Section D






     Emanuel Hupp was born on 4/2/1792, the sixth born to Balser and 

Mary Hupp.  He is the only member of the first part of Balser Hupp's

family whose birthdate I do know, and that is from a family Bible.  

     On 6/4/1817 he married Mary Neff.  Mary's ancestry, as derived 

from the Kauffman-Coffman book is as follows:



        Anna Kneissele (d. 6/24/1758, aged 70)


        Michael Kauffman (6/1714 - 12/21/1788)

        m. Barbara Haldiman ( - 2/24/1764)


        Samuel H. Kauffman (10/30/1752 - 1828)

        m. Elizabeth Reist (1/24/1755 - ) dau. of John and Elizabeth

                ||                                of Lancaster Co, Pa.

        Barbara Kauffman

        m. John Neff of Shenandoah County, Va. (see below)


        Mary Neff (12/26/1794 - 1860's) 

        m. Emanuel Hupp



     Mary Neff's father, John, was the son of Jacob Neff, who was the 

son of John Henry Neff.  John Henry Neff's wife's name was Anna.


     There has been some confusion for genealogists before in reading

the Shenandoah County marriage records.  If you look up Emanuel Hupp,

you will find it say that Emanuel Hupp married Mary Kipps on 1/5/1825. 

The problem is that it was miscopied-- that was Samuel Hupp who 

married Mary Kipps (see section B).  It didn't help that both men had

wives named Mary.  I might note, though, that by the beginning of 1825

Emanuel and Mary had six children.  Emanuel and Mary's wedding IS

recorded in Shenandoah, but it has his name spelled as "Edmund". 

     Emanuel and Mary had twelve children, although the youngest

apparently died in infancy, after his father died.  Most of them were

born in Virginia.  As recorded in the family Bible they were:


          name                    birthdate

          ----                    ---------

          Joseph                   5/2/1818

          Betsey [Elizabeth]      4/23/1819

          Catherine               3/29/1820

          Barbara                 5/11/1821

          Ann                     5/19/1822

          John                    8/23/1823

          Samuel                  5/--/1825

          Daniel                 11/16/1827

          Michael                 8/18/1829

          Mary                    1/18/1831

          Amanda                 11/19/1834

          Emanuel                      1837





     All but the last three were born when Balser, Emanuel's father,

died.  In the sale of Balser Hupp's estate in November 1829, Emanuel

bought the following items:



                      1 water cann                  $  .25

                      11 hogs   2nd choice @ 6.02    66.27-1/2

                      1 large red Cow                15.25

                      1 wine Mill                     8.00

                      500 feet of 5/4 plank @ 62c     3.10

                      1 Bee hive with bees in          .50

                      1 Bee hive with bees in          .63

                      1 large Bucking tub             2.60

                      1 Jack screw                    4.50

                      1 sett lamp hackles             5.00

                      3-1/2 Bushl salt @ $1.03        3.60-1/2

                      1 large bottle full of whiskey   .50

                      1/3 of 13 acres Rye 4-1/2 do   13.00

                      1/3 of 18 acres Wheat 6.       18.00

                      50 Bricks                        .50


Total amount bought: $141.71 



     In the division of Balser Hupp's land, Emanuel got the 50 acre

plot on the west side of the river, which was the largest.  

     But after some relatives moved west to Ohio in the early 1830's,

Emanuel and Mary moved their family to Champaign County, near where his

sister-in-law Elizabeth Hupp and her sons were.  Emanuel's home was

built in Mad River Township along Storms Creek. 









                  <sketch of house of Emanuel Hupp>













     The house is still there, and is lived in, but I don't know by 

whom.  The house was lived in by Emanuel's Arney descendants (this 

information provided by Bill Mahan).






     Emanuel Hupp died on 11/4/1836, not long after he moved to Ohio.  

He was 44.  Mary was left with the raising of the family, and that she

did.  She continued to live until the 1860's, but I do not know where

either Emanuel or Mary are buried, although my guess is that it would

be in the Rector-Gard cemetery, which is across the creek from their

house, a short distance downstream. 



<hand-drawn map at Champaign and Clark Counties, Ohio>

D-4     Descendants of Emanuel Hupp and Mary Neff 




Emanuel Hupp (4/2/1792 - 11/3/1836)  (from A-9)

m. Mary Neff (12/26/1794 - 1860's)



I.   Joseph Hupp (5/2/1818 - )

    m.  Elizabeth Rector  on 8/22/1843


II.  Elizabeth Hupp (4/23/1819 - )           see D-5,6

    m. Calvin Cook  on 12/6/1842

        10 children


III. Catherine Hupp (3/29/1820 - )


IV.  Barbara Hupp (5/11/1821 - 1/24/1892)    see D-6

    m. Joseph H. Arney (1825 - 1865) on 6/2/1847

        4 children


V.   Ann Hupp (5/19/1822 - )

    m. James M. Weaver  on 4/20/1845


VI.  John Hupp (8/23/1823 - 9/28/1869)       see D-7

    m.  Mary ---

        1 child


VII. Samuel A. Hupp (5/24/1825 - 1/1/1916)   see D-7

    m. Mary A. Watts (d. 7/2/1913) on 9/16/1852 

        13 children


VIII. Daniel Hupp (11/16/1827 - 1916)        see D-8,9

     m. Margaret Ellen Morris (1836 - 4/9/1875)

