Section B

Abraham Hupp, son of Balser Hupp 
     Balser Hupp's first child appears to be Abraham Hupp.  This is not
certain, for I have the birthdates for just a few of them, but of all
of Balser's children who lived to adulthood, Abraham was the first to
marry, and other things indicate all of his other siblings were
     Abraham married Elizabeth Knopp, the daughter of John Nicholas
Knopp (also Knupp), on 4/19/1802.  To them were born seven sons, John,
Samuel A., Abram, Isaac, Jacob K., Michael, and George W.  All of them
were rather easily traced in some way.  
     Abraham served in the War of 1812.  The only records available
were minutes recorded by Jacob Rinker (available via A HISTORY of
Shenandoah County, by John W. Wayland).  The only one mentioning
Abraham Hupp was one on 11/10/1812:  "Abm. Hupp, ensign, in the room of
Wm. Steenbergen, Jr., who refused to qualify."  This was one of many
orders made that day regarding replacements and promotions.  It was
shortly before this that a description of the area was given: 
        Oct. 13, 1812, was authorized a road from Indian Hollow, 
        on the river, thence to Michael Coffman's, including said
        Coffman & his improvements, thence to the Cross Roads
        opposite Abrm. Savage's still house... There was a turnpike
        road across the Massanutten Mountain, Newmarket Gap, in 1812.
            Indian Hollow is on the river, west of New Market.  It
        leads from the Shirley farm, in a northeast course, to the
        North Fork of the Shenandoah River, and debouches into the
        river gorge under the bluffs at the rear of the Bushong
     It was probably about September of 1829 when Abraham Hupp died. 
The sale of his estate is as follows:
Shenandoah County, Virginia - Will Book R
page 29
Inventory of the personal estate of Abraham Hupp dec'd inpard
to public Sale the 23rd day of October 1829.
Abraham Hupp            1 old shovel/ tong -- shear     06-1/4
  ditto   do            1  "    do                      06-1/4
Moses Walton            1 side Lark chain               40
Abraham Hupp            1 Narrow axe                    06
Washington Hupp         1   do    do                    33
Abraham Hupp            1 Grubbing hoe                  85
Mich'l Neff             1 Drawing Knife                 20
John Hupp               1 pr warping bars +c            02
Widow Hupp              1 Sett Ladles + flesh forks     06-1/4
 do   do                1 dipper/ washpan               12-1/2
 do   do                1 Large lye bucket              25
 do   do                1 Watering pot                  37-1/2
 do   do                2 Coffee pots                   06-1/4
 do   do                1 dough tray                    25
 do   do                1 Frying pan                    50
 do   do                1 Candlestick/ fire shovel      12-1/2
 do   do                1 Dutchman Lid                  12-1/2

(Will Book R)
page 30
 do   do                1 Inn pot + bale                50
 do   do                1 Washing Tub                   25
Immanuel Hupp           1 Old Blb. + Sausage block      80
Widow Hupp              1 furkin                        12-1/2
Abram Hupp              1 old barrel                    01
Benj'n Hupp             1  do   do                      30
Abraham Hupp            1 blb with some fish          1 50
ditto    do             1 shovel plough swingle tree  1 00
  do   do               1 Cutting box + Knife         2 50
  do   do               1 horse bucket                  25
Washington Hupp         1 Curry c--k                    07
Mich'l Neff             1 Basket + barrel               40
Joseph Strickler        1 Woodwork Wagon             25 25
Abram Hupp              a quantity of hay             6 50
Widow Hupp              1 Brindle Cow + bell          5 00
Sam'l Snyder(?)         1 Bask   ditto                9 00
Joseph Strickler        1 White back Steer           13 "
Joseph Strickler Sen    1 Black steer                12 80
  do       do           1 pickd ditto                10 "
William Steinberger     10 sheep 1st choice          15 12-1/2
Joseph Strickler Sen    10  do   2nd  do             13 40
  do      do            25  do   3rd+last            12 50
James Booker            132 Shocks Corn              44 22
Wm West                 50 Bushels ditto             15 50
Abraham Hupp                 ditto   do@ 30c 
William Hunberger       123  do    do on Neff Land   11 82
John Neff               1 sett Quilers                7 00
John ----               1 pr fore horse gears         3 00
Abr'm Hupp              1 Blind Bridle                  50
 do   do                1  do   do                      27
Washington Hupp         1 Halter chain + collar         32-1/2
Abr'm Hupp              1 Horse Collar                  80
 do   do                1  do   do                    1 01
 do   do                1 Set plough shears             80
 do   do                1 Set    do                   1 50
Widow Hupp              1 Meat tub                      50
Jno B. Steinburgen      1 C-- Harrow                  1 00
Abraham Hupp            1 Bush a plough+swingle trees 7 00
 do   do                1 Large Iron Smith Hammer     2 99
 do   do                1 old Waggon                 16 03
 do   do                1 Large Sow in the pen        5 55
 do   do                1 do    do  with 3 pigs       8 00
Widow Hupp              4 hogs in the pen             8 50
Washington Hupp         2-1/2 bushels potatoes          45
Michael Hupp            1 pr Saddle bags              2 75
Reuben Moore            1 old saddle (say maw)        1 78

(Will Book R)
page 31
Wm Steinbergen          1 Grey horse                 50 75
Widow Hupp              1 Roan ditto                 41 00
 do   do                1 Carb bridle                   25
 do   do                1 Woman Saddle                2 00
Samuel Taylor           1 Faun(?) Sheepskin             13
Abr'm Hupp              1 Empty flour Blb               12-1/2
Widow Hupp              1 Chest                         33
 do   do                1 Desk                        8 "
 do   do                1 Bed bedstead+ bedding       6
Widow Hupp              1 Large Chest                   25
 do   do                1 Bed bedstead + bedding     13 50
 do   do                1 Corner Cupboard             6 00
 do   do                3 Winsor Chairs               1 52
Abraham Hupp            2   do   do                     75
Widow Hupp              1 Large Table                   25
 do   do                1 Bed bedsteads/ bedding      7 00
 do   do                1 Flax wheel                  1
 do   do                1 Cut reel                      50
 do   do                1 Key Vinegar                   50
Wm Weeks Jun            2 pewter Basons                 32
Widow Hupp              1/2 doz. pewter plates          06-1/4
 do   do               1 Wash pan 3 his cups + 4 spoons 11
 do   do                2 bowls + 2 tea spoons          13
 do   do                2 doz delf plates               26
 do   do                5 delf       do                 25
 do   do                1 Sett Cups + Saucers           25
 do   do                1 Sugar Bowl + Tumbler          13
 do   do                1 Bowl                          06-1/4
Jacob Nay               1 pocket bottle                 13
Widow Hupp              2 doz knives + forks            50
A--  Hupp               1 hammer say                    12-1/2
Benj'n Hupp             1 Claw ditto                    12-1/2
Mich'l Hupp             1 Stocking glass                09
Widow Hupp              1 Chippand box                  15
 do   do                1 Large W Bible               5 "
John Kingree            1 Bance                         50
Widow Hupp              9 milk pots                     20
 do   do                1 Crout tub                     25
 do   do                1 Small tub                     12-1/2
Widow Hupp              1 do  Table                     70
Widow Hupp              1 Stone Lief                    18-3/4
Michael Hupp            1 silver watch               14 04
                        1 Large wash Kettle + Bale
                2 Sale August 6 1830
 Abraham Hupp              72 Bush wheat @ 50c       36 00
   do     do               61 Busl Rye  @ 34c        20 74
                      Jacob Hupp - Adm.            $552 23-1/4

     The immediate family retained about 80% of what had been
Abraham's.  At first, much of the property was kept together, by at
least some of the members of the family.  Together the seven
brothers bought some land from their uncle John in 1830. 
     Only a month after the sale of Abraham Hupp's estate was the sale
of the Balser Hupp estate.  Abraham's family bought a few things there,
but not much compared to other families.  Here is what they bought: 
Abraham Hupp          1 old large backshear plow
                               & swingle trees      $10.00
Abraham Hupp          1 old two plate stove (Cooke    4.78
Abraham Hupp          1 gift horse spreader            .50
Isaac Hupp (of Abram) 1 old hand saw & drawing knife  1.13
Isaac Hupp (of Abram) 1 Waggon whip                    .61
Isaac Hupp (of Abram) 1 cutting Knife                 1.00
Isaac Hupp (of Abram) 4 pr --as and 2 dippers          .30
Isaac Hupp (of Abram) 1 Womans Saddle & bridle        5.06
Washington Hupp       1 Fish nett                      .13
     The Abraham Hupp here is the one otherwise known as Abram, and the
"Abram", is more commonly known as Abraham. 
     In the division of Balser Hupp's land, Elizabeth and sons received
Lot 9, which had 37 acres along the river, the farthest downstream. 
The only other lot it bordered was Lot 8, that of Benjamin Hupp.
     The family stayed in Virginia for another two winters.  The oldest
son, John, had married in 1822, and had moved to Champaign County, Ohio. 
Two more sons, Samuel and Isaac, were married and living in the 
Shenandoah Valley (Isaac was then living in Rockingham County).  In
1831 Elizabeth, along with the remaining brothers, Abram, Jacob K., 
Michael, and George W., moved to Champaign County, and bought some land
in the Mad River Township, just east of the Mad River (the river got
its name from its frequent flooding-- it used to have a shallow, 
meandering bed, but since then it has been channelized).  They lived 
there until 1836, when Abram, Jacob, and Michael, moved to northern
Indiana.  It was shortly after that, about 1838, when Elizabeth's
father died.  Elizabeth later moved to Indiana, and lived with Michael,
who settled near Lakeville, in St. Joseph County.  Abram settled in
Center Township of LaPorte County, and Jacob settled just west of
Plymouth in Marshall County.  John stayed in Champaign County until the
early 1840's, then moved west into Delaware County, Indiana.  There he
settled near Daleville, between Muncie and Anderson.  George moved to
Mechanicsburg, Ohio, in Champaign County, east of Mad River Township. 
Later, in the 1860's, Abram moved to Saline County, Missouri.  
     The first member of Abraham's family to die (besides Abraham) was
Jacob, who died in 1856.  Isaac died sometime in the early 1860's. 
Elizabeth died in 1864, then Michael in 1874, John in 1880, Samuel in
1884, Abram in 1896, and George in 1904.  
     All of the members of this family were buried close to where they
lived the latter part of their lives.  There is no stone marking where
Isaac Hupp was buried, and I do not have a picture of Abram Hupp's
tombstone, which is in Missouri. 


Family of Abraham Hupp, son of Balser
Abraham Hupp <24> (1770's - 1829)  (from A-9)
m. Elizabeth Knopp (1770's - 1/12/1864)  d. in Lakeville, Ind.
1. John Hupp <33> (4/13/1803? - 8/7/1880)  see B-8
  m. Catherine Zirkle (1/21/1803 - 6/10/1884) on 9/21/1822
        nine children
      moved to Champaign Co., Ohio, then to Daleville, Ind.
2. Samuel A. Hupp <34> (5/16/1804 - 5/22/1884)  see B-11
  m. Mary Kipps (8/11/1807 - 3/10/1887) on 1/5/1825
        eleven children
      lived near New Market, Va.
3. Abram Hupp <35> (5/6/1805 - 4/23/1895)  see B-22
  m. Louisa Gardner (11/28/1815 - 1904) on 6/9/1837
        ten children
      moved to: Champaign Co., OH, LaPorte Co., IN, Saline Co., MO
4. Isaac Hupp <36> (1806 - 1860's)  see B-30
  m. Elizabeth Barns (1806 - 7/1875) on 9/10/1828
        several children
      lived in Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties, Va.
5. Jacob K. Hupp <37> (4/19/1808 - 3/7/1856)  see B-45
  m1. Mary Kiser (1812 - 9/18/1850)  on 1/17/1832
        several children
  m2. Margary Hard  on 1/22/1851
        two? children
  m3. Eliza McFarland  on 7/14/1853
        two? children
      moved to Champaign Co., OH, then Marshall Co., Ind.
6. Michael Hupp <38> (7/24/1809 - 12/17/1874)  see B-49
  m. Caroline Sager  on 2/27/1834
        nine children
      moved to Champaign Co., OH, then Lakeville, Ind.
7. George Washington Hupp <39> (2/22/1813 - 2/19/1904)  see B-53
  m1. Margaret Millice (1814 - 12/30/1843) on 5/21/1835
        three children
  m2. Mary Jane Guthridge (2/15/1826 - 6/12/1888)
        six children
      moved to Champaign Co., OH
Proof of identities of the members of this family
     Shenandoah County records give a few different references to this
family, all of them consistant with this construction.  In particular,
Deed Book MM, p. 381 & 382 includes a deed listing Elizabeth as the 
widow (this was dated 9/13/1831) of Abraham Hupp, and named John,
Samuel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Michael, and Washington as the heirs of
Abraham Hupp.  It also states that Samuel's wife's name was Mary and
that Isaac's wife's name was Elizabeth.  

     This matches with the family described in the Biographical Sketch
of Michael Hupp in St. Joseph County, Indiana (see B-49).  The names
match, except that the youngest brother was named as George W., instead
of Washington.  The names are given in the same order, making it rather
certain that this was the birth order.  The Biographical Sketch also
tells what state each of the brothers finally moved to.  Censuses of
1850 and 1860 give them all in the following counties:
        John, wife Catherine    Delaware Co., Ind.
        Samuel, wife Mary       Shenandoah Co., Va.
        Abram, wife Louisa      LaPorte Co., Ind. (moved to Mo. later)
        Isaac, wife Elizabeth   Shenandoah Co., Va.
        Jacob K., wife Mary     Marshall Co., Ind.
        Michael, wife Caroline  St. Joseph Co., Ind.
        George W., wife Mary    Champaign Co., Ohio
     The ages given by the censuses come to the correct birth order. 
Individual proofs:
John - the Shenandoah Co. marriage register states that the John Hupp
that married Catherine Zirkle was a son of Abraham.  Different Zirkle
histories combine to state that John and Catherine moved to Daleville,
Indiana, and also that John was a son of Abraham and had a brother
Samuel, who married Mary Kipps.  
Samuel - In addition to what was stated in the Zirkle histories, under
John, the tombstone of Samuel Hupp's wife in the Mt. Zion Lutheran
Church Cemetery near New Market states that she was "nee Mary Kipps". 
Abram - the descendants in Missouri saved the information that Abram
was a son of Abraham and Elizabeth, and that he had lived in LaPorte
County, Indiana.  Shenandoah County Deed Book TT, p. 98 and 116, state
that Abraham Hupp of LaPorte County, Ind. was from Shenandoah County,
and that he was a son of Abraham.  
Isaac - Shenandoah County Deed Book KK, p. 219f states that Isaac Hupp
of Rockingham County (in 1831) was a son of Abraham Hupp, and grandson
of Balser Hupp.  His wife's name was Elizabeth.  
Jacob - while his famly was in Champaign County, Ohio, in 1832, Jacob
Hupp married Mary Kiser.  This couple was the one found in Marshall
County, Indiana.  The birthdate for Jacob K. Hupp of Marshall County,
Ind. is the only Jacob Hupp which would fit in the birth order, as
established by the known dates of the other brothers.
Michael - the Biographical Sketch.
George W. - that George W. was the same as Washington Hupp in Shenandoah
County, Va. is testified in Shenandoah County Deed Book PP, p. 54f. 
Throughout the deed, he is refered to as Washington Hupp, but he signed
it George W. Hupp, of Clark Co., Ohio (the place where the family lived
in Champaign County, Ohio, was next to the border of Clark County). 
Also, the deed, dated 4/11/1836, gives the name of his wife as

Tombstones of the Abraham Hupp family                                   B-7
<photos of 7 tombstones>
Elizabeth Hupp          Catherine & John Hupp
                                                Michael Hupp
Mary (Kipps) and Samuel A. Hupp
George W. Hupp & wives + 1 son    Mrs. Isaac Hupp       Jacob K. Hupp

John Hupp, son of Abraham and Elizabeth
     John Hupp, as best as I can tell, was born on 4/16/1803.  I have
no actual record of his birthdate, but his tombstone states his death
date as 8/7/1880 - aged 78 years, 3 months, and 22 days.  This gives
a birthdate of 4/16/1802, but considering that his parents were married
three days after that, plus figures given in the censuses, as well was
the spacing of the births, I think it much more likely that he was
born in 1803.  The way ages are calculated, his birthday may have been
     On 9/21/1822 John married Catherine Zirkle, who was the daughter of
George Zirkle and Barbara Kagey, and the granddaughter of George Adam
Zirkle and Elizabeth Ridenour.  Catherine's sister Mary married John
Hupp's 1st cousin, Samuel Harshberger.  For more on the Zirkle ancestry,
see B-60.  
     John and Catherine moved to Champaign County, Ohio in the 1820's.  
He was not in Virginia for the sales of the estates of his father and
grandfather in 1829.  In the next two years, he had Strauther Thomas 
represent him in legal functions such as buying or selling of land in
Virginia.  In 1831, as has been said, John's mother and four brothers
came to Champaign County, and lived there five years.  Later she and
three brothers moved to northern Indiana.  John's youngest brother,
George stayed in Champaign County.  In the early 1840's John moved with
his family to Delaware County, Indiana, living two miles east of
Daleville, a town between Muncie and Anderson.  
     John served in the U.S. Army in Ohio.  He attained the rank of
major, drilling recruits for the Mexican War.  
     In 1874, John's son George died, and left John with the 
guardianship of George's sons Leonidas and Joseph, who were less than 
10 years old.  John died in 1880, while the boys were in their teens. 
I don't know who became their guardian after that.  Catherine may have,
but she died in 1884, still before they reached majority.
     John and Catherine, along with their daughter Catherine, and their
son George and the members of his family, are buried in the Daleville
Cemetery, in the old section in the south-east corner. 
     I know little of John and Catherine's descendants.  Until I got
a letter from one descendant, Daniel Rinker of Traverse City, Michigan,
all I knew of this family was from Courthouse records, censuses, and
the Daleville Cemetery. 
     John and Catherine had, as far as I know, nine children:
Elizabeth, Leandra, George, Mary, Barbara Ann, Fanny Ann, Catherine,
John G., and Sarah. 
John Hupp <33> (4/16/1803 - 8/7/1880)  (from B-5)
m. Catherine Zirkle (1/21/1803 - 6/10/1884) on 9/21/1822
      (from B-60)
I.   Elizabeth Hupp (6/29/1823 - 2/7/1910)
    m. Jacob Richman (~1820 - 2/18/1881) on 2/
II.  Leandra Hupp
    m. Henry Richman  on 12/18/1847

Descendants of John Hupp and Catherine Zirkle, continued               B-9
III. George A. Hupp <40> (8/28/1828 - 3/19/1874)
    m. Minerva --- (7/6/1841 - 8/24/1871)
      A. Leonidas O. Hupp <41> (12/16/1865 - 4/29/1892)
      B. Joseph B. Hupp <43> (7/24/1867 - 8/29/1900)
        m. Katie Mae Burgess (1873 - 1953) on 5/28/1888
            1. Raymond Branch Hupp <44> (2/3/1889 - 1911)
            2. Lacy Dale Hupp (7/6/1890 - 1916)
              m. William Ernest Moore  on 5/24/1913
            3. Mary Hupp (3/3/1895 - )
            4. Oca Irene Hupp (9/30/1897 - )
              m. Leo D. Ratcliff  on 5/13/1919
           Katie m2. John A. Clevenger
      C. Laura B. (or Mollie) Hupp (10/1869 - 1870)
      D. Lydia Hupp (1871)
IV.  Mary Hupp (1830 - )
    m. Jesse Clevenger  on 11/7/1850
V.   Barbara Ann Hupp (1832 - )
    m. Jesse Goodpastor  on 2/25/1862
VI.  Fanny Ann Hupp (1835 - )
    m. John Suman  on 10/28/1858
VII. Catherine Hupp (1/22/1842 - 12/17/1883)
VIII. John G. Hupp <42> (3/1844 - 1927)
     m. Emma F. Myers (4/1850 - 1930)
      A. Ida Hupp (1868 - 1933)
        m. Charles Hays (1858 - 1933) on 7/21/1888 
            1. Victor Hayes
              m. ----
                  a. Robert Hayes - Selma, Ind.
                  b. Richard Hayes - Selma, Ind.
                  c. Don Hayes ( - ) 
            2. Vance Hayes - New Castle, Ind.
              m. ----
                  a. David Hayes - New Castle, Ind.
            3. John Virgil Hayes - South Bend, Ind.
              m. ----
                  a. Jack Hayes
                  b. Mary Hayes
                  c. Helen Hayes
            4. Noailes Hayes (1899 - 1955) nm - Muncie, Ind.
            5. Ruth Hayes - Indianapolis, Ind.
              m. Laurence Hudson
            6. Charles Everett Hayes - Muncie, Ind.
              m. ----
                  a. a dau. ( - )
            7. Henry Hayes - Muncie, Ind.
              m., 2 or 3 children
            8. Dr. Theodore Hayes - Muncie, Ind.
              m. ----
                  a. Theodore Hayes, Jr. - Ft. Wayne, Ind.
            9. Ina Hayes - Milwaukee, Wis.
              m. Al Griner
                  a. Raymond Griner
           10. Mary Hayes (b. 1896) nm

B-10        Descendants of John Hupp and Catherine Zirkle, cont. 
(VIII. John G.)
      B. Agnes Hupp - Bergen, NJ
        m. Clay Lambert  on 9/10/1891 
            1. Bertha Lambert
              m. --- Williams
                  a. Ruth Williams
                    m. --- Claus
                  b. John Williams
                  c. Edward Williams (killed in WWII)
      C. Josephine Louisa Hupp (1872 - 1952)
        m. Henry Lawrence Rinker (1870 - 1943)
            1. Alpha Rinker (5/3/1893 - 4/23/1978)
              m. Arnet Michael (6/1886 - 11/1943)
            2. Raymond Rinker (1895 - 1976)
              m. Mable Helblig (1903 - 1976)
                  a. Karen Rinker (b. 11/25/1946)
                    m. Glenn Powers (b. 2/17/1930)
                        i. Leila Powers (b. 12/4/1978)
                       ii. Thomas Aaron Powers (b. 8/26/1980)
                      iii. Abigail Powers (b. 1/11/1983)
            3. Daniel B. Rinker (2/6/1912 - 11/25/1992)
              m. Ruth Rigsby (b. 4/26/1911)  - Travers City, MI
                  a. Neal E. Rinker (10/20/1941 - 6/11/1968)
                    m. Marilyn Alexander (b. 2/15/1943)
                        i. Shari Lee Rinker (b. 7/18/1962)
                          m. Brian Ray (b. 11/9/1962)
                              A. Kristin Page Ray (b. 1/27/1988)
                              B. Meagan Joyce Ray (b. 1/18/1989)
                              C. Lindsay Anne Ray (b. 1/16/1990)
                              D. Brian Neal Ray (b. 10/21/1992)
                       ii. Daniel Neal Rinker (b. 5/6/1964)
                  b. Joyce Ann Rinker (9/20/1945 - 11/18/1981)
      D. Walter B. Hupp <45> (10/1884 - 1957)
        m. Bonnie L Harrison (1883 - 1952) on 10/14/1906
            1. Agnes May Hupp (12/24/1909 – 1985)
    m. Perry Edward Hudson  on 6/8/1929
   a. Robert Hudson – Indianapolis, Ind.
   b. Ann Hudson
   c. Clara Hudson
   d. Jerry Hudson – Anderson, Ind.
   e. James Hudson – Anderson, Ind.
   f. Ron Hudson – Anderson, Ind.
   g. Cindy Hudson
   h. Kay Hudson
  2. Florence Hupp – St. Petersburg, Fla.
    m. --- Guilkey
IX.  Sarah E. Hupp (12/31/1846 - 4/18/1871)
    m. Silas Shoemaker (7/17/1847 - 8/21/1871) on 8/6/1868

Samuel A. Hupp, son of Abraham 
     Samuel was the second son of Abraham Hupp
and Elizabeth Knopp, born on 5/16/1804.  He was
the only brother in his family who never moved
out of Shenandoah County.  He married Mary
Kipps, the daughter of Jacob Kipps and Elizabeth  <photo of Samuel and Mary>
Zirkle, on 1/5/1825.  (Elizabeth Zirkle was the
daughter of George Adam Zirkle and Elizabeth
Ridenour-- for more on the Zirkle ancestry, see
BI- .)  The Shenandoah County marriage register
incorrectly lists Samuel's name as "Emanuel",
probably a miscopy, which has caused some confusion.
     Samuel bought 137 acres of land, bordering Rockingham County, from
Jacob Kipps.  This farm still remains intact, in the hands of their
descendants, Vernon and Edith (Zirkle) Kipps (Vernon is a descendant of
Jacob Kipps and Edith is a descendant of Samuel A. Hupp).  
     Samuel and Mary had 11 children, all of whom lived to adulthood. 
In fact, the average lifespan of these 11 was just over 70 years, quite
remarkable, since they were all born before 1850.
     The old house still stands, but it has not been lived in for
almost 15 years.  The yard around it is badly overgrown with poison
ivy.  The house and farm was passed from Samuel to his son Jacob, who
passed it on to his daughter Effie. 
 <topo map of area NW from New Market>

A - location of house where Samuel A. Hupp, and later Jacob D. Hupp lived.
B - cemetery where Samuel & Mary, Catherine, and Jacob are buried.
C - location of Hupp's Shop / D - Rife Cemetery (Joseph's first wife and Henry bur. here)
E - where Joseph Hupp is buried / F - where Samuel D. Hupp is buried (Reformation Luth. Ch.)

