GET Guidebook 2b

Edition 1/25/2013

Section 2b
Loman Branch to Capon Springs Road
Distance 7.2 miles

Brief Description of the Section

      This section of the Tuscarora Trail traverses 7 miles in West Virginia starting southeast of Lehew and ending at Capon Springs Road.  The first 3.7 miles are along a dirt, sometimes lightly graveled, narrow road that is hardly more than a lane.  Most of it is lined by trees, making it a shady walk during the hot summer months.  Across the narrow Loman Branch are a few homes or ruins of others.  Walking through this area takes you back to earlier times.   Pass the ruins of an old school house, and near the middle of the section, Jemima's homestead, the ruins of a house, an out building, and a root cellar.  The yucca plants and a quince bush are still growing nearby.  Her solitary gravestone is next to the trail.   Jemima, wife of Davis Farmer, a local mail contractor, died in 1883 at age 62.
      Except for public roads, the trail is on private land; therefore hikers are urged to stay on the trail.
      Wild turkey may be found along the trail.  Look for tiny ground-loving trailing arbutus in March.  Early in May the redbud and dogwood make a brilliant contrast against the pine.  Underfoot are dainty deep purple wild iris and the lighter violets.  Summer brings the bright yellow rattlesnake weed, yarrow and wood sorrel.

 1. North end of section at Loman Branch.  Go 14 miles west of Winchester on US 50 or 12.6 miles west of VA 37 (the Winchester bypass) on US 50.  Turn south on VA 259, Carpers Pike.  Go 7.5 miles on Carpers Pike to CR 23/3 (Back Creek Road).  Turn left 0.3 mile and pass Shiloh Church.  Turn left at the corner at the cemetery.  Go 0.65 mile.  Turn sharply left and come to intersection.  There is limited parking along the side of the road here, on left.  The Tuscarora Trail comes in from the southeast, straight ahead from Lucas Woods.  The trail turns right onto a dirt/gravel narrow road.
 2. South end of section at Capon Springs Road.  Go 14 miles west of Winchester on US 50 or 12.6 miles west of VA 37 (the Winchester bypass) on US 50.  Turn south on VA 259, Carpers Pike.  Go 15 miles on Carpers Pike to CR 16, Capon Springs Road.  The Tuscarora Trail crosses the road in 1.3 miles.  Limited parking is available on the shoulder.


North to south: Continue on CR 23/3, keep right at intersection at 0.4 mile, continue 4.7 miles to Capon Springs Road (CR 16), turn right and go 1.7 miles to TT crossing. 
South to north: Continue on Capon Springs Road 1.7 miles to Capon Springs, turn left on CR 16/2 (Back Creek Road), go 4.7 miles, keep left at unsigned intersection and go 0.4 miles to CR 23/10 (Kump Road).   


 USGS 7.5 minute Quadrangles: Capon Springs, WV-VA; Mountain Falls, WV-VA; Wardensville, WV-VA; Yellow Springs, WV-VA

Useful Information
 Emergency - Dial 9-1-1

Multi-use -- Horses and mountain bikes are not allowed in this section, except on the public roads. 

Trail Description, North to South

Miles Detailed Trail Data
 0.0 Great Eastern Trail/Tuscarora Trail goes south on CR 23/10 (Kump Road), a lightly graveled dirt road and immediately cross Lohman Branch.  Follow narrow Lohman Branch Valley through woods and adjacent to some fields (elevation approximately 1100'). 
 1.9 Pass pond on right of trail.
 2.7 Junction with CR 23/9 (Mt Airy Road).  Turn left, uphill.
 3.0 Pass old school house on right. 
 3.3 Join CR 23/1, Milk Road (paved, no sign) keeping left. 
 3.7 Turn right uphill on gravel, unsigned road.  Go around or through farm gate.
 3.9 Road bends left.
 4.2 Pass hunter's cabin on left (elevation 1300').  Turn left off road along edge of field.  Shortly turn right and then right again, entering power line field.  Make way down to parking area on side road, and continue ahead out side road.
 4.3 Middle of power line clearing-cross gravel road.  Find trail through field opposite intersection and look for blue blazes on trees beyond power lines.  Trail runs just inside Capon Springs Hunt Club boundary.  This is private property.  Respect it.
 4.6 Cross intermittent stream.
 4.7 Turn left on woodland road, passing gate on your right.
 5.0 Take right fork of woods road, then turn right, downhill, on woods road.
 5.1 Leave road.  Take meandering path to right downhill.
 5.2 Jemima's gravestone (wife of Davis Farmer).  Ruins of Jemima's homestead is on left in overgrown field and woods.  Go downhill on road.
 5.4 Turn right.  Descend gradually at first, then steeply.
 6.0 Cross Dry Run on rocks in dry weather (elevation 980').  Cross old RR right of way.
 6.1 Turn right and ascend steeply on switchbacks.  Turn right near top of ridge.
 6.2 Top of Middle Ridge.  Begin descent (elevation 1160').
 6.8 Turn left onto hard packed dirt road (elevation 950').
 7.2 Turn right going through yard between house and barn.  Cross wooden bridge over Capon Springs Run and reach Capon Springs Road (blacktop).   End of Section 2b.  GET/TT continues across road.

Trail Description, South to North

Miles Detailed Trail Data
 0.0 Great Eastern Trail/Tuscarora Trail crosses Capon Springs Road into a private driveway over a wooden bridge.  Go through a yard between house and barn.  Respect private property.  Then turn left onto woods road.
 0.4 Turn right on path, which joins woods road going up Middle Ridge.
 1.1 Turn left and switchback down from top of Middle Ridge.
 1.2 Cross old railroad right of way and then Dry Run.  Begin steep ascent.
 1.8 Turn left.
 2.0 Road turns into path.  To right in overgrown field and woods are ruins of Jemima's homestead.  In 100', pass Jemima's gravestone.
 2.1 Turn left and join woods road.  At fork go left on main woods road.
 2.2 Merge with another woods road; proceed straight.
 2.5 Pass gate on left, then turn right on path following edge of overgrown field full of locust trees.
 2.6 Cross intermittent stream.
 2.8 Reach edge of power line field.  Follow trail across field. 
 2.9 Middle of Power line crossing-cross gravel road, and continue on side road to parking lot, then continue in that direction up hill to trees and find blue blazes.
 3.0 Turn left and join old woods road.  Shortly turn right on gravel road and pass hunter's camp.
 3.3 Road bends right going downhill.
 3.5 Go through or around gate.  Turn left on CR 23/1, Milk Road, which is paved.
 3.9 Just beyond private road on left, veer right off Milk Road on CR 23/9, Mt. Airy Road, going uphill.
 4.2 Pass old school house on left. 
 4.5 Intersection with CR 23/10, Kump Road.  Tuscarora/GET turns right on Kump Road. 
 5.3 Pass pond to left of trail.
 7.2 Intersection with paved CR 23/3, Back Creek Road.  End of Section 2b.  GET/TT continues to right on blacktop road.

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