GET Guidebook 1c

Edition 1/26/2013

Section 1c
 Lower Campground to Hampshire Grade Road
7.5 miles

Sleepy Creek Lake


1.  North end of section, Lower Campground.  Take WV 9 from I-81 Exit 16 for 6 miles, passing through Hedgesville.  Continue to Back Creek Valley Road (CR 7).  Go south for 7.3 miles.  South of Jones Spring go west, right, at Sleepy Creek Road (CR 7/9) for 6 miles, passing the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area office and the registration point.  Here the road forms a "Y".  The Tuscarora runs in both directions.  Go right for 1.7 mile and go right on road into the access road to the Lower Campground.  In 100 yards, Trail leaves road at red gate on left.  Find parking on left just after the red gate. 
2.  Same as #1 as far as the Y.  Go left to just beyond the Upper Campground where there is a gate and parking.
3.  South end of section, Hampshire Grade Road.  From I-81 south of Martinsburg, Inwood Exit 5 take WV 51 west to WV 45.  Go west on WV 45 to Glengary.  At Glengary turn right on CR 7 going north, 4.5 miles to Shanghai (note--no town sign).  At Shanghai turn left on the Hampshire Grade Road (CR 7/13) for 4.5 miles going up the mountain.  There is parking along the shoulder on right.


 North to south: Go back out to 1.4 miles past the "Y" intersection.  Turn right on unmarked gravel road and go 4 miles.  Turn right on Hampshire Grade Road (CR 7/13) and go 1.1 mile. 
 South to north: Go east on Hampshire Grade Road 1.1 mile, turn left on unsigned gravel road  and go 4 miles.  Turn left on Sleepy Creek Road (CR 7/13), go past the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area office and the registration point.  Here the road forms a "Y".  Go right for 1.7 mile, turn right on gravel road and go 100 yards to the red gate where the Tuscarora Trail leaves the road and park on left just after the gate. 


USGS 7.5 minute Quadrangles: Big Pool, WV-MD; Cherry Run, MD-WV-PA; Glengary, WV-VA; Stotlers Crossroads, WV-VA

Useful Information
  Emergency - In WV, Dial 911

Trail Description, North to South


Miles Detailed Trail Data
 0.0  Lower Campground.   North end of this section.  Great Eastern Trail follows dirt road south. 
 0.1  Join lightly graveled road.  Go left.  (Parking lot is 0.1 mile to right at lower end of lake.)
 1.6  Pass Piney Point Campground, on right.
 1.8  Go right at Y in road.  (Road going left passes registration point for campers.  Hunting Area office is 4 miles from Y.  Tomahawk Road (CR 7) is 2 miles past office).
 2.0  Road forks.  Follow sign pointing to Upper Campground.  (Myers Place Campground is to right of trail.  Path to Myers spring goes 400' to left.  Water pours from a 2-inch pipe.)   Extensive growth of shining clubmoss is located in this area.
 2.4  Upper Campground to right of trail.  Forest gate and parking are ahead.
 3.0  Pass gate post.
 3.5  Wildlife clearing to left.  Continue straight ahead leaving old road, which goes left.  Turn right and cross small stream.
 3.7  Cross Roaring Run (a misnomer) on rocks.  In 120', Long Ridge Trail goes right, crossing Meadow Branch.
 4.9  Turn right.  Dead Mule Trail goes ahead, crossing Roaring Run to Third Hill Mountain Road which leads to Shanghai.
 5.1  Rock outcropping on right.
 6.1  Trail ends.  Tuscarora Trail continues straight ahead on Old Still Road after passing earthen berm.
 7.4  Turn right leaving old road and enter woods.  In 60', cross small spring-fed creek.
 7.5   Hampshire Grade Road.  (It is 4.5 mi east to Shanghai and 8 mi west to US 522.)  End of Section 12.  GET continues across Hampshire Grade Road.

Trail Description, South to North

Miles Detailed Trail Data
  0.0  From paved Hampshire Grade Road 4.5 miles west of Shanghai, Great Eastern Trail takes Tuscarora Trail going north into woods.  (Ruffed Grouse Management Area begins here.  For approximately next 2 miles, there are clear cut areas to create grouse habitat.  Several are now overgrown.   
 0.1  Cross small spring-fed creek.  In 60' turn left on Old Still Road.
 1.3  Rock outcropping on left.
 1.4  Road ends.  Tuscarora continues straight ahead passing berm.
 2.3  Veer left at fork.  Dead Mule Trail goes sharply to right, crossing Roaring Run to Third Hill Mountain Road.
 2.4  Rock outcropping to right.
 2.8  Pond to left.  Trail turns eastward and ascends.
 3.8  Straight ahead.  (Long Ridge Trail goes left, crossing Meadow Branch.)  Cross Roaring Run (a misnomer) on rocks, pass through gate, and immediately turn left.
 4.0  Cross over small stream on culvert and pass through gate.  Continue straight ahead on road.
 4.5  Gate posts.  Wildlife clearing on left.
 5.1  Forest gate and parking followed by Upper Campground.
 5.5  Myers Place Campground to left.  Path to Myers Spring goes 400' to right.  Water pours from 2-inch pipe.  Extensive growth of shining clubmoss is located in this area.
 5.7  Go left at fork.  (Right fork goes past registration point for camping and then to Hunting Area Office in 4 miles. Tomahawk Road, CR 7, is 2 miles past office.)
 5.9  Pass Piney Point Campground to left. 
 7.4  Keep right on gravel road to Lower Campground.  Gravel road to left leads 0.1 mile to parking by lake. 
 7.5  In 100 yards, Tuscarora Trail leaves road at a red gate.  North end of section.  GET continues on Tuscarora Trail past gate.  Lower Campground is along road to right. 

Trail Condition Report

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