FOCAS Steering Committee

FOCAS is led and directed by the steering committee, which meets once a month to discuss, plan, and decide on FOCAS business.  Originally, the steering committee included leaders from the founding churches as well as the FOCAS members. 


The current active steering committee members are:

Tim Hupp, chairman, 289-6293, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

David Frye, 433-1800

Donna Wertsler 

Peggy Alexander, treasurer, 433-1459


The founding committee of FOCAS members were:

Skip Hastings, Arvid Van Dyke, Bobbi Rowley, Dave Kirkland, Becky Glick, Mike Heatwole, Debbie Fink, Sally Medicke, Louise White, Leyla Sahin, Olivia Gibboney, Mary Grast, Eileen Magruder

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