Samuel A. Hupp's will:
  Shenandoah County, Virginia
  Will Book 20
  page 302
  In the name of God Amen
  I Samuel Hupp of the County of Rockingham and state of
  Virginia, being of sound mind and disposing memory, but weak
  of body from old age, and being desirous of disposing of such
  property as it has pleased God to bless me with, do make
  ordain and establish this my last Will and Testament as
  Item first    All personal property possessed by me at the
  time of my decease shall remain in possession of my wife
  should she survive me, and after her death shall be equally
  devided among all of my children share and share alike.  
       The farm on which I reside after my decease I give to my
  son Jacob Hupp, to him his Heirs and assigns forever.    But
  upon the following conditions.  My wife if she survives me,
  shall have her full and perfect 
  page 303
  support from the proceeds of said land.  And he shall pay to
  the ten of my children One Thousand Dollars himself included,
  paying to the oldest One Hundred dollars in one year and then
  annually One Hundred Dollars to the next oldest and so on
  annually until all is paid.  
       In testimony whereof I hereunto affirm my hand & seal
  this 15 day of May 1879.  
                                  Samuel A. Hupp (Seal)
  Witness present
  John A. Dingledine
  John Kipps 
  Ananias Neese
     It is not clear whether the $1000 to be paide to the ten children
was $1000 each, or $1000 total.  If it was the former, then it was not
humanly possible to carry out the terms of this will.  Paying $100 a
year to one person, times 10 people, times 10 (to get $1000) would have
take 100 years to complete!  Since Samuel died in 1884, it would have
taken until 1984, more than 50 years after the last of his children
     Samuel and Mary are buried in the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church 
Cemetery, about one mile north of their house.  Two of their 11
children, Catherine and Jacob, are also buried in this cemetery. 

Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Mary Kipps                             B-13
Samuel A. Hupp <34> (5/16/1804 - 5/22/1884)  (from B-5)
m. Mary Kipps (8/11/1807 - 3/10/1887)  on 1/5/1825
      (from B-60)
I.   Sarah "Sallie" Hupp (3/9/1826 - 6/17/1909) - see B-14
    m. John J. Knupp (10/6/1823 - 4/23/1904)
        4 (?) children
II.  Joseph Hupp <46> (2/5/1828 - 12/6/1913)    - see B-14
    m1. Rebecca Crist (1827 - 1/22/1861)
        4 children
    m2. Rebecca Tusing (3/8/1822 - 5/29/1897)
    m3. Bettie E. Mills (9/1/1850 - 11/5/1926)
III. Andrew Hupp <47> (2/10/1830 - about 1880)  - see B-15
    m1. Sarah Cline (10/18/1834 - 8/19/1854) on 7/23/1854
    m2. Ellen ---
        5 (?) children
IV.  Elizabeth Hupp (10/16/1832 - 12/29/1900)   - see B-15
    m. Moses Schaeffer (5/31/1817 - 11/12/1893) on 4/12/1860
        5 (?) children
V.   George Washington Hupp <48> (12/3/1834 - 1/18/1923)   - see B-16
    m. Isabel Stokes (5/1843 - 1918)
        7 (?) children
VI.  Henry Hupp <49> (6/3/1837 - 1/25/1861) nm
VII. Michael Hupp <50> (9/19/1839 - 2/22/1917)     - see B-17
    m. Mary Branner (7/4/1852 - 7/2/1929) on 1/11/1874
        3 children
VIII. Catherine Hupp (1/24/1842 - 11/12/1921) nm
IX.  Samuel D. Hupp <51> (4/2/1844 - 11/10/1902)   - see B-18
    m. Hetty Ryman (1941 - 1912)  on 12/5/1867
        3 children
X.   Jacob D. Hupp <52> (4/2/1846 - 11/4/1933)     - see B-18 to 20
    m. Florilla Bowen (3/18/1852 - 5/30/1916)
        5 children
XI.  Mary A. Hupp (8/18/1849 - 5/19/1920)     - see B-21
    m. William H. Olinger (12/5/1845 - 12/15/1922)
        2 children
     The above information came from a combination of sources: a list
by Philip Olinger, tombstones in the Shenandoah Valley, and information
from censuses.  The families with a question mark after the number of
children, indicates the possibility of other offspring who were not
not recorded in my sources. 

B-14    Descendants of Samuel A. Hupp and Mary Kipps, cont.
     Samuel and Mary's first child was Sarah (or Sallie), born on 
3/9/1826.  She married John J. Knupp in 1847.  Their first child, Lydia,
was born almost two years before Sarah's sister Mary.  The Knupps lived
in the New Market area.  It appears that John and Sarah had four
children (one I'm not sure was theirs, or another Knupp family's), and
know nothing of any of their grandchildren.  This is all I know of
Sarah's descendants: 
Sarah "Sallie" Hupp (3/9/1826 - 6/17/1909)  (from BC-3)
m. John J. Knupp (10/6/1823 - 4/23/1904)  on 2/1/1847
      A. Lydia E. Knupp (10/19/1847 - 10/25/1906)
      B. Sarah Knupp (1852 - )
   (?)C. Mary A. Knupp (8/16/1854 - 12/8/1890)
        m. George H. May
      D. Franklin B. Knupp (4/18/1858 - 12/13/1933)
        m. Hester Jane Messick (4/11/1959 - 10/2/1926)
     The oldest son of Samuel and Mary was Joseph, born on 2/5/1828.
He was a blacksmith, and it was he who ran Hupp's Shop north of New
Market.  He also was a witness to the will of his great-aunt, Anna Hupp.
He was married three times-- first to Rebecca Crist, who bore him 4
children.  She died in 1861, while the children were less than 5.  Late 
that year, Joseph married Rebecca Tusing.  She did not have any
children.  In 1869, Joseph's younger son, Samuel, died.  Joseph and his
second wife, Rebecca also raised Ellis Shaffer, who was born about
1872.  Rebecca died in 1897, and the following year Joseph married
Bettie Mills, a niece to Rebecca Tusing.  
     Joseph died in 1913, aged 85.  He is buried in the Emmanuel 
Lutheran Church Cemetery in New Market, beside his second wife.  His
His first wife, Rebecca Crist was buried in the Rife Cemetery three
miles west of New Market, in Rockingham County, and his third wife,
Bettie Mills is buried in the St. Paul's Church Cemetery, near what was
once the town of Hupp, also in Rockingham County.  
     The only descendants of Joseph's descend from his daughter, Mary
Virginia, who married J. Rufus Zirkle.  Their names appear under the
descendants of Samuel B. Harshberger, page BI- f.
Joseph Hupp <46> (2/5/1828 - 12/6/1913)  (from BC-3)
m1. Rebecca Crist (1827 - 1/22/1861) on 6/12/1854
      A. Mary Virginia Hupp (4/20/1856 - 9/27/1929)
        m. J. Rufus Zirkle (5/12/1854 - 1/22/1933) on 9/4/1878
               see BI-
      B. Lewis Franklin Hupp <53> (10/19/1856 - 11/20/1928)
        m1. Sarah C. Bushing (11/13/1858 - 9/17/1897) 1892
        m2. Mary G. Ruhl (10/17/1863 - 10/19/1925) 1899
      C. Samuel Henry Hupp <54> (9/30/1859 - 10/15/1869)
      D. Louisa F. Hupp
m2. Rebecca Tusing (3/8/1822 - 5/29/1897) on 12/30/1861
m3. Bettie E. Mills (9/1/1850 - 11/5/1926) on 3/10/1898
Note - the birthdate for Lewis F. Hupp was from his tombstone-- that
date is too close Mary V.'s to be possible-- he was probably born in 

Descendants of Samuel A. Hupp and Mary Kipps, cont.                    B-15
     Andrew Hupp was the third child of Samuel and Mary, born on 
2/10/1830.  He first married Sarah Cline on 7/23/1854.  She died less
than one month later. 
     By 1860, Andrew was living in Holt County, Missouri. 
     Andrew's second wife Ellen, was born in Tennessee.  They had five
children of which I am certain, although there may have been others that
died young.  
Andrew Hupp <47> (2/10/1830 - 1880)  d. in Holt Co., Missouri (from BC-3)
m1. Sarah Cline (10/18/1834 - 8/19/1854) on 7/23/1854
m2. Ellen --- (9/1829 - after 1900)
      A. Anna W. Hupp (1862 - )
      B. William A. Hupp <55> (1863 - )
      C. James H. Hupp <56> (3/1867 - )
        m. Lou --- (5/1868 - before 1910)
            1. Alice Hupp (11/1894 - )
            2. Elmer Hupp <57> (11/1898 - )
            3. Myrtle Hupp (1901 - )
      D. Nettie C. Hupp (1868 - )
      E. Letia I. Hupp (1870 - )
     Andrew lived the latter part of his life in Holt County, in
western Missouri.  Philip Olinger reported that Andrew died in 1880,
but when the 1880 census was recorded on 6/4 he was still alive. 
Later, part of his family moved to Kansas.  James, with his wife and
children, and his mother, were in Ford County, Dodge Township, in
1900.  By 1910, James was in Sedgwick County, but his mother and his
wife were no longer with him. 
     Samuel and Mary's next child was Elizabeth, born on 10/16/1832. 
She married Moses Schaeffer, and had at least five children.  Known
descendants are:  
Elizabeth Hupp (10/16/1832 - 12/29/1900)  (from BC-3)
m. Moses Schaeffer (5/31/1817 - 11/12/1893) on 4/12/1860
A. Benjamin Franklin Schaeffer (1/28/1861 - 7/27/1932)
B. Luther Schaeffer (1/17/1863 - 2/23/1932)
C. Mary Ann Schaeffer (3/31/1864 - 2/23/1906)
D. Amanda E. Schaeffer (6/1/1869 - 7/3/1893)
  m. Lewis Frank Neff
      1. Lena Neff (b. 4/20/1894)
        m. Ermal Wesley Wharton on 6/28/1913
      2. Lisa Rea Neff (b. 10/25/1897)
        m. Ersil Erit Smith on 6/23/1917
            a. Bonnie Jane Smith (b. 9/2/1918)
      4. Clyde Hershel Neff (b. 7/22/1902)
      6. Faye Lucille Neff (b. 1/29/1907)
        m. Allen Lewis Ross on 1/3/1928
            a. Billie Eugene Ross (b. 1/31/1929)
            b. Alvin LaVon Ross (b. 10/20/1931)
E. Emma Frances Schaeffer (1872 - 1943)

B-16        Descendants of Samuel A. Hupp and Mary Kipps, cont.
     Information on the Schaeffers was taken from tombstones in
Shenandoah County (via Duane Borden's books), and from O.B. Theis of
New Market.  
     The fifth child of Samuel and Mary was George W. Hupp, born
12/3/1834.  In 1859 he moved to Middletown, Indiana in Henry County,
(only 5 miles from Daleville, where his uncle John lived).  He married
Isabel (also known as Elizabeth, Bell, or Nell) Stokes in 1867.  He
lived many years in his last residence at S. Anderson St. in Elwood,
Indiana, in Madison County.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church and the Masonic Lodge.  He died in 1923, with three children
surviving him.  He was 88.  
     Mrs. Russell T. Hupp told me that Russell had remembered visiting
his uncle George and travelling a long way, but she did not know where
George had lived.  Philip Olinger had included his death date and his
wife's name, but he made no mention of where it was, either.  I found
where it was on my trip in Ohio and Indiana last summer.  I did not
find any of his descendants, though.  This is what I know of them:
George W. Hupp <48> (12/3/1834 - 1/18/1923)  (from BC-3)
m. Isabel Stokes (5/1843 - 1918)  on 5/10/1867
A. Willie A. Hupp <58> (1869 - 2/17/1904) -- Elwood, Ind.
    m. Violetta (or Nell?) Shaw (1870 - 1916) on 6/29/1890
     ?  1. Della Hupp (10/1892 - )
     ?  2. Anna Hupp (8/1895 - )
     ?  3. Otye Hupp (6/1898 - )
B. Lola M. Hupp (2/14/1870 - 1/2/1951)
    m. Charles Crockett Dehority (8/18/1870 - 2/4/1950) -- Elwood, Ind.
C. Samuel Hupp <59> (7/1871 - 1911)
D. Rosie (or Josie) Hupp (3/9 - 5/29/1874)
E. --- Hupp (9/9/1875 – 10/12/1877)
F. Albert Allen Hupp <60> (6/2/1878 - )  -- Elwood, Ind.
    m. Naomi K. Dellinger (12/15/1882 - ) on 5/30/1917
G. Maude Hupp (2/1882 - )

     There is a problem in that there were two William Hupps in the 
Elwood area, both close to the same age.  The other was the son of
Sylvester Hupp, son of Samuel R. Hupp (see section I).  In addition
to their being close to the same age, the records sometimes use first
names, sometimes initials, sometimes middle names, and then the ages
given in different records give contradictory ages, even for young
     Henry Hupp, the sixth child of Samuel and Mary, died in 1861, aged
23.  He is buried in the Rife Cemetery. 

Descendants of Samuel A. Hupp and Mary Kipps, cont.                    B-17
     Michael C. Hupp was the seventh born of Samuel and Mary, born on
9/19/1839.  He was a carpenter, and he lived near Forestville, perhaps
five miles north of where he grew up.  He married Mary Branner in 1874.
They had three children.  In 1906 became part owner to a mill along
Holmans Creek.  Michael Hupp died in 1917 and is buried, along with 
other members of his family, in the cemetery beside Solomon's Lutheran 
Church, north of Forestville.  His known descendants are:
Michael C. Hupp <50> (9/19/1839 - 2/22/1917)  (from BC-3)
m. Mary Branner (7/4/1852 - 7/2/1929) on 1/11/1874
A. Benjamin Franklin Hupp <61> (7/1/1879 - 7/6/1925)
  m. Annie B. Andrick (8/24/1881 - 12/1/1965)
      1. Cecil Guy Hupp, M.D. <62> (2/9/1908 - 3/11/1964)
        m. Mabel Wilson
      2. Austin R. Hupp <63> (1/2/1912 - 5/23/1973) - nm
      3. Wilda Hupp (b. 10/6/1915)  moved to Arlington, Va.
        m. Howard Holly
            a. Richard Holly
            b. Barbara Holly
      4. Korine Hupp (b. 10/11/1918) - Mt. Jackson, Va.
        m. Stanley Spitzer
B. Elizabeth Hupp (1883 - 1965)
  m1. Reuben W. Andes (2/24/1880 - 2/2/1909) on 4/4/1908
      1. Reuben M. Andes (b. 8/25/1909)
        m. Elizabeth Ballard  on 12/20/1940
  m2. Thomas J. Kipps (1887 - 1963) on 9/22/1917
      2. Elmore Paxton Kipps (7/8/1918 - 3/6/1989) nm
C. Charles B. Hupp <64> (11/28/1892 - 2/11/1921)
     Dr. Cecil Hupp practiced medicine in Mt. Jackson, north of New
Market.  Austin stayed at the home place all of his life.  Reuben W.
Andes drowned in a frozen pond. 
     The eighth child of Samuel and Mary was Catherine Hupp, born on
1/24/1842.  She never married.  She lived with her parents until they
died, and later lived with her Schaeffer nephews and nieces.

B-18        Descendants of Samuel A. Hupp and Mary Kipps, cont.
     The ninth child of Samuel and Mary was Samuel D. Hupp, born 
4/2/1844.  He married Hetty Ryman, and they had three children.
At some point, all three of their children lived in Lima, Ohio. They
all married in the Shenandoah Valley, though.  Emma and Casper moved
to Lima after they married, but Minnie was living with Emma in 1900,
before she had married, and then married in Rockingham Co., Va.  I
don't know if she went back to Ohio or not.   
     Samuel and Hetty are buried in the Reformation Lutheran Church
Cemetery in New Market.  Philip Olinger did not have Samuel D.'s death
date on his list, but it is on the tombstone.  
     The known descendants of Samuel and Hetty are:
Samuel D. Hupp <51> (4/2/1844 - 11/10/1902)  (from BC-3)
m. Hetty Ryman (1841 - 1912) on 12/5/1867
A. Minnie Alice Hupp (10/1873 - )
  m. William A. Horner  on 12/15/1904
B. Emma Catherine Hupp (1875 - )
  m. Jacob Thomas Lincoln (4/3/1872 - 3/20/1946) on 10/26/1898
      1. Ralph Augustus Lincoln
      2. Opal Marie Lincoln
C. Casper Franklin Hupp <65> (11/19/1878 - 5/1962)
  m. Dora Alice Bowman  on 6/29/1904
      1. Raymond B. Hupp <66> (8/26/1909 - 3/1973)
        m. Geraldine Baum (b. 4/15/1910) on 7/14/1934
     The tenth child of Samuel and Mary was Jacob D. Hupp, who was their
youngest son.  He was born on 4/2/1846, two years to the day later than
his brother Samuel.  It was Jacob who inherited the family farm.  He
married (to Florilla Bowen) not long before his father died, and only
the first two of his five children were born before his mother died, in
     Jacob's oldest daughter, Mary, married Joseph H. Zirkle, a son
of Mary's cousin Mary Virginia Hupp, daughter of Joseph Hupp.  They were
the parents of Edith Zirkle Kipps, who has helped greatly in my 
collection of names for this family.  
     Jacob died in 1933, aged 87, the last of his family.  He had
outlived most of his nieces and nephews.  He is buried not far from his
parents in the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.  He left the house to
his daughter Effie, who never married.  
     Luther, Jacob's younger son, was killed when he was struck by 
lightning in 1928.  Jacob's other son, Russell, served in World War I,
and wrote a letter that was published in a Shenandoah County
publication. He later moved to Winchester, Va., and lived until 1978. 

Descendants of Jacob D. Hupp, son of Samuel Hupp and Mary Kipps     B-19
Jacob D. Hupp <52> (4/2/1846 - 11/4/1933)  (from BC-3)
m. Florilla Bowen (3/18/1852 - 5/30/1916)  on 12/7/1882 
I.   Mary Catherine Hupp (7/14/1884 - 8/8/1964)
    m. Joseph H. Zirkle (9/24/1885 - 5/10/1979) on 9/14/1910
        (see also B-66)
        A. Edith Sterling Zirkle (b. 8/11/1911)
          m. Vernon F. Kipps (b. 10/15/1913)
              1. Wayne Vernon Kipps (b. 2/15/1947)
                m. Carolyn Whetzel
                    a. Carrie Elaine Kipps (b. 5/7/1976)
                    b. Mark Daniel Kipps (b. 8/20/1979)
        B. Naomi Catherine Zirkle (b. 8/4/1917)
          m. Jesse C. Wine
              1. Mary Sue Wine (b. 9/6/1947)
                m. David France
                    a. Michelle France (b. 10/14/1979)
                    b. Brian France (b. 9/23/1983) 
II.  Lula V. Hupp (7/1/1886 - 10/25/1964)
    m. George R. Schaeffer (3/16/1886 - 1/4/1958) on 5/28/1917
        A. George Russell Schaeffer, Jr. (3/13/1918 - 3/16/1962)
          m1. Mildred Acker
              1. James Robert Schaeffer (b. 1936)
                m1. Judy ---    -div.
                    a. Jeremiah Schaeffer
                m2. Malbit ---
              2. George Norman Schaeffer (b. 1939)
                m1. Beverly Darrow 
                    a. George N. Schaeffer, Jr.
                    b. Diann Schaeffer
                    c. Bonnie Schaeffer
                    d. twin, name not known
                m2. Myrtie ---
              3. Elizabeth Ann Schaeffer (b. 1942)
                m1. Edward Smith (b. 1941) -- div.
                    a. Barbara Ann Smith (b. 1960)
                      m. Gregory Lantz (b. 1960)
                          i. David Lantz (b. 1979)
                    b. Brenda Lee Smith (b. 1961)
                      m. David Wiley (b. 1961)
                          i. Britton Wiley (b. 1980)
                         ii. Garrett Wiley (b. 1984)
                m2. Linden K. Ringgold (b. 1945)
                    c. Linda K. Ringgold (b. 1963)
                      m. David Biller (b. 1961)
                          i. Malissa Ann Biller (b. 1984)
                    d. David Ringgold (b.&d. 1968)
                    e. Patricia Lynn Ringgold (b. 1969)
          m2. Clara Kile
              4. Donna Jean Schaeffer
                m. David ---
                    four children
        B. W. Leroy Schaeffer (5/16/1922 - 12/25/1992)
          m. Roxie Olinger (b. 11/2/1924)
              1. Ramona Dawn Schaeffer (b. 3/18/1960)

B-20        Descendants of Jacob D. Hupp, son of Samuel and Mary
III. Effie Susan Hupp (9/6/1888 - 7/15/1975)
IV.  Russell T. Hupp <67> (2/22/1892 - 9/15/1978)  WWI veteran
    m. Nina F. Stickley  (b. 10/17/1898)
        A. Maxine Lee Hupp (1/14/1925 - 1/1/1960)
          m. James C. Boyce
              1. Sharon Lee Boyce (b. 2/2/1948)
                m. Robert Snyder
                    a. Kasey Lynn Snyder (b. 10/14/1977)
              2. Terry Stephen Boyce (b. 12/11/1958)
                m. Deborah Russell
                    a. Christopher Stephen Boyce (b. 6/19/1981)
                    b. Abigail Boyce (b. 11/17/1983)
        B. Reba Goldine Hupp (11/3/1928-8/9/1981)
          m. Frederick Moesta
              1. Philip Andrew Moesta (b. 11/25/1955)
              2. Jonathan Andrew Moesta (b. 11/17/1966)
        C. Wilda May Hupp (b. 5/12/1930)
          m. George Randolph Mellon
              1. George Randolph Mellon, Jr.(b.7/21/1952)
              2. David Allen Mellon (b. 11/23/1955)
              3. Linda Diane Mellon (b. 8/8/1959)
                m. Jay Cooper
V.   Luther Jacob Hupp <68> (3/5/1894 - 7/2/1928)
Luther and Russell T. Hupp                       <photo>
                                        Vernon and Edith (Zirkle) Kipps
     The youngest of Samuel and Mary's children was Mary A. Hupp, born
8/18/1849.  She married William H. Olinger, and they had two sons.  It
was Philip who had gathered information on the Samuel and Mary's family,
whose list helped me with this family.  Philip died only 12 days after
I was born, but his list was kept by Edith Kipps, mentioned before.  
     William and Mary's descendants are as follows:

