Section E





     Balser Hupp, son of Balser Hupp and Barbara Grove, was born on 

12/16/1797.  But there is some dispute on his age (see below).  He was

one of the youngest children of his family, but he was the first one to

move away from Virginia.  He moved to Licking County, Ohio during the

1820's.  He was not around for the sale of his father's possessions in

1829, the only child still alive who didn't.  

     On 4/21/1816 Balser Hupp, Jr. married Magdaline Knupp, daughter of

John Nicholas Knupp.  Magdaline was probably a sister or half-sister

to Elizabeth Knopp, who married Balser's half-brother Abraham (I do not

know who the mother of either Elizabeth or Magdaline was, but I figure 

they would be half-sisters as there was at least twenty years age 

difference between them).  The marriage record of Shenandoah County

incorrectly states that Balser (spelled "Balsor") was the son of 

Abraham.  To Balser and Magdaline were born 11 children, see next page.

     In 1852 Magdaline died, and about then Balser returned to

Virginia, where a few of his siblings still remained (Barbara, John,

Benjamin, and Anna).  On 7/3/1854, in Shenandoah County, Balser married

the former Magdaline Niswander, the widow of Peter Kagey.  She was the

daughter of Abraham and Annie Niswander.  She and Peter had ten

children, the oldest aged 21 and the youngest aged 5 when she married

Balser (for their names, see the family Bible printed on E-3).  Balser

and this Magdaline raised at least some of her children (my only

evidence is the 1860 census, which lists Joseph and Sarah still living

with them.  Since Balser's first family included some teenagers when

he remarried, they may have stayed with him, or they may have stayed

with other relatives in Ohio.  I do not know-- but by 1860 none of

them lived with him.  Balser and this Magdaline had no children. 

     The second Magdaline died on 11/18/1862.  Balser continued to live

in New Market, Va. past 1870.  During the 1860's he made a trip to

LaPorte County, Indiana with his sisters to visit their brothers. 

Later he returned to Ohio, but I do not know when-- he is not to be

found in the 1880 census of either Shenandoah County, Va. or Licking

County, Ohio, or at least I did not find him.  His death is recorded in

Licking County-- he died on 5/16/1888, aged 90, the last survivor of

his family.  His obituary was as follows:


           Balser Hupp, the oldest person in central Ohio, died

        at the home of his son in this township on the 16th inst.

        According to the record he was born in Shenandoah county,

        Virginia, December 16, 1779, being at the time of his

        death one hundred and eight years and five months old.

           He was married in 1811 and came to Ohio in 1823.  His

        wife died in 1852.  He was of powerful physical

        structure, being six feet in height and weighing over

        two hundred pound.  He was remarkably well preserved and

        would not have been taken to be more than eighty years

        old at the time of his decease.  Ten children survive

        him, six sons and four daughters of whom four of the

        former reside in this county.  Interment was made in

        Poplar Fork Cemetery near Gratiot, on the 18th inst. 

        Funeral sevices were conducted by Rev. J.J. Vanhorn of

        the Baptist church. 


     There were a couple of misread dates here-- I think that someone

turned the last two digits of his birthyear around, i.e. 1779 instead of

1797.  Also he was married in 1816, not 1811.  Other than those, 

everything else stated about him seems to be correct.  











     Balser Hupp Jr.'s estate in Virginia was handled by George Kagey.

He was a great-grandson of Balser's sister, Barbara (see B-  ).  He

may also have been Balser's step-grandson.  He counted himself an heir

of Balser's, as he sent checks to each of Balser's heirs.  The record

is dated 6/1/1889 and it is recorded in Shenandoah County Will Book 22,

pages 367-369.  Checks for $14.50 were sent to Harrison Hupp, Davina

McVicars, Strawther Hupp, Balser Hupp, Mary McMullen, Jane Trovinger,

John Hupp, Uriah Hupp, and Sarah McClelan, plus to himself.  I would

figure that they must have been still alive them.  Missing from this

list was Daniel A. B. Hupp, who lived until 1915.  I have no idea why

he would have been missed, except due to oversight.




Balser Hupp, Jr. (12/16/1797 - 5/16/1885)   (from A-9)

m1. Magdaline Knupp (7/10/1797 - 9/28/1852) on 4/21/1816



    1. Juliet Diana Hupp (2/5/1819 - 2/23/1837)


    2. Daniel A. B. Hupp (5/1/1820 - 11/7/1915)  see E-4,5

      m. Hannah Hoskinson (10/1823 - 1908)

            7 children


    3. James Harrison Hupp (7/5/1822 - )

      m. Helen Stevens



    4. Leanah (or Davina) Hupp (10/24/1824 - ) moved to Missouri

      m. John McVicars


    5. Strauther Hupp (7/18/1826 - 1/12/1897)    see E-6 to 38

      m. Elizabeth Meredith (11/10/1831 - 8/23/1912)

            12 children


    6. Balser Hupp III (5/14/1828 - 6/19/1910)   see E-39 to 43

      m. Esther A. Lewis (1835 - 3/15/1900) 

            3 children


    7. John Nicholas Hupp (6/8/1830 - 1890's) moved to California 

      m. Rosa Muellin (6/1847 - )                see E-44

            6(?) children


    8. Mary M. Hupp (8/5/1833 - )                see E-44,45

      m. George McMullen


    9. Elizabeth Jane Hupp (3/14/1835 - ) moved to California 

      m. George Trovinger                   see E-44


    10. Uriah W. Hupp (6/19/1837 - ) moved to California - see E-44,45


    11. Sarah E. Hupp (6/1/1840 - ) moved to California  - see E-44

      m. --- McClelan



Note- the designations Jr. and III on these Balser Hupps is my own

invention-- no records refer to them so, but then they have nothing

except the time and place to tell them apart. 








     More on the birthdate of Balser Hupp, Jr.:  As is shown on this

page, in the family Bible his birthdate is listed as 12/16/1787, BUT it

is evident that it was edited.  It is less evident what it was edited

from.  Since only the third digit of the year was changed, it could not

have been changed from 1779.  It looks to me that it was from 1797.

     The problem of any other interpretation is not only that I  think

this makes him older than some of his half-siblings, but mainly that

this contradicts all of the censuses.  While many people in the  1800's

gave inconsistant ages in different censuses, Balser Hupp, Jr. gave

consistant ages:


 year   location                age

 ----   ---------               ---

 1820   Rockingham County, Va.  18-25  (listed as Paulser Hupp)

 1830   Licking County, Ohio    30's   (listed as Balser)

 1840   Licking County, Ohio    40's   (listed as Baltzer)

 1850    not listed

 1860   Shenandoah County, Va   62     (listed as Palser)

 1870   Shenandoah County, Va   72     (listed as Baltzer)


     These ages are all consistant with the 1797 birthyear.  Why would

it have been changed?  I would suspect that it was noticed that the

1797 date implied things that did not agree with the tradition that he

lived to be over 100.  It also meant that he was a little younger than

his first wife.  For a discussion of age 108, see section C. 


The family of Balser Hupp, Jr. - as recorded in the family Bible.

This Bible is now in the possession of Mrs. Estella Hupp, wife of Earl

R. Hupp. 
















     Daniel was the oldest of the sons of Balser Hupp, Jr.  He lived in

Franklin Township of Licking County, as did his sons.  He was rather 

wealthy.  He lived to be 95, and is buried in the Fairmont Cemetery.   

     Daniel's sons James and Balser J. also lived and died in that area,

although his younger sons, Andrew and Charles, moved away.  Andrew is

not mentioned in Daniel's will-- he may have died by then.  

     None of Balser J.'s children married.  They continued to live in

the area. 



Daniel A. B. Hupp (5/1/1820 - 11/7/1915)

m. Hannah Hoskinson (11/6/1823 - 1/5/1908)



I.   Sarah Elizabeth Hupp (1849 - 12/26/1924)

    m. Robert Richter

        A. Charles Frank Richter (died in his 20's)

        B. Rosa Richter

          m. Walter Victor Meredith (8/27/1873 - )

              1. Oscar Meredith (d. 2 years old)

              2. Claude Richter 

                m. Bonita Mae Lyle

                    a. Robert Lyle Meredith (b. 1925)

                      m1. ----

                      m2. Jean Bundy

                          i. Sandra Meredith (d. 2 days old)

                         ii. David Lyle Meredith

                            m. Sherry ---

                                A. Aaron Meredith

                                B. Adam Meredith

                        iii. Barbara Ann Meredith

                            m. George Erdy

                                A. Stephanie Erdy

                         iv. Scott Alan Meredith

                            m. Laura ---

                                A. Nicholas Meredith

                                B. Tyler Meredith

                      m3. Joyce Reinshield 

                          v. Michael Wayne Meredith

                      m4. ----

                    b. Patricia Jane Meredith - nm 

              3. Sarah Gertrude Meredith

                m. James F. Moran

                    a. Sara Ann Moran

                      m. David B. Wirsching II

                          i. David B. Wirsching III

                         ii. Meredith Ann Wirsching









Descendants of Daniel A. B. Hupp and Hannah Hoskinson, cont.         E-5


II.  James Harrison Hupp (4/25/1851 - 6/18/1941)

    m. Ester A. Myers (3/23/1856 - 1/15/1939)

        A. Daisy E. Hupp (4/1881 - )

          m. Erie Richter

              1. Stanley Richter (d. about 5 y.) 

        B. Lulu M. Hupp (4/18/1884 - )

          m. Byron W. Parr (1881 - )

              1. Viva M. Parr (b. 1909)

                m. Ralph Hite

                    a. Cynthia Hite 

                      m. Daniel Rowe

                          i. Daniel Rowe (b. 6/5/1966)

                         ii. Douglas Rowe (b. 12/1971)

              2. Wayne Parr (b. 1919)

                m. Marjorie Crane

                    a. Michael Parr (b. 1955)

                      m. Sheryl LaRosa

                          i. Nicholas Byron Parr (b. 9/15/1985) 

              3. Patricia Parr (b. 1928)

                m. Robert Snider



III. Balser Jackson Hupp (6/16/1853 - 2/1/1938)

    m. Martha J. McKee (1/1854 - 1916)

        A. Daniel M. Hupp (3/1879 - )

        B. Willie Barnard Hupp (7/4/1880 - 3/9/1967)

        C. Winfred L. Hupp (12/7/1882 - 8/9/1965)

        D. Goldie Hupp (5/5/1886 - 1/20/1983)

        E. Laura Rose Hupp (8/2/1888 - 1/3/1926)

        F. Martha Frances Hupp (7/14/1891 - 6/4/1900)


IV.  John Franklin Hupp (d. 11 months old  1856)


V.   Mary Jane Hupp (1857 - )

    m. D.M. Hoskinson (d. fairly young)



VI.  Andrew Jackson Hupp (1859 - )      moved west


VII. Charles Matthew Hupp (1863 - )     Columbus, Ohio





















Tombstone of Daniel and         Dan, Wyn, Bill Hupp   Daisy and Lulu Hupp

Hannah Hoskinson Hupp           sons of Balser J.     daughters of J.H.Hupp






     Strauther Hupp (also spelled Strawther, Strother, and Strauder)

was the fifth child born to Balser and Magdaline, and it was he that

had the largest family.  He married Elizabeth Meredith, and they had

twelve children.  They were raised in Bowling Green Township of Licking




Strauther Hupp (7/18/1826 - 1/12/1897)

m. Elizabeth Meredith (11/10/1831 - 8/23/1912)



    1. Samuel Hupp (3/14/1850 - 1/28/1919)      see E-8 to 15

      m. Lucinda Jane Gutridge (9/1856 - 4/1918)

            8 children


    2. John Hupp (4/1/1852 - 3/28/1891)




    3. Edward Hupp (3/25/1854 - 12/8/1921)      see E-16 to 22

      m. Catherine Cooperrider (6/17/1856 - 8/16/1933)

            13 children


    4. George F. Hupp (7/28/1856 - 2/7/1934)    see E-23 to 26

      m. Nancy C. Swinehart (7/19/1858 - 9/29/1936)

            9 children


    5. Helen Magdelene Hupp (9/2/1858 - 9/10/1932)  see E-27

      m. Isaac Cooperrider

            3 children


    6. Charles William Hupp (9/3/1860 - 9/30/1927)  see E-27

      m. Lou Winegardner

            1 child


    7. Sarah Ida Hupp (8/30/1862 - 1947)            see E-28

      m. Charles Leroy Swinehart (10/11/1861 - 9/17/1930) 

            2 children


    8. Mary Jane Hupp (7/28/1865 - )            see E-28 to 30

      m. Albert Boring (11/29/1861 - 3/7/1941)

            9 children


    9. Nettie Lee Hupp (3/28/1868 - 4/19/1906)  see E-31,32

      m. Arthur Melvin Iden (4/10/1870 - 12/26/1960)

            4 children


   10. Ella May Hupp (12/9/1870 - 6/3/1884)


   11. Balser Uriah Hupp (3/7/1872 - 6/6/1950)  see E-33 to 36

      m. twice -- 5 children


   12. Clara Augusta Hupp (8/1876 - 1943)       see E-37 to 38

      m. Harvey Michael Lattimer 

            4 children




























Strauther Hupp is buried in the

Fairmount Cemetery east of 

Jacksontown.  His tomb"stone" is                     Samuel Hupp, son

made of metal.                                       of Strauther

























Children of Samuel and Lucinda Hupp             Dorothy (Hupp) 

Clodious, Clarence, Virgil, Laurel, Herman      Winegardner, who

                                                has provided a very

                                                large amount of

                                                information for this










E-8     Descendants of Strauther Hupp and Elizabeth Meredith



     Samuel was the first born of Strauther and Elizabeth.  He was a

trustee of Bowling Green Township.  He married Lucinda Gutridge, and

they had 8 children.