        6 children


IX.  Michael Hupp (8/28/1829 - 12/24/1924)   see E-10f

    m1. Louise Jane Wallace (10/14/1831 - 3/2/1855) on 10/10/1850

        4 children

    m2. Phoebe Ann Morris (4/18/1837 - 10/12/1881)

        12 children


X.   Mary Hupp (1/18/1831 - )  -- did not marry


XI.  Amanda Hupp (11/19/1834 - ) 

    m. Jacob Bruner  on 12/20/1854


XII. Emanuel Hupp (1837)




     I have no idea what happened to Joseph, Catherine, Ann, or Amanda.  

Emanuel (younger) died either at birth or in infancy.  Mary (X.)

continued to live with her siblings.  My last record of her is the 1880

census of Champaign County, living with her sister Barbara Arney. 





     Elizabeth married Calvin Cook, and they had 10 children.  I do not

know what happened to them, except for William.  



Elizabeth Hupp (4/23/1819 – after 1880)  (from D-4)

m. Calvin Cook  on 12/6/1842 


      A. Amanda Cook (2/24/1845 - 8/12/1912)

        m. Isaac Evilsizor

      B. William Albin Cook (6/14/1846 - 2/5/1936)

        m. Mary Smith (10/21/1847 - 6/15/1922)

            see list below

      C. Raper Cook (1847 - )

      D. Lewis Cook (1849 - 1938)

        m. Louisa Blose

      E. Wesley Cook (1850 - )

      F. John Cook

      G. George Cook (1852 - )

        m. Violet Neese

      H. Mary Cook (1855 - )

        m. Jacob Rhodes

      I. Samuel Cook (1856 - )

        m. Val Leonard 

      J. Anne Cook (1858 - )




William Albin Cook (6/14/1846 - 2/5/1936)

m. Mary Smith (10/21/1847 - 6/15/1922)



I.   Charles Cook (10/21/1869 - 6/19/1902) nm


II.  Effie Cook (7/14/1871 - 9/19/1872)


III. Allie Edith Cook (7/17/1873 - 4/24/1898)

    m. Jacob A. Conrad

        1 child


IV.  Anna Sula Cook (7/2/1876 - 1905)

    m. Frank Goddard

        1 child


V.   Rudolph Cook (8/12/1880 - 4/17/1972)

    m. Tressie C. Zerkel (5/18/1885 - 12/30/1977)

      A. infant daughter (1906)

      B. Cecil Donald Cook (b. 3/9/1907)

        m. Mildred Estella Baker 

            2 children

      C. Harriet Dean Cook (b. 2/16/1909)

        m. John Raymond Russell

            3 children

      D. Doris Anita Cook (b. 1/10/1911)

        m. Harold Oney

            2 children



D-6     Descendants of Elizabeth Hupp, daughter of Emanuel, cont.



(William Albin Cook, son of Calvin Cook and Elizabeth Hupp)

(V. Rudolph)

      E. Willis Milton Cook (b. 5/18/1913) nm

      F. Nina Francis Cook (b. 6/23/1915)

        m. Howard Stallsmith ( - 1980)

            2 children

      G. Evan Buford Cook (b. 3/25/1918) nm

      H. Olive Marcella Cook (b. 8/8/1919) nm

      I. Marjory Catherine Cook (b. 2/10/1921)

        m. Melvin J. Greer (b. 9/3/1923)

            1. Irene Kay Greer (b. 10/29/1944)

              m. --- Ihrig  on 5/22/1964

                  2 children

            2 other children

      J. Robert Glenn Cook (b. 11/10/1924)

        m. Shirely Ann Ekman (b. 1935)

            2 children


VI.  Ada Delores Cook (2/19/1886 - 3/21/1978)

    m1. Emmett Baker

        1 child

    m2. William Markley

        10 children

VII. twin brother to Ada (2/19/1886 - 1886) 



      My source of this information was Irene Greer Ihrig of New Holland,

Ohio.  In addition to this, she has a sister, Alice Greer Chamberlain,

who works at the Champaign County Library in Urbana, and she has two

sons, who I think were born in 1970 and 1979.  



     Barbara Hupp was the fourth child of Emanuel and Mary, and she

married Joseph H. Arney on 6/2/1847.  They had four children.  The 

Arneys were the descendants who got the house that Emanuel had built.  