Descendants of Mary A. Hupp, daughter of Samuel and Mary           B-21
Mary A. Hupp (8/18/1849 - 5/19/1920)  (from BC-3)
m. William H. Olinger (12/5/1845 - 12/15/1922) on 11/6/1870
I.  Philip Jackson Olinger (8/27/1871 - 5/20/1957)
   m. Leah Rebecca Bowers (2/14/1875 - 7/7/1957)
II. George Henry Olinger (12/15/1875 - 1/29/1933)
   m. Maggie Susan Branner (6/30/1884 - 7/30/1976)
        A. George William Olinger (11/22/1912 - 7/16/1933)
        B. Mary Frances Olinger (b. 9/27/1914)
          m. Floyd Stanley Ginn (b. 8/7/1911) 
              1. Elwanda Marie Ginn (b. 4/2/1947)
                m. Earl Mitchell Luttrell (b. 4/14/1944)
                    a. Robert Earl Luttrell (b. 2/24/1972)
              2. Floyd Lester Ginn (b. 6/20/1948)
                m. Pamela Carol Unger (b. 11/10/1948)
                    a. Lance Wesley Ginn (b. 7/6/1980)
                    b. Paige Lindsey Ginn (b. 11/26/1982)
              3. Philip Stanley Ginn (b. 5/20/1950)
              4. Susan Neal Ginn (b. 1/5/1953)
                m. Robert Andrew Riley (b. 7/7/1952)
              5. Stephen Samuel Ginn (b. 2/20/1959)
                m. Kimberly Gray McDonald (b. 10/10/1961)
        C. Maggie Marie Olinger (b. 4/12/1916)
          m. Floyd Luther Fulk (b. 5/14/1938)
              1. George Newton Fulk (b. 9/19/1945)
                m. Claudia Belle Skeoch (b. 4/17/1953)
                    a. Travis Newton Fulk (b. 3/7/1977)
                    b. Kelly Rayne Fulk (b. 11/29/1984)
              2. Robert Garfield Fulk (b. 8/16/1948)
              3. Joyce Marie Fulk (b. 3/6/1951)
                m. Lewis Wood Bedell, Jr. (b. 2/12/1950)
                    a. Michael Alan Bedell (b. 9/13/1984)
        D. Lela Jeannette Olinger (b. 1/1/1919)
          m1. Howard Graves Sellers (3/12/1920 - 4/4/1962)
              1. Shirley Ann Sellers (b. 10/21/1942)
                m. Larry Eugene Boppe (b. 9/25/1942)
                    a. Kimberly Ann Boppe (b. 11/13/1968) 
              2. George Walter Sellers (b. 8/4/1964?)
          m2. Earl Richmond
        E. Hilda Louise Olinger (b. 8/21/1920)
          m. Edwin Ray Turner (b. 2/6/1919) div. 1966
              1. Jerry Wayne Turner (b. 3/11/1947)
                m. Phyllis Gaile Rowland (b. 12/20/1946)
                    a. Jeffrey Brent Turner (b. 8/4/1974)
                    b. Gregory Wayne Turner (b. 7/9/1976)
              2. Daniel Olinger Turner (b. 7/6/1952)
                m. Brenda Louise Williams -- div. 1984
                    a. Travis Daniel Turner (b. 2/21/1977)
                    b. Justin Chayne Turner (b. 7/7/1980)
        F. Lena Branner Olinger (b. 8/24/1924)
          m. --- Bridgett -- div.
              1. Charles Ray Bridgett (b. 1/5/1945)
              2. Floyd William Bridgett (b. 3/21/1949)
              3. Patrick Phillip Bridgett, Jr. (b. 3/18/1954)
                m. Linda Himmellman -- div. 9/1981
                    a. Jennifer Lynn Bridgett (b. 11/26/1976)
              4. Kenneth James Bridgett (b. 7/19/1959)
                m. Beth Baldwin (b. 2/20/1962)
                    a. Kenneth James Bridgett, Jr. (b. 6/4/1982)


Abram Hupp, son of Abraham 
     Abram was the third son of Abraham Hupp and Elizabeth Knopp, born
on 5/6/1805.  After his father died in 1829, he went with his mother
and three brothers to Champaign County, Ohio, Mad River Township.  About
1836 he moved to LaPorte County, Indiana, Center Township, near the
town of LaPorte.  It was there he married Louisa Gardner on 7/9/1837
(he was the last of the brothers to marry).  
     In LaPorte County he raised his family of ten children. 
     Past and Present Saline County History (1910) by William
Barclay Napton says this of Abram Hupp:
        In early manhood he migrated to Indiana and settled in
        LaPorte County, whence he went to Missouri in 1967 and
        became a resident of Saline County.  He became owner
        of a large farm near Slater and for two score years
        was an honored and widely known citizen, as well as a
        prosperous agriculturist.  He was ninety years old
        when he died and few men make better use of so long a
        life.  He was a Whig and Republican in politics and
        while a resident of LaPorte in 1845-6 was elected
        doorkeeper of the Indiana Legislature.  He was made a
        mason in 1839, was always an enthusiastic member of
        the order and held religious convictions in accord 
        with the teachings of the Baptist church of which he
        was long a member.  June 9 1837 he married Louisa
        Gardner, who was born in Cincinnati Ohio in 1814 and
        died in 1904 at Marshall Missouri.  They had ten
        children: Mrs. A.E. Repogle of LaPorte Indiana, 
        Ormond, George, deceased; Mrs. Emily Austin, deceased;
        Mrs. Julia Crane, deceased; Arthur of Marshall 
        Missouri; Orlando of Idaho; Mrs. Hattie McAmos of 
        Marshall, Theodore who resides near Slater and Wesley,
     The Mrs. A.E. Repogle was Elizabeth.  She was known to members of
Isaac Hupp's family (section F) as "Aunt Lib", although she was a first
cousin to Isaac's children. 

Descendants of Abram Hupp and Louisa Gardner                           B-23
Abram Hupp <35> (5/6/1805 - 4/23/1895)  (from BA-5)
m. Louisa Gardner (11/28/1815 - 1904) on 6/9/1837 
I.   Elizabeth A. Hupp (1838 - ) stayed in LaPorte, Ind.
    m. --- Repogle
II.  Ormond Hupp <69> (9/10/1840 - 11/25/1926) - Slater, MO  (see B-27)
    m. Laura Campbell (8/19/1850 - 4/1/1907)  on 11/9/1873
        twelve children
III. George Hupp <70> - died young (before 1850)
IV.  Emily Hupp (1842 - before 1910)
    m. --- Austin
V.   Julia Hupp (1844 - before 1910)
    m. --- Crane
VI.  Arthur Hupp <71> (1845 - ) - Marshall, MO  (see B-28)
   m. Martha E. ---
        four (?) children
VII. Orlando Hupp <72> (1850 - ) moved to Butte Co., Ca. (see B-28)
    m. Florence ---                later to Idaho
        two (?) children

VIII. Harriet Hupp (1851 - )      - Marshall, MO
     m. James McAmos  on 5/2/1876
IX.  Theodore F. Hupp <73> (12/5/1855 - 10/4/1923) - Slater, MO (see B-29)
    m. Martha E. Davis (4/8/1861 - 3/2/1938)  on 11/12/1879
        five children
X.   John Wesley Hupp <74> (1858 - )
     I have extended information on descendants of only Ormond and 
Theodore, plus only scraps on a couple of other members.  The article
in the Past and Present Saline County History, quoted on the last page
was actually about Ormond Hupp, who had a very interesting life.
In fact, I would say that he is the most interesting character of all
Hupps I have read about.  He started life with one difficulty
after another:
        During infancy and youth he [Ormond] was a victim of a 
        series of misfortunes and accidents which seemed to
        to persue him relentlessly, although his later years
        have been rewarded with excellent constitution, altho
        crippled, and the enjoyment of most excellent health. 
        When only three years of age, he suffered a serious
        attack of fever [polio?], culminating in a paralytic
        stroke which affected the entire left side of his
        body, and while he practically recovered from the
        paralysis in a relatively short time, the growth of
        his left foot was stunted that he is still a cripple
        from its effects.  At the age of five years, while

        placing some wood in the fireplace, his apron caught
        fire and he was so severely burned about the body that
        he hovered between life and death for a period of six
        months, his sufferings being of the most extreme
        nature.  While a boy following behind his father and
        picking up the burdoc his father was cutting with a
        cradle scythe, a misstroke of the blade was imbedded
        in his shoulder to the bone.  He narrowly escaped
        death from this accident.  In addition to the above,
        he underwent a serious operation for the benefit of
        his crippled foot, and later nearly lost his life in a
        serious runaway, and finally offered his services, and
        life if need be, in the defense of his country, from
        which he finally emerged after much suffering from
        wounds to take up the battle of life and acquire a
     Ormond Hupp got a "common school education" and went to Notre Dame
for one year, about the time the Civil War started.  How he was able to
be a soldier while "crippled", I don't know, but he managed.
        Mr. Hupp on September 1, 1861 became a soldier of the
        Union by enlisting in the Fifth Indiana Battery, under
        Captain Simonson of Columbia.  He saw much hard
        service with this command, being in the battles of
        Stone River, Perryville, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga,
        and many minor engagements.  He was with General
        Sherman until the Jonesboro fight and during the
        campaign was under fire for three months on the
        skirmish line.  October 6, 1862 he was seriously
        wounded in the shoulder by a fragment of a shell in
        addition to being severely burned about the body from
        powder at the battle of Perryville and was sent to the
        hospital at New Albany, Indiana.  On recovering from
        his injuries a year later, he rejoined his regiment and
        completed his term of enlistment.  He was finally
        discharged from the service in the winter of 1864.  He
        returned to Indiana and farmed one year and came to
        Saline County in 1867.  Securing a farm, he entered
        actively into the business of cultivating Missouri soil
        and met with the success that usually accompanies
        industry and good management.  In 1899 he removed to
        Slater in order to take life more easily after his
        strenuous labors, and he is spending his time most
        pleasantly in a home whose comforts, conveniences and
        luxuries are surpassed by none in this region.  Mr.
        Hupp has always been a hard working, frugal man.  Until
        his removal to Missouri, he gave his father all his
        earnings, and even while in the army sent him ten
        dollars per month.  The competency he enjoys is due
        entirely to the thrift and industry he has shown in the
        last forty years and no citizen of Saline County better
        deserves a rest as well as peace and happiness than
        Ormond Hupp.  His farm ten miles north of Slater is
        highly improved and shows in its every feature the
        touch of a master hand.  The tract contains seven
        hundred acres, but at one time was a thousand acres in
        extent.  Besides his home farm, Mr. Hupp owns one sixth

        interest in three thousand acres of valuable Canadian
        land, good farming lands in Southern Texas, and
        considerable property in Slater. 
            In 1873 Mr. Hupp married Laura Margaret Campbell, a
        native of Tennessee who came to Livingston County,
        Missouri as a refugee.  To them have been born twelve
        children, of whom ten are living:  Mary, deceased;
        Jessie K., wife of Loyd Kemper, who lives north of
        Slater, and they have one child; Luella, wife of Otto
        Ruppert who resides near Slater, and has two children;
        Gertrude, wife of Elliott Brown, who has three
        children; Montana, wife of Harry Harper, has three
        children and is a resident of Vanstyne, Texas; Elbert
        A. of Fayette, Missouri; Oakland, Willie, Ormond, Roy
        and Vernon at home.  The 12th child died in infancy and
        the mother departed this life on April 1, 1907.  She
        was a true loving wife, a woman of great industry and
        strength of character and invaluable as an aid and
        encourager of her husband during his many trials.  She
        was of a decidedly religious turn of mind and for years
        a consistant member of the Baptist church.  Mr. Hupp is
        a Republican and has served as alderman of Slater but
        the great bulk of his time, as well as his affections,
        has been devoted to agriculture and stock raising to
        which he owed his success and his present enviable
        position of the world. 
     The list of children given by the article above left out Ormond's
third-born child, Charlie Chauncy Hupp.  It still managed to get 12
children by making Ormond Roy into two people.  It also seems to imply
that the "12th child" that died in infancy was the last born, but in 
fact, she was between Oakland and "Willie".  
     Besides the account given above from the History Book of Saline 
County, I also have information about Ormond Hupp from the Rev. Robert
Ruppert, a great-grandson of Ormond's.  This gives a little different
view of him, but by no means less interesting: 
            Ormond and Laura Campbell Hupp had twelve children. 
        Among those children, it is interesting that some of the
        girls are named after the places where Ormond was
        travelling on his horse-trading and buying activities at
        the time of the birth.  Often he would get her pregnant
        and then make sure he didn't have to be around for the
        birthing.  For instance, Ormond was in Montana when his
        daughter "Montana" was born; in Oakland, Calif., when
        "Oakland" (dtr.) was born; in Willamette when Willamette
        was born.  The girls were called Montye, Oaky, and Willi.
            Ormond gave each child a nice 160 acre farm when the
        child married, BUT they were to pay him for it as they
        could.  He enjoyed going into Slater in his old overalls,
        and strangers thought he was "poor".  One stranger
        started to take up a collection for the poor old fellow,
        until a neighbor laughed and told him that Ormond could
        "buy and sell ALL of us, if he wanted."  Ormond had an
        irrepressible sense of humor.  One of his favorite tricks
        was to stand beside someone and use his polio "trick" leg
        to kick their hat off.  Then, he'd roar with laughter. 
        He loved "a little wine".

            Ormond was a shrewd horse-trader.  The only person
        the family knew of who bested him in swap was a poor old
        black man who traded Ormond a mule for an old mare horse.
        Ormond asked him if the mule would pull.  The old fellow
        heartily said, "Mr. Hupp, tickle you to death to see dat
        mule pull!"  He was a beautiful animal, so Ormond figured
        he'd skinned someone else.  When he got the mule home,
        and hitched him up, he found he was "wind-broke" and
        would not pull "the hat off your head."  He charged back
        to the old black man, threatening to "cause you trouble."
        The old fellow answered, "I was born in trouble, raised
        in trouble, had trouble all my life.  I reckon any
        trouble you can cause me wouldn't hardly matter."  Then
        gramps accused the man of lying to me, "You told me that
        mule would pull!"  Reply: "No suh, Mr. Hupp! I told you
        it would tickle you to death to see that mule pull.  It'd
        tickle me, too, cause he won't do it."  Grampa Hupp burst
        into laughter, recognizing a fellow scoundrel who had
        bested him, and told the story on himself across the
        years afterward. 
     I am limited in my list of descendants of Ormond Hupp.  Robert
Ruppert gave me some on his family, and the list of Ormond's family,
but other than that I have only the article of Saline County history,
and censuses, which now are available only to 1910, which was the same
time that that article was written. 

Descendants of Ormond Hupp and Laura Campbell                       B-27
Ormond Hupp <69> (9/10/1840 - 11/25/1926)  (from BD-2)
m. Laura Campbell (8/19/1850 - 4/1/1907)  on 11/9/1873
I.   Mary Louisa Hupp (8/15/1874 - 4/2/1876)
II.  Jessie Kay Hupp (1/10/1876 - 12/18/1926)
    m. Loyd Kemper  on 12/29/1897
        one child by 1910
III. Charlie Chauncy Hupp <75> (3/23/1877 - )
    m. Carrie Ruppert  on 2/5/1894 
        A. Ronal L. Hupp <76> (3/1896 - )
        B. Harold R. Hupp <77> (6/1897 - )
        C. Lola C. Hupp (12/1898 - )
        D. Orley Hupp (1913 - )
        E. Hurley Hupp (1918 - )
IV.  Luella Hupp (12/3/1878 - )
    m. William Otto Ruppert  on 2/15/1898
        see next page
V.   Gertrude Hupp (2/27/1880 - )
    m. Eliott Brown  on 12/8/1903
        three children by 1910
VI.  Montana Hupp (10/29/1881 - ) Vanstyne, TX
    m. Harry Erskine Harber  on 5/28/1903
        three children by 1910
VII. Elbert Abram Hupp <78> (2/28/1885 - )
    m. Dorothy Elizabeth Bell  on 10/5/1910
VIII. Oakland Cozetta Hupp (8/7/1886 - 2/26/1930)
    m. W. Oz Dysart  on 5/31/1910
IX.  Lotus Hupp (1/13 - 3/27/1888)
X.   Willamette Hupp (3/12/1890 - )
    m. Wesley Johnson, Sr.
XI.  Ormond Roy Hupp <79> (3/18/1892 - )
XII. Vernon Estell Hupp <80> (10/10/1893 - )
     This information is from Rev. Robert Ruppert, except for the 
children of Charlie C. Hupp.  Charlie was recorded in Miami township of
Saline County in 1900, and in 1910 he was in Lincoln County, which is
in eastern Missouri, next to the Mississippi River, north of St. Louis.
This is approximately 120 miles east of Saline County.  
     Charlie's wife was Carrie Ruppert, a sister of Otto Ruppert, who
married Charlie's sister Luella (IV., above). 

B-28       Descendants of Ormond Hupp and Laura Campbell, continued
Luella Hupp (12/3/1878 - ) daughter of Ormand Hupp (from BD-6)
m. William Otto Ruppert 
I.   Hazel Ruppert
    m. Lewis Cook
II.  Clayton Erskine Ruppert (5/26/1905 - 7/7/1961)
    m. Myra MacKenzie
      A. Robert Harold Ruppert (b. 7/28/1929)
        m. Margaret Jean Rowley (b. 11/11/1928) on 6/24/1956
            1. Timothy Robert Ruppert (b. 7/19/1957)
              m. Jennifer Beth Joritz  on 6/18/1983
                  a. Cassandra Alyssa Ruppert (b. 6/23/1985)
            2. Tamara Jean Ruppert (b. 9/5/1960)
            3. Tonya Lynn Ruppert (b. 3/3/1962)
      B. John Richard Ruppert (b. 9/24/1930)
      C. James Clayton Ruppert (b. 5/8/1933)
      D. Ralph Wayne Ruppert (b. 4/30/1942)
        m. Sandra Joehne
            1. Dana Sue Ruppert
            2. Amy Lynn Ruppert
      E. Frances Jeanette Ruppert (b. 5/12/1944)
        m. Robert William Donnelly -- div. 
            1. Michael Patrick Donnelly
            2. Christian Robert Donnelly
III. Dorothy Elizabeth Ruppert
    m. Rev. Bluford Sloan
     Arthur (or Otho) Hupp, son of Abram, was born in LaPorte County,
Indiana, and lived his adult life in Marshall, the county seat of
Saline County.  I think that he married Mary McAmos on 11/10/1871.  I am
not sure because the 1910 census lists his wife's name was Martha, and 
the initials are the same as in the 1880 soundex.  Or maybe he was 
married twice.  
     Arthur had at least four children, Edith (b. about 1875), Oda (b.
about 1878), Wilbur (born about 1882), and Anna E. (born about 1888).  
Roscoe I. Hupp tells that Wilbur lived to be at least 90, and he had 
two sons, Alfred and Wilbur.  Alfred still lives in Marshall (his
brother moved away, perhaps), and has a son and a daughter.  Roscoe also
said that he thought one of Arthur's daughters married a Sappington. 
     Orlando Hupp, Abram's son, moved west.  I find him in Butte County,
California in the 1880 Soundex.  His wife's name was Florence, and they
had two daughters, Dora Anne (b. about 1877) and Mary L. (b. about 
1878).  They were both born in California.  The history of Saline 
County says that Orlando lived in Idaho.  This was 30 years later. 
     Theodore Hupp, also known as "Tede", lived near Slater.  His 
descendants are listed on the next page. 

Descendants of Theodore Hupp, son of Abram                            B-29
Theodore F. Hupp <73> (12/5/1855 - 10/4/1923)  (from BD-2)
m. Martha E. Davis (4/8/1861 - 3/2/1938)  on 11/12/1879
I.   Erma Golda Hupp (11/2/1880 - 1967)
    m. Reed H. Page
        A. Stanley R. Page (7/1918 - 10/16/1980)
          m. Eileen Brummit
II.  Effa F. Hupp (10/22/1882 - 6/30/1886)
III. Lottie B. Hupp (9/18/1885 - 7/19/1887)
IV.  Roscoe Walter Hupp <81> (9/21/1887 - 10/15/1954)
    m. Ethel Verlena Iman (8/21/1896 - 4/15/1974)
        A. Roscoe Iman Hupp <82> (b. 6/13/1931)
          m. Betty Ann Blumhorst (b. 9/13/1936)
              1. David Kent Hupp <83> (b. 7/20/1965)
              2. Michael Brent Hupp <84> (b. 12/10/1971) 
        B. Richard Dean Hupp <85> (b. 7/12/1932)
          m. Bonnie Charelene Fizer (b. 6/21/1932)
              1. Patty Lynn Hupp (b. 1/19/1961)
                m. Bruce Owens  on 3/28/1980
                    a. Ashley Nicole Owens
              2. Janet Kay Hupp (2/8 - 2/9/1962)
V.   Eula Hupp (2/12/1893 - 11/18/1974)
    m. Ellis Webb
        A. Geraldine Webb (d. in middle 20's, about 1940)
        B. a dau., (d. 5/16/1930, of snakebite)
     Roscoe I. Hupp was the source of this information.  He also
provided the history of Saline County, which I quoted for Abram and 
Ormond Hupp.  Roscoe is a farmer near Slater, and he has written
articles on history for local publications. 

Isaac Hupp, son of Abraham Hupp
     Of all of the sons of Abraham and Elizabeth, Isaac is the only one
I do not know the birth and death dates of.  But I do know of a lot of
his descendants.  He was born between Abram (b. 5/6/1805) and Jacob K.
(b. 4/19/1808), meaning he was born in either 1806 or 1807. 
     Isaac moved into Rockingham County in early adulthood, but I do
not know where.  On 9/10/1828 he married Elizabeth Ann Barns.  The 
marriage register just names her father as "Barns, deceased".  Bob
Sealock of Alexandria, Va., a descendant, thinks that her parents were
Travers Barns and Polly Golladay, who married in 1800.  The timing fits
well, plus the fact that Isaac and Elizabeth had a son Charles Travers
     Isaac's family is listed in the 1830 and 1840 censuses in 
Rockingham County, and in 1860 they are listed in Shenandoah County. 
Since the exact composition of this family is not known, it is a pity
that the 1850 census did not record them.  I believe that by this time
they lived in Shenandoah County, near New Market.  
     The censuses of 1830 and 1840 indicate children in this family, but
they are not very consistant.  The 1830 census shows two boys less than
five years old.  They would have been between 10 and 15 in 1840, yet
the census for that year shows none of that age.  It does have two boys
between 5 and 10, plus one boy and one girl each less than five.  It
is possible that one of the first boys could have been born just before
the 1830 census was taken, and was just 10 when the 1840 census was
taken, and they put him in the 5 to 10 group.  Perhaps they were
"farmed out" to other families (not very likely if both parents were
living, as they were), or some of the children may have died young.  It
is also quite possible that the censuses were taken incorrectly. 
     The oldest person known to be a child of Isaac Hupp, son of 
Abraham, was named Abraham.  There are several sources for his age, most
are inconsistant.  He and his descendants to about 1930 are recorded in
the Brenneman family book.  This book gives his birthdate as 12/4/1826.
The problem with this date is that it is almost two years before his
parents married, plus it is far off what other sources give.  Other
sources are:
 Source                given age        birthyear
 ------                ---------        ---------
1860 census                31           1829/1830
Death record (1/1864)      33             1830
     If we accept his birthdate as December 4, then it is most likely
he was born in 1829.  

