GET Guidebook 4b

Edition 8/12/2018


Section 4b
Little Dry River Road to US 33
10.3 miles (10.3 miles road walk, 0.2 mile paved)

Field at north end of this section

Note: FDR 87 is called "Little Dry River Road" by Rockingham County, as a continuation of VA 818 (this is what the road sign calls it) while the Forest Service calls it "Fort Seybert Road". 


 1.  North end of section, take VA 259 13.0 miles west of I-81 Exit 257, left on VA 818 (Little Dry River Road), go 12.0 miles (pavement ends in 7.3 miles and become FDR 87) to sizable field with primitive campsites.  Room to park mostly on right.   
 2. Gate of Hall Spring Road: Continue 0.2 mile past 1. to fork in road, take left fork (Hall Spring Road).  Continue on Hall Spring Road 2.6 miles to gate. 
 3.  South end of section: on US 33, 26 miles west of I-81 Exit 247 on left just into West Virginia. 


    It depends on your vehicle and time of year.  From early October to early January, Hall Spring Road is open to traffic, and it is passable by ordinary cars.  Follow trail route from end to end of this section. 
    If you have a high-clearance vehicle, you can take these routes:  There are six fords of streams on FDR 87, not suitable for most cars, particularly in high water.  Even when dry, the creek beds have large boulders, and may have steep banks which could hang up a car. 
     North to south:  Take Little Dry River Road (FDR 87) west into West Virginia, (road becomes Fort Seybert Road) 7 miles to CR 3 (Sweedlin Valley Road), turn left and go 5 miles to Oak Flat and take US  33 east 12 miles almost to state line. 
     South to north:  Take US 33 west 12 miles to Oak Flat, right on CR 3 (Sweedlin Valley Road), 5 miles to Fort Seybert Road (FDR 87), turn right and go 7 miles to Hall Spring Road. 
 For roads passable to most cars use the following routes:
     North to south:  Take Little Dry River Road (FDR 87) east 12 miles to VA 259,  turn right and go 4.3 miles to VA 612 (Turleytown Road), go 15 miles (keep right on 612 at 11 miles) to US 33, turn right and go 13 miles to state line.
     South to north:  Take US 33 east 13 miles to VA 612 (Peake Mountain Road), turn left and go 15 miles (keep left on 612 at 4 miles) to VA 259, turn left and go 4.3 miles to VA 818 (Little Dry River Road), turn left and go 12 miles. 


  USGS 7.5 minute Quadrangles:  Bergton, WV/VA; Fulks Run, VA; Cow Knob, WV/VA
  National Geographic Map 792 - Massanutten & Great North Mtn and Map 791 - Staunton Shenandoah Mtn.


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