After Barbara, her son Jacob lived in that house.  Her known descendants

are as follows: 



Barbara Hupp (5/11/1821 - 1/24/1892)  (from D-4)

m. Joseph H. Arney (1825 - 1865) on 6/2/1847



I.   Florinda J. Arney (1848 - 8/1882)

    m. J. W. Richmond


II.  Mary Virginia Arney (1851 - 12/18/1891)


III. Charles W. Arney (1852 - 1860)


IV.  Jacob F. Arney (10/18/1860 - after 1917)

    m. Artie A. Lutz on 4/13/1882 

        A. Roxie May Arney

          m. Walter H. Baker

                1. Herbert A. Baker (b. 4/22/1912)

        B. Alpha J. Arney




     John Hupp was the sixth born child of Emanuel and Mary.  His

wife's name was Mary (I have not found this marriage recorded in either

Champaign or Clark Counties).  They had one daughter, Cedalia, born 

about 1861.  John died on 9/28/1869, of poisoning.  Family rumor had it

that his wife poisoned him, but there was no proof.  


     Next in line was Samuel A. Hupp, not to be confused with the man of

the same name, son of Abraham.  The two Samuel A. Hupps were first

cousins, and both had wives named Mary.  This one's was Mary A.  Watts.  

They were married in Champaign County, and they had 13 children.  They

moved to Parker City, Indiana, which is in Randolph County, near the

Delaware County line.  This was about 20 miles east of where Samuel's 

cousin John (son of Abraham) lived.  The family, as best as I know is

as follows:




Samuel A. Hupp (5/24/1825 - 1/1/1916)  (from D-4)

m. Mary A. Watts (11/1830 - 7/2/1913) on 9/16/1852 


      A. Emily D. Hupp (1853 - )       Muncie, Ind.

        m. John M. Bobb

      B. Amanda Hupp (1856 - )

      C. Flora A. Hupp (1858 - )       Springfield, Ohio

        m. --- Lykins

      D. Alice Hupp (1859 - )          Middletown, Ohio

        m. --- Thornburg

      E. Martha E. Hupp                Parker, Ind.

        m. --- Grove 

      F. Caroline Hupp (1864 - )       Windsor, Ind.(?)

        m. --- Dick 

      G. D. William Hupp (1/1865 - )   Muncie, Ind.

        m. Margaret Knapp (11/1870 - )

            1. Olive Etta Hupp (12/25/1890 - )

              m. Robert Palmer Maynard  on 2/26/1914

            2. Sarah Leona Hupp (7/30/1892 - )

              m. John B. McArthur  on 9/8/1914

            3. Hazel Hupp (1/1894 - )

      H. Nora A. Hupp (1868 - )        Farmland, Ind.(?)

        m. --- Craig

      I. Elizabeth Hupp

      J. Emanuel Hupp    >  died in infancy

      K. Ruth Hupp      /

      L. Charles Hupp (2/1872 - )      Parker, Ind.

      M. Joseph W. Hupp (2/1876 - )


     I do not know the correct birth order for the children who died

in infancy.  The information about the daughter's married names, and

where all of Samuel's children lived was provided by Elmo Aleshire.  The

information he gave said one son was Watt A. Hupp of Kizer, Ark.  I

think this must be Joseph W., which I list above, who was not mentioned

in the list Mr. Aleshire gave (I got Joseph from the 1900 Soundex of

Indiana).  On either list, Joseph or Watt is the last son mentioned. 




     Daniel Hupp was the eight child of Emanuel and Mary.  He married

Margaret Ellen Morris and they had six children.  Daniel lived near

Tremont City, in Clark County, and he spent his last years with his

daughter and son-in-law, the Overhausers.  Although it is often claimed

that Daniel lived to be 95, his birth and death dates give an age of

88.  At his death he was survived by 13 grandchildren and 11 great-

grandchildren, few of which I know.  What I do know is listed here: 



Daniel Hupp (11/16/1827 - 9/19/1916)  (from D-4)

m. Margaret Ellen Morris (1836 - 4/9/1875)



I.   James O. Hupp (11/2/1853 - 12/22/1925)

    m. Nora Carr (d. 1906)

      A. Malcolm H. Hupp (3/15/1902 - 4/17/1949) nm

      B. Merrill E. Hupp (1/3/1904 - 8/2/1962)

        m. Jessie MacDowell 

            1. Noel MacDowall Hupp (b. 1/29/1939)

              m. Carol Rose

                  a. Christopher Noel Hupp 

                  b. Melissa Hupp

            2. Linda Hupp 

      C. Robert Morris Hupp (5/12/1905 - 7/4/1971)

        m. Grace Evelyn Hardman (b. 1/27/1908)

            1. James Carr Hupp (b. 1/13/1936)

              m1. Sue Braun -- div.

                  a. Sherry Lynn Hupp (b. 3/24/1960)

                    m. Kevin Graham

                        i. Christopher Graham (b. 12/13/1980)

                  b. Anthony Carr Hupp (b. 11/22/1962) 

              m2. Patricia Alice Williams-Arnold 

            2. Larry B Hupp (b. 6/5/1938)

              m. Linda Sue Mumford 

                  a. Gregory B Hupp (b. 10/14/1960)

                  b. Lori Sue Hupp (b. 6/14/1963)

                    m. Dwayne Lambert

            3. Marnie Hupp (b. 10/3/1940)

              m. Marvin Brown -- div.

                  a. Michael Dean Brown (b. 11/6/1962)

                  b. Mark Edward Brown (b. 3/2/1964)

                    m. Penny Stockman

            4. Dan Robert Hupp (b. 6/22/1945)

              m. Billie Hare 


II.  Charles M. Hupp (8/14/1855 - 3/7/1947)

    m. Clara A. Bare  on 11/14/1877

      A. Lamar Hupp (9/1 - 9/10/1878)

      B. Cora Belle Hupp (2/24/1880 - )

        m. Walter Cook, Sr.

