GET Guidebook 7c

Edition 1/25/2013

Section 7c
VA 600 (Bolar Draft Road) to Lake Sherwood
9.2 miles (3.5 mile road walk, 0.4 mile paved)

Lake Sherwood


 1.  North end of section: From I-64 in Virginia Exit 16, take US 220 north 26 miles to VA 39 in Warm Springs, turn left (west) and go 11.5 miles to VA 600 (Bolar Draft Road), turn left and go 2.8 miles, to High Knob Tower Road on right; parking possible on shoulder, especially on east side of VA 600. 
 2.  South end of section: From I-64 in West Virginia (coming from Virginia: Exit 181, take US 60 west 0.3 mile to WV 92, turn right/ coming eastbound: Exit 175, go to US 60, take US 60 east 5 miles east to WV 92, turn left) and go 15 miles to CR 14 at Neola, turn right and go 4.1 miles to CR 14/1, turn left and go 6.4 miles.  At the first intersection after the entrance station, turn right, then right again, and go to Trailhead parking area where the road turns around. 


  North to south: Go back north on VA 600 to VA 39, turn left and go 7.2 miles, into West Virginia, and turn left on WV 92, go 15.5 miles to CR 14 in Neola, turn left and go 4.1 miles, turn left on CR 14/1 and go 6.4 miles and find Trailhead parking as described above. 
  South to north: Go back out CR 14/1 from Lake Sherwood 6.4 miles, turn left on CR 14 and go 4.1 miles to WV 92, turn right and go 15.5 miles to WV 39, turn right (soon becomes VA 39) and go 7.2 miles to VA 600 to right, turn and go 2.8 miles. 


  USGS 7.5' Quadrangles:  Mountain Grove, VA/WV; Rucker Gap, VA/WV; Lake Sherwood, WV

Useful Information
  Emergency - In WV or VA, Dial 9-1-1
  Services - Lake Sherwood: 94 site campground with seasonal flush toilets and showers, water, swimming, fishing.  Dean's Boat Rental at Lake Sherwood: basic concessions (soft drinks, candy bars, some packaged food, ice cream), 9 am-6 pm, closed noon to 1 pm for lunch. 

Trail Description, North to South

Miles   Data
 0.0 Intersection of VA 600 and High Top Tower Road, elev. 1950'.  Great Eastern Trail follows High Top Tower Road, northwest, uphill. 
 3.1 On High Top (elev. 3560'), intersection with Meadow Mountain Trail [610], which follows a road to left.  GET follows that road. 
 3.8 Intersection with Connector Trail [604] (elev. 3470'), to left.  GET turns left onto Connector Trail.  (Meadow Mountain Trail continues ahead.  High water route for GET would go this way 3.5 miles, and then 0.5 mile south on the Allegheny Trail to Upper Meadow Trail, which is mile 1.5 in Section 7d.  This bypasses Lake Sherwood.)
  Dirt/gravel road ends at a gravel pile, but Connector Trail continues on grass road, first crossing an intermittent creek.  
 5.0 Reach and cross Meadow Creek (elev. 3020'). 
 5.3 Intersection with Meadow Creek Trail [684], to right.  GET continues along Meadow Creek Trail. 
 6.3-7.5 There are ten crossings of Meadow Creek. 
 7.9 Meadow Creek Trail ends Lake Sherwood Trail [601] (elev. 2700').  GET follows Lake Sherwood Trail to right. 
 8.1 Cross boat ramp road loop of the Meadow Creek Campground. 
 8.4 Cross boat ramp road loop (two crossings) of the Pine Run Campground. 
 8.8 Lake Sherwood Trail comes out on paved CR 14 by bay with boat rental off to left.  GET continues left on CR 14. 
 9.0 Intersection with road to Cales Knoll Campground, Picnic Area, and Trailhead parking to left and Group Campground to right.  GET turns left.  In about 200', turn right on road to Trailhead parking. 
 9.2 Trailhead parking, south end of section.  GET continues on Upper Meadow Trail [672] ahead into Section 7d. 


Trail Description, South to North

Miles   Data
 0.0 Trailhead Parking for Lake Sherwood.  Great Eastern Trail follows road out to northeast. 
 0.2 At "T" intersection, turn left.  To right is Cales Knoll Campground (tenting only).  After 200' at four-way intersection with CR 14/1, turn right.  To left is exit from Lake Sherwood area.  Straight across is the Group Campground. 
 0.4 After passing bay which has boat rental area, Lake Sherwood Trail is to right along lake shore.  GET follows Lake Sherwood Trail
 0.8 Cross boat ramp road loop (two crossings) of the Pine Run Campground. 
 1.1 Cross boat ramp road loop of the Meadow Creek Campground. 
 1.3 After crossing a trail bridge over Meadow Creek, intersection with blue-diamond-blazed Meadow Creek Trail [684] to left.  GET follows Meadow Creek Trail. 
 1.7-2.9 There are ten crossings of Meadow Creek. 
 3.9 Intersection with Connector Trail [604].  GET continues on Connector Trail to left, toward Meadow Mountain Trail. 
 4.2 Final crossing of Meadow Creek (elev. 3020'), then ascent up Meadow Creek Mountain begins. 
 5.4 Intersection with Meadow Creek Mountain Trail (elev. 3470'), to left.  It is 3.5 miles left to the Allegheny Trail.  High Water route from Section 7d rejoins here.
 6.1 On High Top (elev. 3560') reach High Top Tower Road.  GET goes to right. 
 9.2 High Top Tower Road ends on VA 600, north end of section, elev. 1950'.  GET continues north on VA 600, to left, into section 7b. 


Trail Condition Report for this Section

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