     On 10/9/1851 Abraham married Lydia Brenneman.  Their farm was near
Rushville, which is west of Dayton in Rockingham County.  They had four
daughters and one son.  When the Civil War broke out, Abraham joined the
Confederate Army.  Lydia's family was Mennonite, and they could not
accept having a soldier in the family.  In January, 1864 (1/1 in the
Brenneman Book, 1/3 in the Courthouse records), Abraham died of fever.
After this, Lydia remarried, to David Secrist, and they had five more
children.  They moved to the Brocks Gap or Bergton area (I am not sure
     There are very many descendants of Abraham Hupp:
Abraham Hupp <86> (12/4/1829? - 1/3/1864)  so. Isaac (from BA-5)
m. Lydia Brennemen (11/26/1835 - 1/1/1894) on 10/9/1851
I.   Frances M. Hupp (11/6/1854 - 1/20/1924)
    m. John Benjamin Henkel (4/27/1855 - 2/12/1935)
        A. William J. Henkel (6/26/1879 - 2/7/1960)
          m. Bertie A. Whisler (5/22/1882 - 1945)
              1. Roy Henkel (7/12/1903 - 7/31/1988)
                m. Fleta Wetzel 
                    a. Anna Lou Henkel (b. 11/1/1930)
              2. Ralph W. Henkel (4/13/1907 - 12/31/1987)
                m. Frances Miller
                    a. Helen V. Henkel (b. 11/21/1927)
                    b. Phyllis M. Henkel (b. 3/31/1929)
        B. Mertie E. Henkel (2/18/1886 - 5/10/1887)
        C. Homer C. Henkel (8/18/1888 - )
          m. Lula E. Whisler
              1. Charles L. Henkel (9/10/1915 - 6/4/1957)
        D. Elmer M. Henkel (2/5/1894 - 1/21/1919)
II.  Virginia E. Hupp (1/11/1857 - 3/23/1864)
                                  [1/1864 by County record]
III. Alvaretta Florence Hupp (10/24/1858 - 7/24/1896)
    m. Silas Shaver (8/13/1862 - 5/7/1925) in 1883
        A. Frank Shaver (12/22/1884 - 6/1908)
        B. William Shaver (8/13/1885 - )
          m. Rhoda Smith
              1. Ivan Gilbert Shaver (b. 9/3/1913)
              2. Vade Mae Shaver (b. 4/23/1915)
              3. Vergil Berlin Shaver (b. 9/4/1921)
              4. Elmer Franklin Shaver (b. 1/9/1925)
        C. John Shaver (7/1/1889 - )
          m. Pearl Caplinger
              1. Jason Hays Shaver (b. 2/3/1915)
              2. Leatha Pauline Shaver (b. 8/13/1919)
              3. Velma Shaver (b. 6/24/1921)
              4. June Shaver (b. 8/11/1924)
              5. Norman Walter Shaver (b. 5/29/1926)
        D. Lillie Shaver (12/3/1886 - )
          m. Walter Groenendeyk
        E. Bertha Shaver (5/29/1894 - )
          m. Kenny Miller
        F. Jacob Shaver (4/17/1892 - )
          m. Mae Mathias
              1. Nona May Shaver (b. 2/14/1924)
              2. William Shaver (b. 9/1930)

B-32    Descendants of Abraham Hupp and Lydia Brenneman, cont. 
IV.  Marietta B. Hupp (11/10/1860 - 12/8/1954)
    m. Isaac B. Davis (5/1/1853 - 11/19/1912) in 1880
        A. Florence Emma Davis (3/14/1881 - )
          m. Charles Runion (1/26/1877 - )
              1. Edna Barbara Runion (b. 2/24/1903)
                m. Harry Fries
                    a. Harry Fries, Jr. (b. 1/29/1924)
              2. Lena Dodd Runion (b. 12/4/1905)
                m. Hugh Stillwell
                    a. Bruce Stillwell (b. 4/13/1925)
                    b. Charles M. Stillwell (b. 3/19/1927)
              3. Virginia Garbet Runion (b. 12/25/1917)
        B. Charles Wilmer Davis (2/14/1883 - 6/26/1971)
          m. Fannie Fitzwater (10/4/1890 - 7/5/1956)
              1. Ivan Wilmer Davis (6/27/1910 - 9/5/1990)
                m. Geneva Pitsenbarger  - Broadway, VA
                    a. Wilmer Pierce Davis (2/12/1942 - 4/16/1986)
                      m. Diane Armentrout
                          i. Chris Michael Davis (b. 3/24/1969)
                         ii. Michele Cheree Davis (b. 2/9/1974)
                    b. Larry Ivan Davis (b. 7/30/1944) nm
                    c. Melanie Geneva Davis (b. 2/2/1949)
                      m. Jerry Jones
              2. Stanley Isaac Davis (10/10/1913 - about 1983)
                m. Nevelyn Estep
                    a. Charles Beverly Davis  - Roanoke, Va.
                      m1. ---
                          i. Michael Davis
                      m2. ---
                         ii. a dau.
V.   Charles Brenneman Hupp <87> (11/11/1862 - 11/6/1944)
    m. Hannah Dove (9/30/1865 - 10/6/1951)
        see B-33f
Descendants of Charles Brennemen Hupp, son of Abraham and Lydia     BE-4

Family of Charles B. and Hannah Dove Hupp:
(back, l. to r.) Raleigh, Mary, Nora, Effie, Joseph, Charles A.
(front, l. to r.) Charles B. (holding Minnie), William, Susan, 
                                       Hannah (holding Myrtle).
Charles Brennemen Hupp <87> (11/11/1862 - 11/6/1944)  (from B-32)
m. Hannah Dove (9/30/1865 - 10/6/1951)
I. Mary Etta Hupp (7/30/1884 - 7/8/1969) 
II. Nora Helena Hupp (5/22/1886 - 10/3/1966)
   m. Benjamin Elmer Lantz (7/1/1887 - 2/12/1972)
      A. Loy Elmer Lantz (1/13/1910 - 10/29/1971)
        m. Bliss Viola Freed (5/14/1903 - 10/12/1989)
            1. Pauline Lantz (b. 11/14/1925)
              m. Jack Tusing 
            2. Ray Granville Lantz (b. 12/14/1929)
      B. Melvin Dove Lantz (3/30/1914 - 9/15/1975)
        m. Leota Smith (6/12/1912 - 11/4/1981)
            1. Delmar Lantz (b. 10/24/1949)
              m. Norma Smith
                  a. Delmar Lantz, Jr. (b. 8/16/1968)
                  b. Joseph Dale Lantz (b. 9/25/1976)
            2. Patricia Lantz (b. 9/15/1952) Criders, Va.
              m. Lonnie Dove
                  a. Brenda Dove (b. 5/19/1969)
                  b. Crystal Dove (b. 6/26/1973)
                  c. Michell Dove (b. 10/9/1980)
                  d. William Dove (b. 9/16/1984)
      C. Ivan Charles Lantz (6/15/1916 - 3/1/1990)
        m. Josephine Wooding (b. 5/16/1911)
            1. Robert Wooding Lantz (b. 2/12/1941)
              m1. Ruby Keister  -- div.
                  a. Erich Wilhalm Lantz (b. 7/25/1964)
                    m. Nancy Miller  on 8/28/1994 -- from BE-7
              m2. ----  -- div. 
            2. Mary Lantz (b. 9/14/1946) Richmond, Va.
              m. Fred Maiden
            3. Thomas Lantz (b. 11/27/1953)
              m. Rebecca Long (b. 11/12/1958)
B-34    Descendants of Charles B. Hupp and Hannah Dove, cont.
(II. Nora)
      D. Raymond Olen Lantz (12/19/1917 - 11/18/1937)
      E. Laymon Guy Lantz, twin, (b. 12/19/1917)
        m. Ruth Wine (b. 9/14/1915)
            1. Naomi Lantz (b. 8/17/1938) - California
              m. William Howard Good (b. 6/24/1961)
                  a. William Howard Good, Jr. (b. 6/24/1961)
                  b. Heidi Ruth Good (b. 9/15/1963)
                  c. Nikki Kathryn Good (b. 12/21/1966)
                  d. Kara Naomi Good (b. 7/25/1969)
            2. Alma Jane Lantz (b. 12/22/1943)
              m. Robert Carl Ritchie (b. 3/25/1942)
                  a. Gina Carol Ritchie (b. 6/27/1963)
                  b. Tina Pearl Ritchie, twin (b. 6/27/1963)
            3. Donna Kay Lantz (b. 8/26/1945)
              m. David Wilson Breneman (b. 4/28/1946) - div.
                  a. Aimee Kathryn Breneman (b. 1/6/1969)
                  b. Jeremy David Breneman (b. 10/1/1970)
                  c. Daisy Lantz Breneman (b. 8/1/1976)
                  d. Anne Eloise Breneman (b. 12/21/1981)
      F. Goldie V. Lantz (8/1/1921 - 12/27/1985)
        m. J. Paul Zigler
            1. Bonnie Zigler
              m. Walter Campbell -- div.
                  a. Mitzie Campbell
            2. Sandra Zigler
            3. John Zigler
              m. Shirley Snyder
III. Raleigh Melvin Hupp <88> (3/22/1889 - 5/4/1936) 
    m. Bessie Jane Mitchell (12/27/1890 - 1960) 
      A. Loy Breneman Hupp <93> (5/15/1922 - 3/11/1983)
            1. Lloyd Rhodes
            2. May Hupp
      B. Nellie Grace Hupp (b. 12/4/1924)
      C. Roy Laymond "Jim" Hupp <94> (b. 5/26/1926)
        m. Ruby Breidegam (b. 6/30/1932)
            1. Sandra Hupp (b. 1/19/1951)
            2. Terry Lee Hupp <112> (b. 3/26/1954)
              m. Desiree Klohr (b. 5/14/1953)
                  a. Angela Lynn Hupp (b. 7/21/1976)
                  b. Christopher Hupp <113> (b. 11/30/1981)
IV. Effie Lydia Hupp (10/30/1891 - 7/18/1942)

        Sandra, Ruby, Laymond Hupp

Descendants of Charles B. Hupp and Hannah Dove, cont.               B-35
V. Charles Abraham Hupp <89> (10/26/1893 - 6/2/1958) 
   m. Lula Vernal Crider (9/16/1898 - 5/27/1955)
      A. Vita May Hupp (b. 10/2/1917) - Broadway, VA
        m. Dawson Hottinger
      B. Elmer Guy Hupp <95> (5/8/1919 - 8/1/1966)
      C. Mary Ruth Hupp (b. 10/12/1922) - Bergton, VA
        m. Lloyd Lantz (b. 9/7/1923)
            1. Dennis Winston Lantz (b. 2/19/1943)
              m. Pearl Juanita Dove (b. 12/25/1946)
                  a. Clay Winston Lantz (b. 11/19/1971)
            2. Carlon Lantz (b. 5/12/1944)
              m. Sharon Yankey (b. 2/8/1948)
                  a. Tonnie Kaye Lantz (2/16/1967 - 4/16/1980)
                  b. Tina Marie Lantz (b. 7/15/1968)
                  c. Trent Lewis Lantz (b. 1/22/1971)
            3. Helen Kay Lantz (b. 9/18/1946)
              m. Fred Shank (b. 3/27/1944) on 8/26/1970
                  a. Rebecca Ann Shank (b. 10/7/1971)
                  b. Fred Daniel Shank, Jr (b. 8/24/1974)
                  c. Jerry Daniel Shank (b. 4/29/1983)
            4. Linda Ann Lantz (b. 3/22/1949)
              m. Charles Luther Mathias (b. 1/12/1950)
                  a. Nathan Wayne Mathias (b. 3/16/1982)
                  b. David Andrew Mathias (b. 4/12/1986)
            5. Donna Sharon Lantz (b. 2/2/1952)
              m. Kenneth Lawrence Wilkins (b. 4/4/1950)
                  a. Kenneth Ray Wilkins (b. 5/12/1972)
                  b. John Paul Wilkins (b. 8/1/1974)
                  c. Steven Lloyd Wilkins (b. 1/25/1978)
            6. Annetta Mae Lantz (twin, b. 4/1/1957)
                  a. Isaac Lee Lantz (b. 7/14/1983)
                  b. Charles Lloyd Lantz (b. 7/12/1985)
            7. twin, died at birth
  8. Kevin Brent Lantz (b. 2/5/1961)
              m. Anna Vance  on 5/18/1985
      D. Charles Dorman Hupp <96> (9/24/1924 - 6/21/1973)
      E. Stella Florence Hupp (12/1/1926 - 6/16/1995) Grottoes, Va.
        m1. Warren Huffman
        m2. Paul Crabill Root (9/1/1910 - 3/12/1986)
            1. Dixie Lee Root (b. 6/12/1953)
              m. Charlie Stickley -- div.
                  a. Jamie Stickley (b. 5/27/1975)
            2. Charley Paul Root (b. 6/13/1956)
      F. Nadeen Grace Hupp (5/18/1929 - 4/23/1993) Bridgewater, Va.
        m. Leonard Elwood Meyerhoffer (d. 3/4/1973)
            1. Sandra Lee Meyerhoeffer (b. 10/8/1948)
              m. Paul Harman -- div.
                  a. Melanie Dee Harman (b. 8/9/1968)
                  b. Paul Leonard Harman (b. 3/8/1973) 
            2. Betty Jean Meyerhoeffer (b. 1/23/1950)
              m. Richard Miller
                  a. Ryan Spangler Miller (b. 9/16/1975)
      G. Della Hester Hupp (b. 4/26/1931) Timberville
        m. Franklin  Paul  Smith ( - )
            1. Robert Eugene Smith (8/9/1958 - 7/18/1995)
      H. Stanley Brook Hupp <97> (4/11/1934 - 8/28/1961)
        m. Delores Morrison (7/18/1934 - 10/1/1977)
            1. Donald Wayne Hupp <98> (b. 12/12/1958)
    m. Diane Hamilton

B-36    Descendants of Charles B. Hupp and Hannah Dove, cont.

VI. Joseph Leonidas Hupp <90> (11/23/1895 - 10/21/1961)
  m. Minnie Stultz (1/14/1903 - 7/3/1951)
      A. Wanda Helen Hupp (7/25/1927 - 3/7/1932)
      B. Cletus Howard Hupp <99> (b. 3/30/1929) Bergton, Va.
        m. Opal Darlene Moyer (b. 7/18/1936)
            1. Pamela Gale Hupp (b. 4/12/1956)
              m. Jerry Cleaver  - div.
                  a. J. L. Cleaver (b. 3/23/1978)
                  b. Dustin Cleaver (b. 7/2/1980)
            2. Shiela Kathryn Hupp (b. 5/6/1959)
            3. Cletus Kent Hupp <100> (b. 7/17/1967)
      C. Gale Bradley Hupp <101> (b. 8/6/1930) Criders, Va.
        m. Shirley Lorraine Smith (b. 9/20/1936) on 6/12/1955
            1. Bradley Gale Hupp <102> (b. 9/21/1956)
              m. Patty Lou Ritchie (b. 8/29/1959) on 12/20/1980
                  a. Daniel Gale Hupp <103> (b. 8/21/1985)
            2. Michael Scott Hupp <105> (b. 6/10/1958)
              m. Valerie Victoria Wilkins  on 7/26/1986
      D. Nona Arvilla Hupp (b. 1/15/1932)  Broadway, Va.
        m. George Miller, Jr. (b. 8/18/1933) on 12/29/1954
            1. Bonita Miller (b. 3/27/1956)
            2. Nancy Miller (b. 5/17/1959)
            3. George Miller, III (b. 1/12/1962)
      E. Lola Lucille Hupp (b. 6/2/1933)  Harrisonburg, Va.
        m. Junior Orlando Secrist (b. 3/20/1932)
            1. Donna Carol Secrist (b. 1/10/1951)
            2. Darius Leon "Bim" Secrist (b. 11/10/1954)
            3. Vivian Dale Secrist (b. 11/23/1957)
              m. David Smith
            4. Jerry Lane Secrist (b. 11/18/1959)
            5. Ellen Louise Secrist (b. 12/13/1961)
      F. Barbara Kathleen Hupp (b. 10/14/1935) Harrisonburg, Va.
        m. Stanley Moyers (b. 9/9/1927)
            1. Karen Lee Moyers (b. 1/7/1957)
            2. Susan Kay Moyers (b. 8/27/1958)
      G. Dorothy Charlotte Hupp (b. 7/12/1937) Bergton, Va.
        m. Allen Fitzwater (b. 8/24/1938)
            1. Leona Kay Fitzwater (b. 6/12/1959)
              m1. Lloyd Whetzel (b. 11/10/1952) -- div.
              m2. Andrew Hoy Dove  on 6/10/1989
            2. Gary Allen Fitzwater (b. 3/14/1961)
              m. Kathy See (b. 4/22/1963)
                  a. Whitney Beth Fitzwater (b. 7/29/1986)
            3. Lucille Anita Fitzwater (b. 5/25/1963)
              m. Ronnie Freed (b. 9/17/1958)
                  b. Seth Andrew Freed (b. 6/22/1980)
            4. Daren Fitzwater (b. 6/17/1966)
      H. Andrew J. Hupp (7/8/1939 - 7/9/1939)

      children of Joseph L. Hupp and Minnie Stultz:
      Gale B. Hupp, Nona Miller, Barbara Moyers, Dorothy Fitzwater, 
      and Lola Secrist  (see B-36)
                Gale B. Hupp and family  (see B-36)
                Brown Hupp and family (see BE-9)

B-38    Descendants of Charles B. Hupp and Hannah Dove, cont.
VII. William Franklin Hupp <91> (7/19/1898 - 1/19/1970)
    m. Gussie Jane Shipe (12/1/1896 - 3/27/1983)
      A. Alma Jane Hupp (b. 1/13/1925)  Timberville, VA
        m. Weldon Martz (b. 9/5/1923)
      B. Franklin Dow Hupp <106> (b. 5/21/1928) Hinton, VA
        m. Shirley Marie Frank  on 12/8/1956
            1. Jammie Franklin Hupp <107> (b. 10/26/1958) - Elkton, VA
              m. Nancy Marie Clinedinst  on 5/25/1985
            2. Tanja Louise Hupp (b. 5/5/1960)
      C. Edgar Brown Hupp <108> (b. 12/1/1934)  Bergton, VA
        m. Dawn Smith (b. 3/21/1943)
            1. Vicki Fawn Hupp (b. 5/13/1962)
              m. Thomas Ritchie (b. 12/7/1960)
            2. Micki Dawn Hupp, (twin, b. 5/13/1962)
              m. Don Carr (b. 8/21/1958)
                  a. Donica Dawn Carr (b. 9/27/1979) 
            3. Scottie Brown Hupp <109> (b. 1/20/1964)
VIII. Hannah Susan Hupp (12/10/1900 - 7/27/1938)
    m. Irvin Leroy Crider (9/2/1902 - 11/15/1974)
      A. Margie Arlene Crider (b. 9/6/1922)
        m. William Ervin Hottinger (b. 5/13/1917)
            1. Rita Mae Hottinger (b. 6/1/1940)
              m. Carl Cleaver (b. 1/9/1936)
                  a. Ralph Cleaver (b. 11/1958)
                    m. ----
                  b. Katrina Cleaver (b. 12/13/1963)
            2. Wayne Hottinger (b. 4/30/1942)
              m. Diane Mazuelos
                  a. Brian Hottinger (b. 4/1970)
                  b. Michelle Hottinger (b. about 1974)
            3. Sandra Joyce Hottinger (b. 5/26/1946)
              m. Edward Watson
                  a. Michael Watson
                  b. Jeffrey Watson
                  c. Sandra Watson (b. 3/1979)
            4. Ralph Hottinger (b. 3/9/1954)
              m. Mildred Dove
                  a. Quinton Ervin Hottinger (b. 1/1/1979)
      B. Norman Wayne Crider (5/29/1924 - 2/17/1977)
        m. Kana Kato
      C. Nina Crider (3/1/1926 - )
      D. Harland Mayberry Crider (b. 10/13/1928)
        m. Lola Wolfe
            1. Susan Crider
              m. Don Simmons
            2. Patricia Ruth Crider (b. 10/3/1958)
              m. Brad ---
      E. Irma Crider (b. 6/30/1931)
        m. Vernon Helmick (9/21/1925 - 8/30/1984)
      F. Johnnie Charles Crider (b. 10/29/1936)
        m. ---

Descendants of Charles B. Hupp and Hannah Dove, cont.              B-39
IX. Minnie Bliss Hupp (3/4/1903 - 8/19/1979)
   m. Elmer Lee Combs (2/1/1903 - 9/1962)
      A. Velma Nadiene Combs (b. 2/13/1924) - Criders, VA
        m. Chester Smith (b. 7/25/1928)
            1. Judy Caroline Smith (b. 6/19/1947) - Creve Coeur, MO
               m. Marshall Angus Firebaugh (b. 9/8/1945)
                  a. Chester Marshall Firebaugh (b. 2/22/1971)
            2. Lisa Michele Smith (b. 5/2/1962) - Broadway, VA
      B. Lona Grace Combs (7/17/1926 - 5/1/1968)
        m1. Leonard Guest -- div.
        m2. Alvin Shank
            1. Steve Shank (d. 6/1969)
      C. Ralph Lee Combs (1/26/1929 - 5/1982)
        m. Itsuko Watanobi (b. 6/2/1929)
            1. April Bee Combs (b. 3/19/1959) 
            2. David Lee Combs (b. 5/6/1961) 
      D. Earl Sherwood Combs (b. 12/22/1932)  - Harrisonburg, VA
        m1. Doris Jean Dickenson ( - )
        m2. Cynthia Hedrick
      (ad.) 1. Dwayne Combs 
      (ad.) 2. Brad Combs
            3. Lisa Marie Combs (b. 9/26/1981)
            4. Wesley Earl Combs (b. 12/30/1982)
      E. Ray Franklin Combs (7/8/1936 - 6/10/1991)
        m. Shelby Jean Foley (b. 12/5/1936)
      F. Shirley Combs (b. 12/24/1939) - Harrisonburg, VA
        m. Warren Byres Tate  -div.
            1. Robert Lee Tate (b. 6/16/1960)
            2. Michael Allen Tate (b. 8/15/1966)
      G. Joyce Kay Combs (b. 4/7/1945) - Harrisonburg, VA
      H. Linda Lou Combs (b. 12/6/1947) - Harrisonburg, VA
            1. Karen Kay Combs (b. 12/24/1964)
            2. Kenney Wayne Combs (b. 1/20/1970)
      I. Robert Brown Combs (5/27/1943 - 4/14/1976)
        m. Sheryll Swisher
            1. Sharon Marie Combs -– one child
            2. Brenda Sue Combs –- m., one child
            3. Patti Ann Combs
            4. Crystal Lynn Combs
X. Myrtle Rachel Hupp (10/4/1905 - 5/8/1973)
   m. Jacob Clarence Lantz (10/7/1900 - 6/30/1973)
      A. Violet Grace Lantz (b. 5/16/1928) - Timberville, VA
        m. Clarence Flemings
            1. Amos Flemings (b. 10/1/1946)
            2. Harold Flemings (b. 4/12/1952)
            3. Kenneth Flemings (b. 11/7/1953)
            4. Nelson Flemings (b. 10/4/1954)
      B. Wayne Lantz (b. 9/9/1932)
        m1. Merle Lantz
            1. Randy Lantz
            2. Dale Lantz
        m2. Ruby (Cantor) King
            3. Wayne Lantz, Jr.
      C. Blane Lantz, twin (9/9/1932 - 4/2/1938)
      D. Shelvy Jean Lantz (b. 5/1/1940)
        m. Eddie Coffman (b. 9/9/1932)
            1. Lowell Edward Coffman (b. 1/18/1966)
            2. Susan Marie Coffman (b. 8/22/1969)

B-40       Descendants of Charles B. Hupp & Lydia Brenneman

XI. Samuel DeWitt Hupp <92> (12/11/1909 - 12/26/1969)
   m1. Ina Marie Dove (11/28/1914 - 10/18/1959)
      A. Virginia Hupp (b.& d. 7/29/1929)
      B. Weldon E. Hupp <110> - whereabouts unknown
        m1. Vera Hinkel - div.
            1. Kevin D. Hupp
              m. ----
        m2. Susie (?) ---
   m2. Elsie G. Weaver (b. 2/25/1918) on 1/1/1966
     Because of the objection to Abraham Hupp's having been a soldier,
his family knew very little of his background.  As far as I know, none
of his descendants was aware of who Abraham's parents were.  Fortunately
the information was recorded at the Rockingham County Courthouse.  
     The backbone of the information on the descendants of Abraham Hupp
is from the Brenneman Book, plus many people helped fill me in on people
born since 1930, particularly Brown and Dawn Hupp and Brown's sister,
Alma Martz.  In addition many other people have helped, either on the
phone or at the family reunions.  This Hupp family has reunions each
fourth Sunday of September at the Bergton Community Center. 