            1. Ronnie Cook

            2. Walter Cook, Jr.   - New Moorefield, OH

      C. Nora Belle Hupp, twin (2/24/1880 - 1975)

        m. P.W. Kiplinger, Sr.

      D. Lota May Hupp (8/29/1882 - )

      E. Cyrus C. Hupp (6/22/1893 - )-- Beaumont, Texas

      F. Goldie Marie Hupp (11/3/1894 - )

        m. Irvin W. McRoberts  on 5/31/1922




Descendants of Daniel Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.                    D-9 




III. Laura Hupp (1/2/1857 - )

    m. Jonas Overhauser

      A. Lena Pearl Overhauser (2/18/1879 - 12/22/1945)

        m. W.A. Circle (1/16/1877 - 7/15/1955)

            1. Elbert W. Circle, MD (d. 6/1/1949)

            2. Virgil L. Circle

      B. Olive Odella Overhauser (6/11/1880 - )

        m. Sidney Baker


IV.  Eunice Hupp (1862 - )

    m. Albert Swartzbaugh


V.   Annie M. Hupp (1/23/1866 - 2/10/1948)

    m. Frank Baker (6/17/1865 - 3/27/1952)

      A. Lena Pearl Baker (4/13/1893 - 5/26/1897)


VI.  Clifford E. Hupp (9/20/1869 - 2/10/1897)

    m. Linnie Speice

      A. Mary Hupp

        m. Guy Fromm



     Most of this information was provided by Mrs. Grace Hupp, widow of

Robert Morris Hupp.  She lives in the same house that Daniel did, and

she has the Emanuel Hupp family Bible. 





     Michael Hupp was the ninth child of Emanuel and Mary.  He was the

last surviving member of the family, living to be 95.  He was married

twice, and had a total of 16 children.  His first wife was Louisa Jane

Wallace, and they had four children.  The youngest, Lucy Ann, died in

infancy, about the same time her mother did, in 1855.  The other 

daughters by this marriage were raised by John and Elizabeth Morris,

relatives of Louisa's.  Michael and Louisa's son, John lived with his

uncle Daniel in 1860, and with his father in 1870.  Michael's second 

wife was Phoebe Ann Morris.  She bore him 12 children.  She died in

1881.  Michael raised his family south of Urbana in Champaign County,

Ohio, and lived his last years with his son, Lon in Urbana.  There are

many descendants of Michael's, and my list is far from exhaustive. 

     Michael Hupp is buried in the Oakdale Cemetery in Urbana, Ohio, as

are a number of his children. 




Michael Hupp (8/28/1829 - 12/24/1924)  (from D-4)

m1. Louise Jane Wallace (10/14/1831 - 3/2/1855) on 10/10/1850



    A. John Thomas Hupp  (2/9/1851 - 1/6/1947)      see D-11

      m. Alice Zirkle  on 4/20/1875

    B. Mary Elizabeth Hupp  (8/11/1852 - 1956)      see D-15

      m. Noah R. Andrews  (d. 1928) -- Springfield, Ohio

    C. Anna Delphos Hupp (9/8/1854 - 1926)          see D-16

      m. Miles Allan Mahan

    D. Lucy Ann Hupp (1855)



m2. Phoebe Ann Morris (4/18/1837 - 10/12/1881)


    E. William Raper Hupp (12/7/1859 - 8/9/1949)    see D-17 to 20

      m1. Emma Richardson

      m2. Era Edmundson Himes

    F. Alonzo R. Hupp (2/18/1861 - 9/21/1942)       see D-21

      m. Sarah Elizabeth Ashing (4/12/1868 - 8/18/1951) 

    G. Virginia Hupp (9/21/1862 - after 1946)       see D-21

      m. Charles Ashing  on 12/25/1884

    H. Elmer Hupp (8/18/1864 - 4/12/1902)

    I. Albert H. Hupp (8/18/1865 - after 1946)      see D-22

    J. Marley Hupp (1/28/1867 - )

    K. Irwin Hupp (3/3/1868 - ) moved to Chicago    see D-22

      m. Jessie Inez Meyers (12/2/1872 - )

    L. Charles A. Hupp (12/26/1869 - 1951)

    M. Frank Hupp (2/25/1872 - 1917)

    N. Emerson H. Hupp (3/1/1874 - after 1946) moved to Columbus, Ohio

      m. Mary Ann Esper Michael  on 12/12/1875

    O. Laura Belle Hupp (1/8/1877 - 1928)

      m. Marble John Reynolds  on 10/15/1910

    P. Leroy Clifford Hupp (8/18/1880 - 1916)



Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel                         D-11