Samuel Hupp (3/14/1850 - 1/28/1919)  (from E-6)

m. Lucinda Jane Gutridge (9/1856 - 4/1918) on 10/21/1877



I.   Herman Milford Hupp (1/11/1879 - 2/14/1943)

    m. Zoa Elizabeth Walser (10/27/1881 - 6/19/1970) -- div.

      A. Esta Mae Hupp (9/9/1905 - 8/31/1971)

        m. Everett Raymond Wolfe  - Fairborn, OH

            1. Kenneth Wolfe

              m. Sarah Dorthy Pinkston (b. 10/6/1922)

                  a. Linda Wolfe (b. 8/18/1949)

                    m. Roderick Olson

      B. Bessie Pearl Hupp (10/26/1907 - 2/20/1981)

        m. Kenneth Morriss

            1. Carol Sue Morriss

              m1. Tom Vorhis

              m2. Mark Fleitz

                  a. April Diane Fleitz (adopted by George Carpenter)

              m3. George Carpenter

      C. Viola Bertha Hupp (b. 10/10/1911)

        m. Clarence Edward Smith (9/18/1911 - 4/11/1958)

            1. William Edward Smith (b. 8/5/1928)

              m1. Elanor Percoco

              m2. Regina Coss

                  a. Lisa Regina Smith (b. 8/24/1960)

                    m. David Kane

                  b. Kimberly E. Smith (b. 7/28/1961)

                    m. Chris Price

                        i. Nathaniel Price (b. 8/16/1982)

              m3. Barbara Lammars (b. 4/1/1932) 

            2. Norma Jean Smith (b. 9/15/1929)

              m. Orville Earl Smith (1/9/1928 - 12/29/1980)

                  a. Dennis David Smith (b. 7/10/1948)

                    m1. Sue Ann Layman (b. 8/1/1946)

                        i. Dennis David Smith II (b. 9/17/1968)

                       ii. Denise Diane Smith (b. 6/16/1973)

                    m2. Carol ---

                      iii. Becky Smith 

                  b. William Earl Smith (b. 5/9/1951)

                    m1. Cindy Shuff

                        i. Jennifer Lynn Smith (b. 9/3/1973)

                       ii. Lorrie Ann Smith (b. 11/19/1977)

                    m2. Cindy Smith

                  c. Thomas Michael Smith (b. 12/12/1952)

                    m. Roberta Van Sickle (b. 1/8/1955)

                        i. Bryan Michael Smith (b. 1/21/1976)









Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Lucinda Jane Gutridge, cont.          E-9



(I. Herman)

      (C. Viola)

            3. Gerald David Smith (b. 6/2/1932)

              m. Dorthy Louise Hill (b. 11/20/1934)

                  a. Gale Ann Smith (b. 9/8/1952)

                    m1. Ron Furbey

                        i. David Ray Furbey (b. 8/19/1970)

                       ii. Tammy Lyn Furbey (b. 6/25/1972)

                    m2. Lyrian Hall Nixon (b. 7/17/1948)

                  b. Robert Lee Smith (b. 3/11/1954) nm

                  c. Donna Jean Smith (b. 7/15/1966)

                    m. Michael Dean Ford (b. 9/5/1965)

            4. Sheila Jo Smith (b. 5/31/1951)

              m1. Charles Spurgeon

                  a. Scott Robert Spurgeon (b. 9/20/1971)

              m2. Frank Wright (b. 6/22/1950)

                  b. Frank Timothy Wright (b. 9/20/1977)

                  c. Victoria Marie Wright (b. 5/23/1981)

            5. Ronald Milford Smith (b. 7/16/1952)

              m1. Shelley McBride

                  a. Annette Marie Smith (b. 8/31/1971)

              m2. Beverly Ross (b. 6/11/1955)

                  b. Jessica Jane Smith (b. 11/28/1981)

      D. Beatrice Elizabeth Hupp (b. 9/10/1913)  Columbus, Ohio

        m. James Perry Sanderson (2/28/1915 - 12/13/1985)

            1. Barbara Diane Sanderson (b. 8/19/1936)

              m. William Joe Pest (chngd to Bryant)

                  a. Tamara Lynn Bryant (b. 11/28/1958)

                  b. Cynthia Kay Bryant (b. 11/4/1960)

            2. James Perry Sanderson (b. 7/29/1938)

              m. Bertha Sylvia Trewern (b. 7/15/1937)

                  a. Kathy Irene Sanderson (b. 7/4/1960)

                    m. William Catlett (b. 9/27/1957)

                        i. William Ray Catlett (b. 4/30/1984)

                  b. Christian Marie Sanderson (b. 11/8/1961)

                    m. Robert Lisy

                  c. Sherry Ann Sanderson (b. 10/19/1962)

                    m. Michael Gibbony

                        i. Jacqueline Kay Gibbony (b. 3/3/1986)

                  d. Jacqueline Kay Sanderson (b. 8/3/1967)

            3. William Lee Sanderson (b. 8/4/1941)

              m. Jacqueline White

                  a. William Sanderson, Jr.

                  b. Chris Sanderson

            4. Candice Lynn Sanderson (b. 3/9/1947)

              m. Albert E. Meadows (b. 8/15/1947)

                  a. Michelle Marie Meadows (b. 2/21/1967)

                  b. Michael Derrick Meadows (b. 5/16/1968)

                  c. Mark Duane Meadows (b. 4/21/1970)

            5. Deborah Kay Sanderson (b. 4/6/1948)

              m1. Larry Davis

              m2. Dennis Earl Cater (b. 7/10/1950)

                  a. Nichole Michelle Cater (b. 3/17/1985)









E-10    Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Lucinda Jane Gutridge, cont.  



(I. Herman)

      E. Estella Anna Hupp (9/17/1917 - 7/25/1986)

        m1. William Thomas Parry (b. 3/10/1915)

            1. Joyce Patricia Parry (b. 6/28/1941)

              m. John Wesley Whitefield (b. 8/8/1926)

                  a. John Willis Whitefield II (b. 3/5/1969)

                  b. Patricia Ann Whitefield (b. 10/31/1972)

            2. Victoria Kay Parry (b. 10/25/1946)

              m1. Fred Zipper -- div.

                  a. Carol Denise Zipper (b. 2/28/1979)

              m2. --- Colish (adopted Carol Denise) 

        m2. Robert Ray Humble (b. 12/19/1923)

            3. Lynne Diane Humble (b. 11/12/1950)

              m1. Donald Lee Riley (b. 9/16/1946)

                  a. Michael Lee Riley (b. 4/2/1971)

              m2. Alfred Ray Evans (b. 9/20/1946)

            4. Cheryl Rae Humble (b. 5/4/1952)

              m. Bruce Allen Perry (b. 4/11/1953)

                  a. Richard Lee Perry (b. 9/25/1969)

                  b. Lisa Leigh Perry (b. 3/24/1981) 

            5. Roberta Francine Humble (b. 12/31/1953)

              m. George Chris Cost (b. 2/16/1932)

            6. Jeffrey Ray Humble (b. 2/20/1955)

              m. Carla Ann Moss (b. 5/10/1959) -- div.

                  a. Jason Ray Humble (b. 3/13/1977)

                  b. Jared Lee Humble (b. 2/28/1979)

            7. Joleen Elizabeth Humble (b. 3/29/1956)

              m. David Randolph Dupler (b. 1/20/1957)

            8. Thomas Allen Humble (b. 6/14/1957)

              (Daphne Sue Pritt, b. 12/9/1961)

                  a. Brandi Sue Humble (b. 10/14/1984)

            9. Robert Ray Humble II (b. 12/8/1958)

              (Cindy Ramsey)

                  a. Robert Ray Humble III (b. 12/8/1985) 

           10. David Richard Humble (b. 10/5/1961)

      F. Francis Milford Hupp (b. 9/26/1928)  Newark, Ohio

        m1. Nancy Sue Saylor (b. 12/8/1935)

            1. Joyce Sue Hupp (b. 1/26/1957)

              m. Douglas Price (b. 11/13/1954)

                  a. Autumn Lea Price (b. 3/21/1975)

                  b. Shaun Douglas Price (b. 5/23/1978)

            2. Jill Francine Hupp (b. 2/3/1960)

              m. Roger Black (b. 3/27/1958)

        m2. Sherry Kaye Hartman (b. 5/30/1936)


II.  William S. Hupp (1881 - 1900) d. of Typhoid Fever 


III. Clarence Edgar Hupp (1/2/1884 - 4/9/1924) 


IV.  Perry O. Hupp (5/8/1887 - 8/30/1888)


V.   Floyd E. Hupp (5/19 - 10/8/1891)









Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Lucinda Jane Gutridge, cont.         E-11



VI.  Clodious Adlai Hupp (9/4/1892 - 6/13/1954)

    m. Princess Burdell Cooperrider (4/5/1897 - 2/26/1963)

      A. Donald Clyde Hupp (12/11/1922 - 10/10/1949)

      B. Miriam Edith Hupp (7/31/1924 - 1/1/1975)

        m. Edward Leroy Russell (b. 1/6/1926)

            1. Brenda Lee Russell (b. 3/20/1952)

              m. Steve Billman  on 6/22/1973

                  a. Courtney Billman (b. 4/2/1977)

                  b. Ryan Billman (b. 8/3/1981) 

        Edward m2. Irene Reese Smith on 7/8/1978

      C. Willard Meredith Hupp (10/26/1926 - 11/16/1972)

        m. Mary Frances Calvert (b. 11/9/1930)

            1. Meredith Rand Hupp (b. 12/30/1951)  Thornville, OH

              m. Sue Gutridge  on 7/3/1971 -- div.

                  a. Joseph Meredith Hupp (b. 3/23/1973)

                  b. Tommy Christopher Hupp (b. 6/16/1975) 

            2. Monica Lee Hupp (b. 9/18/1953)

              m. Keith Rutledge

                  a. Lincoln Scott Rutledge (b. 11/23/1971)

                  b. Molly Rutledge (b. 8/12/1973) 

            3. Michael Andrew Hupp (b. 8/19/1955) New Lexington, OH

              m. Chris Hatem

                  a. Nichole Lynn Hupp (b. 9/14/1978)

                  b. Kimberly Michele Hupp (b. 10/3/1982)

            4. Richard Eugene Hupp (b. 3/3/1957) Thornville

              m1. Sally Davis

              m2. Jody Hart

                  a. Sean Richard Hupp (b. 2/19/1982)

                  b. James Meredith Hupp (b. 10/27/1983) 

            5. Becky Dea Hupp (b. 7/15/1959)

              m. Bob Brecht

                  a. Landon Elijah Brecht (b. 7/5/1984)

        Mary m2. Lewis O. Gordon

      D. Paul Vernon Hupp (8/8/1928 - 7/8/1978)

        m. Ala Marcella Radcliff - div. 1974

            1. Reda Charlene Hupp (b. 12/23/1952)

              m1. Lynn Edward Hoover - div.

              m2. Gregory Dustin

                  a. Nickolas Gergory Dustin (b. 5/23/1983) 

            2. Mary Sue Hupp (b. 4/24/1954)

              m. Russell Marks

                  a. Joshua James Marks (b. 12/11/1971)

                  b. Jeremiah James Marks (b. 11/13/1981) 

            3. Paul Lee Hupp (b. 3/17/1956) Somerset, OH

              m. Mrs. Sharon Graves

                  a. Travis Lee Hupp (b. 1/28/1982) 

            4. Bobby Joe Hupp (b. 7/3/1960) Brownsville, OH

              m. Annette Baumgartner  on 6/22/1985 

                  a. Tara Mae Hupp (b. 8/27/1986)

            5. Jaqueline Ann Hupp (b. 2/5/1963)

              m. William R. Hart  on 7/18/1981

                  a. Heather Kay Hart (b. 5/15/1982)






E-12  Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Lucinda Jane Gutridge, cont.



