap Road (CR 259/12), go 1.9 mile.  Limited parking on left at Snyder Trail (look for large blue blaze on tree), with a few more places on right shortly before that point. 


 1. North to south: Continue on CR 20 (Basore Road) down west side of North Mountain, turn right at Upper Cove Road, and go into Mathias.  Turn left to get to WV 259.  Go south on WV 259 to Hunkerson Gap Road (CR 256/12), left 1.9 miles and find parking given above. 
 2. South to north: Return on Hunkerson Gap Road 1.9 miles to WV 259 and turn right and go 5.4 miles to Mathias.  Go east on CR 20 from Mathias 4.8 miles (at 2.6 miles take Basore Road [CR 20] left 2.2 miles) up to top of North Mountain at state line.  Find parking on left. 


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