     From the censuses of 1830 and 1840, it appears that Isaac and
Elizabeth (Barns) Hupp had another son, close in age to Abraham, perhaps
even a twin.  What happened to him is a mystery:  he may have died young
or he may have moved away when he grew up.  There are more than enough
Hupps in other states that were born in Virginia to come from this
     The next known child of Isaac Hupp was Ann Eliza, born 9/8/1836. 
She married Henry Frank of Singers Glen on 3/5/1853.  They had three
children who died in infancy:  Charles H. (d. 8/28/1856), Isaac D.
(d. 12/13/1860), and Caroline (b. 5/5/1862).  Ann Eliza died on
1/27/1863.  Henry later married Catherine (Ritchie) Fulk.  Henry's vital
dates are 5/6/1831 - 5/13/1901.  All of the persons mentioned in this
paragraph are buried in the Singers Glen Cemetery.  It is interesting
that the names of Ann Eliza's children recall the names of her younger
     After Ann Eliza was Charles Travers Hupp, born about 1839.  His
descendants are listed on the next page.  Charles was a soldier in the 
Civil War.  He joined the army before the war.  He was a member of the
Tenth Legion Artillery in 1859, under M.M. Sibert, captain.  Charles
married Mary Caroline Holtzmann, and they raised a family in New
Market.  He died in 1889 and is buried in the Reformation Lutheran
Church Cemetery in New Market.  Other members of the family are also
buried there, but in a different part of the cemetery.  On their
tombstones, the name is spelled "Huppe". 
     After Charles was Caroline, born about 1842.  She married William
H. H. Burkett on 1/1/1863 in Rockingham County.  I know nothing more
about her.
     The youngest child of Isaac and Elizabeth was Isaac Dallas Hupp,
who later moved to Sperryville, Va.

Descendants of Isaac Hupp's younger sons                               B-41

[Isaac Hupp - from B-5]

 Charles Travers Hupp <114> (1841 - 11/14/1889)
m. Mary Caroline Holtzman (3/1/1841 - 3/18/1907)
A. Lulu Hupp (1876 - )
  m. George Clinedinst ( - )
B. Ela Caldwell Hupp (9/2/1879 - )
  m. George Thomas Myers  on 2/27/1908 
        1. Ela Myers (b. 6/28/1910)
          m1. Lyle Franklin Eikelbarnor on 6/20/1934
              a. John Frederick Eikelbarner II (b. 3/9/1939)
                m. Anna Garshnek 
          m2. Donald Arthur Dolliver on 6/16/1951
              b. Dwight Alan Dolliver (b. 5/9/1952)
                m. Marian Evelyn Hawtwelt  1979 
        2. George Thomas Myers, Jr. (b. 3/29/1912)
          m. Carrie Mansfield (Winn)
C. Ernest Hupp <115> (3/27/1883 - 6/22/1910)
D. Lillian R. Hupp (10/1885 - )
  m. Jamison Floyd    - Charleston, WV
E. John Randolph Hupp <116> (6/7/1889 - 2/13/1891) 
Isaac Dallas Hupp <117> (11/14/1846 - 9/30/1914)
m. Caroline Thomas Bruce (1/7/1851 - 5/31/1896) on 12/30/1875
A. Nannie Hupp (3/1/1877 - 1909)
  m. Eppa Hunton Brown
      1. Watson Brown (d. 1930's)
      2. Cecil Clare "Bill" Brown (1901 - 11/19/1980)
      3. Charles Lucian Brown (d. 2/5/1983)
      4. Lucile Byrd Brown (b. 1907)
B. Charles Robert Hupp <118> (10/19/1878 - 7/28/1936)
  m. Nannie A. Chauncey Byers  on 6/27/1923
C. Zuleime Barnes Hupp (11/19/1888 - 9/21/1958)
  m. James Edgar Sealock (1/26/1883 - 12/3/1953) -- div. 1941
      1. Mary Barnes Sealock (b. 7/9/1923)
        m. James Brasher (d. 11/17/1984)
            a. Mary Linda Brasher (b. 1/30/1952)
              m1. Donald Bruce Sobala -- div.
                  i. Kimberly Ann Sobala (b. 1/19/1976)
              m2. Rex McNeil  on 11/17/1979
                 ii. Kyle McNeil
      2. Robert Winfield Sealock (b. 11/7/1924) nm - Fairfax, VA
(Isaac D.)
m2. Lucy Edmonia Beech  on 5/9/1900


     Isaac Hupp's family was recorded in the 1860 census in Shenandoah
County.  In addition to the parents, Charles, Caroline, and Isaac (D.)
were at home.  Also there was Isabella Swartz, aged 14 (the same as
Isaac D.).  The family was listed next to the house where Isaac's uncle
John and aunt Anna lived.  
     Isaac Hupp died sometime in the 1860's.  The Shenandoah County Deed
Books include a document made between Elizabeth Hupp and Isaac Dallas
Hupp, and George R. Calvert, made on 3/13/1867.  In it, there is a
reference to some agreement they had made in November of 1865.  This
suggests to me that Isaac had probably died before then, and it is
likely he died during the Civil War.  Since he was in his 50's, it is
unlikely he did any fighting.  His three sons all fought in the war, 
including Isaac D., who was only 19 when the war was over.
     The Battle of New Market, on 5/15/1864, was fought partly on Hupp
property.  I think it was Isaac's family.  The map is of the 
Battlefield, which is sold at the Hall of Valor at the park there.  It
shows "Hupp's Wheat Field" and the "Hupp House".  This wheatfield's
northern boundary was where the southern boundary of Balser Hupp's land
was.  (Balser was Isaac's grandfather, and his land was subdivided in
1831-- see A-4,15.)
     The "Mr. Hupp, of Sperryville" was Isaac Dallas Hupp. 

 <map of New Market battlefield>


     In 1870 Elizabeth was living in New Market, with Fannie Hupp, aged
25.  I have no idea who that would be, unless it is a daughter that the
1860 census failed to record.  Elizabeth died in July of 1875, aged 69.
She is buried in the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery in New Market,
very close to the church building.  Her name is given as "Betsy Ann"
(see B-7).  
     Isaac Dallas Hupp moved to Sperryville, Virginia, in Rappahannock
County, which is just east of the Blue Ridge.  He was a watchman at a
tannery in Sperryville.  He, his first wife, and his two daughters are
buried in the Sperryville Cemetery south of the town.  
     In the same company of the army that Charles T. Hupp was in was a
John Hupp, who I have not been able to identify.  It could be another
brother in this family.  My guess is that it could be the John B. Hupp
who moved to Middletown, Indiana.  If so, I have this list of 
John Branner Hupp (11/20/1838 - )
m. Elizabeth Bushong (6/8/1833 - )
I.   Hannah C. Hupp (1865 - )

II.  Ida Margaret Hupp (1867 - )
    m. Joe Prigg
III. Andrew Jacob Hupp <120> (12/11/1868 - 1961)
    m. Ada Shoemaker (11/20/1872 - 1958) on 2/16/1892
        A. Helen A. Hupp (1/15/1893 - )
          m. Ernest Hamilton (4/10/1890 - ) on 9/3/1883
              1. John Ivan Hamilton (b. 7/3/1914)
                m1. Pauline Lennartz ( - )
                    a. Judith Hamilton (b. 5/20/1942)
                      m. Tom Nankervis
                          i. Thomas Nankervis \
                         ii. James Nankervis   > Detroit, Mich.
                        iii. Julie Nankervis  / 
                m2. Mary Richardson  1984 
              2. Sarah Maxine Hamilton (b. 2/25/1916)
                m. Donald Fadely (b. 10/29/1918)
                    a. Terry Fadely (b. 7/25/1950)
                      m. Berneda Fattic (b. 3/15/1954)
                          i. Christopher Fadely (b. 1971)
                         ii. Terry Fadely, Jr. (b. 1973)
                    b. Gary Fadely (b. 7/3/1951)
                      m. Teresa Mahoney
                          i. Andrew Fadely (b. 1974)
                         ii. Jessica Fadely (b. 1980)
                        iii. Joanie Fadely (b. 1981) 
              3. Charles Andrew Hamilton (3/4/1927 - 1964)

B-44        Descendants of John B. Hupp and Elizabeth Bushong
(III. Andrew J.)
        (A. Helen)
              4. Joan H. Hamilton (b. 8/28/1930)
                m. Thurl Smith (b. 11/20/1929) -- div.
                    a. Jacob Smith (b. 4/27/1949)
                      m. Susan Feller
                    b. Michael Smith (b. 4/1/1950)
                      m. Donna Willis 
                          i. Joel Smith (b. 1980)
                         ii. Andrew Smith (b. 1984)
                    c. Linda Smith (b. 1952)
                      m. Kyle Saultz
        B. John B. Hupp <121> (2/15/1897 - 11/6/1987)  New Castle, Ind.
          m. Martha Evelyn Cook (1/4/1895 - 8/23/1986)
              1. Mildred Earlene Hupp (b. 11/20/1917)
                m1. Joseph Fleet (b. 4/19/1910) - div. 1948
                    a. Martha Susan Fleet (b. 11/20/1944)
                      m. Robert Beckett, Jr. (b. 5/9/1942)
                          i. Kelley Elizabeth Beckett (b. 12/14/1971)
                         ii. Kathryn Elizabeth Beckett (b. 9/22/1976)
                m2. Frederick J. Donovan (b. 4/17/1919)  1963 
        C. Sarah Elizabeth Hupp (b. 3/27/1904)
          m. Charles Firm Pippen (b. 5/5/1906)
              1. Nancy Pippen (b. 12/24/1947)
                m. Steve Eckerman -- div.
                    a. Elizabeth Katherine Eckerman (b. 1/12/1980)
IV.  Sarah L. Hupp (1872 - )
    m. Smith Gustin

V.   Franklin B. Hupp (1878 - ) Middletown, Ind.
    m. Mae ---
        A. Joe A. Hupp <123>  (11/18/1905 - 7/1961)
          m. ----
              1. James Hupp <124> - Middletown, Ind.
              2. Rulon Hupp
                m. --- Sutherland

The above information was provided by John B. Hupp of New Castle, Ind.,
with supplemental dates and rearranged order from the 1880 soundex of
the census of Indiana.  Also, a little information about Franklin Hupp
and descendants was provided by Daniel Rinker of Travers City, Mich.
 That John B. Hupp is a son of Isaac Hupp is uncertain, but it fits
in many ways:  he fills a place in the 1840 census that other members
of the family do not, he was born in Rockingham County, where this
family was at the time, he married a Bushong, and Bushongs were
neighbors of the Hupps in New Market.  The area he moved to in Indiana
is one where some other Hupps were moving at the time.  Isaac’s brother
John lived close by, and George W. Hupp, son of Samuel A. Hupp, moved
to Middletown, Ind. In 1859, just before John B. Hupp did.  It would be instructive to find out what the “B.” stands for.   
Jacob K. Hupp, son of Abraham and Elizabeth
     Jacob K. Hupp was born on 4/19/1808, as calculated by his 
tombstone.  After his father died, he moved with his mother to Champaign
County, Ohio.  While there, he married Mary Kiser on 1/17/1832.  Later
that year their first child, William, was born.  About 1836, he moved
to Plymouth, Indiana, in Marshall County.  There he ran a sawmill, known
as Hupp's Mill (not to be confused with the one in Halifax, Virginia).
The mill was on the Yellow River 3/4 of a mile southwest of Plymouth.
It was built in 1840.  Jacob also served two terms as sheriff of
Marshall County.  A Plymouth newspaper about the sheriffs wrote:
        As we remember him, was a man of the world, a dashing,
        devil-may-care sort of a fellow, who had no particular
        fear of the world, the flesh or the devil.  
     Mary died on 9/19/1850.  There is some confusion as to who were
all of her children, and who were those of Jacob's later wives.  Some
of the children died young-- they are the difficult ones to sort out.
Here are the names of Jacob's children buried in Marshall County:
Stringer Cemetery (where Jacob and Mary are buried)
Martha Hupp (no dates)
infant Hupp  9/1/1855
Isabel and Henry (infants) 6/11/1851
Alice A. Hupp  1836 - 1846
Oakhill Cemetery
Franklin A. Hupp  s.o. JK & M   d. 9/1/1858, a. 5-1-7
Lloyd G.   s.o. ----
Margery Hupp
     Jacob K. Hupp later married Margery Hard on 1/22/1851, and then
Eliza McFarlin on 7/14/1853.  It is evident that Alice was Mary's
daughter, and the infant that died in 1855 was Eliza's.  I know that
Martha was Mary's daughter.  Isabel and Henry died nine months after 
Mary died and five months after Jacob married Margery, so I can't tell
who the mother was for sure.  Considering that Mary and Margery were
buried in different cemeteries, I would think that Isabel and Henry were
Mary's children.  Also considering the place of burial, I would think
that Franklin and Lloyd were Margery's children.  But the figures on
Franklin's stone would give a birthdate of 7/25/1853, which is AFTER
Jacob married Eliza.  So I guess this family had a hard time counting!
We see more of this later on. 
     Sometime in all this mess, Jacob took a trip to California.  The
Plymouth Pilot recorded on 10/15/1851:  "On Sunday last a number of
gentlemen left our town for the golden regions of California.  Their
names are as follows: Jacob K. Hupp, William Hupp, ..."  They were
heading for Sacramento.  Although William stayed in California, Jacob
came back before long.

     Jacob died on 3/7/1856.  The St. Joseph County Register gave this
account, taken from the Plymouth Democrat:
        It became our melancholy duty to ------ the untimely
        death of Jacob K. Hupp, on of our oldest citizens [He
        was only 48].  The circumstances of his death as near as
        we have been able to learn are as follows:  On Friday
        evening, the 7th inst. he was in his sawmill, where he
        had a buzz saw in operation; his wife and two daughters
        were at the mill also.  They heard him groan and looked
        around; saw him sit down with his hands on his breast,
        he then fainted; when he recovered he said he was very
        sick - told his wife to shut down the head [?] gate,
        that he was dying.  The girls ran to a neighbor's house
        and got help.  They carried him into his house, where he
        breathed his last in a few minutes.  Some think that the
        saw threw the end of a piece of wood against his breast;
        others think that a blood vessel broke.  There were no
        marks discovered on his body, except a dark spot on his
        breast about the size of a quarter dollar, which was
        discovered when they were putting on his shroud.
        The deceased was a good, substantial citizen; had served
        four years as Sheriff in this county and has left a
        large circle of friends to mourn his untimely death.  We
        truly sympathize with the family and relatives of the
        deceased in this their day of trouble.
        A funeral discourse was delivered by the Rev. Austin
        Fuller at the Methodist Church in this place on Sunday
        the 9th inst. to a large and attentive audience.  He was
        then taken on that journey from whence no traveler
As best as I can figure, Jacob's family was as follows:
Jacob K. Hupp <37> (4/19/1808 - 3/7/1856)  (from BA-5)
m1. Mary Kiser (d. 9/18/1850) on 1/17/1832
      A. William I. Hupp <125> (2/1833 - after 1900) see BF-3
      B. Philip Hupp <126> (1834 - )
      C. Alice A. Hupp (1836 - 1846)
      D. Louisa Hupp (1837 - )
      E. Harriet Hupp (1839 - )
      F. Martha Hupp (1841 - 4/1855)
    ? G. Isabel Hupp \  twins (?), died 6/11/1851
    ? H. Henry Hupp  /  <127>
m2. Margary Hard  on 1/22/1851 
    ? I. Lloyd G. Hupp <128>
    ? J. Franklin A. Hupp <129> (7/25/1852? - 9/1/1858)
m3. Eliza McFarlin  on 7/14/1853
      K. infant (d. 9/1/1855)
      L. Jacob K. Hupp <130> (9/12/1856? - 5/7/1918) see BF-4
     So Jacob had twelve children, and only five of them lived to
adulthood.  Of those five, I know only what happened to two of them.  

     In 1860, Eliza filed a suit in the Marshall County courthouse
against William, Philip, Louisa, Harriet, and Jacob K., claiming a one
third share of the estate of Jacob K. Hupp, as the widow.  Louisa and
Harriet were named as Hupp, so by that time they were not married, or
at least to Eliza's knowledge.  There is no record of them marrying in
Marshall County, and I do not find them, or Philip, in any later
     William moved to California in 1851, travelling by way of New York and
Panama, and settled in Trinity County, Weaverville Township.  Weaverville is
210 miles north of San Francisco and 70 miles east of Eureka, in the
mountains of what is now Trinity National Forest.  I have no contact with any
descendants, but from censuses I have followed the family up to 1910. 
William died between 1900 and 1910.  His wife died between 1870 and 1880. 
     William I. Hupp (2/7/1833 – betw. 1900 and 1910)  (from B-46)
    m. Isabell ---  (born in Ireland)
        1. Mary L. Hupp (7/1866 - after 1900)
          m. --- Kraft 
        2. Georgana(?) Hupp (1868 - )
        3. Martha Hupp (5/1870 - after 1910)
        4. William I. Hupp (3/1872 - after 1910)
        5. James Wiley Hupp (3/1874 - after 1910)
          m. Maude W. --- (1877 - )
              a. Grace I. Hupp (b. 1905)
              b. James R. Hupp (b. 1908)
     The youngest child of Jacob K. Hupp, son of Abraham, was also named
Jacob K. Hupp.  He was born after his father died.  A problem 
encountered with him was that his birthdate has been given as 9/12/1857, 
eighteen months after the older Jacob K. Hupp died.  I think the proper
birthyear was 1856.  The 1880 census lists him as 25, and the 1900 
census gives his birthyear as 1856. 
     The younger Jacob K. Hupp was born in Plymouth, Indiana, and was
soon moved to LaPorte, Ind.  It was there that he married Orpha Travis
in 1877.  They had four daughters.  In 1885 the family moved to Kansas. 
They first settled at Saratoga, and moved to Pratt once it was 
established as the county seat.  These towns are in Pratt County, about
80 miles west of Wichita.  At one time he was mayor of Pratt. 
     In addition to Jacob and Orpha's four daughters, there was a John
B. Hupp associated with them, moving with them from LaPorte, Indiana to
Pratt, Kansas.  He was a little older than the oldest daughter.  He was
born in June of 1871.  He became wealthy and when he died, some of his
wealth went to Jacob's daughters or their children.  I found John in the
1880 census of LaPorte, aged 8, listed as a nephew of John Travis.  I
don't know John Travis' relation to Orpha, but as he was 47, while she
was 25, it is likely he was her father.  My own belief is that John was
the son of Jacob and Orpha, born when they were in their mid-teens, and
raised by Orpha's parents.  John B. Hupp <131> married Mayme Higman, and
they had no children.
     The information I have on the descendants of Jacob and Orpha are
from Beverly Gray of Dodge City, Kansas.

B-48   Descendants of Jacob K. Hupp (Jr.) and Orpha Travis
Jacob K. Hupp <130> (9/12/1856? - 5/7/1918)  (from BF-2)
m1. Orpha A. Travis (1856 - 1912) on 11/29/1877
I.   Grace F. Hupp (7/20/1878 - 1/3/1959)
    m. Wilson R. McDowell  on 5/16/1900
      A. Kathryn E. McDowell (b. 9/4/1901)
II.  Bessie Louise Hupp (4/25/1880 - 12/18/1954)
    m. Benjamin Allen Barnes  on 1/26/1904
      A. Robert J. Barnes ( - 1980 or 1982)
        m. Frances ---  -- div.
            1. Ann Barnes
III. Kittie Adilene Hupp (12/29/1883 - 8/6/1945)
    m. Hugh Delman White  on 7/4/1910
      A. William Jacob White 
        m. Imogene Faye Shaffer
            1. Myrna Jean White (b. 11/17/1939)
              m1. James A. Rodgers -- div.
                  a. Michael Dean Rodgers
              m2. Terry Hershey -- div.
            2. Marjorie Lou White (b. 11/20/1946)
              m. John Arnold Muth, Jr.
                  a. Evan Alexander Wilhelm Muth (b. 8/26/1982)
      B. John Hugh White (b. 9/3/1913)
        m. Hazel Dorine Langley (b. 2/7/1916)
            1. Beverly Ann White (b. 2/5/1937)
              m1. Jackie Aldo Rosenblaum -- div.
                  a. Brenda Dorine Rosenblaum - White (b. 12/22/1962)
              m2. Robert Gene Gray  -- div.
                  b. Bertina Annett Gray (2/15 - 3/12/1966)
      C. Donald Hupp White (b. 10/2/1920)
        m. Geraldine Berniece Bratcher  on 5/24/1946 
            1. Lana Susan White (b. 8/18/1953)
              m. Mingo Maturey (b. 6/21/1950) on 8/18/1973
                  a. Anthony Craig Maturey (b. 8/24/1974)
                  b. Kevin Michael Maturey (b. 9/7/1977)
                  c. Scott Matthew Maturey (b. 3/6/1979) 
      D. Orpha Jane White (b. 5/7/1923)
        m. Harold McKnett (b. 8/8/1921) on  2/7/1945
            1. Cherly Lea McKnett (b. 1/18/1946)
              m. Kenneth Lyle -- div.
                  a. Thomas Lyle (b. 6/16/1972)
                  b. Gregory Lyle (b. 2/21/1973) 
            2. Kathryn Ann McKnett (b. 10/27/1948)
              m. James A. Jamison (b. 9/13/1948) -- div.
                  a. Jennifer Ann Jamison (b. 5/20/1970)
                  b. Jamiaon Jamison (b. 5/7/1974)
                  c. James Anthony Jamison, twin
            3. Thomas Michal McKnett (b. 6/23/1951)
              m. Laurie --- 
                  a. Keith Michall McKnett (b. 6/11/1972)
                  b. Corinn Nichole McKnett (b. 9/14/1978)
IV.  Mary Dell Hupp (1/4/1888 - 9/1/1921)
    m. Benjamin J. Foster  on 8/5/1916
      A. Edward C. Foster
        m. Anita Chinn
            1. son

Michael Hupp, son of Abraham and Elizabeth
     Michael was the sixth born of his family, born on 7/24/1809.  He
moved to Champaign County, Ohio, with his mother, in 1831.  He married
Caroline Sager on 2/27/1834, in Ohio (I don't know what county).  In
1836 he moved to Lakeville, Indiana in St. Joseph County.  His mother,
Elizabeth, lived her last years with him.  Her will (dated 2/23/1855)
stated that she was leaving all of her property to Michael.  She was
recorded as living with him and his family in 1860, and she died on 
     Michael was a prominent citizen of Lakeville, and a biographical
sketch was written about him the Historical Atlas of St. Joseph
County, Indiana (1875).  The whole sketch is reproduced here: 
           MICHAEL HUPP was born in Shenandoah county, Va., 
        July 24, 1809.
           His great grandfather came to America from Germany
        near the beginning of the 18th century.
           His grandfathers on both sides were in the
        Revolutionary war, settled in Pennsylvania, and engaged
        in farming.  They both moved to Virginia, where they
        died, aged respectively 83 and 95.  
           His father, Abraham, was born and raised in Virginia,
        and married Elizabeth Knopp, and has John, residing in
        Indiana; Samuel, residing in Virginia; Abraham, residing
        in Missouri; Isaac residing in Virginia; Jacob, residing
        in Indiana; Michael, residing in Indiana, and George W.,
        residing in Ohio.  All married and have families.  He
        was drafted in the war of 1812, but sent a substitute,
        and died in Virginia, aged 44.
           Mr. Hupp remained in Virginia till he was 22 years of
        age; then went to Ohio, where he lived five years.  He
        married Caroline Sayger and had:
           I. Alonson W. married Catherine Turner, and had eight
           II. Charles married, first, Miss Cottrell; secondly, 
        Miss ---; has two children by the first, and one by the
        second wife.
           III. Mary A. married Joseph Jackson and has three
           IV. William married Eliza Collar; has had four
           VI. Amanda married A.B. Moon; has two children.
           V. Elizabeth, married William Vinedge; has had four
           VII. Erastus, unmarried
           VIII. Virginia C. married James Bartley.
           Mr. Hupp first came to Indiana, March 27, 1836;
        finally settled in Union township, St. Joseph county. 
        He has been justice of the peace 13 years, county
        assessor 2 years, township assessor 4 years, notary
        public 5 terms, postmaster under Lincoln's and Grant's
        administration, 4 or 5 years.
           Mr. Hupp died Dec. 17, 1874.