(VI. Clodious)

      E. Zelma May Hupp (b. 7/14/1930)  Thornville, Ohio

        m. Wesley Eugene Brown (b. 5/18/1926)

            1. Christina Sue Brown (12/23/1948 - 8/25/1972)

              m. Alan Ream Underwood (b. 11/2/1946)

                  a. Amber Renee Underwood (b. 12/31/1969)

                  b. Benjamin Isaac Underwood (b. 10/30/1971)

              Alan m2. Terry Davis 

            2. Cynthia Lou Brown (b. 11/10/1950)

              m1. David Roy Rodgers -- div.

                  a. Kimberly Sue Rodgers (b. 4/4/1968)

                  b. Rhonda Lynn Rodgers (b. 9/16/1970)

              m2. Jeffery Kirk Matthews  on 9/27/1986

            3. Darrell Eugene Brown (b. 2/7/1953)

              m1. Patricia Leckrone -- div.

                  a. Kendall Leigh Brown (b. 4/16/1972)

              m2. Debra Rene Carter 

            4. Claudia Jean Brown (b. 7/9/1955)

              m. Terrance Hill (b. 6/29/1951) on 8/16/1975

                  a. Meghan Elisa Hill (b. 3/20/1981)

                  b. Caitlyn Elizabeth Hill (b. 8/16/1983)

                  c. Jaymes Wesley Hill (b. 5/25/1986)

            5. Dwight Edward Brown (b. 8/8/1957)

              m. Mary Colleen Clouse (b. 9/14/1957) 

                  a. Danielle Mae Brown (b. 10/21/1980) 

                  b. Ryan Wesley Brown (b. 3/28/1985)

            6. Cheryl Ann Brown (b. 9/4/1959)

            7. Cathy Ellen Brown (b. 4/27/1963)

              m. Michael David Brunn (b. 8/24/1960)

                  a. Michael Scott Brunn (b. 5/27/1980)

                  b. Jennifer Renee Brunn (b. 4/4/1982)

      F. Dorothy Eileen Hupp (b. 2/26/1932)  Thornville, Ohio

        m. Merle Frederick Winegardner (b. 7/21/1929)

            1. Jerry Lee Winegardner (b. 7/26/1948)  Lancaster, OH

              m. Mrs. Eleanor Congos Higgins (b. 1/31/1941) 

            2. Larry Ray Winegardner (b. 8/31/1949) Thornville

              m. Sandria Kay Roberts (b. 11/25/1948)

                  a. Jeffrey Ray Winegardner (b. 9/7/1972)

                  b. Jennifer Kay Winegardner (b. 12/13/1974)

            3. Linda Marie Winegardner (b. 11/28/1951) Newark, OH

              m. Roy Edwin Andrews (b. 9/18/1952)

                  a. Timothy Ryan Andrews (b. 5/20/1981)

                  b. Katharine Lyn Andrews (b. 9/21/1982)

            4. Danny Allen Winegardner (b. 10/23/1953) Thornville

              m. Marilyn Elaine Eschbaugh (b. 10/18/1955)

                  a. Molly Ann Winegardner (b. 7/21/1979)

                  b. Wendy Sue Winegardner (b. 12/25/1981)

            5. Paul Frederick Winegardner (b. 6/18/1955) Thornville

              m. Debra Lyn Thompson (b. 6/20/1956) - div. 

                  a. Frederick Dale Winegardner (b. 1/22/1976)

            6. Cindy Kay Winegardner (b. 1/23/1957) Thornville

              m. Dennis Patrick Hagan (b. 12/5/1956)

            7. Mary Burdell Winegardner (b. 12/11/1958) Rushville, OH

              m. Mark Andrew Harlan (b. 4/25/1960)

                  a. Matthew James Harlan (b. 7/6/1982)

                  b. Megan Lynn Harlan (b. 12/24/1984)

                  c. Meredith Kay Harlan, twin 






Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Lucinda Jane Gutridge, cont.         E-13



(VI. Clodious)

      (F. Dorothy)

            8. Becky Anne Winegardner (b. 2/8/1961) Thornville

              m. Paul Raymond Weakly, Jr. (b. 2/1/1955)

                  a. Keri Renee Weakly (b. 10/29/1981)

                  b. Andrew Jay Weakly (3/6 - 6/6/1985)  

                  c. Trent Allen Weakly (b. 8/28/1986)

            9. Judy Elaine Winegardner (b. 2/9/1963)  Newark, OH

      G. Eugene Carl Hupp (b. 1/17/1934)  Thornville

        m. Barbara Ellen Jones (b. 5/6/1943) 

            1. Michele Elaine Hupp (b. 5/6/1970)

            2. Troy Andrew Hupp (b. 5/26/1973) 

      H. Ruth Eloise Hupp (b. 2/9/1936)  Whitley, Indiana

        m. Jerry Theodore Smith (b. 6/7/1932)

            1. Lisa Kaye Smith (b. 9/23/1958)

            2. Lori Michele Smith (b. 10/15/1960)

              m. William Frank Crismore  on 4/19/1986

            3. Kelly Ann Smith (b. 10/15/1961)

              m. Timothy Lee Wahfeld on 8/25/1985

      I. Barbara Ellen Hupp (b. 9/19/1939)  Columbus, Ohio

        m. Richard Herman Wiener (b. 1/1/1940)

            1. Stephanie Allison Wiener (b. 7/31/1967)

            2,3. infant twin sons (5/11 - 5/12/1969)

            4. Gretchen Noelle Wiener (b. 9/25/1970)


VII. Laurel Esta Hupp (4/13/1895 - 12/22/1924)

    m. Virgil Cooperrider (7/17/1895 - 6/23/1967)

      A. Raymond H. Cooperrider (6/11/1920 - 11/7/1984)

        m. Mary Selena Smith (b. 10/1/1925) 

            1. William Cooperrider (b. 12/10/1952) 

      B. Vera Louise Cooperrider (b. 12/2/1921)  Thornville

        m. Wendel Homer Shelly (b. 4/23/1921)

            1. Laurel Anne Shelly (b. 12/15/1946)

              m. David F. Gleim (b. 6/28/1949)

                  a. Susan Dianne Gleim (b. 3/9/1980)

                  b. Heidi Laurel Gleim (b. 10/14/1983)

            2. Lowell Wendell Shelly (b. 11/17/1950)

              m. Tammy Jo Awalt (b. 8/18/1960) on 8/16/1980

            3. David C. Shelly (b. 3/31/1954)

              m. Debra Louise Ellis (b. 5/25/1954) 6/18/1977 

      C. Dale Richard Cooperrider (b.&d. 12/7/1924)

    Virgil m2. Artie M. Blair (1/12/1890 - 10/13/1930)

           m3. Velma Clara Grove (b. 8/1/1905)


VIII. Virgil Hupp (10/20/1897 - 11/22/1979)

     m. Mary Wilson (b. 12/17/1898) 

      A. Thelma Florence Hupp (11/20/1924 - 8/11/1925)

      B. Mildred Hupp (b. 9/1/1926)

        m. Robert Palmer (b. 2/1/1927)

            1. James Palmer (b. 2/28/1949)

              m. Bonnie Scharff

            2. Sharon Palmer (b. 2/26/1950)

              m. Leon C. Millonzi








































        Clodious, Samuel, Lucinda (Gutridge), Elizabeth (Meredith)

        Hupp, at what had been Strauther Hupp's house.  Also, in the

        picture is Clodious' dog Spot.  This house was where

        Wendel and Vera Shelly's (see E-13) house is now.

















There is a Hupp-Meredith Reunion held at Shelly Park in Glenford, Ohio

each year, on the day before Memorial Day (usually the last Sunday in

May).  This picture was taken at the 1986 reunion.  There are more

people in the picture than I can identify now.













Cooperrider Ancestry and connections with Hupps:




                        George Peter Kiefferreiter

                        m. Catherine




                        John Cooperrider (d. 1834)

                        m. Charlotte Baugh




John Cooperrider (1789-1855)

m. Catherine Walser (1787-1870)

                        Peter Cooperrider (1795-1869)

                        m. Hannah Mechling (1795-1854)

                                                Philip Cooperrider (1803-1871)

                                                m. Elizabeth Bazzil

Peter Walser Cooperrider (1823-1900)

m. Rebecca Planck (1824-1908)


                        David Cooperrider (1829-1903)

                        m. Martha M. Franks (1834-1920)


                                                   Lewis B. Cooperrider (1837-1874)

Isaac Cooperrider (1854-1939)                      m. Mary Elizabeth Swinehart

m. HELEN HUPP (1858-1932)

  (see E-27)

          Catherine Cooperrider (1856-1933)

          m. EDWARD HUPP (1854-1921)              George A. Cooperrider (1867-1933)

            (see E-16)                            m. Mary Matilda Orr


                        Franklin Cooperrider (1870-1946)

                        m. Lillie Belle Orr 


                                                  Obed Elmer Cooperrider (1889-1950)

                                                  m. Aljo Gutridge

Virgil Cooperrider (1895-1967)

m. LAUREL HUPP (1895-1924)

  (see E-13)    Princess Burdell Cooperrider (1897-1967)

                m. CLODIOUS HUPP (1892-1954) 

                  (see E-11)

                                                Estella L. Cooperrider (b. 1915)

                                                m. EARL R. HUPP (b. 1916)

                                                  (see E-33)












     Edward Hupp was the third child of Strauther and Elizabeth.  He

married Catherine Cooperrider, the daughter of Peter Walser Cooperrider

and Rebecca Planck.  Edward and Catherine had 13 children.  Edward and

Catherine are buried in the Goodhope Cemetery, near Glenford, Ohio. 

When I visited there in 1985, the cemetery had been badly vandalized,

and I did not find their tombstone.   

     Edward Hupp died while attending the funeral of his cousin, Flora

(Hupp) Yost, in 1921. 

     The descendants of Edward and Catherine have family reunions each

year at Glenford, Ohio, the second or third Sunday in September.




Edward Hupp (3/25/1854 - 12/8/1921)  (from E-6)

m. Catherine Cooperrider (6/17/1856 - 8/16/1933)



I.   Walter Victor Hupp (8/12/1875 - 8/24/1953)


II.  Cora Edith Hupp (1/2/1877 - 2/18/1877)


III. Elizabeth Rebecca Hupp (1/30/1878 - 8/7/1890)


IV.  Etta Estella Hupp (2/22/1880 - 6/29/1945)

    m. Elmer Wilkins (d. 5/18/1958)

      A. Mildred Irene Wilkins (b. 8/1/1912)

        m. William Cleary  on 8/7/1948

      B. son, born dead (4/17/1914)

      C. Eva Mae Wilkins (1/20/1916 - 8/1/1976)

        m1. W.H. Walker  on 9/19/1935

        m2. Baxter Buchanan  on 2/24/1944

        m3. Robert Cundiff (9/8/1916 - 7/15/1984) on 7/28/1952 


V.   Owen Estel Hupp (5/30/1882 - 1/16/1954)

    m. Flora Wilkins (d. 6/9/1948)

      A. Chauncey Leroy Hupp (4/25/1903 - 10/4/1968)

        m. M. Lucile Phillips (3/27/1904 - 1/18/1985) on 12/29/1925

            1. Lois Gene Hupp (b. 4/24/1926)

              m. Richard A. Sandman  on 4/23/1950

                  a. Ronald Alan Sandman (b. 11/6/1951)

                  b. David Richard Sandman (b. 7/6/1958)

            2. Lee Owen Hupp (b. 9/17/1928)  Brownsville, Ohio

              m. Barbara Anna Kluk  on 11/10/1956

                  a. Jeffrey Lee Hupp (b. 10/4/1957)

                    m. Beth Leopold

                        i. Craig William Hupp (b. 11/1/1983)

                  b. Kimberly Ann Hupp (b. 2/15/1959)

                    m. Douglas Miller

                        i. Ryan Michael Miller (b. 2/18/1984)

                       ii. Stephanie Marie Miller (b. 10/11/1985)

                  c. Greg Alen Hupp (b. 2/7/1961)

                    m. Karen Keller

                  d. Erin Kay Hupp (b. 7/4/1962)

                  e. Martin Thomas Hupp (b. 5/16/1964)

                  f. Teresa Lynn Hupp (b. 4/6/1966)






Descendants of Edward Hupp and Catherine Cooperrider, cont.         E-17


(V. Owen)

      (A. Chauncey)

            3. Roy Edward Hupp (b. 4/8/1930)  Newark, Ohio

              m. Margaret Ann Leckrone  on 8/6/1950

                  a. Stephen Edward Hupp (b. 3/2/1951)

                    m. Janet Donnelly

                        i. Stephen Elliott Hupp (b. 9/21/1983)

                  b. Mark Curtis Hupp (b. 5/26/1952)

                    m. Martha Raney

                        i. Matthew Curtis Hupp (b. 1/2/1982)

                       ii. Corey Jay Hupp (b. 6/24/1984)

                  c. Carla Jo Hupp (b. 10/6/1953)

                    m. William Kennedy

                        i. Jason Edward Kennedy (b. 4/1/1984)

      B. Flossie P. Hupp (b. 5/10/1904)

        m1. John W. Bebout (d. 1/9/1974) on 9/6/1921

            1. John Junior Bebout (8/9/1923 - 4/19/1984)

              m. Ivadel Schisler  on 8/22/1948

                  a. Joy Del Bebout (b. 8/10/1949)

                    m. Kenneth John Stovcik  on 6/22/1974

                  b. John Jay Bebout (b. 7/30/1957)