John Thomas Hupp  (2/9/1851 - 1/6/1947)  (from D-10)

m. Alice Zirkle  on 4/20/1875




I.   Lillie Pearl Hupp (5/17/1876 - 8/7/1938) 

    m. Charles Edward Aleshire (1/6/1872 - )


        A. Emerson Edward Aleshire (12/22/1896 - 3/6/1897)

        B. Florence Aleshire (8/16/1898 - )

          m. J. Warren Jones

              1. J. Edward Jones (b. 9/22/1926)

                m. Betty Shaw


              2. Richard Lee Jones (b. 8/22/1928)


                    a. Dean Jones

                    b. Gerald Jones

                    c. Mark Jones



        C. Harry Clemen Aleshire (5/10/1904 - 5/20/1979)

        D. Robert Leroy Aleshire (b. 4/21/1905)

          m. Dorthea Wiegel  on 12/17/1927

              1. Robert Elmo Aleshire (b. 7/13/1929)

                m. Joyce Ann Baker  on 8/11/1951

                    a. Brent Alan Aleshire (b. 7/24/1957)

                      m. Nancy Cole  on 9/8/1979

                    b. Rita Jo Aleshire (b. 8/18/1959)

                      m. Greg Burroughs  on 7/18/1981

                    c. Brad Lee Aleshire (b. 8/30/1960)

                      m. Kathy Wheeler  on 6/4/1983

                          i. Brandi Lee Aleshire (b. 12/8/1983)


II.  Worden Jacob Michael Hupp (10/4/1880 - 1978)

    m1. Carrie Adell Evilsizor (6/28/1881 - 1946)

        A. Wendell Walter Hupp

          m. Edna Bell Farish 

              1. John Michael Hupp (b. 5/26/1945)

                m. Kathy Lynn Ruef

        B. John Elwood Hupp (10/29/1903 - 2/24/1985)

          m1. Dorothy M. Strome  on 4/16/1930 - div.

          m2. Mildred L. Fandree  on 1/16/1947

        C. Norma Hupp (b. 9/25/1905)

          m. Charles W. Sultzbach

    m2. Orma Armstrong (7/9/1894 - 1960)




D-12            Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.



(John Thomas Hupp) 


III. Ida Belle Hupp (9/25/1883 - 5/30/1979)

    m. Lafayette Lorton (10/18/1882 - 1/12/1962)

        A. Edwin Earl Lorton (9/27/1906 - 10/30/1985)

          m. Lodena LeDent

              1. Wanda Pauline Lorton (b. 8/27/1928)

                m. John Franklin Detrick 

                    a. Susan Louise Detrick (b. 7/25/1952)

                       m1. Mark Fent -- div.

                          i. Amy Fent (b. 12/12/1973)

                              (adopted by Wilbur Butcher)

                       m2. Wilbur Butcher

                         ii. Kelly Melissa Butcher (b. 4/11/1977)

                        iii. Jason Matthew Butcher (b. 11/6/1979)

                    b. John Edwin Detrick (5/20 - 5/21/1956)

              2. Douglas Edwin Earl Lorton (b. 5/9/1931)

                m. Consetta Camp

                    a. Julie Ann Lorton (b. 7/2/1957)

                      m. Randall Stewart 

                          i. Melissa Stewart (b. 9/2/1978)

                         ii. Jenifer Lynn Stewart (b. 12/8/1979)

                        iii. Matthew Randall Stewart (b. 7/27/1982)

                    b. Michael Lorton (b. 3/3/1959)

                      m. Vicki Jones

                          i. Ashley Clare Lorton (b. 11/3/1979)

                         ii. Emily Kathleen Lorton (b. 5/20/1983)

                    c. Amy Lorton (b. 3/1/1961)

              4. Eva Louise Lorton (b. 3/1/1934)

                m. Ronald Perkins

                    a. Lisa Denise Perkins (b. 12/2/1956)

                    b. Kevin Christian Perkins (b. 5/14/1959)

                    c. Rhonda Michelle Perkins (b. 6/9/1965)

                    d. Melissa Perkins (b. 9/15/1967)


IV.  Jessie May Hupp (10/3/1886 - 8/4/1887)


V.   John Walter Hupp (2/2/1889 - 1970)

    m. Ilo B. Boosinger (1891 - 1969) on 4/30/1912

        A. Ralph J. Hupp (1912 - 1978)

          m. Mary C. ---

              1. Marcia Hupp

                m. --- Berry

              2. Gale Anne Hupp

                m. --- Carlisle

        B. Donald Wayne Hupp (10/26/1914 - 5/28/1985)














    <photo>                         <photo>








    Michael Hupp                Edwin and Lodenta Lorton (D-12)












            <photo>                             <photo>









The Miles E. Mahan family (D-16)        Louise and Bill Mahan (D-16)





















                Robert E. Hupp, Donald W. Hupp, William Mahan

                    (B-55)          (D-12)         (D-16) 


