     I find a few problems with this writeup, but the information on
Michael's parents and brothers are in agreement with all of my other
information on them, except that I think Abraham was older than 44 when
he died.  I would guess he was probably 54.  I have no confirmation that
Michael's grandfather Hupp (Balser) fought in the Revolutionary War, 
but I do not know about his other grandfather (John Nicholas Knopp).
     The information on Michael's children left out one son, John. 
It also put "VI" before "V".  And it should be understood that the
number of children given did not count those born after 1875. 
     The South Bend Daily Tribune, 12/18/1874 gave this account of the
Death of Michael Hupp:
           Michael Hupp, whose illness with typhoid fever was
        announced in these columns some weeks ago, died in his
        home, on the 17th inst., and his funeral took place from
        the church in Lakeville on Saturday, Rev. Elias Cooke
        officiating.  It was the largest ever held there, and
        was in charge of the Masonic order.
           Mr. Hupp came to Lakeville over 35 years ago, and has
        lived there ever since.  For many years he kept a store
        there and at various times was elected to important
        offices by citizens of the township and county.  In all
        the conditions of life he conducted himself a worthy,
        model and enterprising citizen, and it will be hard to
        fill his place again.  In another column appear
        resolutions of condolence to his bereaved family.
Descendants of Michael Hupp and Caroline Sager
     At this writing I have not made contact with descendants of Michael
Hupp.  I know that many of them live in South Bend.  Attempts to call
Hupps listed in the South Bend phone book resulted in no one home, 
disconnected numbers, or very little information.  I did not stop or
call any of them when I was in town in July of 1985.  The information
I do have is from censuses, or with information I aquired with the help
of Mrs. Laureen Bostedt, a volunteer at the courthouse.  She also helped
me get information in Marshall County. 

Known Descendants of Michael Hupp and Caroline Sager                B-51
Michael Hupp <38> (7/24/1809 - 12/17/1874)  (from B-5)
m. Caroline Sager  on 2/27/1834
A. Alonson W. Hupp <135> (1836 - 10/27/1913)  -- South Bend
  m. Catherine Turner  on 3/13/1859
      1. Anthony Alfred Hupp <140> (8/1862 - )
        m. Margaret Lucado
            a. Agnes May Hupp (3/1887 - )
            b. Hazel Ellen Hupp (6/1888 - )
            c. Bernice E. Hupp (10/2/1894 - )
              m. Gordon W. Woyahn (1/30/1891 - )
      2. Orman Eddy Hupp <141> (1866 - )
        m. Cora E. White (10/27/1868 - 9/6/1944) on 7/3/1888 
            a. Russell Orman Hupp <151> (3/21/1892 - 3/16/1971)
              m1. Lotta Nichols  9/1913 -- div.
              m2. Marie G. French  on 5/19/1917 -- div.
              m3. Lucy Burns (b. 12/1898)
      3. George Hupp <142> (1868 - )
           (other children, names not known)
      7. Milton Hupp <143> (11/1878 - )
      8. David Hupp <144> (8/1881 - )
B. Charles E. Hupp <136> (7/1837 - 4/25/1914) -- South Bend
  m1. Matilda Cottrell (1849 - 7/6/1871)
      1. Thomas J. Hupp <145> (6/1864 - before 1920) moved to Kansas
      2. Flora Hupp (1866 - ) moved to Colorado
        m. --- Jackson
      3. Charles Hupp (d. 12/9/1869)
  m2. Pamelia Wilbarger (9/13/1850 - 2/14/1934)
      4. Jennie C. Hupp (1875 - )
        m. Walter C. Snyder  on 2/26/1894
      5. Bessie M. Hupp (1877 - )
        m. Moses Baker  on 10/28/1896
      6. Ernest E. Hupp <147> (8/1879 - 1948)
        m. Bessie R. Close (10/1878 - ) on 11/5/1899
            a. daughter (b. 8/7/1901)
      7. Homer C. Hupp <148> (12/1881 - ) -- South Bend
        m. Pearl Nedill(?)
            a. Russell V. Hupp <152> (b. 2/11/1908)
            b. Farrell E. Hupp <153> (b. 12/9/1915)
      8. Mabel L. Hupp (5/1884 - )
      9. Harold Grant Hupp <149> (4/24/1887 - ) -- Columbus, Ohio
        m. Florence Bath (5/9/1891 - ) on 6/17/1914
     10. Dunham G. Hupp <150> (7/13/1892 - )
        m. Grace E. Green 
            a. Ronald D. Hupp (b. 12/19/1912)
  b. William G. Hupp (b. 1917)
C. William Harrison Hupp <137> (5/1840 - 6/25/1909)  -- Lakeville
  m. Eliza A. Collar (6/1846 - 2/28/1910) on 12/8/1864
      1. Ada A. Hupp (11/1868 - )
      2. Mary B. Hupp (1870 - )
      3. Leona C. Hupp (2/1874 - )
        m. --- Holland
      4. Eva J? Hupp (1879 - )

B-52    Known Descendants of Michael Hupp and Caroline Sager, cont.
D. Mary A. Hupp (1843 - 11/18/1877)
  m. Joseph Jackson 
      1. Edward Jackson
      2. Carrie B. Jackson
      3. Grace Jackson
      4. Maud Jackson
E. Elizabeth Hupp (1844 - )
  m. William Vinedge  on 12/18/1862
      four children  by 1875
F. John Hupp <138> (1846 - 11/29/1907)   -- in Lakeville in 1880
  m. Augusta Hoople (1849 - )
      1. Michael Hupp (1867 - )
 2. Garnet Hupp (1876 - )
G. Amanda Hupp (12/1849 - 1936)   -- Lakeville
  m1. Ancil B. Moon (9/19/1846 - 8/3/1875) on 9/30/1869
      1. Emma A. Moon (1870 - )
      2. Jennie Moon (1873 - )
  m2. George Deitle (1/1836 - )
H. Erastus Hupp <139> (2/1851 - 1931)  -- Lakeville
  m. Frances S. Shidler (6/1856 - 1922) on 11/14/1878
      1. Enid I. Hupp (4/1880 - 1959)
      2. Maude L. Hupp (4/1882 - 7/4/1920)
      3. Dwight M. Hupp <158> (12/1885 - 1967)
      4. Mabel Hupp (12/1887 - 1971)
        m. --- LaBean
      5. Laura S. Hupp (5/1892 - )
I. Virginia C. Hupp (1855 - )
  m. James Bartley  on 1/8/1874
George Washington Hupp, son of Abraham and Elizabeth
     George W. Hupp was the youngest son of Abraham Hupp, born 
2/22/1813.  He was 16 when his father died.  Although still a minor, he
was a customer at the sales of the estate of his father, and also that
of his grandfather, Balser.  In the latter, he bought one item: a "fish
nett", for 13 cents.  In those recordings, and in all other documents
concerning him in Shenandoah County, he was referred to as "Washington" 
     In 1831, he moved with his mother and brothers Abram, Jacob, and
Michael to Champaign County, Ohio, settling on the east side of the Mad
River in Mad River Township.  The others moved on to Indiana in 1836,
shortly after George (as he was known as in Ohio) married Margaret
Millice.  He continued to farm along the Mad River until about 1846, a
little after Margaret died and George remarried.  
     George W. Hupp's obituary says this of his business life:
          Upon leaving the well developed farm on Mad river Mr.
        Hupp learned the cabinet makers' trade in Urbana, having
        completed which he located in Mechanicsburg as a
        possibly more desirable field for the exercise of his
        trade and with the exception of a few years spent on his
        farm just west of the town, has made this his permanent
        abiding place.  As a furniture manufacturer he worked up
        a large and remunerative trade, and the work in that
        line accomplished under his capable supervision gained a
        reputation for strength, durability, and all around
        utility.  Several years ago he availed himself of a
        favorable opportunity to retire from active
        participation in business affairs, and at the time his
        son, Otway C., succeeded to the management of the
        substantially erected enterprise.  Three years ago the
        elder man withdrew entirely and left his son in absolute
        control, of the furniture and undertaking interests. 
        . . . 
        Mr. Hupp is a Republican in national politics, and he
        has been connected with the Masonic fraternity for many
        years.  He is a member of the Methodist Protestant
        church, and during his long life has substantially
        contributed toward its charities and general support. 
        Of unswerving integrity and great good sense, he has
        been an important factor in many avenues of development,
        and the esteem created during the earlier part of his
        business career has increased in strength with the
        passing of years. 
     The obituary also says that George W. Hupp was a major, attaining
this rank through the Ohio state militia.  It remarks on his longevity,
saying, "Mr. Hupp bids fair to retain his health and mental vigor far
beyond the allotted or even expected time."  It incorrectly states that
his mother lived to be 105 (her tombstone says she was 89, and I think
she was a little younger than that).  

     Some incorrect information has been recorded about George W. as to
his family background.  Hill's History, I think, stated that Balser Hupp
married Elizabeth Shaver, and that he died and she moved to Ohio, with
sons Michael and George.  As I figure it, the historian talked to 
George W., and got Balser and Abraham mixed up (they both died close to
the same time).  Where the name Shaver came from, I have no idea--
George's mother did move to Ohio after her husband died, she did have a
son named Michael, but her maiden name was Knopp (and she did not 
remarry).  In addition to this, it was believed by some people in 
Champaign County, Ohio, based on Hill's story, that George W. Hupp's
parents were buried in the Oak Lawn Cemetery in Mechanicsburg.  It was
thought that Elizabeth died in Mechanicsburg, and that after she was
buried, the bones of her husband were brought from Virginia.  But no
tombstones mark the supposed sites (something that would seem strange
to me, for George W. Hupp was a wealthy man).  The records of the
cemetery have been destroyed by vandals, so they could not be checked 
out.  But I do know that George's mother was buried in Lakeville, 
Indiana (see B-7).  
     George W. Hupp had eight children, two by his first wife, and six
by his second, Mary Guthridge.  One died young, one stayed near by and
took over his father's business, but the rest all moved away.  Most of
them I managed to follow somewhere, but I have no contact with any
descendants.  The known descendants are as follows:
George Washington Hupp (2/22/1813 - 2/19/1904)  (from B-5)
m1. Margaret Millice (1814 - 12/30/1843) on 5/21/1835
I. George William Hupp (1/1841 - ) moved to Indianapolis, Ind.
(?)    m. Minnie --- (10/1855 - 2/7/1907) on 8/16/1870
 |      A. Clara Hupp (1872 - )
 v      B. William Hupp (1875 - )
        C. Oscar L. Hupp (11/1877 - )
        D. Herbert E. Hupp (2/1883 - )
        E. Blanch Louise Hupp (4/1886 - )

 II. Abner C. Hupp <160> (5/1842 - 5/26/1924) moved to Cincinnati, Ohio
    m. Mary A. Curry (7/1848 - ) 
        A. Harry B. Hupp <169> (2/1880 - )
          m. ----
              1. Harry B. Hupp, Jr. <170> (3/10/1904 - 12/1974)
(George W.)
m2. Mary Jane Guthridge (2/15/1826 - 6/12/1888)
III. Wallace W. Hupp <161> (1845 - 1847)
IV. Llewellyn J. Hupp <162> (5/1847 - 1/12/1910) moved to Indianapolis, Ind.
   m. Emma --- (12/1871 - )
        A. Llewellyn J. Hupp, Jr. <171> (6/1895 - )

Known Descendants of George W. Hupp, son of Abraham                 B-55
  V. Albert Guthridge Hupp <163> (5/17/1850 - 6/17/1913)
    m1. Lizzie --- (d. 8/15/1884)
    m2. Amelia P. --- 
    m3. Nellie Minerva Buchanan (3/10/1877 - 8/26/1924)
        A. Robert Eugene Hupp <172> (b. 10/20/1907) Mesa, Ariz.
          m. Eunice June Gantt (6/10/1917 - 2/15/1992)
              1. Richard Allen Hupp <173> (b. 8/3/1941)
                m. Lynn Vavra
                    a. Lisa Ann Hupp (b. 10/6/1964)
              2. Carol Ann Hupp (b. 4/12/1944)
        B. Richard Nelson Hupp <174> (b. 7/31/1910)
          m. Ruth Warner
 VI. Otway Curry Hupp <164> (9/16/1851 - 12/22/1926)
    m. Lulu Bates (1/5/1858 - 12/24/1927) on 10/23/1879
        A. Wallace Hupp <175> (2/16 - 10/3/1881)
        B. Walter F. Hupp <176> (3/3/1884 - 11/17/1936)
          m. Merriel Hendrix (12/25/1884 - 6/9/1972) on 9/8/1905
              1. Frances Louise Hupp (7/24/1907 - 5/9/1962)
              2. Jane Hupp (6/22/1917 - 7/16/1985)
        C. Dollie R. Hupp (2/9/1887 - )
          m. Homer K. Hume  on 6/5/1906

VII. Oscar B. Hupp <165> (7/1857 - 10/1902) moved to Cincinnati, Ohio
(?) m. Nellie L. --- (4/1864 - )
        A. Helen M. Hupp (12/1898 - )
VIII. Jeanette Hupp (1862 - 1949)
     m1. Joseph Chance
        A. Jessie Chance (6/30/1882 - 7/7/1961)
          m. Earl Fox (11/1877 - 11/10/1954)
              1. Janice Fox (9/1/1901 - 5/27/1928)
                m. Carl Wm. Young  on 10/27/1921
                    a. Dorothy Joan Young (b. 10/27/1924)
                      m. Bobby Jack Scott
                          i. James E. Scott (b.12/12/1949)
                            m. Rosemary Kay Porter
                                A. James Edward Scott II (b. 3/15/1978)
                                B. Amy Elizabeth Scott (b. 10/20/1981)
                    b. Carliss Jean Young (b. 11/7/1927)
                      m. Edward Sheets Carroll
              2. Joseph Earl Fox (2/15/1903 - 9/30/1974)
                m. Bernice Davies -- div.
                    a. Joseph Earl Fox, Jr. (1925? - 10/12/1976)
                    b. William Eugene Fox 
                      m. Carmen ---
              3. Irmagene Fox (5/8/1905 - 3/1/1927)
                m. Donn Enoch (3/17/1899 - 1/9/1983)
                    a. Patsy Jeane Enoch (b. 11/12/1925)
                      m1. Joe Puzz
                      m2. Mack Thompson
              4. Willard Chance Fox (7/29/1907 - 1/18/1985)
                m1. Josephine ---
                m2. Elizabeth (Szalay) Barrow on 4/11/1951 
    m2. --- Smith
    m3. --- Ridley

     The information on the families of Albert G. Hupp and Otway C. Hupp
was provided by Bob Hupp of Mesa, Arizona, as were death dates of the
other children of George W. Hupp.  Information about Jeanette's family
was from Jim Scott of Westerville, Ohio.  
     The information on George Wm. Hupp's family is from the 1880 and
1900 soundexes of the censuses of Indiana.  They were in Indianapolis
both times.  But Bob Hupp thinks that George Wm. Hupp died on 
11/24/1864, which if true, invalidates the list I give of his family.
Also he gives the birth year of his wife as 1845, as opposed to 1855
that I have.  I did use the death date he gave me for her, although it
may not be she that it refers to.
     The addition of Harry B. Hupp, Jr. is from Bob Hupp's memory of
visiting them years ago.  His recent attempts to find Harry near 
Cincinnati were unsuccessful. 
     Llewellyn and family were in Indianapolis in 1900.  In 1910,
Emma and Llewellyn, Jr. were living with Otway in Ohio.  
     Albert G. Hupp, who was Bob Hupp's father, is a difficult one to
follow.  I do not find him in soundexes of 1880, 1900, or 1910 in any
of the states I have searched.  He was married twice before he married
Bob's mother, and we don't know what their maiden names, where they were
married, or even if they had children.  Albert also concealed his age--
when he died, Bob's mother found out he was 20 years older than she 
thought he was.  
     The figuring of Oscar's family was complicated by the fact that
there were two Oscar B. Hupps in Ohio in 1900-- one in Cincinnati, and
one in Jefferson County, and they were both listed as two years on 
either side of the actual birthyear of Oscar, George W.'s son.  A look
at the 1910 census was no help (since George W.'s son Oscar died in 
1902, the surviving one would be the other one), for no Oscar Hupps are
to be found.  I made the guess that it was the one in Cincinnati, as
there was already a brother of his there.  Also living with this one 
were two neices, Rose and Clara Minderman (presumably his wife's
nieces, but if not, then the Oscar in Jefferson County is the one we
  <photo>    <photo>
          George W. Hupp               Albert G. Hupp

BARBARA HUPP, daughter of Balser and Mary
     Barbara was the older of Balser Hupp's two daughters.  I have
a limited amount of information on her, and it comes from three times
in her life- 1804, about 1830, and sometime in the 1860's.  I do not
have any record of when she was born, nor have I found her name in any
census.  I also have not found a tombstone with her name.  
     Barbara was the second of Balser Hupp's children to marry (after
Abraham).  From what I can infer from the 1810 and 1820 censuses of
Balser Hupp's household, Barbara was born between 1776 and 1784.  On
4/9/1804 she married Samuel Hershberger in Shenandoah County.  But she
was not married long, for Samuel died early that next fall.  Balser
Hupp was the administrator of Samuel's estate, and the place of
settlement was Balser's house at New Market (this is from Shenandoah
County Will Book F, pages 369 and 370).  That December, Samuel and
Barbara's son, Samuel B. Harshberger, was born (the name was spelled
"Hershberger" for the elder Samuel, and "Harshberger" or "Harshbarger"
for Barbara and the younger Samuel.  It was also sometimes spelled
     From that time, until the death of her father, Barbara and Samuel
Samuel B. apparently lived with Balser Hupp (inferred from the 1810 and
1820 censuses).  Barbara's name appears again after Balser died, as an
heir.  She and her son (aged 24 by then) purchased more of Balser's
estate than any other people.  (Mrs. Harshbarger refers to Barbara.)
Mrs Harshberger       2 washing tubs and bushel     $ 1.26
Samuel Harshberger   1 washing tub+cunary buckets, +c  .25
Mrs Harshberger       1 small washtub                  .17
Mrs Hurberger         2 old barrels & tub             1.02
Mrs Harshberger       1 large wash kettle and bale    4.50
Mrs Harshberger       1 Pot framel                     .60
Samuel Harshbarger    1 Tub                           1.01
Samuel Harshberger    10 shoats                      12.19
Mrs Harshberger       1 large copper Kettle          22.00
Mrs Harshberger       1 Iron den pot & earthen kettle  .50
Mrs Harshberger       2 slop buckets & swill tub       .10
Samuel Harshberger    1 German testament +c            .51
Samuel Harshberger    2 German Books                   .45
Samuel Harshberger    3 German Books                   .16
Samuel Harshberger    Sundry old books                 .16
Mrs Harshbarger       1 safe                          3.00
Mrs Harshbarger       4 hand towels                    .84
Mrs Harshbarger       1 table cloth                   1.60
Mrs Harshberger       3 plane cloths                  1.20
Mrs Harshbarger       1 plane cloth                    .25
Samuel Harshbarger   2 small bowls with vial & medicine.09
Mrs Harshbarger       4 candlesticks and 1 for 
                                sc--ffers              .40
Samuel Harshbarger    3 black bottles                  .14
Samuel Harshbarger    1 p. Audisons                    .66
Mrs Harshbarger       1 Large arm chair                .50
Mrs Harshbarger       2 windsor chairs                 .35
Mrs Harshberger       6 split bottom chairs           2.51
Mrs Harshberger       2 split bottom chairs            .25
Mrs Harshberger       1 p small steel yards            .40
Mrs Harshberger       1 sifter                         .17
Mrs Harshberger       1 sifter                         .25
Mrs Harshberger       1 Weavers loom +c               8.00

Items bought at the sale of Balser Hupp's estate
by Barbara (Hupp) Harshberger and Samuel B. Harshberger, cont.
Mrs Harshberger       500  Day & gears                 .68
Mrs Harshberger       700  Day & gears                1.26
Mrs Harshberger       600  Day & gears                1.00
Mrs Harshberger       550  Day & gears                 .50
Mrs Harshberger       400  Day & 2 setts gears         .50
Mrs Harshberger       500  Day & 2 setts gears         .50
Mrs Harshberger       -atha + sundry old gears         .75
Mrs Harshberger       1 spool rack & 10 spools        1.00
Mrs Harshberger       Quilt Wheel & swifts            2.75
Mrs Harshberger       1 dough tray + 2 conck           .25
Mrs Harshberger       2 E dishes + 2 pots              .16
Mrs Harshberger       1 large dresser                 3.00
Mrs Harshberger       2 pewter dishes + 1 bason       3.00
Mrs Harshberger       4 delf dishes                    .75
Mrs Harshberger       2 Delf Plates + 1 dish           .12
Mrs Harshberger       2 small Bowls                    .13
Mrs Harshberger       1 Tea cannister pepper box +c    .06-1/4
Mrs Harshberger       Sundry cup & saucers             .75
Mrs Harshberger       1-1/4 doz 6 plates               .52
Mrs Harshberger       1 doz. Knives+ forks 3 Butcher
                                       Knives &steel  1.00
Mrs Harshbarger       1 sett ladles + Fleshfork       1.02
Mrs Harshberger       2 coffee pot + salt box          .50
Mrs Harshberger       1 pot Trammel                    .50
Mrs Harshberger       1 pot Trammel                    .64
Mrs Harshberger       1 pr fine Tongs + shovel        1.26
Mrs Harshberger       2 woden piggons                  .25
Mrs Harshberger       1 tea Kettle                     .35
Mrs Harshberger       1 Frying pan + skillet           .54
Mrs Harshberger       1 dutch oven + lid               .25
Mrs Harshberger       1 Iron pott + bale               .50
Mrs Harshberger       1 large Iron pott                .50
Mrs Harshberger       1 barrel with vinegar           1.26
Mrs Harshberger       1 slop tub                       .12
Mrs Harshberger       15 Easther crocks               1.00
Totals: Barbara         $77.23-1/4
        Samuel          $15.62
     In the division of Balser Hupp's land in 1830, Barbara received
plot #1, which was 13-1/4 acres which included the house.  I do not
know whether Barbara continued to live in it, or if Samuel B. came to
live in it then, or later. 
     As I have not been able to find Barbara Harshberger's name in the
censuses after 1830 (she was not living with her son, or any of the
Hupps in Virginia, in 1830 or 1840), I would have figured that she must
have died in the 1830's.  But I heard from James G. Hupp of Orinda,
California (a descendant of Isaac, section F) that Barbara, along with
Anna and Balser, Jr., visited Indiana in the late 1860's.  I think it
would have had to have been after 1865, because of the Civil War.  By
that time, Barbara would have been well into her 80's.  That would have
been quite a journey for someone of that age, considering this was more
than 100 years ago, and it involved crossing mountains in West Virginia.