            2. Tula Marie Bebout (b. 6/6/1928)

              m. Robert Girard Andrews  on 5/14/1948 

                  a. Gayla Lynne Andrews (b. 8/9/1953)

                    m. Harry Vincent  on 3/14/1981

                        i. Jennifer Lynne Vincent (b. 12/21/1982)

                       ii. Bryan David Vincent (b. 7/18/1986)

                  b. Jay D. Andrews (b. 4/3/1956)

                    m. Cindy Lou Wyrick  on 9/1/1979

                        i. Nicole Marie Andrews (b. 6/13/1981)

                       ii. Jeremy Jay Andrews (b. 12/16/1982)

                      iii. Angela Renae Andrews (b. 6/27/1984)

                  c. Lori Sue Andrews (b. 2/24/1958) 


        m2. Carl Louis Feuerriegel (d. 1/10/1980) on 7/22/1954

      C. Ruth Estelle Hupp (b. 12/16/1905)

        m. Floyd S. Watts (2/6/1904 - 12/4/1973) on 6/23/1926

            1. James Hupp Watts (b. 3/23/1928)

              m. Lona Jane Miller  on 2/7/1954

                  a. Steven Richard Watts (b. 10/5/1955)

                    m. Marcia J. Jackson (b. 2/13/1956) on 3/6/1982

                  b. Gregory James Watts (b. 11/11/1957)

                  c. Douglas Edward Watts (b. 12/29/1960)

                    m. Molly M. Ryan (b. 8/21/1963) on 7/27/1985

      D. Helen Mildred Hupp (b. 12/19/1906)

        m. Thaddeus McVey (d. 2/13/1971)  on 12/22/1926

            1. William Edward McVey (9/27/1928 - )

            2. Robert George McVey (b. 11/17/1930)

              m. Pauline Montier

                  a. Nancy Ann McVey (b. 10/4/1956)

                  b. Robert McVey (b. 6/13/1958)

            3. Donald Lee McVey (b. 8/31/1938)

              m. Marcia Boell

                  a. Danny McVey (b. 1/8/1958)

                  b. Wendy McVey (b. 12/21/1958)

                  c. Donald McVey (b. 7/6/1960)

                  d. Cindy McVey (b. 12/3/1961)

                  e. Douglas McVey









E-18    Descendants of Edward Hupp and Catherine Cooperrider, cont.


(V. Owen)

      (D. Helen)

            4. Flora Rebecca McVey (b. 10/16/1943)

              m. Aaron Eugene Swartz

                  a. Terry Lynn Swartz (b. 7/14/1962)

                  b. Regina Hope Swartz (b. 7/1967)

            5. Thad Douglas McVey (b. 3/12/1947)

      E. Freda C. Hupp (b. 4/2/1917)

        m. Herbert D. Leckrone  on 6/23/1946

            1. Keeta Colleen Leckrone (b. 8/4/1951)

            2. Keith Alan Leckrone (b. 8/5/1954)

              m. Mary Jane Hubbard

                  a. Kyle D. Leckrone (b. 1/18/1985)


VI.  Allen Grover Hupp (1/28/1885 - 3/11/1895)


VII. Emma Pearl Hupp (5/22/1887 - 11/14/1956)

    m. John Edward Hursey (5/5/1883 - 8/29/1963)  on 10/12/1905

      A. Clancy Kenneth Hursey (3/22/1906 - 5/21/1960)

        m1. Stella Marguerite Shrider (d. 11/8/1934) on 5/8/1932

            1. Emma Lou Hursey (b. 12/21/1932)

              m1. Nelson Carl Parkinson (10/1/1933 - 12/16/1976)

                  a. Debra Lynn Parkinson (b. 6/27/1956)

                    m. Lawrence Arthur Weld (b. 3/8/1948) on 4/3/1982 

                        i. Jesse Manning Weld (b. 12/24/1983)

                  b. Diana Lea Parkinson (8/3/1957 - 8/28/1974)

                  c. Denise Laureen Parkinson (b. 5/23/1961)

              m2. Harold Ronald Rinker (b. 6/28/1939) on 6/22/1980

            2. Patricia Ann Hursey (b. 11/8/1934)

              m. Arthur Glenn Babbs  on 1/29/1950

                  a. Roger William Babbs (b. 7/21/1952)

                  b. Thomas Eugene Babbs (b. 1/28/1956)

                  c. Dennis Glenn Babbs (b. 9/11/1960)

                    m. Pamela Jean Mesler  on 11/14/1981

                        i. Kelly Jean Babbs (b. 10/22/1984)

        m2. Ceola May Robberts (b. 5/13/1923) on 2/15/1942

            3. Michael Kenneth Hursey (b. 8/25/1943)

              m. Janet Carol Callen (b. 8/20/1947) on 12/25/1965

                  a. Edward Michael Hursey (b. 9/5/1974)

                  b. Kenneth Greg Hursey (b. 5/28/1977)

            4. David Clancy Hursey (b. 8/28/1944)

              m. Joan Ellen Thompson (b. 10/17/1945) on 6/10/1972

                  a. Jeanette Teresa Thompson (b. 8/17/1977)

            5. Stanley Isaiah Hursey (b. 4/1/1948)

              m. Carole Ann Burnum (b. 10/4/1945) on 11/12/1969

                  a. Adam Stanley Hursey (b. 9/23/1975)

            6. Wilma Jean May Hursey (b. 4/7/1953)

            7. John William Hursey (b. 5/3/1955)

              m1. Robin Ann Polen  -- div.

                  a. Carrie Lee Hursey (b. 8/18/1974)

              m2. Soledad Myores (b. 11/12/1949) -- div.

                  b. Angel May Hursey (b. 10/10/1979)

      B. Donnard Rudolph Hursey (4/11/1908 - 3/7/1970)

        m. Helen Marguerite Mechling (b. 12/6/1910) on 4/5/1930 

            1. Glen Alan Hursey (b. 9/30/1930)

              m. Bonnie Jean Campbell (b. 10/19/1930) on 8/26/1951

                  a. Steven Alan Hursey (b. 10/13/1952)

                  b. Gary Lynn Hursey (b. 5/10/1957)

                    m. Connie Jean Ortman (b. 4/30/1957) on 6/9/1979

                        i. Ty Loren Hursey (b. 6/8/1983)




Descendants of Edward Hupp and Catherine Cooperrider, cont.         E-19


(VII. Emma)

      (B. Donnard)

            2. Carol Louise Hursey (b. 10/23/1932)

              m. Rodney Merrill Uffner (b. 4/10/1932) on 8/28/1954

                  a. Nancy Kay Uffner (b. 3/31/1957)

                    m. Scott Forbes Elliott  on 6/16/1984

                  b. Judith Kim Uffner (b. 11/29/1958)

                    m. Gerald Beecher Queen II (b. 8/11/1955)

                  c. Linda Joy Uffner (b. 9/16/1963)

                  d. Susan Lynn Uffner (b. 9/3/1965)

      C. Wilmer H. Hursey (b. 3/19/1911)

        m. Annabel Lucile Helser (b. 6/15/1915) on 7/1/1939

            1. Janet Kay Hursey (b. 10/5/1942)

              m. David Lowell Koehler  on 8/6/1966

      D. Mary Josephine Hursey (11/5/1921 - 3/12/1980)

        m. Walter Raymond Shrider (2/29/1920 - 11/30/1970) on 7/5/1948

            1. Randolph Walter Shrider (b. 11/29/1949)

              m. Rita Kay Dupler (b. 2/14/1949) on 6/7/1969

                  a. Stephanie Lynn Shrider (b. 6/30/1975)

                  b. Stacia Leigh Shrider (b. 12/14/1985)

            2. Rita Marie Shrider (b. 11/22/1950)

              m. Phillip Brent McIntyre (b. 6/16/1950) on 6/17/1972

            (ad.) a. Jonathan Kim Lee McIntyre (b. 9/5/1985)

            3. Ronald Lee Shrider (b. 11/5/1952)

              m. Candance May Whitehair (b. 1/9/1953) on 12/23/1985

            4. Rayna Marlene Shrider (b. 5/23/1955)

              m. Terry Williams (b. 6/27/1956)

                  a. Chelsea Marlene Williams (b. 8/9/1984)

                  b. Jenna Marie William (b. 4/22/1986)


VIII. Arthur C. Hupp (6/14/1889 - 6/2/1968)

    m. Mabel F. Harris (b. 8/9/1890) on 1/3/1909

      A. Raymond A. Hupp (stillborn 12/8/1913)

      B. Carroll Lee Hupp (9/17/1919 - 12/17/1944) 

        m. Martha Dean Clouse  on 3/22/1941


IX.  Robert Augustus Hupp (12/28/1891 - 1975)

    m. Bessie Brown (1894 - 8/9/1970)

      A. Harold Edward Hupp (b. 9/14/1911)

        m. Violet Harter  on 2/20/1937

            1. Edward Harter Hupp (b.&d. 9/15/1938)

            2. Susan Joy Hupp (b. 4/24/1941) 

              m. Geoffrey Edward Danner  on 11/19/1961

                  a. Kristin Lynne Danner (b. 6/13/1966)

                  b. David Edward Danner (b. 5/15/1968)

      B. Irene Virginia Hupp (b. 7/24/1916)

        m. Edward Martin Rauck (d. 4/2/1970)  on 9/14/1940

            1. Linda Sue Rauck (b. 2/28/1943)

              m. Richard Vernon Snelling  on 3/30/1962

                  a. Elizabeth Anne Snelling (b. 3/3/1973)

            2. Barbara Kay Rauck (b. 1/28/1947)

              m1. James Glenn VanWinkle  on 12/29/1965 -- div.

                  a. James Glenn VanWinkle, Jr. (b. 4/8/1967)

                  b. Brian Edward VanWinkle (b. 7/10/1969)

              m2. Richard Bartlett  on 4/28/1976

            3. Joyce Ann Rauck (b. 3/5/1953)

              m. Eugene Lane  on 6/17/1980

            4. Edward Martin Rauck, Jr. (b. 10/1/1954)

              m. Karen Conley  on 10/21/1978









E-20    Descendants of Edward Hupp and Catherine Cooperrider, cont.


(IX. Robert)

      C. Russell Augustus Hupp (2/19/1921 - 12/8/1985)

        m. Dolores Adlis  on 1/12/1946

            1. Robert Anton Hupp (b. 11/4/1946)

              m. Karen Yovone Hull  on 2/20/1965

                  a. Vicky Sue Hupp (b. 7/19/1965)

                  b. Lisa Anna Hupp (b. 9/10/1969)

                  c. Julie Marie Hupp (b. 9/2/1978)

            2. Dale Allen Hupp (9/26/1949 - 12/30/1984)

              m. Carolyn Sue Yantis  on 6/8/1968 -- div.

                  a. Richard Allen Hupp (b. 2/21/1969) 

            3. Russell Augustus Hupp, Jr. (b. 3/18/1958)

              m. Susie ---

                  a. Renne Allison Hupp (b. 2/20/1985)

      D. Robert A. Hupp (b. 2/15/1928)

        m. Mary Jean Roberts (b. 3/25/1929) on 5/30/1948

            1. Charles Robert Hupp (b. 1/13/1953)

              m. Betsy Lou Pipes

                  a. Miranda Lynn Hupp (b. 7/16/1975)

                  b. Christina Renee Hupp (b. 4/5/1983)

            2. Barry Gene Hupp (b. 8/22/1956)

              m. Lola Ann Stewart

                  a. Andrew Johnathon Hupp (b. 12/2/1980)


X.   John Lee Hupp (4/26/1894 - 10/29/1979)

    m. Iva Esther Tusing (10/22/1896 - 9/12/1990) on 12/24/1914

      A. Marjorie Marie Hupp (b. 7/16/1915)

        m. Alva Lowery ( - 4/30/1986) on 1/31/1939

            1. Juanita Mae Lowery (b. 2/23/1941)

              m. Harold John Swick ( - 1989) on 9/8/1962

                  a. Jacquelyn Michelle Swick (b. 8/3/1964)

                  b. Jonquil Lynne Swick (b. 12/6/1967)

            2. Larry Edward Lowery (b. 11/26/1942)

              m. Kathy Noland  on 11/23/1961

                  a. Diana Lynne Lowery (b. 11/16/1962)

                  b. Kimberly Sue Lowery (b. 12/12/1965)

            3. Sharon Kay Lowery (b. 3/26/1966)

              m. Richard Hickman (b. 4/3/1947)

                  a. Michelle Renee Hickman (b. 5/4/1970)

      B. Bonnie Jean Hupp (b. 10/24/1920)

        m. Earl Westcott  on 3/27/1937

            1. Wayne Lee Westcott (b. 11/12/1937)

              m. Sharon Alexander  on 6/16/1957

                  a. Sharon Elizabeth Westcott (b. 1/10/1958)

                  b. Wayne Franklin Westcott (b. 2/16/1959)

                  c. Tammie Mae Westcott (b. 4/6/1961)

                  d. Kermit James Westcott (b. 9/22/1962)

                  e. Tina Marie Westcott (b. 12/17/1965)

                  f. Timmie Lee Westcott (b. 5/25/1967)

                  g. Diana Elaine Westcott (7/25/1969 - 12/11/1970) 

