White Sulphur Springs to Pearisburg

Great Eastern Trail route south of Guidebook coverage:

White Sulphur Springs, WV to Pearisburg, VA
Descriptions are N to S. 

 0.0 Intersection of US 60 and WV 92.  Take US 60 W through White Sulphur Springs.   
 1.7 Turn left on Kates Mountain Road.   
5.6-8.8 Pass through Greenbrier State Forest.  Two trails lead about 2 miles to picnic area, campground, cabins, water, & toilets. 
11.1 At unsigned T intersection (CR 6/2, Harts Run Road), turn left.  
11.5 Turn left at T intersection, CR 6, Jones Mountain Road. 
13.1 At 4-way intersection, go straight on CR 8, Cove Mountain Road.   
15.8 Turn right at intersection, on CR 8, Moncove Lake Road.  
18.5 Keep right on CR 8/2, Moncove Lake Access Road.  
19.8 Moncove Lake State Park.  Has picnic area, campground, water, & toilets. 
20.5 At T intersection, turn right on CR 8, Moncove Lake Road.   
26.1 T intersection with WV 3 at Gap Mills.  Turn left. 
27.8 Turn right onto CR 20, Crowder Road 
31.2 Crest of Peters Mountain.  Continue down east side. 
32.9 On sharp turn to left, turn right onto Allegheny Trail on woods road.  
39.5 Hanging Rock 
50.9 Allegheny & Appalachian Trails intersection; follow AT south. 
60.8 Rice Field Shelter  
67.4 New River at US 460/AT  

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