     Besides the settlement of Balser Hupp's estate, I have found no
record of Barbara's name in the Shenandoah County Deed books.  I did,
however, find her name in the Licking County, Ohio, Deed books.  There
were also deeds involving Samuel Harshberger.  But as Barbara (Hupp)
Harshberger's son Samuel lived his life at New Market, I can't be sure
if these are the same people.  When I was in Licking County, I failed 
to write down the dates of the deeds involving Harshbergers.
Samuel B. Harshberger
     Samuel, the son of Samuel Hershberger and Barbara Hupp, was born
on 12/17/1804, after his father died.  He was raised in the house of
Balser Hupp, his grandfather (Samuel B. Harshberger was the only 
grandson of Balser Hupp who was not a Hupp).  He married Mary Zirkle, 
daughter of George Zirkle and Barbara Kagey.  She was a sister to 
Catherine Zirkle, who married John Hupp, Samuel's cousin.  
     Samuel and Mary had many children.  As many as 15 have been 
reported in some Zirkle family books (the Zirkles have kept track of 
their family much better than the Hupps have, and they have many
writeups, from which I found much information).  I know the names of
11 (the Zirkle list may have included three McCauly children living with
the Harshbergers in 1860). 
     The Harshbergers are tied further to the Zirkles in that three of
their daughters married Zirkles.  A diagram showing the Zirkle 
relations is on the next page.  The Harshberger family was as follows:
Samuel B. Harshberger (12/17/1804 - 1/15/1878) so. Barbara (from A-9)
m. Mary Zirkle (4/3/1810 - 12/31/1866)  (from BI-4)
1. Barbara Ann Harshberger (3/1/1830 - 11/18/1873) see BI-5
  m. Howbert G. Zirkle (3/17/1829 - 10/12/1907)
        9 children
2. Hannah Rebecca Harshberger (1836 - )
  m. Josiah Smootz  on 9/16/1856
3. Sarah E. Harshberger (1/31/1839 - 11/6/1912) see BI-
  m. Lewis B. Lightfoot  on 11/3/1862
        6 children
4. Emily Harshberger (12/10/1842 - 12/25/1914) see BI-
  m. Monroe Zirkle (1/1/1840 - 7/18/1929)  on 6/27/1864
        9 children
5. Frances Virginia Harshberger (1844 - )
  m. Jacob Clem  on 10/17/1872
6. Samuel Harshberger (1846 - )
7. William T. Harshberger (1847 - )
8. Benjamin H. Harshberger (1850 - )
  m. Annie E. Higgs  on 3/17/1872
9. Charles H. Harshberger (1852 - )
  m. Mary Fowler  on 12/2/1873
10. Malinda H. Harshberger (3/5/1853 - 1/7/1920) see BI-
   m. George H. Zirkle (11/22/1851 - 8/27/1928) on 5/22/1877
        2 children
11. Ida J. Harshberger (4/18/1854 - )
   m. Samuel F. Hess  on 10/3/1878

     Of the 11 Harshberger children, I know of the families of five of
them, only daughters.  The four sons were in a row, and they moved away
from the New Market area.  I have not found where they moved, but I
know it is not elsewhere in Shenandoah or Rockingham Counties, and
probably not in Licking and Champaign Counties of Ohio.  
     In addition to the 11 Harshberger children, the 1860 census lists
four other children living in the household: George Kagey, who was a son
of Sarah E. Harshberger, and three McCaulys: Isaac (aged 5), Mary (aged
4), and Samuel (11 months).  
     Mary Zirkle Harshberger died on the last day of 1866, and she was
buried in the Zirkle Cemetery west of New Market.  Samuel died on 
1/15/1878, and he is buried in the Reformation Lutheran Church 
Cemetery on the north side of New Market.  
Zirkle Ancestory and links to Hupp descendants in Virginia up to about 1875

                                Conrad Zirckel (ca. 1600 - )
                                Johann Lofenius Zirckel
                                Heinrich Zirkell (1676 - 1748)
                                          emigrated from Germany
                                Ludwig Zirckel (1705 - 1747)
                                m2. Maria Eva ---
                                George Adam Zirckel (1738/9 - 1800)
                                m. Elizabeth Ridenour
Elizabeth Zirkle (1766 - 1857)  John Zirkle (1775 - 1832)  George Zirkle (1781 - 1857)
m. Jacob Kipps (1760 - 1849)    m. Rosana Roush            m. Barbara Kagey
Mary Kipps         George Zirkle (1797-1869)  Mary Zirkle           Catherine Zirkle
m. SAMUEL A. HUPP  m. Elizabeth Howbert     m. SAM'L B. HARSHBERGER m. JOHN HUPP
  (see B-11f)                                                         (see B-8f)
        Cornelius Zirkle       Howbert Zirkle             Monroe Zirkle
        m. Elizabeth Shifflet  m. BARBARA A. HARSHBERGER  m. EMILY HARSHBERGER
        George H. Zirkle

Descendants of Howbert Zirkle and Barbara Ann Harshberger           B-61
Barbara Ann Harshberger (3/1/1830 - 11/18/1873)  (from B-59)
m. Howbert G. Zirkle (3/17/1829 - 10/12/1907)  (from B-60)
1. James Rufus Zirkle   \
  m. Mary Virginia Hupp / see B-62
2. Lavicia Lamira Zirkle (1856 - )
  m. Mark Lowery
3. Alice Ophelia Zirkle (1858 - ) nm
4. Emaline R. Zirkle (1860 - )
  m. William F. Bushong
5. Homer William Zirkle (1861 - )
  m. Madge Hyand
6. Ada Margaret Zirkle (1863 - ) nm
7. Clarence Lafayette "Bub" Zirkle (1865 - 1932)
8. Amos P. Zirkle         \
  m1. Vernie C. Doll       > see B-68
  m2. Martha C. Funkhouser/
9. Fannie Lelia Zirkle (1871 - )
  m. Daniel Saylor Neff
The family of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary V. Hupp:
(back row, l. to r.) Haller Zirkle, Carrie Zirkle, Joseph H. Zirkle, Albert Zirkle,
Homer Zirkle, Mary Virginia (Hupp) Zirkle, Maud (Olinger) Zirkle.
(front row) Bettie (Mills) Hupp, Joseph Hupp, Alice (Olinger) Zirkle (holding Martin),
J. Rufus Zirkle.
(children in front) Bernice Zirkle (later Dellinger) and May Zirkle (later Hassler) 
picture taken about 1908. 

B-62    Descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary Virginia Hupp 
James Rufus Zirkle (5/12/1854 - 1/22/1933)  (from B-61)
m. Mary Virginia Hupp (4/20/1856 - 9/27/1929)  (from B-14)
I. Albert Seiss Zirkle (10/7/1879 - 4/25/1957)
  m1. Mary Alice Olinger (7/7/1881 - 11/6/1924)
      A. Martin Luther Zirkle (12/17/1907 - 4/28/1990)
        m. Grace Lockwood Weaver  on 6/13/1937   - Frederick, MD
            1. Wade Martin Zirkle (b. 6/27/1938) - Jefferson, MD
              m. Georgia Ann Eagle (b. 8/26/1940) on 6/27/1959
      B. Fred Granville Zirkle (5/9/1909 - 5/9/1994)
        m. Bessie Wilkins (3/21/1905 - 1/8/1993)
            1. Dorothy Althea Zirkle (b. 2/22/1936) - Bridgewater, VA
              m. Jim Smith (3/17/1935 - 3/4/1978)
                  a. Christopher David Smith (b. 4/8/1956) - Indianapolis, IN
                    m. Debbie Rucker
                        i. Christopher David Smith, Jr. (b. 9/25/1979)
                       ii. Phillip Brian Smith (b. 2/20/1981)
                  b. Linda Marie Smith (b. 8/12/1957) Mt. Clinton, VA
                    m. Adrian B. Carter
                        i. David Matthew Carter (b. 7/24/1975)
                       ii. Carrie Rebecca Carter (b.3/19/1977)
                      iii. Holley Elizabeth Carter (b. 7/23/1978)
                       iv. Polly Tamar Carter, twin
                  c. Paul Daniel Smith (b. 1/13/1961)
                    m. Angela Walter
                  d. Wanda Aline Smith (b. 9/22/1962) - Grottoes, VA
                    m. Robert Dean
                        i. Robert Allen Dean (b. 9/28/1984)
            2. Albert Franklin Zirkle (b. 10/14/1940) - Columbia, MD
              m. Elaine Nance
                  a. Amy Lauren Zirkle (b. 9/29/1976)
                  b. Mark Allen Zirkle (b. 9/23/1978)
            3. Paul Luther Zirkle (b. 9/9/1942) - Woodbridge, VA
              m. Sandra Donlon
                  a. Sharon Anna Zirkle (b. 6/4/1979)
                  b. Ruth Maria Zirkle (b. 8/29/1981)
                  c. Stephen Daniel Zirkle (b. 8/8/1984)
      C. Grace Virginia Zirkle (b. 2/28/1913)
        m. Peter Craig (b. 5/7/1907)
            1. Janet Craig (b. 1/26/1936)
              m1. Troy Lee Weeks -- div.
                  a. Marilyn Weeks (b. 2/13/1956)
                    m. --- Salazar
                  b. Craig Lance Weeks (b. 7/9/1959)
              m2. Spencer Haythorn (d. 4/1983)
            2. Peter E. Craig III (b. 1/5/1937)
            3. James O. Craig (b. 4/19/1939)
              m. Margine Sirbaugh (b. 6/19/1940)
                  a. Andrea Wynn Craig (b. 1/6/1963)
                  b. David Matthew Craig (b. 5/19/1966)

Descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary Virginia Hupp, cont.        B-63
      D. Helen Frances Zirkle (10/28/1916 - 7/25/1982)
        m. Thomas A. Ryman (8/22/1911 - 11/9/1983)
            1. Mary Alice Ryman (b. 12/19/1947)
              m. Abundio Amante (b. 12/10/1960)
            2. Janet Ryman (b. 5/11/1953)      - Luray, VA
              m. Charles Jennings Comer (b. 6/22/1954)
                  a. Thomas Maxwell Comer (b. 11/11/1978)
                  b. Joseph Michael Comer (b. 9/22/1980)
      E. Hazel Alberta Zirkle (b. 7/30/1919)
        m. William Strickler (b. 6/9/1918)
      F. Austin H. Zirkle (b. 10/16/1920)
        m. Wilhelmina Christina Kempff (b. 9/10/1932) on 4/29/1950
      G. Ralph Calvin Zirkle (b. 6/6/1924)
        m. Virginia Rose Wuom (b. 8/21/1924)
            1. Louis Albert Zirkle (b. 11/12/1957)
              m. Margaret Rose Ordaz (b. 8/30/1957)
                  a. Melissa Rose Zirkle (b. 7/20/1984)
    m2. Nannie (Huffman) Foltz (3/26/1896 - 8/11/1985)
      H. John David Zirkle (b. 9/5/1939)     - Elkton, VA
        m. Laura Kite
            1. David Albert Zirkle (b. 6/23/1975)
 [descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary V. Hupp continued next page]

 <photo>      <photo>

John David Zirkle (this page)              Adrian Carter family (B-62)

B-64    Descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary Virginia Hupp, cont.
II.  Haller S. Zirkle (11/16/1881 - 4/28/1953)
    m1. Maud E. Olinger (10/13/1884 - 9/17/1925)
      A. May Florence Zirkle (5/13/1904 - 9/30/1985)
        m. Eugene Raymond Hassler (8/3/1899 - 5/31/1978) 
            1. Audrey F. Hassler (b. 2/21/1922)  - New Market, Va.
              m. Waldo Funkhouser 
                  a. Shirley Funkhouser (b. 7/18/1943) New Market
                    m. Robert Golladay
                        i. Hunter E. Golliday (b. 7/10/1965)
                       ii. Crystal M. Golliday (b. 6/14/1967)
                      iii. Dwayne R. Golliday (b. 8/3/1969)
                       iv. Audrey M. Golliday (b. 5/3/1971)
                        v. Wena L. Golliday (b. 10/27/1972)
                       vi. Windy L. Golliday (b. 12/8/1974)
                  b. Deborah Funkhouser (b. 2/18/1953) New Market
                    m. Bill Wilkins
                        i. Jason E. Wilkins (b. 7/9/1973)
                       ii. Derrick W. Wilkins (b. 11/25/1977)
                  c. Linda Funkhouser (b. 12/2/1958) - Mt. Jackson, Va.
                    m. Terry Plaugher
            2. Eugene R. Hassler, Jr. (b. 1/9/1924)  - Mt. Jackson, Va.
              m. Anna Catherine Elizabeth Miller (5/23/1927 - 7/2/1993)
                  a. Timmy E. Hassler (b. 2/14/1951)
                    m1. Debbie J. Miller -- div.
                        i. Brian D. Hassler (b. 8/14/1974)
                       ii. Christopher S. Hassler (b. 3/22/1978)
                    m2. Roxie Rush
                  b. Stella Ann Hassler (b. 3/30/1952)
                  c. Ricky L. Hassler (b. 1/16/1955)
                    m. Debra Fadeley
                        i. Thomas L. Hassler (b. 6/23/1978)
            3. Evelyn U. Hassler (b. 10/26/1925)  - Harrisonburg, Va.
                  a. Caroll L. Shoemaker (b. 2/22/1945) 
                    m. Jean Miller
                        i. Dee Dee L. Shoemaker (b. 8/22/1970)
              m. Gordon Eugene Washington
            4. Erva C. Hassler (b. 3/2/1928)  - Dayton, Va.
              m. Carl Whitesell
                  a. Harry D. Whitesell (b. 1/17/1948)
                    m. Linda J. Shoemaker
                        i. Toby D. Whitsell (b. 12/3/1966)
                  b. Larry G. Whitesell, twin (b. 1/17/1948)
                    m. Vickie S. Blank
                        i. Michael C. Whitesell (b. 4/9/1980)
                       ii. Shawn C. Whitesell (b. 6/8/1982)
                  c. Nancy L. Whitesell (b. 4/19/1958)
                    m. Wayne L. Hedrick
                        i. Nathan A. Hedrick (b. 2/1/1985)

Descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary Virginia Hupp               B-65
(II. Haller)
      (A. May)
            5. Douglas Z. Hassler (9/23/1930 - 5/12/1981) Weyers Cave, VA
              m. Helen Forbus
                  a. Judy S. Hassler (b. 7/4/1954)        Weyers Cave, VA
                    m. Tommy Moore
                        i. Robin L. Moore (b. 9/11/1974)
                       ii. Tommy D. Moore (b. 5/13/1979)
                  b. Sandra J. Hassler (b. 3/15/1959)
                    m. Roland Bussard
                        i. Tabatha Buseard (b. 8/31/1983)
                  c. Douglas W. Hassler (b. 5/3/1962)    Weyers Cave, VA
                    m. Suzanne Neff  on 5/28/1988
                  d. Jeffery W. Hassler (b. 7/11/1963)   Weyers Cave, VA
                    m. JoAnne Rankin
                        i. Heather L. Hassler (b. 10/6/1982)
            6. a boy, no name (b.&d. 10/24/1932)
            7. Helen F. Hassler (b. 11/21/1933)          New Market, VA
              m. Wilmer Edward Dove (1/26/1931 - 9/3/1989)
                  a. Patricia A. Dove (b. 1/21/1955)     New Market, VA
                    m. Jerry Ryan
                        i. Jeremy M. Ryan (b. 4/24/1975)
                       ii. Jonathan E. Ryan (b. 8/9/1977)
                  b. Joyce M. Dove (b. 1/12/1957)        Quicksburg, VA
                    m. Kenneth Ludwig
                        i. Kevin S. Ludwig (b. 10/5/1976)
                       ii. Kenneth Ludwig, Jr. (b. 5/18/1981)
                      iii. Amanda E. Ludwig (b. 2/22/1983)
                  c. Eddie A. Dove (b. 1/8/1960)
                    m. Kitty Parker
                        i. Sandy J. Dove (b. 4/30/1981)
                  d. Darrell L. Dove (b. 9/2/1966)       New Market, VA
            8. Floyd L. Hassler (b. 2/18/1940)           Timberville, VA
              m. Stella Sheets
                  a. Shawn L. Hassler (b. 8/19/1962)
                  b. Michele M. Hassler (b. 9/18/1967)
                  c. Misty D. Hassler (b. 5/30/1969)
            9. Calvin R. Hassler (6/13/1943 - 12/5/1972)
              m. Ruby Frank -                            Harrisonburg, VA
                  a. Wendy S. Hassler (b. 7/21/1970)
      B. Bernice Catherine Zirkle (3/11/1906 - 11/7/1987)
        m. Elwood Houston Dellinger (6/23/1906 - 3/5/1969)
            1. Elwood Houston Dellinger, Jr. (b. 12/8/1924)
              m. Evelyn Price
                  a. Juanita Louise Dellinger (b. 1/12/1948)
                    m. Roger Summers
                        i. Scott Wayne Summers (b. 12/26/1969)
                       ii. Brandy Renee Summers (b. 10/25/1973)
                  b. Larry Elwood Dellinger (b. 11/16/1948)
                    m. Patsy Showman
                        i. Neil Elwood Dellinger (b. 11/26/1973)
                       ii. Chad Michael Dellinger (b. 12/30/1975)
                  c. Randy Ray Dellinger (b. 1/2/1952)
                    m. Cheryl ---
                        i. Tracey Lynn Dellinger (b. 12/10/1971)
                       ii. Shanon Ray Dellinger (b. 12/9/1976)
                  d. Jerry Ann Dellinger (b. 7/12/1955)
                    m. Roger Bynaker
                        i. Todd Lee Bynaker (b. 6/17/1972)
                  e. Mickey Leon Dellinger (b. 3/25/1957)

B-66    Descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary Virginia Hupp, cont.
(II. Haller)
      (B. Bernice)
            2. Leon Franklin Dellinger (3/21/1928 - 11/10/1988)
              m. Marleen Price
                  a. Jacqueline C. Dellinger (b. 5/7/1952)
                  b. Terry Elaine Dellinger (b. 9/9/1957)
            3. Joan Wadell Dellinger (12/28/1934 - 7/28/1978)
              m. Booby Smootz
                  a. Kathy Mae Smootz (b. 2/28/1953)
                    m1. Richard Fadeley
                        i. Zane Allen Fadeley (b. 12/31/1971)
                       ii. Eric William Fadeley (b. 2/12/1975)
                    m2. Allen Proctor
                  b. Steve Eugene Smootz (b. 12/2/1957)
      C. Lona Zirkle (b. 6/23/1909)
        m. Alfred Bamber (d. 11/6/1966) on 10/10/1926
            1. Robert Bamber (b. 4/19/1934)
            2. Jack Bamber (5/8/1939 - 8/21/1965)
      D. Haller Guy Zirkle (9/14/1914 - 5/1976) 
        m. Rosalee Christmas (8/4/1909 - 11/23/1970)
      E. Sylva V. Zirkle (11/16/1916 - 6/1977)
            1. Robert Lee Zirkle (b. 3/12/1942)
    m2. Dora (Fleming) Zirkle
III. Carrie Frances Zirkle (1884 - 1979)
IV. Joseph Howbert Zirkle (9/24/1885 - 5/10/1979)
   m. Mary C. Hupp (7/14/1884 - 8/8/1964)  (from B-19)
      A. Edith Sterling Zirkle (b. 8/11/1911)  - Timberville, VA
        m. Vernon F. Kipps (10/15/1913 - 3/8/1994)
            1. Wayne Vernon Kipps (b. 2/15/1947) New Market, VA
              m. Carolyn Whetzel
                  a. Carrie Elaine Kipps (b. 5/7/1976)
                  b. Mark Daniel Kipps (b. 8/20/1979)
      B. Naomi Catherine Zirkle (b. 8/4/1917) -  Woodstock, VA
        m. Jesse C. Wine (b. 7/2/1915)
            1. Mary Sue Wine (b. 9/6/1947)
              m. David France
                  a. Machelle France (b. 10/14/1979)
                  b. Brian France (b. 9/23/1983)
V.  Homer R. Zirkle (6/8/1888 - 12/1/1955)
   m. Minnie F. Dove (2/22/1892 - 12/3/1970)  (from B-70)
      A. Nason Randolph Zirkle (b. 10/18/1914)
        m. Dorothy Gearldean Cook (b. 6/20/1926)
            1. Ronald Keith Zirkle (b. 8/12/1949)
              m. Kathleen Emer  on 8/28/1971
                  a. Kevin Wayne Zirkle (b. 2/25/1972)
            2. Cheryl Jean Zirkle (b. 2/10/1952) - Middletown, VA
              m. Wayne Luther Miller  on 5/31/1980
                  a. Branson Luther Miller (b. 3/4/1981)
                  b. Nathan Isaiah Miller, twin (b. 3/4/1981)
                  c. Autumn Nichole Miller (b. 11/28/1982)

Descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle and Mary Virginia Hupp, cont.        B-67
(V. Homer)
      B. Alfred William Zirkle (b. 5/19/1916) - New Market, VA
        m. Mary Elizabeth Day (7/10/1913 - 6/26/1993)
            1. William Allen Zirkle (b. 2/11/1941)
              m. Barbara Schaeffer (b. 8/11/1943)
                  a. Jeffrey Lynn Zirkle (b. 7/21/1961)
                  b. Stephen Allen Zirkle (b. 12/10/1962)
                    m. Shelly Lorranine Straight  on 5/22/1993
            2. Shirley Zirkle (4/9/1942 - 4/15/1994)
              m. Ralph Melvin Kokkonen (4/14/1919 - 9/30/1989)
                  a. James Mark Kokkonen (b. 10/22/1968)

     It is interesting to note that the descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle
and Mary Virginia Hupp are double Hupp descendants.  Since Joseph and
Homer also married Hupp descendants, their children, etc., are triple
Hupp descendants. 