            2. Dennis Earl Westcott (b. 8/10/1945)

            3. Faye Anne Westcott (b. 6/19/1953)

              m. Mark Hennessy  on 5/20/1981









Descendants of Edward Hupp and Catherine Cooperrider, cont.         E-21



(X. John)

      C. Loy Dwight Hupp (8/23/1926 - 1/29/1994) - Roswell, NM

        m. Connie Mae Rhodes ( - 10/24/1971) on 8/28/1944

            1. Danny Dee Hupp (b. 8/17/1945) - Brownsville, OH

              m. Theresa Wise  on 3/1/1967

                  a. Matthew Shane Hupp (b. 11/12/1967)

                  b. Jeremy Scott Hupp (b. 2/19/1970)

            2. Charles Lee Hupp (1/31/1948 - 8/23/1988)

              m. Becki Blackson  on 7/15/1967

                  a. Kelli Jo Hupp (b. 6/10/1968)

            3. Garee Edwin Hupp (b. 12/14/1950) - Milwaukee, WI

              m. Dianne Sadowski  on 1/10/1970

            4. Vicki Sue Hupp (b. 11/23/1952)  - Atlanta, GA

            5. Randall Loy Hupp (b. 9/3/1954) - Lorain, OH

            6. Becki Anne Hupp (b. 1/16/1963) - Lorain, OH




XI.  Everett Bryan Hupp (12/31/1896 - 12/15/1985)

    m. Edith M. Coe (5/10/1898 - 1/31/1985) on 4/20/1916

      A. Vernon Edwin Hupp (5/17/1917 - 8/9/1921)

      B. Paul Eugene Hupp (b. 7/23/1920)  Zanesville, Ohio

        m. Helen Marie Rush  on 12/24/1941

            1. Daniel Paul Hupp (6/18/1947 - 4/25/1976)

              m. Betty Lee Davis  1967

                  a. Trever Dan Hupp (b. 2/7/1969)

            2. Cynthia Sue Hupp (b. 8/31/1959)

              m. John S. Stiverson  on 12/11/1982

                  a. Khali Marie Stiverson (b. 4/8/1984)

      C. Gertrude Virginia Hupp (b. 12/9/1922)

        m. Fred William Russell  on 8/3/1943

            1. Matthew Allen Russell (b. 1/3/1958)


XII. Jeremiah Irvin Hupp (8/9/1899 - 1977)

    m. Georgia Irvin  on 12/22/1920

      A. Gale Irvin Hupp (b. 6/8/1921)

        m. Charlotte Burke  on 6/29/1949

            1. Leslie Hupp (b. 6/7/1956)

      B. Clyde Allen Hupp (6/20/1923 - 10/6/1934)

      C. Richard Franklin Hupp (b. 4/13/1926)

        m. Patricia J. Barks  on 2/12/1954 

            1. Debbie Jane Hupp (b. 9/1/1954)

            2. Denise Ann Hupp (b. 2/22/1957)

            3. Dixie Lee Hupp (b. 10/8/1959)


XIII. Mary Irene Hupp (4/4/1902 - 5/18/1950)

    m. Paul E. Gutridge  on 4/15/1922

      A. Thelma Louise Gutridge (b. 10/17/1924)

        m. Joe Lynn Dill  on 11/9/1946

            1. Gregory Lynn Dill (b. 7/7/1953)

      B. Doris Kathryn Gutridge (b. 5/12/1927)

        m. Robert Gordon Millspaugh  on 4/7/1946

            1. Barbara Kay Millspaugh (b. 11/13/1946)

              m. Mark T. Jones  on 6/24/1967

            2. Pamela Jean Millspaugh (b. 3/14/1948)

              m. Walter C. Glanz  on 8/30/1969 

            3. Vicki Frances Millspaugh (b. 8/12/1949)

              m. S. Edward Stone  on 12/7/1968

            4. Ricky Gordon Millspaugh (b. 6/28/1951)







E-22    Descendants of Edward Hupp and Catherine Cooperrider, cont.



(XIII. Mary)

      C. Velda Eileen Gutridge (6/10/1929 - 2/4/1932)

      D. Robert Paul Gutridge (b. 10/8/1931)

        m. Lois Eileen Swinehart  on 2/23/1952

            1. Kent Lynn Gutridge (b. 10/31/1957)

            2. Lisa Kay Gutridge (b. 9/11/1959)

              m. Dennis Deaver

      E. Richard Everett Gutridge (b. 10/8/1931), twin

        m. Bernadine Bowers  on 4/8/1951 

            1. Douglas Joe Gutridge (b. 1/3/1952)

            2. Curtis Paul Gutridge (b. 9/3/1954)

            3. Julie Ann Gutridge (b. 4/26/1959)

            4. Jeffrey Lee Gutridge (b. 7/18/1960)

      F. Darrell Eugene Gutridge (b. 2/8/1940)

        m. Linda King  on 4/27/1963

            1. Lori Anne Gutridge (b. 6/10/1970)

    Paul m2. Jesse Hacker (2/18/1907 - 12/10/1984)




















        Leslie, Charlotte & Gale I. Hupp of Urbana, Ohio (see E-21)





















Roy & Margaret Hupp of Newark, Ohio, with their Hupmobile (see E-17)















     George F. Hupp (not to be confused with other men of that name) 

was the fourth child of Strauther and Elizabeth.  He married Nancy C.  

Swinehart and they had nine children:




George F. Hupp (7/28/1856 - 2/7/1933)  (from E-6)

m. Nancy C. Swinehart (7/19/1858 - 9/29/1936)



I.   Bertha Bell Hupp (8/15/1877 - 3/1956)

    m. Walker Fisher (9/29/1873 - 2/7/1938) on 3/12/1899

        A. Myrtle Fisher (b. 5/27/1903)  Sheridan, Wyoming

          m. Adolph Martin Michael Harwig  on 6/1/1929

              1. Sally Ann Hartwig (b. 1/24/1931)

                m. Gene Edward Gligora (b. 1/22/1930)

                    a. Carole Dianna Gligora (b. 9/3/1952)

                    b. Cynthia Jean Gligora (b. 2/27/1955)

                    c. Calvin Joseph Gligora (b. 8/12/1956) 

              2. Gretchen Evelyn Harwig (b. 11/7/1934)

                m. David Hallowell (b. 12/3/1934) on 9/23/1957

              3. Charles Martin Hartwig (b. 8/30/1951)

              4. Robert Michael Hartwig (b. 1/10/1953)

        B. Doris Catherine Fisher (b. 8/29/1910)  Oakland, Calif.

          m. Reinhold "Sam" Kuball (b. 12/25/1903) on 10/8/1933

              1. Jacqueline Kuball (b.&d. 7/16/1935)

              2. Curtis Lee Kuball (b. 7/20/1938)

                m. Mary Sue Heater (b. 3/1941) on 8/19/1960

        C. Woodrow Walker Fisher (d. 7/1956)  Chicago, Ill.

          m. Clara Orva Rierson  on 2/12/1941

              1. Gail Marcia Fisher (b. 1/17/1942)

              2. John Walker Fisher (b. 9/6/1943)


II.  Maggie Melzenie "Mellie" Hupp (9/17/1878 - 6/29/1957)

    m. Frank Woolard (9/16/1876 - 1946)







E-24    Descendants of George F. Hupp and Nancy Swinehart, cont.





III. Chancy Ray Hupp (2/16/1880 - 1973)

    m. Iva E. Irwin (1885 - 1976)  on 12/20/1906

        A. Ross Irwin Hupp (b. 12/28/1909)

          m. Thelma Gutridge (b. 5/9/1912) on 8/12/1931

              1. Donald Lee Hupp (b. 10/14/1931)

                m. Phyllis Ott (b. 11/1/1930) on 11/14/1953

                    a. Pamela Dawn Hupp (b. 3/20/1958)

              2. Ruth Doris Hupp (b. 1/12/1933)

                m1. Russell Bonner  1947  -- div. 1951

                    a. David Lee Bonner (b. 6/6/1948)

                      m. Debbie Francis

                m2. Edward Tompkins on 8/31/1958

              3. Clarise Louise Hupp (5/3/1934 - 8/13/1975)

                m. Charles Guy Covert (b. 9/18/1931) on 7/29/1951

                    a. Charles Fredrick Covert (b. 1/26/1952)

                      m. Kathy Mours

                    b. Jo Ann Covert (b. 1/14/1953)

                      m1. Robert Dermer

                      m2. John McConnell

                          i. Laura McConnell (b. 12/12/1985)

                    c. Darrell Eugene Covert (b. 3/18/1954)

                      m. Judy ---

                          i. Lyle Fredrick Covert

                         ii. Justine Covert

                    d. Jeffery Allen Covert (b. 10/2/1955)

                      m. Jeannie Carr

                          i. Jeffry Covert

                         ii. Sherri Covert

                    e. Lucinda Lynn Covert (b. 7/19/1957)

                      m. Gregory Crawford

                          i. Aaron Crawford

                    f. Ruth Leona Covert (b. 5/14/1958)

                      m. Randy Cates

                          i. Renee Cates

                    g. Sherry Ann Covert (triplet, b.&d. 5/14/1958)

                    h. Cheryl Lee Covert (triplet, b.&d. 5/14/1958)

                    i. Terry Edward Covert (b. 7/7/1959)

                      m. Tammy Barber

                          i. Brandon Covert

                         ii. Nicholas Covert

                    j. Trina Covert

                      m. Scott Gayhart

                          i. Nathan Gayhart

        B. Forest Ray Hupp (b. 12/22/1914)

          m. Barbara Ellen Butler (b. 5/25/1918) on 8/15/1941

              1. Julie Ann Hupp (b. 8/9/1944)

                m. John Harris III  1967

                    a. Sean Harris

                    b. Mark Harris

              2. Ellen Kay Hupp (b. 5/20/1947)

                m. Patric McLeod

                    a. Mathew McLeod (b. 5/25/1972)

              3. Forest Ray Hupp (b. 11/28/1949)

                m. Susan Owens

                    a. Angela Hupp (b. 3/14/1974)

                    b. Marci Hupp (b. 2/11/1978)

                    c. Lyndsay Ellen Hupp (b. 1/11/1980)









Descendants of George F. Hupp and Nancy Swinehart, cont.            E-25





IV.  Rosa Elizabeth Hupp (11/7/1881 - 9/10/1953)

    m. Wilber Eli Dusthimer (6/21/18-- - 5/28/1946) on 3/17/1898

        A. Lena Lusina Dusthimer (b. 2/12/1899)

          m. James Arthur Thrap (b. 11/7/1898) on 9/20/1919

              1. Charles Eugene Thrap (b. 4/24/1924)

                m. Richeline Vinsin 

                    a. Linda Laverne Thrap (10/29/1947 - 8/17/1953)

                    b. Charles Eugene Thrap (b. 11/20/1953)

        B. Lola Ruth Dusthimer (b. 12/3/1903)

          m. Edward Carl Barber (b. 1/4/1893)

              1. James Edward Barber (b. 8/25/1942)

                m. Nancy Lee Ruple (b. 5/18/1940) on 2/11/1961


V.   Emma Lea Hupp (4/7/1883 - 1962)

    m. William T. Dispennette  in 1906

        A. Earl Delno Dispennette (b. 11/6/1909)

          m. Mary Lucille Johnston (b. 9/3/1911)

              1. Larry Earl Dispennette (b. 6/6/1939)

                m. Barbara Evelyn Street (b. 8/23/1943)

                    a. Mark Gregory Dispennette (b. 12/9/1972)

                    b. Christy Lynn Dispennette (b. 1/12/1977)

        B. Carl William Dispennette (8/3/1915 - 1/1/1986)

          m1. Carolyn Lucille Taylor (b. 7/24/1918) - div.

              1. Betty Jean Dispennette (b. 9/24/1937)

          m2. Nettie A. Glover (b. 9/29/1913)

              2. Carl Clark Dispennette (7/11/1951 - 2/11/1977)

                m. Rosemary O. Waid

        C. Franklin Junior Dispennette (b. 12/23/1923)

          m. Betty Jean Woolard (b. 8/7/1928)

              1. Lisa Dispennette (b. 5/20/1960)

                m. Thomas James McNichols (b. 1/9/1959)

                    a. Thomas Joseph McNichols (9/11 - 9/14/1982)

                    b. Jennifer Marie McNichols (b. 7/27/1983)


VI.  Laura Pearl Hupp (10/17/1886 - 1/1/1888)


VII. Frank Earl Hupp (4/23/1889 - 5/8/1944)

    m. Nora Gutridge (1888 - 1959)  on 12/22/1909

        A. Oscar Raymond Hupp (b. 6/30/1911)

          m. Ada Margaret Mautz  on 8/2/1936

              1. Raymond Laverne Hupp (b. 7/7/1937)

                m. Janet Elaine Smeltzer  on 3/18/1961

        B. Freeman Paul Hupp (b. 4/24/1914)

          m. Ruth Elma Taylor (b. 5/23/1913) on 10/11/1933

              1. James Franklin Hupp (b. 8/19/1934) - Columbus, OH

                m. Ethel Marie Farren  on 4/25/1953 -- div. 1957

                    a. Jimmy Freeman Hupp (b. 7/23/1954)

              2. Edward Freeman Hupp (b. 11/9/1937) - Columbus, OH

                m. Birtie May Brill  on 10/29/1955

                    a. David Edward Hupp (b. 10/12/1956)

                    b. Michael Wayne Hupp (b. 9/14/1958)

                    c. Stephen Paul Hupp (b. 7/7/1961)

              3. Ronald Paul Hupp (b. 8/7/1947) - Columbus, OH









E-26    Descendants of George F. Hupp and Nancy Swinehart, cont.