                Anna Lee and Roy N. Hupp (D-17)

























James Tuck, Kevin Tuck, Jessie Tuck,

    Geneva Hupp Kendrick  (D-19)



                                                    Dorothy Akey

                                              Glenna May Hupp Stemble 


Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.                  D-15





     Michael and Louisa's daughter Mary Elizabeth lived the longest of

all Hupps of whose birthdates I know of--104 years (many early Hupps had

claims that they lived more than 100, but none of them stood up when

the actual dates were checked out).  She was born on 8/11/1852 and she

married Noah Andrews in 1870 in Champaign County.  On her 97th birthday

her early life was described as follows:


        Mrs. Andrews was born on a farm near Springfield, O.,

        Aug. 11, 1852, and following the death of her parents,

        resided with her grandparents.  She well remembers her

        grandfather hauling produce to Springfield with six

        white horses hitched to a large wagon.  She recalls 

        many incidents during the Civil War and of life in

        Springfield, where all of her children were born on the

        farm near that city.


     Actually, it was only her mother who died when she was young, for

she was 72 when her father died.  She had nine children, only three of

which were still alive when she turned 100.  I do not have the full

names or birthdates of her children, and so I cannot produce a list of

her descendants.  The names of her children that I do know (not in 

order) are R. Glena, Ezrie (or E.J.), Bert, Willie, Roy, Ada, and Ella.

There were many grandchildren, who lived in many places scattered

across the United States.  The article about her 100th birthday 

celebration said the three children alive then were:


        Roy Andrews of North Aurora, Ill.

        E.J. Andrews of Springfield, O.

        Mrs. John F. Egolf sr. 


This article identified most married women only by their husband's

names, so I don't know which daughter was Mrs. Egolf.  In fact the

article identified Mary Elizabeth only as Mrs. Noah R. Andrews-- and

never mentioned her own name!  Other relatives mentioned were:


        John F. Egolf jr., children Jeff and Sally

        Mrs. Mark Scofield (Leanore Valentine) of Westerville, O.

        Miss Irene Scofield of Philadelphia, Pa.

        Mrs. Norton H. VanSicklen III of Montgomery, Ala.

            children Michael and Patricia

        Miss Genevieve Bookwalter of San Francisco

        Mrs. J.L. Naylor of Cincinnati

        Miss Marcile Andrews at Columbia University


     Mary Elizabeth Hupp Andrews lived her last years with the Egolfs

in Aurora, Illinois. 



D-16    Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.


     The third child of Michael and Louisa was Anna Delphos Hupp, born

on 9/8/1854.  She married Miles Mahan, and they lived in Champaign

County.  Her descendants were:


Anna Delphos Hupp (9/8/1854 - 1926)  (from D-10)

m. Miles Alan Mahan (11/11/1850 - 5/15/1911)


I.   William Allan Mahan (1878 - 7/28/1881)

II.  John Mahan (1879 - 1964)

    m. Emma Shriner (3/14/1875 - 1955)

        A. Loma Mahan (b. 4/11/1906)  Terre Haute, Ind.

          m. Ethel Fortner

              1. Terry Fortner

        B. Winona Mahan (b. 11/29/1910)  Terre Haute, Ind.

          m. Hubert West (b. 10/11/1904)


III. Maude Mahan (1881 - 1944)

IV.  Miles E. Mahan (9/8/1889 - 1/16/1973)

    m. Lora Belle Gentry (b. 11/9/1891) 

        A. Anna Mae Mahan (5/8/1912 - 4/24/1927)

        B. Emma Louise Mahan (b. 2/28/1916)

          m. Othur Starr

              1. Ray Donn Starr

                m1. Sandra ---

                    a. Steve Starr

                    b. Bryant Starr

                    c. David Starr

                m2. ---- 

              2. Joseph William Starr

                m. Sandra ---

                    a. Joe Starr

                    b. Shawn Starr

                    c. Patrick Starr


              3. Connie Lou Starr

                m. --- Cochran -- div. 

        C. William Ernest Mahan (b. 9/24/1919) Urbana, Ohio

          m. Mary Louise Zeigler (5/21/19-- - 1/20/1986)

              1. Sharon Rose Mahon (b. 5/8/1941)

                m. Dr. Frank Isabelle  on 5/27/1964

                    a. Frank Edward Isabelle II (b. 5/27/1965)

                    b. Kristy Kay Isabelle (b. 6/11/1969)

              2. Bonita Louise Mahan (b. 11/25/1946)

                m1. Ray Alan Watson  on 10/23/1965

                    a. Ray Anthony Watson (b. 8/5/1969)

                m2. James Dellinger

                    b. James Andrew Dellinger (b. 2/20/1977)

                    c. Josh William Dellinger (b. 5/11/1979)

              3. Billie Ann Mahan (b. 11/13/1955)

                m. Timothy Biddle


     Bill Mahan, IV-C, above, has been a very valuable help to me on 

this section of the book.  Not only had he done family background work,

including some courthouse records, but he knew many of his distant

relatives, and showed me around to some, and gave me addresses of 


     Bill told me that one time, his grandparents lived in a house that

was haunted by a ghost of a man who had been decapitated in a train

accident near the house. 



Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.                  D-17



     After the death of his first wife, Michael Hupp married Phoebe

Ann Morris, who bore him twelve children, which were listed on page


     The first child of Michael and Phoebe was William Raper Hupp.  He

first married Emma Richardson on 4/20/1879.  They were not together

long, for they were already apart during the 1880 census.  They had one

son, Burleigh, who stayed with Emma.  She later married Ben Ellison.  

Some confusion of names resulted from this, as Burleigh was known to

neighbors as an Ellison.  He married as a Hupp, but named his children

Ellison.  Later, his son Roy took back the name Hupp when he first 


     Meanwhile, William left the area, and spent time in Louisiana, and

then moved to western North Carolina, where he spent the rest of his

life.  There he married Ara Eliza Himes, and they had eight children.






William Raper Hupp (12/7/1858 - 8/8/1949)  (from D-10)

m1. Emma Richardson  on 4/20/1879



I. Burleigh Hupp (2/20/1880 - 1/30/1932)

  m. Adeline Miller (7/8/1886 - 12/24/1957)

      A. Earnest Eugene Ellison (10/19/1906 - 8/6/1949) nm

      B. baby, stillborn

      C. Roy Nelson Hupp (b. 5/10/1912)

        m1. Athella Maxine Kees -- div.

            1. Mary Kathryn Hupp (7/11/1950 - 4/1/1953)

            2. Cynthia Ann Hupp (b. 8/27/1954)

              m. Ray Mann

                  a. Rachel Elaina Mann (b. 9/12/1974)

                  b. Malia Rae Mann (b. 4/21/1980)

        m2. Anna Lee (Hartzel) Truax (b. 7/14/1916) on 7/4/1962

      D. Lonnie Russell Ellison (5/6/1916 - 4/24/1966)

        m. Naomi Callahan

      E. George Alfred Ellison (b. 5/10/1918)

        m1. Glenna Hopkins       

            1. Jo Annette Ellison / died in auto accident ca.1961

        m2. Delores Schiether

      F. Robert Leo Ellison (b. 11/17/1922)

        m. Mary Lee Saylor -- div.

            1. Robert Leo Ellison, Jr.

            2. Brenda Ellison

            3. Gary Ellison

            4. Darrell Ellison

      G. Emma Cleo Ellison, twin (b. 11/17/1922)

        m. Charles R. Briggs

            adopted 2 children

      H. John Lesley Ellison (b. 11/11/1924)

        m. Kathryn Burton 





D-18    Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont. 




(William Raper Hupp)

m2. Era Edmundson Himes (12/31/1871 - 5/30/1955) on 11/30/1890



II.  Dorothy Faye Hupp (4/7/1892 - 5/10/1952)

    m. James Brogden 

      A. Frank Brogden ( - )      - Shelby, NC

        m1. Ethel Marr


        m2. Mary Brown

            1. Frank Brogden

            2. Andy Brogden 

      B. Sally Brogden            - Belmont, NC

        m. William Muse

            1. William Muse, Jr.  - Belmont, NC

      C. Ruth Brogden             - Oregon 

        m. Ezra Garrison 

      D. Billy Brogden ( - )      - Virginia

        m. Willa ---


      E. Mack Brogden   - died in WWII

      F. Leslie Brogden ( - )     - Virginia

        m. Evelyn Howard


      G. Dorothy Brogden

        m1. Pat Norton ( - )






        m2. --- Crabtree   - Tennessee

      H. Ed Brogden        - West Mills, NC

        m. Pearl Rickman 

            1. Mack Brogden

            2. Ricky Brogden 

      I. Jim Brogden   - Greensboro, NC 

        m. Rebecca ---

            three daughters



Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.                  D-19



(William Raper Hupp)


III. Geneva Hupp (b. 10/23/1896)    - Bryson City, NC

    m1. Ansel Hall  -- div.

      A. Fred Jimerson Hall (1/11/1913 - 4/3/1982) Bryson City

        m. Alene DeHart (b. 3/24/1918)

            1. Carol Jean Hall      - Columbia, PA

              m. John Simonds

                  a. Douglas Simonds

                  b. Donna Simonds

            2. Philip Michael Hall  - Athens, Tenn.

              m. Millie Frisbee

                  a. Taffy Hall 

                  b. Andy Hall 

      B. David W. Hall (10/17/1914 - 3/30/1931)

      C. Donald C. Hall (11/3/1916 -   1980)

        m. Ethel Camby


      D. Margaret Hall (b.&d. 11/12/1918)

      E. Robert Aurelious Hall (b. 2/9/1920) - Bossier City, La.

        m. Sarah McMahon 

            1. (baby, died < 1 year old) 

      F. Mary E. Hall (b. 8/25/1922)         - Bryson City

        m. Annis Karo Tuck (b. 4/7/1917)

            1. Annis Kay Tuck (b. 4/2/1943)

              m. Anell DeHart

                  a. Kayra Ann Tuck (b. 2/11/1966)

                  b. Sam William Tuck (b. 2/10/1970) 

      G. Jessie Fay Hall (b. 6/3/1924)       - Bryson City

        m. James William Tuck (b. 12/27/1919)

            1. Geraldine Tuck (b. 3/16/1953)

              m. James C. Thomas

                  a. Jessica Thomas (b. 8/11/1983)

            2. Kevin Ray Tuck (b. 11/7/1967)


    m2. Quinn J. Kendrick (2/14/1885 - 8/15/1963)



D-20    Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.



