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Edition 8/12/2018


Section 3f
Hunkerson Gap to VA 259/VA 820
5.7 miles (5.7 miles road walk, 3.8 miles paved




  1. North end of section.  Go 23.5 miles west of I-81 Exit 257 on VA 259 into West Virginia, turn right on Hunkerson Gap Road, go 1.9 mile.  Limited parking near Snyder Trail (look for large blue blaze on tree). 
  2. Commuter Parking off VA 820 beside intersection with VA 259, 19.7 miles west of I-81 Exit 257. 


  North to South: Return out Hunkerson Gap Road to WV 259, 1.9 miles, turn left.  Go 3.8 miles to VA 820


  PATC Map
  USGS 7.5 minute Quadrangles:


   Beside roads, walk on left, facing traffic (Virginia Law). 


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