(VII. Frank)

        C. Mabel Katheryn Hupp (b. 6/1/1916)

          m. Orton Cecil Clark  (b. 12/11/1910)

              1. Sonya Kay Clark (b. 4/19/1942?)

                m. James Mitchell  on 4/6/1962

                    a. Randol Clark Mitchell (b. 5/9/1963)

                      m. Raelene Soto (b. 8/28/1964)

                          i. Randol Mitchell, Jr. (b. 12/19/1983)

              2. Constance Sue Clark (b. 12/27/1942)

                m. Thomas H. Postle  on 7/11/1965

                    a. Connie Rene Postle (b. 5/1/1968)

                    b. Scot Thomas Postle (b. 2/21/1970)

                    c. Tammy Sue Postle (b. 9/15/1973)

              3. Douglas Cecil Clark (b. 4/10/1952)

                m. Karen Wilson (b. 7/8/1956)

                    a. Jessica Lynn (b. 5/11/1984)


VIII. Floyd S. Hupp (8/31/1893 - 5/7/1973)

     m. Mary Gutridge

        A. George Franklin Hupp (b. 2/10/1915)

          m. Lois Margarett Stewart (b. 2/11/1915)

              1. George F. Hupp, Jr. (b. 9/24/1942)

              2. Stephen Stewart Hupp (b. 1/11/1946)

              3. Marie Margoretta (b. 8/27/1947)

        B. Naomi Nadeen Hupp

          m. --- McCormick

        C. Helen Irene Hupp

          m. --- Criswell

        D. Annabell Hupp

          m. --- Brunson

        E. Betty May Hupp

          m. --- Keplar


IX.  Paul Bryan Hupp (b. 6/25/1896)

    m. Daisy M. Cochran (b. 6/13/1903)

        A. Harold Richard Hupp (b. 11/17/1923)

          m. Helen Greathouse (b. 6/17/1923)

              1. Joan Ann Hupp (b. 2/28/1944)

                m. Terance Davis

                    a. James Davis (b. 9/18/1966)

                    b. Matthew Paul Davis (b. 3/31/1975)

                    c. Pamela Sue Davis (b. 12/13/1978)

              2. Harold Richard Hupp, Jr (b. 11/1/1947)

                m. Susan Musick (b. 10/4/1947)

                    a. Brian Richard Hupp (b. 1/24/1972)

                    b. Deanne Sue Hupp (b. 6/16/1975)

                    c. Darin Arthur Hupp, twin

                    d. Andrew Steven Hupp (b. 2/9/1978)

                    e. Eric Scott Hupp (b. 10/3/1980)

        B. Dale Junior Hupp (b. 9/6/1929)

          m. Loane Gorley

              1. Jeffery Paul Hupp (b. 1/27/1963)

              2. Rebecca Janet Hupp (b. 12/6/1967)









Descendants of Strauther Hupp and Elizabeth Meredith, cont.         E-27



The descendants of Strauther's middle children:  5. Helen to 9. Nettie



     The information on the descendants of these children of Strauther's

is fairly recently attained by me.  Some of it may be more complete for

some families than for others.  They will be grouped by each family.








Helen Magdelene Hupp (9/2/1858 - 9/10/1932)  (from E-6)

m. Isaac Cooperrider (3/8/1854 - 9/21/1939)  (from E-15)



I.   Olive Lynn Cooperrider (11/20/1881 - 1970)

    m. Luther Loy Lynn (8/17/1882 - 4/23/1927)

        A. Helen Marie Lynn (b. 4/20/1908)

          m. Henry Harrison Huff

        B. Neel C. Lynn (4/4/1920 - 10/8/1976)

          m. Marie Evelyn Priest (b. 3/21/1925)

              1. Terry Lee Lynn (b. 2/28/1948)

                m1. Patricia Joanne Rucker (b. 1/28/1948) - div.

                    a. Terry Lee Lynn, Jr. (b. 9/9/1968)

                    b. Misty Dianne Lynn (b. 2/19/1972)

                m2. Linda Stedman  on 7/11/1981

              2. Mary Lou Lynn (b. 9/5/1951)

                m1. John R. Milliser (b. 1/8/1945) -- div.

                m2. William Craig


II.  Elmer Cooperrider (1/27/1885 - 10/17/1906)

    m. Orpha Estella Mohler (12/8/1883 - 2/11/1950)

        A. Harold Mohler Cooperrider (b. 12/30/1911)

          m. Lucille Geneva Fisher (b. 5/23/1915)

        B. Donald Elmer Cooperrider (b. 9/21/1914)

          m. Sarah Jeanette Limes (b. 7/11/1915) on 12/25/1936

        C. Mildred Irene Cooperrider (b. 4/12/1918)

          m. Norman Wilbur Stiver  on 2/14/1942

              1. Norman Wilbur Stiver, Jr. (b. 8/8/1943)

              2. Bruce Allen Stiver (b. 3/15/1949)


III. Luke Cooperrider  (b. 5/25/1891)

    m. Lola M. King (b. 11/26/1889)

        A. Luke King Cooperrider (b. 12/2/1918)

        B. Mary Patricia Cooperrider (b. 6/21/1921)

          m. Julian Fred Leet (b. 11/23/1920) on 6/27/1943

        C. Barbara Esther Cooperrider (b. 3/3/1924)



Charles William Hupp (9/3/1860 - 9/30/1927)  (from E-6)

m. Lucinda "Lou" Winegardner (1868 - 1944)


I. Glena May Hupp (10/9/1892 - 1/20/1957)

  m. Loyd Poorman (3/16/1893 - 9/20/1952)










E-28    Descendants of Strauther Hupp and Elizabeth Meredith, cont. 






Sarah Ida Hupp (8/30/1862 - 1947)  (from E-6)

m. Charles Leroy Swinehart (10/11/1861 - 9/17/1930)



I. Obed Vincent Swinehart (5/19/1885 - 1937)

  m. Annabel Spencer (1887 - 1966)

        A. Dan Spencer Swinehart (1909 - 1930)

        B. Charles Henry Swinehart  (b. 2/16/1912)

          m. Helen Milhoan (b. 4/7/1923) on 4/25/1947

              1. Caroll Vincent Swinehart

              2. Scott Allen Swinehart

              3. Cynthia Swinehart

        C. Virginia Ann Swinehart

          m. Robert Ayle

              one son

        D. Ralph William Swinehart


II. Mabel Swinehart (1889 - 1946)

   m. Owen Ice (1889 - 1953)

        A. Elizabeth Ice

          m. Robert Dunn

              1. Thomas Victor Dunn




Mary Jane Hupp (7/28/1865 - )  (from E-6)

m. Allen Boring (11/29/1861 - 3/7/1941)



I.   Ada Boring (12/4/1885 - )

    m1. Tyse Nolond

        A. one child, died aged 6 months

    m2. Herman Langlie



II.  Guy Boring (7/10/1887 - 2/10/1954) nm


III. Nellie Boring (6/24/1889 - 9/1/1961)

    m. Albert Foster



IV.  Rollie Boring (3/18/1891 - 9/29/1965)

    m. Adnah Ridenour (b. 11/19/1893)

        A. Miriam Louise Boring (b. 7/9/1914)

          m. Joe Rinker (b. 8/26/1915) on 7/2/1935 


        B. Russell Owen Boring (b. 3/13/1918)

          m. Betty Mauger  on 8/14/1937






Descendants of Allen Boring and Mary Jane Hupp, cont.               E-29





V.   Oscar Boring (8/7/1893 - 2/14/1959)

    m. Floral Hamm (b. 11/23/1903)

        A. Marjorie Boring 

          m. Robert West

              1. Donna West           - Oregon

                m. William Muckhammer 

              2. Linda West           - Oregon

                m. Richard Jenieson

        B. Robert Boring - whereabouts unknown

        C. Marvin Boring - killed before marriage


VI.  Carl Boring (7/18/1895 - 2/8/1948)

    m. Fern Flenner (b. 6/9/1901) 

        A. Norma Boring (b. 8/18/1930)

          m. Royce Shade (b. 12/31/1921)

              1. Daniel L. Shade (1/15/1957 - 4/3/1986) 

        B. Gerald Boring (b. 6/28/1940) 

          m. Jayne L. Steiner (b. 12/15/1940)

              1. Jennifer Boring (b. 6/17/1966)

              2. Joshua Boring (b. 10/3/1969)

              3. Jeremy Boring (b. 9/1/1970)

              4. Justin Boring (b. 1/1/1972)


VII. Ivus Boring (10/20/1898 - 2/14/1974)

    m. Clarence Axline (b. 10/2/1897)

        A. Mary Axline                  - Florida

          m. George Ellis

              1. Sharon Kay Ellis

        B. Lucille Axline

          m. James Gordon

              1. James Stephen Gordon

                m. Janet Sandbury 

                    a. Jessica Sue Gordon

                    b. Jennifer Ashley Gordon

              2. Jan Allen Gordon

                m. Ava Lehner

                    a. Kiel Allen

                    b. Natalie

        C. Alden Axline 

          m. Doris Foucht

              1. Sandra Axline

              2. Lucinda Axline

              3. Rick Axline

        D. Eddie Allen Axline

          m. Norma Richards

              1. Sharla Axline

                m. --- Snedden

              2. Craig Axline

                m. ----

        E. Patty Sue Axline

          m. Edward Young

              1. Stephen Young

                m. ----

                    a. Lisa Young









E-30    Descendants of Allen Boring and Mary Jane Hupp, cont. 






VIII. Maud Boring (1/24/1900 - 8/1966)

     m. Ora Brown



IX.  Edwin Boring (2/1/1904 - 1/23/1956) 

    m. Ellen McCarrick (7/13/1914 - 7/9/1954) 

        A. Mary Jane Boring (b. 1/10/1934)

              1. Earl David Boring (b. 3/20/1953)


X.   Raymond Boring (3/12/1908 - 1/20/1967)




































The Allen Boring family:

(back row, r.) Albert Foster, Edwin Boring, Lee Hickman, Herman

Langlie, Raymond Boring, Clarence Axline

(third "row") Rollie Boring, Nellie Foster, Ada Langlie, Ivus Axline

(second row) Miriam Boring, Adnah Boring, Ellen Boring, Maude Hickman,

Carl Boring, Fern Boring.

(front row) Russell Boring, Oscar Boring, Flo Boring, Mary Jane (Hupp)

Boring, Allen Boring, Guy Boring, Lucille Boring, Mary Axline 

(front) Marjorie Boring, Robert Boring, Alaen Axline









Descendants of Strauther Hupp, cont. -- 9. Nettie                   E-31






Nettie Lee Hupp (3/28/1868 - 4/19/1906)  (from E-6)

m. Arthur Melvin Iden (4/10/1870 - 12/26/1960)



I.   Bessie Iden (11/26/1890 - 4/1968)


II.  Charles Iden (b. 4/17/1893)

    m. Zona Fountain (b. 7/22/1893)

        A. Pauline Iden (b. 3/30/1914)

        B. Cletus Iden (b. 10/30/1918)

          m. Doris Wheeler (b. 6/21/1917)

              1. Edward Iden (b. 4/7/1942)

                m. Mae Pletcher (b. 9/1/1937)

                    a. Todd Iden (b. 8/22/1965)

                    b. Tomi Iden (b. 5/9/1971)

                    c. Brent Iden (b. 2/18/1973)

                    d. Amanda Iden (b. 7/27/1976) 


III. Vernon Iden (b. 10/21/1899)

    m. Ethel Loughman Iden (b. 7/6/1900)

        A. Bernadetta Iden (b. 11/2/1922)

          m. Dallas Moore (b. 6/9/1920)

              1. Lois Moore (b. 8/9/1949)

                m. --- Harrier

                    a. J. Robert Harrier (b. 5/31/1970)

              2. Larry Moore (b. 1/13/1953)

        B. Ella Jean Iden (b. 12/3/1924)

          m. --- Carpenter

              1. Ray Edward Carpenter (b. 11/6/1948)

                m. Rita Grimes (b. 9/1/1949)

                    a. Roy Edward Carpenter, Jr. (b. 3/21/1968)

                    b. Lonnie Carpenter (b. 9/23/1970)

                    c. Trina Carpenter (b. 1/13/1978)

              2. Walter Carpenter (b. 6/1/1953)

                m. Pamela West (b. 8/31/1956)

                    a. Keith Carpenter (b. 3/4/1977)

                    b. April Carpenter (b. 6/8/1979)

                    c. Brian Carpenter (b. 2/19/1981) 

              3. Debra Sue Carpenter (b. 9/11/1956)

                m1. --- Yost

                    a. Jacinda Yost (b. 12/17/1976)

                m2. Douglas Bridwell

                    b. Jesse Bredwell (b. 8/6/1981) 

              4. Cheryl Carpenter (b. 5/17/1958)

                m. Daniel Mapes (b. 6/15/1958)

                    a. Sarina Mapes (b. 6/25/1984)

                    b. Danielle Mapes (b. 12/5/1985)

              5. Lisa Carpenter (b. 11/17/1965)






E-32    Descendants of Nettie Lee Hupp and Arthur Melvin Iden, cont. 