  Wayne Kipps with his mother, Edith (Zirkle) Kipps,
  and his children Mark and Carrie (see B-66)

 It is interesting to note that the descendants of J. Rufus Zirkle
And Mary Virginia Hupp are double Hupp descendants.  Since Joseph and
Homer also married Hupp descendants, their children, etc., are triple
Hupp descendants. 
B-68    Descendants of Amos P. Zirkle
Amos Philandria Zirkle (4/30/1868 - 7/13/1942)  (from B-61)
m1. Vernie C. Doll (d. 6/9/1899) on 6/18/1892
I.   Doll Matthew Zirkle (7/15/1893 - 11/17/1948)
    m. Carlotta Cory
  (ad.) A. Mary Lou Zirkle
II.  Howbert L. Zirkle (11/1894 - 1962)
    m. Virgie Ellen Heishman  1920
        A. Herman Zirkle (b. 12/1/1921?)   York Haven, Pa.
          m. Martha ---
              1. Debra Zirkle
              2. ----
              3. Linda Kay Zirkle (2/15/1947 - 6/6/1953)
        B. Preston Monroe Zirkle (b. 11/11/1923?)  Manchester, Pa.
          m. Ruth --- 
        C. Dorothy Zirkle
          m. Steve Wielert
        D. Doll Lester Zirkle   - Manchester, Pa.
          m. Helen ---
(Amos P.)
m2. Martha C. Funkhouser (8/21/1866 - 5/3/1950)
III. Owen Nathaniel Zirkle (8/20/1903 - 5/20/1980)
    m. Audrey Miller
        A. Lew Arden Zirkle           - New Market
          m. Susan Fansler
              1. Janeen Michele Zirkle (b. 5/6/1972)
              2. Meredith Lynn Zirkle (b. 8/24/1976)
        B. Josephine "JoAnn" Zirkle    - Crozet, Va.
          m. Walter Perkins
              1. Audrey Rebecca Ann Perkins (b. 7/19/1968)
              2. Walter Nathaniel Dow Perkins (b. 6/14/1970)
              3. Laura Elizabeth Lee Perkins (b. 8/21/1972)
IV.  Clarence Ernest Zirkle (3/23/1906 - 11/5/1991)
    m. Bertie Ellen Bowman (b. 12/19/1910)
        A. Ernest William Zirkle (b. 2/25/1936) - Fairton, NJ
          m1. Sylvia A. Burnette  on 4/18/1958 -- div.
              1. Ellen Lorraine Zirkle (b. 1/12/1959)
                m. Kendal Maddox  - Birmingham, Alabama
              2. Scarlette Marie Zirkle (b. 11/13/1961) Columbus, OH
              3. Douglas Audwin Zirkle (b. 3/28/1963) Bridgeton, NJ
                m. Judy --- on 5/9/1986
              4. Gwen Arnette Zirkle (b. 9/10/1969) Houston, TX
          m2. Mrs. Donna Webb -- div.
          m3. Mrs. Cindy Bretnall 
        B. Luther Amos Zirkle (b. 10/3/1938)   Cumberland, VA
          m. Carolyn Peters  on 8/2/1963
              1. Ernest Bruce Zirkle (b. 6/16/1964)
              2. Amy Dawn Zirkle (b. 11/14/1969)

Descendants of Amos P. Zirkle, continued.                           B-69
V.   Cecil Richard Zirkle (1/21/1908 - 2/8/1982)
    m. Mary Theis  on 10/27/1927
        A. William Carroll Zirkle (5/7/1928 - 1/19?/1984)
          m. Delores Peggy Heiston  on 10/29/1954 - Harrisonburg, Va.
              1. Carolyn Dale Zirkle
        B. Mary Ann Zirkle
          m. Horace Russell
              2. Mary Beth Russell
        C. Gary Allen Zirkle       - Luray, Va.
          m. Judy May (d. 8/1985)
              1. Timmy Zirkle
     Sarah E. Harshberger, daughter of Samuel B. Harshberger and Mary
Zirkle, was born on 1/31/1839.  Before she married, she had two
children, George G. Kagey and Julia F. Harshberger (Julia later went by
the Lightfoot name, before she married).  Sarah married Lewis B. 
Lightfoot.  He was a soldier from Georgia, and he was a school teacher
in Shenandoah County.  Lewis and Sarah had four children.  Sarah's 
great-aunt, Anna Hupp, lived her last years with the Lightfoots (see
C-4 to 7).  Shortly after Anna Hupp died, Lewis and Sarah split up, and
he went back to Georgia.  He later remarried, and had four more
children.  Back in Virginia, Sarah supported the family by working as a
midwife.  Some people she brought into the world are still alive.
     Sarah's first child, George G. Kagey, was the executor of the
estate of Balser Hupp, Jr. in Virginia.  I do ot know if George's
father was one of Balser's step-sons.
     Sarah's known descendants are as follows:
Sarah E. Harshberger (1/31/1839 - 11/6/1912)  (from B-59)
I.   George G. Kagey (5/28/1857 - 8/16/1895)
    m1. Sallie A. Funkhouser  on 5/10/1888
        A. Agnes Kagey
          m. Frank Kidwell
              1. Cleta Kidwell -- nm   Venus, Fla.
    m2. Mary M. Good  on 4/5/1894
II.  Julia F. Harshberger (9/3/1860 - 10/23/1936)
    m. Nason B. Dove (7/20/1855 - 9/6/1937) on 11/22/1888
        A. Charles Dove (9/1?/1884 - 9/22/1960)
          m. Florence Hottle (12/12/1888 - 4/24/1980)
              1. Kermit Dove (b. 1/17/1916)
                m. Mrs. Pauline Holsinger (b. 4/9/1913)
              2. Dudley Dove (d. aged 3)
        B. Vallie Virginia Dove (1887 - 1951)
          m. George M. Tusing (1883? - 1911)
              1. Ruth Tusing
                m. Eddie Cassidy
              2. Vernon Tussing (b. 8/30/1910)
                m. Bessie Mills (10/16/1914)
                    a. Dan Tussing
                    b. Brownie Tussing
              3. Casper A. Tussing (4/21/1909 - 4/4/1928)
              4. Glendon M. Tussing (2/2/1912 - 5/16/1926)

B-70    Descendants of Sarah E. Harshberger, cont. 
(II. Julia)
        C. Sarah Leanna Dove (3/7/1888 - 4/24/1979)
          m. James William McNeal (2/26/1884 - 3/13/1938)
              1. Harold McNeal (1911 - 1971)
                m. Gladys Zirkle (b. 1910)
                    a. Larry McNeal
                    b. Barry McNeal
                    c. Carolyn McNeal
              2. Ralph David McNeal (3/5/1916 - 5/3/1967)
                m. Fay Martz (b. 4/14/1925)
                    a. James McNeal
              3. Austin McNeal (b. 8/27/1919)
                m. Rosalee Mumau (b. 10/12/1927)
                    a. Judy McNeal (b. 9/27/1948)
                    b. Mary Sue McNeal (b. 6/1/1951)
        D. Mary Susan Dove
          m. Ernest Coffman
              1. Paul A. Coffman (b. 11/16/1913)
                m. Lena Abbott
                    a. Eddie Coffman - see B-39
                    b. W. Pauline Coffman (12/19/1938 - 11/17/1995)
                      m. Jacob Neese Bowman  on 5/2/1964
                    c. Mary Coffman  - Quicksburg, VA
                      m. --- Knupp
              2. Frances Coffman (b. 6/17/1915)
                m. Ashby Price (b. 10/8/1916)
                    a. Hunter Price (b. 7/5/1940)
              3. Florence Coffman (b. 9/18/1916)
                m. Granville Gordon ( - 1975)
        E. Minnie Florence Dove
          m. Homer Zirkle
              see B-66
        F. Ida Estella Dove (10/9/1893 - 2/3/1925)
          m. Homer Bushong (5/26/1892 - 5/11/1957)
              1. Margaret Bushong
                m. Ray Holsinger
                    a. Robert Holsinger
                    b. Tom Holsinger
                    c. Larry Holsinger
                    d. Mary Holsinger
                    e. Peggy Holsinger
              2. Helen Bushong (d. aged 11)
              3. Bill Bushong
                m. Rosemary ---
                    a. Crystal Bushong
                    b. Pam Bushong
                    c. Bonie Bushong
        G. Bertie Lee Dove
          m. Frank Jordon
              1. Mildred Jordon
                m. Joe Nall
                    a. Joann Nall 
        H. Robert S. Dove (12/30/1897 - 10/11/1982)
          m. Pauline Kingree (b. 4/15/1900)
              1. Richard Dove
                m. Barbara Thomas
                    four children

Descendants of Sarah E. Harshberger, cont.                          B-71
(II. Julia)
        I. Ada Gertunda Dove (6/17/1900 - 8/14/1980)
          m. Fred H. Neff (son of Daniel Neff and Fannie Zirkle,
                                         see B-61
              1. Pollyanna Neff (b. 1/18/1926) - Quicksburg, Va.
                m. Carson L. Halterman (b. 2/3/1929)
              2. Jack Neff (b. 3/12/1927) - Harrisonburg, Va.
                m. Mary Kiser
                    a. Jack Neff (b. 7/6/1952)
                    b. Bobby Neff
                    c. Joe Neff (b. 2/26/1962)
              3. Zane Neff (b. 10/6/1929)
                m. Jean Savin
                    a. Pam Neff (b. 2/23/1957)
                    b. Zane Neff (b. 4/22/1960)
              4. Bobby Neff (b. 4/22/1930)
                m. Wand Baker (b. 6/27/1935)
                    a. Debbie Neff (b. 2/25/1956)
                    b. Kim Neff (b. 1/25/1961)
                    c. Tessie Neff (b. 1/6/1965)
        J. Homer H. Dove (b. 9/12/1902)
          m. Orene McNeal (9/29/1906 - 8/26/1978)
              1. Jim Dove
                m. Pat Niswander
                    a. Jackie Dove
              2. Janet Dove - nm
              3. Janette Dove
                m. Frank Miller
                    a. Frank Miller
                    b. Jennifer Miller
                    c. Kathy Miller
m. Lewis B. Lightfoot  on 11/6/1862 -- div.
III. Laura R. V. Lightfoot (8/3/1864 - 5/23/1943)
    m. Jacob H. Beaver (11/12/1864 - 7/12/1937) on 12/25/1884
        A. William H. Beaver (1/24/1886 - ) -- 8 children
        B. G. Frank Beaver (6/22/1888 - )   -- 4 children
        C. Minnie A. Beaver (10/18/1890 - )
        D. John L. Beaver (1/21 - 2/27/1893)
        E. Nellie E. Beaver (2/23/1894 - )
        F. Thomas D. Beaver (10/5/1896 - )  -- one son
        G. Benjamin Haller Beaver (8/28/1899 - )
        H. Annie Mary Beaver (1/9/1902 - )
        I. Charles A. Beaver (7/12/1906 - )
        J. Laura V. Beaver (3/13/1908 - )
IV.  Samuel Archa Lightfoot (12/14/1866 - 2/22/1867)

B-72    Descendants of Sarah E. Harshberger, cont.
V.   Louis Arnette Lightfoot (2/5/1868 - 1927)
    m. Ettie C. Zirkle (4/22/1874 - 3/13/1909) on 12/24/1893
        A. David Franklin Lightfoot (10/17 - 11/5/1894)
        B. Ethel May Lightfoot (11/21/1895 - 11/8/1956)
          m. Franklin Isaac Good (11/20/1896 - 6/8/1961)
              1. Lewis Franklin Good (b. 10/13/1918)
                m. Violet Elizabeth Dove (b. 7/15/1919)
                    a. Donnie Franklin Good (7/13/1950 - 2/10/1970)
              2. Virginia Margaurite Good (b. 8/24/1920)
                m. Allen Joseph Spitzer 
                    a. Terry Lee Spitzer (b. 7/8/1946)
                      m. Peggy Liskey (b. 11/5/1944) on 11/5/1965
                    b. Janet Louise Spitzer (b. 5/28/1951) nm 
              3. Sarah Frances Good (b. 6/21/1925)
                m1. Waldo Proffit
                m2. Robert Sager
                m3. Billy Gene Zirkle  on 5/21/1960
                    a. Denise Ann Zirkle (b. 6/4/1961)
                      m. Steven Smith  on 6/5/1982
                    b. Lyndola Lee Zirkle (b. 11/13/1963)
                      m. Bradley Benshoof  on 6/2/1985
        C. Leonard Lester Lightfoot (1/5/1898 - 1/1956)
        D. Sarah Catherine Lightfoot (7/27/1899 - )
          m. Melvin Spitzer
              1. Melvin Spitzer, Jr.
              2. Paul "Shirley" Spitzer
              3. Constance Mary Spitzer
              4. Janet Spitzer
                m. --- Phelps
        E. Julia Florence Lightfoot (2/19/1902 - )
          m. Seymour Dellinger
        F. Estella Florence Lightfoot (1/19/1903 - 11/8/1908)

VI.  Minnie L. Lightfoot (7/8/1870 – 5/21/1939)
    m. John C. Yates (9/20/1865 – 7/12/1930) on 4/12/1892
      A. David Yates                        -- 4 children
 B. Earnest Yates (1/16 – 7/27/1894)
 C. John Yates (3/28/1895 – 3/22/1972) –- one child
 D. Edna Yates –Holsinger              -- 3 children
 E. Casper D. Yates (1899 – 1957)      -- 2 children
 F. Lena M. Yates –Fisher, Smith       -- one child
 G. W. Holland Yates                   -- 3 children
 H. Paul B. Yates (1907 - 1963)        -- 3 children
 I. Russell W. Yates (b. 3/9/1913)     -- 3 children

     Emily Harshberger, daughter of Samuel B. Harshberger and Mary 
Zirkle, was born on 12/10/1842.  She married Monroe Zirkle, who was a
brother of Howbert Zirkle, who married Emily's sister Barbara Ann. 
They had nine children: 
Emily Harshberger (12/10/1842 - 12/25/1914)  (from B-59)
m. Monroe Zirkle (1/1/1840 - 7/18/1929)  (from B-60)
1. Lewis A. Zirkle (1/4/1865 - 2/21/1925)
  m. Gertrude Moffett (2/28/1866 - 8/1947)
      a. Walter M. Zirkle (3/1896 - )
            (son, Dr. Walter M. Zirkle of Harrisonburg, Va.)
      b. Virginia Zirkle (10/1897 - )
      c. Josephine Zirkle (5/1900 - )
2. Anna Zirkle (12/28/1866 - 5/17/1928) nm
3. Benjamin Zirkle (9/13/1868 - 12/4/1946)
  m. Linnie Strickler (8/22/1872 - 1/21/1951)
      a. Margaret Zirkle
        m. Russell Henkel
      b. Russell Monroe Zirkle
        m. Frances Jones
      c. Howard Allen Zirkle
        m. Freda Walker
      d. Paul Evertee Zirkle 
        m. Eleanor Botts
      e. Benjamin F. J. Zirkle
        m. Mildred Snapp
      f. Mary Frances Zirkle
      g. Guy Whitner Zirkle (1908 - 1982)
        m. Loraine Wise
      h. John Philip Zirkle
        m. Vesta Glick
      i. Ruth Roberta Zirkle
        m. Marcus Garber
4. Luther Samuel Zirkle (1871 - 1942)
  m. Bessie J. Will (1879 - 1964)
        see B-74
5. Elizabeth Zirkle (9/13/1873 - 7/12/1937) nm
6. Otis M. Zirkle (10/17/1875 - 1/25/1949)
  m. Fannie R. Neff (1881 - 1963)
7. Etta Emma Zirkle (12/21/1877 - 11/5/1882)
8. Lelia Virginia Zirkle (12/10/1878 - 9/27/1886)
9. Minnie Florence Zirkle (11/20/1881 - 9/19/1886)
10. Sallie Zirkle (12/25/1885 - 3/31/1959) nm
      Samuel B. Harshberger's youngest two daughters were Malinda and
Ida.  Malinda married George H. Zirkle (some Zirkle records have her
name as something else).  George was a nephew to Malinda's Zirkle
brothers-in-law.  Known descendants of Malinda are as follows:

X. Malinda H. Harshberger (3/5/1853 - 1/7/1920)  (from B-59)
  m. George H. Zirkle (11/22/1851 - 8/27/1928)  (from B-60)
        A. Samuel C. Zirkle (6/25/1883 - 9/18/1938)
          m. Lura V. McNeal (11/5/1877 - 9/22/1960)
        B. Robert L. Zirkle (12/1886 - ) went west

B-74    Descendants of Luther Samuel Zirkle and Bessie J. Will 
Luther Samuel Zirkle (6/25/1871 - 12/13/1942)  (from B-73)
m. Bessie J. Will (11/5/1879 - 1/26/1964)
I. Vernon B. Zirkle (2/2/1901 - 10/31/1962)
  m. Katherine Neale (1903 - 3/13/1983)
        A. Michael Neale Zirkle (b. 10/23/1933)
          m. Nancy Behrend
              1. William Zirkle (b. 2/5/1959)
              2. Carol Anne Zirkle (b. 9/21/1961)
        B. Dorothy Zirkle (b. 11/4/1938) nm
 II. Lucille W. Zirkle (1/30/1903 - 11/26/1987)
    m. Hershel Grayden Lineburg (8/26/1900 - 11/16/1987) on 8/31/1929
        A. Glen Everett Lineburg (3/29/1933 - 1/30/1984)
          m. Lucy Manderfield
        (ad.) 1. Melanie Ann Lineburg (b. 9/30/1968)
        B. Norman Grayden Lineburg (b. 9/4/1935)
          m. Joann Young
              1. Robert Grayden Lineburg (b. 2/14/1968)
              2. Mark Young Lineburg (b. 7/17/1969)
              3. Paul Norman Lineburg (b. 7/31/1972)
              4. Wayne Everett Lineburg (b. 1/12/1974)
        C. Wayne Zirkle Lineburg (b. 12/24/1937)
          m. Sharon Kay Crosten
              1. Kimberly Jane Lineburg (b. 2/1/1965)
                m. Steven B. Black  on 8/23/1986
              2. Kristi Ann Lineburg (b. 9/16/1966)
                m. John Rowsell  on 6/19/1988
              3. Kathy Dawn Lineburg (b. 1/13/1968)
III. Irene Zirkle (b. 3/11/1905)
    m. Edward Kerlin Jones (8/26/1902 - 3/5/1983)
        A. Edward Evan Jones (b. 1/28/1934)
          m. Ruth Crouch
              1. Rhonda Lynn Jones (b. 2/19/1968)
              2. Jeffery Edward Jones (b. 8/28/1971)
        B. Richard Carlton Jones (b. 10/3/1936)
          m. Ruth Utterback
              1. Scott Richard Jones (b. 9/22/1966)
              2. Michael Carlton Jones (b. 7/14/1970)

Descendants of Luther Samuel Zirkle and Bessie J. Will, cont.       B-75
IV. Leonard S. Zirkle (5/6/1907 - 12/28/1974)
   m. Barbara 
        A. Becki Zirkle (b. 9/26/1940)
          m1. ----
          m2. Edsel Leroy Garner Jr.
        (ad.) 1. Curtis Edsel Garner (b. 4/3/1966)
        (ad.) 2. Brian Peter Garner (b. 12/26/1969)
V. Ruby P. Zirkle (b. 11/2/1909)
  m. Saylor M. Will (5/2/1907 - 4/28/1986)
        A. Jean Ann Will (b. 9/11/1933)
          m. Floyd Wall
              1. Kathryn Starr Wall (b. 5/20/1958)
              2. Susan Lynn Wall (b. 2/6/1961)
              3. Ann Elizabeth Wall (b. 2/5/1964)
        B. Evelyn Joyce Will (b. 5/16/1936)
          m. Dewain Rahe
              1. Deanna Ruby Rahe (3/26/1970 - 7/4/1982)
              2. Daniel Henry Rahe (b. 10/2/1971)
        C. Larry Allen Will (b. 9/16/1938)
          m. Patsy Weaver
              1. Larry Allen Will, Jr. (b. 10/4/1962)
              2. Tina Michelle Will (b. 5/7/1965)
        D. James Milton Will (b. 4/21/1941)
          m. Bonnie Manning 
              1. Carla Jo Will (b. 3/28/1978)
              2. Bradley Russel Will (b. 2/23/1984)
        E. Judith Carol Will (b. 11/15/1942)
          m. Charles Hartman
              1. Charles William Hartman (b. 9/10/1966)
              2. Cynthia Dawn Hartman (b. 12/2/1973)
        F. Gerald Linden Will (b. 10/3/1950)
          m. Jeannie Smith
              1. Julianne Elizabeth Will (b. 7/6/1974)
              2. Joel Linden Will (b. 1/14/1977)
        G. Ivy Dawn Will (b. 7/16/1956)
          m. Wayne Tester
              1. Sara Katherine Tester (b. 10/19/1982)
              2. Jennifer Leigh Tester (b. 4/26/1985)
 VI. William Monroe Zirkle (4/9/1912 - 4/12/1982)
    m. Frances Fern Golladay
        A. Warren Eugene Zirkle (b. 1/8/1943)
          m. Ida Sue Swartz
              1. David Zirkle (b. 6/6/1974)
              2. Elizabeth Zirkle (b. 2/26/1977)
              3. William Zirkle (b. 3/11/1981)
        B. Keith Monroe Zirkle (b. 11/20/1948)
          m. Susan Dellinger
              1. Adam Zirkle (b. 10/12/1973)
              2. Lee Ann Zirkle (b. 10/23/1977)
              3. Kevin Zirkle (b. 8/8/1980)
              4. Kara Elaine Zirkle (b. 4/8/1985)
VII. Marvin L. Zirkle (5/12/1914 - 10/19/1943) nm
VIII. Katherine Virginia Zirkle (5/19/1916 - 10/29/1917)

B-76    Descendants of Luther Samuel Zirkle and Bessie J. Will, cont.
IX. Evelyn L. Zirkle (b. 2/3/1919)
   m. Charles F. Bailey
        A. Robert Irvin Bailey (b. 8/20/1939)
          m1. Sue ---
              1. Wendy Lee Bailey (b. 12/8/1960)
                m. --- Cope
                    a. Jonathan Lee Cope (b. 3/28/1981)
          m2. Toni ---
              2. Lisa Carol Bailey (b. 12/15/1980)
              3. William Robert Bailey (b. 1/19/1982)
        B. Bonnie Ellen Bailey (b. 11/2/1941)
          m. John "Jack" Neligan
              1. David Shawn Neligan (b. 11/21/1963)
              2. Shari Kathleen Neligan (b. 3/30/1965)
              3. Brian Dennis Neligan (b. 5/19/1968)
              4. John Joseph Neligan (b. 4/16/1970)
        C. Dianna Sue Bailey (b. 7/4/1945)
          m. Blair Riley
              1. Jill Elaine Riley (b. 9/25/1965)
              2. Eugene Blair Riley (b. 6/14/1970)
        D. Patricia Elaine Bailey (b. 12/7/1946)
          m. --- Wolfe
              1. Amanda Leigh Wolfe (b. 9/19/1980)
              2. Daniel Martin Wolfe (b. 8/24/1982)
        E. Charles Bailey, Jr. (b. 10/4/1959)
          m. ----
              one son
  X. Charlotte J. Zirkle (b. 5/5/1921)
    m. Robert S. Emery (b. 1/27/1911)
        A. Betty Louise Emery (b. 3/22/1942)
          m. Richard Jones
              1. Lesley Marion Jones (b. 2/26/1963)
              2. Richard Jones, Jr. (b. 2/21/1964)
                m. Jennifer Kominski  on 5/24/1986
        B. Robert S. Emery, Jr. (b. 12/28/1943) nm
        C. Lesley Carol Emery (b. 12/2/1947)
          m. Steven Alford
              1. Steven Bruce Alford (b. 12/28/1969)
              2. Robert Matthew Alford (b. 1/18/1974)
              3. Charlotte Amanda Alford (b. 3/29/1977)
              4. Jonathan Adam Alford (b. 1/5/1979)
 XI. Audrey Nell Zirkle (b. 12/27/1923)
    m1. Dr. J.E. Wine  1966
    m2. Merlyn E. Gayhart  1975

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