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Section 5c

FR 95 to US 250

10.6 miles



    1.  North end of section: From I-81 Exit 225 take VA 262 south to US 250 west 17 miles, right on VA 715 (Braley Pond Road) at 3.5 mile becomes FDR 96 (no signs) and continue 2.9 mile more to FDR 95 (no signs), go left 7.7 miles, trail is on left - look for yellow blaze on tree. 
   2.  South end of section: From I-81 Exit 225, take VA 262 south to US 250 west 24 miles, parking at Confederate Breastworks (historic site & guided trail) on right. 



     North to south:  Take FDR 95 east (downhill) 7.6 miles to FDR 96 (Braley Pond Road, no signs), turn right and go 6.4 miles (becomes VA 715) to US 250, turn right and go 7.1 miles. 
     South to north:  Take US 250 east 7.1 miles, turn left on VA 715 (Braley Pond Road), go 6.4 miles (become FDR 96), turn left at "T" onto FDR 95 (no signs) and go 7.6 miles. 


    USGS 7.5 minute Quadrangles: Palo Alto, WV/VA; West Augusta, VA; McDowell, VA
    National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map 791 - Staunton Shenandoah Mtn


Multi-use - Horses and mountain bikes are allowed.  There is room for horse trailer turnaround at the intersection of FDR 95 and FDR 85, and at the turnaround area just south of US 250. 


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