(III. Vernon)

        C. Darrell Iden (b. 12/31/1927)

          m. Mryna Huffman (b. 2/8/1930)

              1. Ronald Lee Iden (b. 7/6/1955)

                m. Cynthia Crawmer (b. 11/5/1958)

                    a. Ashlee Dawn Iden (b. 5/7/1981)

              2. Jeffery Iden (b. 12/23/1958)

                m. Jo Ellen Young (b. 9/6/1957)

                    a. Janel Iden (b. 2/19/1985)

              3. Roger Iden (b. 11/28/1960)

                m. Gina McCoy (b. 11/3/1961)

        D. Donald Iden (b. 10/6/1932)

          m. Eyleen Thomas (b. 5/1/1933)

              1. Galen Iden (b. 6/4/1963)

              2. Benita Iden (b. 6/9/1966)


IV.  Iva Iden (b. 2/25/1897)

    m. William Carl Hurd (b. 2/25/1897)

        A. Edwin Hurd (b. 9/22/1918)

          m. Opal Boyer (b. 2/18/1920)

              1. Janet Hurd (b. 2/5/1941)

                m. Ted Benson (b. 3/14/1939)

                    a. Kimberly Benson (b. 9/20/1963)

                      m. David Shull (b. 11/9/1959)

                    b. Denise Benson (b. 6/26/1969)

              2. Connie Hurd (b. 10/19/1942)

                m. Jimmie Rhodes (b. 4/2/1941)

                    a. Misti Rhodes (b. 6/28/1967)

                      m. Mark Collins (b. 9/20/1964)

                          i. Amanda Collins (b. 3/26/1986)

                    b. Richard Rhodes (b. 12/21/1972) 

        B. Robert Hurd (b. 8/6/1921)

          m. Betty Alspach Hurd (b. 5/10/1923)

              1. Marjorie Hurd (b. 3/4/1950)

                m. James Wolpe III (b. 10/28/1950)

                    a. Heather Wolpe (b. 7/3/1974)

                    b. James Wolpe IV (b. 12/23/1981)

              2. Sharon Hurd (b. 4/3/1953)

                m. Arnold Ettenhofer (b. 1/27/1956)

                    a. Abby Ettenhofer (b. 11/23/1983) 

        C. Carl Eugene Hurd (b. 9/30/1925)

          m. Barbara Barnes (b. 7/8/1929)

              1. Debra Hurd (b. 11/28/1951)

                m. Edward Nelson (b. 8/4/1952)

                    a. Edward Nelson, Jr. (b. 12/4/1976)

                    b. Amy Nelson (b. 4/3/1979)

                    c. Christopher Nelson (b. 10/26/1981)

              2. Patricia Hurd (b. 4/10/1954)

                m. Joseph Bodle (b. 5/6/1952)

                    a. Mathew Bodle (b. 12/19/1982)

              3. David Hurd (b. 12/19/1959)









Descendants of Balser Uriah Hupp, son of Strauther                  E-33




     Balser Uriah Hupp was the second youngest child of Strauther and

Elizabeth, and he was the last surviving member of his family.  He was

married twice, first to Rachel Iden, whom he divorced, and then to

Stella Miller.  He died in 1950, and he is buried with Stella in the

Highland Cemetery near Glenford, Ohio.  






Balser Uriah Hupp (3/7/1872 - 6/6/1950)  (from E-6)

m1. Rachel E. Iden (1876 - 1/12/1927) -- div.



I.   Grace Hupp (8/3/1893 - )

    m. Harry Johnson

      A. Harold R. Johnson

        m. Tenile Curtis



II.  Forest Thomas Hupp (b. 6/4/1897) Johnstown, Ohio

    m. Marie Buckenberger

      A. Rachel Mae Hupp

        m. Charles Piller  on 3/18/1951

            1. Charlene Marie Piller (b. 2/15/1952)

              m. Dean Moll

                  a. Melissa Faith Moll (b. 12/4/1978)

                  b. Alexander John Moll (b. 2/18/1982)

            2. Cheri Mae Piller (b. 11/26/1953)

              m. Dan Lough

                  a. Katherine Marie Lough (b. 12/7/1983)

            3. Nancy Piller (b. 2/18/1962)

      B. Donald Hupp (b. 6/15/1929)

        m. Janet McCann (b. 9/29/1932) -- div.

            1. Dan Allen Hupp (b. 9/29/1953)

            2. Barry Eugene Hupp (b. 2/18/1955)

              m. Dianna Taylor  on 11/6/1976

                  a. Jesse Eugene Hupp (b. 3/20/1979)

                  b. Joshua Allen Hupp (b. 2/27/1982)

            3. Deborah Lynn Hupp (b. 7/2/1959)

              m. Mike Foor  on 12/20/1980

            4. Susan Elaine Hupp (b. 11/16/1965)


III. Mae Hupp (10/12/1900 - )

    m. Richard Ferno



VI.  L.D. Hupp (b. 12/31/1907)  Jacksonville, Fla.

   m. Elizabeth ---

 (ad.)A. Dennis Hupp









E-34    Descendants of Balser Uriah Hupp, son of Strauther





(Balser Uriah Hupp)

m2. Stella Miller (1888 - 1959)


V. Earl Russell Hupp (b. 10/15/1916)

  m. Estella Cooperrider (b. 9/28/1915) Thornville, Ohio

      A. Linda Lou Hupp (b. 5/23/1941)

        m. Robert Butler  on 6/10/1959

            1. Robert Mark Butler (b. 5/28/1960)

              m. Robin Kelly  on 2/8/1980

                  a. Joseph Butler (b. 7/22/1981)

                  b. Jacob Butler (b. 8/11/1984)

            2. Christopher Scott Butler (b. 8/5/1962)

            3. Kelly Brian Butler (b. 11/7/1964)

            4. Corby Matthew Butler (b. 4/5/1968)

            5. Lori Sue Butler (b. 1/5/1970)

      B. Earl Duane Hupp (b. 2/28/1943)

        m. Carol Bollinger  on 9/4/1965

            1. Julie Marie Hupp (b. 11/24/1966)

            2. Stacy Ann Hupp (b. 11/9/1968)

            3. Shari Lynn Hupp (b. 11/13/1970)

            4. Stephanie Elizabeth Hupp (b. 1/27/1981)

      C. Terry Lee Hupp (b. 7/28/1944)

        m. Wanda Smith  on 8/26/1967

            1. Matthew Jay Hupp (b. 2/23/1969)

            2. Misti Kay Hupp (b. 7/6/1971)

            3. Mandi Rae Hupp (b. 8/15/1977)

      D. Joanna Earlene Hupp (b. 6/27/1946)

        m. Forrest Stedman  on 7/5/1969

            1. Kevin Forrest Stedman (b. 1/22/1971)

            2. Michael Keith Stedman (b. 11/7/1972) 

      E. Karen Ann Hupp (b. 7/19/1952)

        m1. James Collins (11/10/1946 - 12/7/1980)

            1. Jeremy Robert Collins (b. 11/6/1974)

            2. Kristina Beth Collins (b. 9/12/1976)

        m2. Edward T. Johnston  on 5/23/1982 

            3. Kimberly Sue Johnston (b. 10/17/1985)

      F. Otis Ray Hupp (b. 6/10/1954)

        m. Ghlee Ann Stoneburner (b. 9/28/1957) on 4/20/1974

            1. Amber Lee Hupp (b. 11/28/1974)

            2. Brandy Marie Hupp (b. 1/8/1976)

            3. Obie Joseph Hupp (b. 5/9/1981)

      G. Debra Sue Hupp (b. 7/5/1958)

        m. Robert Steven Love (b. 5/12/1957) on 5/11/1978

            1. Jared Ryan Love (b. 6/13/1982)

            2. Adam Nicholas Love (b. 9/5/1983)












The top two rows of pictures were taken at the 40th wedding anniversery

of Earl and Estella Hupp.  Since then the families have changed some,

and more recent pictures are below and on the next page.







      <photo>                 <photo>                 <photo>






Earl and Estella Hupp    Robert and Linda (Hupp)    Duane and Carol

  and children              Butler and family       Hupp and family







      <photo>           <photo>             <photo>         <photo>







Terry and Wanda Hupp   Forrest & Joanna   James & Karen    Otis & Ghlee

     and family         (Hupp) Stedman    (Hupp) Collins   Hupp and

                          and family        and family       family












            <photo>                             <photo>











     Edward and Karen (Hupp)                  Kimberly Sue Johnston


























      <photo>                                   <photo>







Debra (Hupp) and Robert Love,

Jared, Adam

                                        L.D., Forest, and Earl Hupp
















            <photo>                       <photo>






                                        Stephanie Hupp 








Obie Joseph "O.J." Hupp






Descendants of Strauther Hupp, cont.: 12. Clara                     E-37





     Clara Augusta Hupp was the youngest child of Strauther and 

Elizabeth, born in August of 1875.  She was 25 years younger than her

oldest brother, Samuel.  She married Mitch Lattimer, and they had four




Clara Augusta Hupp (8/1875 - 1943?)

m. Harvey Michael "Mitch" Lattimer



I. Roy H. Lattimer (6/24/1896 - 1964)

    m. Millie E. Daugherty (10/27/1898 - 1980)

        A. Lois Miriam Lattimer (b. 1/6/1923)

          m. Robert B. Greiner 

              1. Carl Bruce Greiner (b. 5/13/1950)

                m. Balinda Balzell

                    a. Amelia Louise Greiner (b. 11/20/1981)

                    b. Alison Miriam Greiner (b. 12/3/1983)

                    c. Elizabeth Edith Greiner (b. 6/19/1985)

              2. Karen Greiner (11/17/1952 - 11/24/1985)

              3. Mark Frederick Greiner (b. 12/27/1964)

        B. Bonalee Lattimer (b. 12/24/1928)

        C. Rosemarie Lattimer, twin 


II.  Ralph Lattimer  -- Cleveland, Ohio

    m. Marie --- (German immigrant)



III. Reed Stanley Lattimer (1/20/1901 - 8/15/1963)

    m. Hattie Mae Cotterman (1902 - 1963)

        A. Betty Irene Lattimer (b. 2/16/1923)

          m. Ora Ricketts (b. 11/29/1921)

              1. Gary Reed Ricketts (b. 4/23/1948)

                m. Diana Hohl

                    a. Holly Renae Ricketts (b. 10/6/1976)

                    b. Arron Jay Rickets (b. 8/6/1978)

              2. Raymond Eugene Ricketts (b. 5/28/1950)

                m. Rita Nesbitt

                    a. Todd Allen Ricketts (b. 8/14/1981)

              3. Sandra Lee Ricketts (b. 2/2/1956)

                m. Randall Decker

              4. Randy Dee Ricketts (b. 6/8/1960)

                m. Arlene ---

                    a. Ashley Michell Ricketts (b. 2/4/1985) 

        B. Richard Lattimer (d. about 1 y. old)

        C. Karl C. Lattimer (b. 6/2/1930)

          m. Rose King (b. 3/11/1935)

              1. Lita Diane Lattimer (b. 1955)

                m. Rick Nelson 

                    a. Justin Nelson (b. 7/1975)

                    b. Brent Nelson (b. 6/2/1977)

                    c. Amber Nelson (b. 10/1980)









E-36    Descendants of Clara Hupp and Mitch Lattimer, cont.



(III. Reed)

        D. Doris Lattimer (b. 9/17/1932)

          m. Calvin J. Boring (b. 8/13/1932)

              1. Cindy Boring (b. 1/17/1956)

                m. Tim Boyer (b. 7/28/1954)

                    a. Matthew Carlos Boyer (b. 3/20/1977)

                    b. Mark Allen Boyer (b. 3/3/1979)

                    c. Amanda Marie Boyer (b. 8/22/1983)

              2. Kathy Boring (b. 3/9/1958)

                m. Jack Ward, Jr.

                    a. Jack Eldon Ward III (b. 5/3/1978)

                    b. Annie Elizabeth Ward (b. 1/25/1980)

                    c. Abigail Elaine Ward (b. 12/8/1982)

              3. James Boring (b. 4/5/1966)

              4. Judy Boring (b. 7/19/1968)

        E. Joyce Lattimer (b. 4/11/1934)

          m1. --- Emerson

              1. Doug Emerson

          m2. --- Franga

              2. Dion Franga  - Orangeburg, SC 

        F. Clara Mae Lattimer (b. 6/10/1940)

          m. William Lawrence Haviland (b. 11/15/1929)

              1. Bayard Reed Haviland (b. 4/20/1968)

              2. Michael Lawrence Haviland (b. 10/31/1969)

              3. Patrick Joseph Haviland (b. 5/22/1971)


IV.  Lela Lattimer (9/11/1902 - 3/3/1986)

    m. Harry Cotterman (d. 12/1985)








(this concludes the listing of descendants of Strauther Hupp)









     Balser Hupp III was born 5/14/1828, the sixth born to Balser, Jr.  

and Magdaline.  He married Esther Lewis, and they had three children.  

