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Highland Retreat to Hunkerson Gap


August 4, 2021


A new Convenience Store, Capon Run General Store, opened August 4, 2021.  There is now a supply store in the Bergton area (the Green Valley Restaurant closed and has been torn down, although the sign remains, and the Bergton Grocery burned down.  The next store to the south is at Mountain Grove, 119 miles, and next to the north is at Gore, about 62 miles.  


January 5, 2013



          This is a road walk, partly along VA/WV 259, partly on the Hunkerson Gap Road.  SR 259 is a high speed highway with adequate shoulders (wider in WV than in VA); Hunkerson Gap Road is a gravel road, partly residential, then a Forest Service Road. 

          On this date, green glo GET blazes were marked along SR 259 of this section.  There are not that many available trees to use, so blazes are widely spaced, but adequate.  The anticipated turn onto Hunkerson Gap Road is well-marked northbound, and there are just a few blazes starting on the Hunkerson Gap Road (but not continuing).  Southbound, more blazes are needed (up on the rocks, which could not be reached on this day with snow on the road sides. 

          SR 259 was not blazed south of the office of Highland Retreat Camp, but at the intersection with VA 820 (Bergton Road), blazes were painted on the road surface (outside the white side lines).  Only one available tree was in the vicinity, indicating the southbound right turn. 


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January 5, 2013

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