(William Raper Hupp)


IV.  William Otto Hupp (10/30/1899 - 9/19/1972)

    m. Carrie Carpenter



V.   Ray Hupp (died at birth 12/26/1901)


VI.  Phebe Ann Hupp (8/19/1903 - 9/16/1932)

    m. Alvin Seay 

      A. Jackie Seay

        m. ----

            two daughters 

      B. Maxine Seay        - Orlando, Fla.

        m. Bill Ferguson

            two children

      C. JoAnn Seay         - Oak Ridge, Tenn.

        m. Woodrow Smith

            five children


VII. Ilda R. Hupp (4/13/1906 - 9/29/1983)

    m. Joseph Barnhardt

      A. Betty Jo Barnhardt   - Asheville, NC

        m. Harold Cagle

            1. Clifton Cagle

              m. ----

                  a. Carrie Ann Cagle 

      B. Jane Barnhardt       - Hamlet, NC

        m. Bob Burns




VIII. Gerald Himes Hupp (3/21/1909 - 9/16/1973) - Asheville, NC

     m. Carolyn Carter



IX.  Earl Proffit Hupp (9/17/1910 - 4/19/1911)


Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont.                  D-21



     Alonzo R. Hupp, or Lon, as he was called, was the second child of

Phoebe.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Ashing.  They had one daughter,

Glenna Mae.  It was Lon who Michael Hupp lived his last years with in




Alonzo R. Hupp (2/18/1861 - 9/21/1942) 

m. Sarah Elizabeth Ashing (4/12/1868 - 8/18/1951)



I. Glenna Mae Hupp (b. 6/25/1899)

  m1. Dewey F. Stemble (9/2/1892 - 11/1948)


      A. Dorothy Elizabeth Stemble (b. 5/28/1924)

        m. Carl Akey -- div.

            1. Kay Elizabeth Akey (b. 9/10/1956)

              m1. Douglas Minnich -- div.

                  a. Brandi Nichole Minnich (b. 10/28/1976)

                      adopted by Ronald E. Shoe

              m2. Ronald E. Shoe

                  b. Ross R. Shoe (b. 8/1/1983)

      B. Robert Stanley Stemble (b. 3/28/1926)

        m. Betty Jean Littlejohn 

            1. John Robert Stemble (b. 9/11/1951)

              m. Pamela VanHoose (b. 9/9/1956)


            2. Debra Lu Stemble (b. 9/1/1953)

              m. Edward Pulfer 

                  a. Chad Pulfer (b. 1/28/1974)

                  b. Brad Pulfer, twin (b. 1/28/1974)

                  c. Melissa Jean Pulfer (b. 6/17/1980) 

            3. Douglas Allan Stemble (b. 2/23/1958)

              m. Patricia Vermillion

                  a. Kelley Stemble (b. 6/14/1984)


  (Glenna Mae)

  m2. Walter Milligan



     The next child of Michael and Phoebe's was Virginia, or Jenny.  She

married Charles Ashing, a brother of Sarah Elizabeth Ashing.  They

lived in Columbus, Ohio.  I believe they had a family, but I do not 

know any of the children's names.  Jenny was one of the last surviving

members of her siblings, still alive in the 1950's. 




D-22    Descendants of Michael Hupp, son of Emanuel, cont. 



     Albert H. Hupp was the fifth child of Michael and Phoebe.  He was

married to Alma Irwin.  He is noted as the inventor of the Automatic

Mail Exchange, which allowed a train to pick up mail without slowing

down, or without human help. 

     He lived in Kansas City, Missouri in 1900 and 1910.  Later he

lived in Chicago.  He was still alive in 1946. 












      <photo>                 <Hupp Automatic Mail Exchange Co. card>









     Albert H. Hupp



     Irwin Hupp was the 7th born to Michael and Phoebe, born on 

3/3/1868.  He married Jessie Inez Meyers, also a Kauffman descendant. 

They moved to Chicago.  They had one daughter, Louise Furrow Hupp, born

12/23/1895, who married a Hopkins.  


     One thing interesting about this family is the large number of

members that lived past 90.  Mary Elizabeth, of course lived the 

longest, 104, but her brothers John and William, and maybe Albert,

Emerson, and Irwin (maybe, because I don't know their death dates)

lived to be at least 90.  Also, Lon, Jenny, and Charles lived to be at

least 80.  In addition, Michael's grandchildren Worden and Ida lived

more than 90, and a few still alive may make it. 


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