Balser died in 1910, and he is buried in the Fairmount Cemetery, where

his brothers Daniel and Strauther are also buried. 




Balser Hupp III (5/14/1828 - 6/19/1910)  (from E-2)

m. Esther A. Lewis (1835 - 3/15/1900)





I.   Mary Emaline Hupp (4/2/1858 - 7/1/1941)

    m. Harvey Courson (2/22/1850 - 12/27/1932) on 11/14/1877 

      A. Lula Alice Courson (9/3/1878 - 2/10/1927) nm

      B. Carl "Slim" Courson (9/2/1891 - 2/6/1985)

        m. Mary Estella Edmund (1/21/1919 - 11/7/1937)

            1. Lewis Edmund Courson (b. 1/25/1921)

              m. Catherine Pauline Grubb (b. 5/1/1921)

                  a. Pamela Dee Courson (b. 5/12/1953)

                    m. Jeffry Gething -- div.

                  b. Sheryl Lynn Courson (b. 6/15/1955)

                    m. Eric Allison on 3/20/1981 

            2. Anna Louise Courson (b. 3/21/1923)

              m. Vinton Cleo Franks (b. 7/23/1921) 


            3. Ruth E. Courson (b. 8/6/1924)

              m. James Alward White (b. 1/14/1921)

                  a. Linda Sue White (6/4/1942 - 10/24/1970)

                    m. Eugene Thompson Layton  on 10/20/1961

                        i. David C. Layton (12/6 - 12/7/1963)

                       ii. Eric Todd Layton (b. 8/6/1965) 

                  b. Michael Lee White (12/4/1946-12/31/1964) 

                  c. Rebecca Lou White (b. 4/22/1949)

                    m. Paul Richard Krumlauf (b. 11/22/1948)

                        i. Kevin Allen Krumlauf (b.10/26/1968)

                  d. William C. White (b. 8/12/1951)

                    m. Jennifer Kay Sittles (b. 4/16/1952)

                        i. Lori Jo White (b. 1/20/1974)

                       ii. William David White (b. 2/9/1975)

                      iii. Teri Renee White (b. 2/8/1977)

                  e. Kaye Diane White (b. 10/20/1955)

                    m. Michael Allen Smith

                        i. Nathaniel Hunter Smith (b.7/1/1984)

                       ii. Amanda Nichole Smith (b. 2/19/1986)

                  f. Nancy Ann White (b. 8/31/1960)

                    m. Mark Steven Hall  on 8/5/1984 

                  g. Anna Lea White (b. 5/21/1962)

                    m. Tracy Louis Wells 

                        i. Erin Elizabeth Wells (b.12/20/1982)









E-40    Descendants of Balser Hupp III and Esther Lewis, cont.



(I. Mary Emaline Hupp)

      (B. Carl Courson)

            4. Virginia Esther Courson (b. 7/21/1926)

              m. Richard Frankenbery (b. 10/25/1924)

                  a. Sue Lynnette Frankenbery (b. 10/18/1948)

                    m. Gary Raymond Peck (b. 10/18/1944)

                        i. Kellynn Sue Peck (b. 5/12/1970)

                  b. Don Llewellen Frankenbery

                    m. Debra Lynn McMahon (b. 11/25/1954)

                        i. Dwight Braxton Frankenbery (b. 6/4/1971)

                       ii. Casey Lynn Frankenbery (b. 11/30/1976)

                      iii. Tyler Zane Frankenbery (b. 1/16/1979)

            5. Marlyn Eugene Courson (b. 4/15/1928)

              m. Phyllis Ann Gettys (b. 1/1/1928)

                  a. Yolanda Marlene Courson (b. 9/3/1949)

                    m. John O'Conner (b. 7/24/1949)

                        i. Sean Matthew O'Conner (b. 6/2/1976)

                       ii. Patrick Eugene O'Conner (b. 12/11/1977)

                  b. Bradford Lamant Courson (b. 10/30/1951)

                    m. Janet Rose Pahl (b. 11/29/1951) -- div.

                        i. Shane Eric Courson (b. 4/9/1976)

                       ii. Nathan Eugene Courson (b. 9/27/1977)

                      iii. Danielle Nicole Courson (b. 2/10/1980)

                  c. Autum Yovet Courson (b. 8/29/1954)

                    m. Niel Gregory Coffing (b. 6/26/1952)

                        i. Gregory Brice Coffing (b. 11/25/1976)

                       ii. Bryan Niel Coffing (b. 7/19/1978)

                      iii. Brett Allen Coffing (b. 1/17/1981)

                  d. Darrick Marlow Courson (b. 2/24/1956)

                    m. Barbara Ann Sasko (b. 9/1959) on 9/15/1984

                  e. Holly Ann Courson (b. 12/15/1957)

                    m. Rick Elner (b. 7/8/1956)


II.  Flora A. Hupp (1862 - 1921)

    m. Albert A. Yost (1861 - 1952)

      A. Evelyn Yost (11/14/1890 - 9/19/1961)

        m. John Theron Zollinger (4/10/1891 - 11/1954)

            1. Charles Albert Zollinger (11/2/1913 - 10/19/1979)

              m. Kathlyne Martin

                  a. Sharon Ann Zollinger (b. 12/28/1942)

            2. Paul Lewis Zollinger (b. 1/10/1916)

              m. Virginia Barrett

                  a. Paula Lee Zollinger (b. 5/15/1940)

                  b. Jay Barrett Zollinger (b. 12/24/1944)

                  c. David Theron Zollinger (b. 7/18/1948)

            3. John Edward Zollinger (b. 9/21/1917)

              m1. Ruth Fellows

                  a. Carolyn Sue Zollinger (b. 2/13/1941)

                  b. Richard Theron Zollinger (b. 2/27/1942)

                  c. Ronald Eugene Zollinger (b. 9/15/1945)

              m2. Ileen Griffith Broesus 









Descendants of Balser Hupp III and Esther Lewis, cont.              E-41



(II. Flora A. Hupp)

      (A. Evelyn Yost)

            4. Donald Yost Zollinger (6/1/1922 - 1/7/1972)

              m. Nita Dean

                  a. Kenneth Don Zollinger (b. 4/5/1946)

            5. Charlotte Antionette Zollinger (b. 5/29/1929)

              m. Robert E. Heimberger

                  a. Rita Elaine Heimberger (b. 9/13/1951)

                  b. Rex Alan Heimberger (b. 9/15/1952)

                  c. Beth Ann Heimberger (b. 12/5/1955)

                  d. Paul Lewis Heimberger (b. 2/13/1958)


III. Charles Henry Hupp (4/5/1865 - 1934)

    m1. Martha Neel (1866 - 1918)

      A. Fredrick Stanley Hupp (6/5/1890 - 3/23/1966)

        m. Nellie M. Birkhimer (11/30/1889 - 9/15/1961)

            1. Frederick Robert Hupp (b. 3/15/1915)

              m. Arlene M. Long (b. 7/19/1917)

                  a. Fredrick Donald Hupp (b. 8/2/1939)

                  b. Sheila Jean Hupp (b. 3/11/1941)

                    m. H.J. Drake 

            2. Homer Neel Hupp (6/22/1919 - 8/26/1976)

              m. Charlotte LaVerne Putnam (b. 7/19/1919)

                  a. Susan Kay Hupp (b. 5/1/1942)

                    m. Ralph David Covert (b. 1/1/1943)

                        i. Michael David Covert (b. 2/15/1969)

                       ii. Amy Lynn Covert (b. 4/5/1972)

                  b. Linda Ray Hupp (b. 3/3/1945)

                    m. Rodney Dale Sutton (b. 7/19/1944)

                        i. Marcia Lanae Sutton (b. 10/8/1967)

                       ii. Michelle Jean Sutton (b. 1/12/1971)


    m2. ----  (Charles and his second wife lived in Oregon, and he

              outlived her.)




















(l. to r.) Emma (Hupp) Courson, Flora Hupp (later Yost), Carl Courson,

Evelyn Yost (later Zollinger), Fred Hupp, Lulu Alice Courson, Esther

(Lewis) Hupp. 























            <photo>                             <photo>













Esther (Lewis) and Balser Hupp III    Mary Emaline Hupp (later Courson)















      <photo>                             <photo>













Flora A. Hupp (later Yost)              Charles Henry Hupp 





























   Lewis & Catherine Courson, Ruth (Courson) & James White (see E-39)





















       Kaye (White) & Michael Smith, Amanda and Nathan (see E-39) 



















            Louise (Courson) and Cleo Franks (see E-39)









The California Gang-- the younger children of Balser Hupp, Jr.


     The California Gold Rush started in 1849, and the youngest six 

children of Balser and Magdaline headed for California about then.  

Balser Hupp III went, found some gold, and returned to Licking County,

Ohio.  His descendants still have some keepsakes of this trip.  As far

as I know, the youngest five stayed in California, and I have no 

contact with any of their descendants, so my list of them is rather


     From the censuses I have checked out (from 1860 to 1910), I do know

that John, Uriah, and Jane moved to Butte County, California, and in

1860 Jane (listed as E.J.) was married to George Trovinger, but with

no children,  and John and Uriah (listed as Hiram) lived next door.  

George, John, and "Hiram" were all lumbermen at the time.  Their address

was Butte Mills in 1860, and John's was Centreville in 1880.  I cannot 

find either of these towns on a map of California.  At any rate, they

lived in Kinshew Township, and this was about 75 miles (+/- 20) north

of Sacramento.  I do not know if Mary (Hupp) McMullen went to

California-- just that she and her husband went west.  I looked for 

Sarah among the neighbors of John, "Hiram", and the Trovingers, but I

did not find her. 

     After 1860, John is the only sibling I have been able to follow.  

During the 1860's he married Rosa Muellin (who was born in Cananda), and

they had several children.  Sometime between the death of his father

(in 1888) and 1900, John died.  I would expect that Uriah never married

or at least had no children, which would explain why he is not listed in

the 1880 Soundex of California.  

     What I do know of the descendants of the five youngest children

of Balser Hupp, Jr. is:



     (from E-2)

G. John Nicholas Hupp (6/8/1830 - 1890's)  moved to California

  m. Rosa Muellin (6/1847 - ) 

        1. Mary Hupp (1868 - )

        2. Rosalie Hupp (1870 - )

        3. John Hupp, Jr. (1873 - )

        4. Jane E. Hupp (2/1874 - )

        5. George Hupp (3/1877 - ) 

        6. Ralph L. Hupp (12/1890 - )


H. Mary M. Hupp (8/5/1833 - )  moved west

  m. George McMullen


I. Elizabeth Jane Hupp (3/14/1835 - ) moved to California

  m. George Trovinger


J. Uriah W. Hupp (6/19/1837 - ) moved to California


K. Sarah E. Hupp (6/1/1840 - ) moved to California

  m. --- McClelan























            <photo>                       <photo>














                Mary (Hupp) and George McMullen 


























                        Uriah Hupp












     More on Balser Hupp, Jr.:  In an early history book on Licking

County, it says that Balser and two or three brothers and two of his

brothers-in-law deserted the German army and came to America.  This is

further complicated by a family tradition that two of his brothers

settled in Noble County, Ohio.  This, of course, is false, considering

the known family history (see section A).  When I asked Jim Morrison,

a local historian, about it (wanting to find out what the identity of

the book), he told me that he had doubts about it, too, since the time

period was off.  

     The best guess I can make is that Balser Jr.'s grandfather was

being refered to, OR that he was talking about two Hupp brothers he may

have met in Noble County.  In the mid-1800's there were two Hupp

brothers, Henry and Ferdinand, who had immigrated from Germany in the

1840's, and they settled in Noble County, where there were already a

good number of Hupps (Phillip's descendants-- see A-6,7).  Since Balser

moved from Ohio to Virginia and back again, it is likely he may have

passed through Noble County, and met these other Hupps.  When 

interviewed by the writer of that early history, he may have mentioned

them as two brothers there, and it was taken by the writer as being

HIS brothers. 

     Another thing about Balser Hupp, Jr.-- he was in the Shenandoah

Valley during the Civil War, and probably had sympathy with the South. 

Mrs. Ruth White, a great-granddaughter of Balser Hupp III, told me that

her grandmother told her that when her parents (Balser Hupp III and

Esther Lewis) invited one father over, they had to be careful the other

one wouldn't be there, for Esther's father, Abram "Yankee" Lewis, was

a very staunch Unionist.  If Balser and "Yankee" ever got together, it

was likely to result in a fistfight over the Civil War-- this was 

several years after the war was over. 







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