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ISAAC HUPP and his descendants



     Isaac Hupp was the youngest child of Balser Hupp, born about 1801. 

He lived in Virginia until about 1835, which was after some other

relatives had moved west into Ohio. 

     Isaac bought more things at the sale of Balser Hupp's

estate than any of the other siblings.  Here is a list of

what he did buy: 



                      3 Broad hoes                   $ .50

                      1 Log chain                     1.80

                      1 Goutburg hoe                   .52

                      2 old narrow axes               1.08

                      1 brick hook and dung wedges     .32

                      3 rakes                          .12-1/2

                      1 Iron for dial & old scythe &c  .25

                      2 dung shovels                   .57

                      2 mowing scyths & whetstones     .06

                      3 mowing scyths & whetstones     .63

                      6 sickles                        .16

                      5 sack bags                     1.25

                      1 pr. Geers                     2.00

                      2 backbands & 2 pr braces       2.40

                      1 old Hogshead                   .50

                      1 Blb Churn                     1.00

                      1 pot loamel(?)                  .70

                      27 bushels of  Rye @ 45c       12.15

                      1 large white sow 1st choice    6.25

                      1 large red cow with a white   16.00

                                streak on her back

                      1 Bay mare                     52.00

                      1 Bay Colt                     41.50

                      1 Black spotted heifer         11.75

                      1 small steer with white face   9.40

                      2 small steers                 18.00

                     A quantity of hay in the stable 44.25

                      43-1/3 bushels Wheat @ 79c     34.36-1/2

                      50     bushels  Rye @ 45c      22.50

                      20-1/2 bushels Rye @ 45c        9.22-1/2

                      1 road waggon strotchers feed 

                         trough & tar pot            60.00

                      100 bush. Corn @ 33c           33.00

                      100 bush. Corn @ 34c           34.00

                      174-1/2 bush Corn @ 34c        59.33

                1 large bacshear plow & swingle tree 10.00

                1 large bacshear plow & swingle tree 10.00

                      1 large fine tooth Hauow        3.30

                      1 large fine tooth Hauow        2.00

                      1 shovel plough & swingle tree  2.30

                      1 shovel plough & swingle tree  1.00

                      1 wind(?) mill                 17.75

                      1 half bushel & basket           .96

                      3 rakes                          .16

                      2 hay forks                      .25





List of items purchased of Balser Hupp's estate by Isaac Hupp, cont.



                      1 old barrel & tub               .32

            1 set fore horse gears Collars bridles &c 2.50

            1 set fore horse gears Collars bridles    3.30

            1 set wired gears & breast chains &c      1.00

            1 set of wired gears & breast chains &c   3.85

                      2 wired bridles and hip straps   .91

                      1 Wagon saddle                  3.50

                      1 Cutting box and Knife         3.00

                      1 Half bushel & bucket & peck    .56

                      2 halter chains & collars       1.00

                      1 bearing choice Halter chain

                                & collar & 2 cards     .42

                      1 water wagon                    .33

                      1 oldwheel barrow                .13

                      1 flax brake                     .12-1/2

                      1 Hunt brake                     .13

                      3 half p. Tumblers               .30

                      1 small table                    .60

                      1 pr and Irons                   .70

                      85.00 milled Hemp               5.31

                      1 provision Box                  .50

                      1 Bed bedstead and bedding      4.35

                      1 barrel with lard              2.20

                      1 bbl with some wine             .51

                      22-1/2 Acres Wheat @ $3        67.50

                      3-1/8 bushl salt @ $1.03        3.21-1/2


Total amount paid: $638.54


     At this time, November of 1829, Isaac was aged 25.  The 1830

census listed with Isaac Hupp, three other people, although he was not

yet married.  Two of them appear to me to be his sister Anna and her

son Abraham.  The third person was a teenage girl, and I know of no

girl in the family that age. 

     It was about four years later, on October 10/6/1834** that Isaac

married Eliza Snyder.  I  don't think the couple waited very long

before moving to Indiana, in  LaPorte County, in Union Township. 

     According to a Biographical Record of LaPorte County about

Theodore Hupp, Isaac's son, Isaac and Eliza


        came direct to LaPorte County, Indiana, arriving

        sometime in the thirties.  Their first home was near

        Westville, and afterward Mr. Isaac Hupp owned land

        near Valparaiso.  Subsequently he located in Pleasant

        Township and then in Union Township, where he died at 

        the age of about sixty-three years.  Mrs. Eliza Hupp

        passed away in Arkansas City, Kansas, while living

        with her daughter, being then eighty-six years of age.

        They were both consistent members of the Methodist

        Episcople Church, and Mr. Isaac Hupp was a Democrat in

        his political affiliations.  He was ever honest and 

        upright, was fair and just in his relations with his

        fellow men, and left to is family an example well

        worthy of emulation. 






Known Descendants of Isaac Hupp, son of Balser Hupp 




Isaac Hupp (1801 - 7/23/1863)  (from A-9)

m. Eliza Snyder (7/19/1806 - 12/31/1892) on 10/6/1834



I.   Elizabeth Hupp (8/15/1835 - 1920) moved to Tuscola, IL

    m. Peter Dawson

        A. Laura Dawson

        B. James Dawson


II.  John Hupp  (died at age 3)


III. Theodore Hupp (10/25/1838 - 7/5/1905) -- see F-4

    m. Mary Belle Galbreath (7/14/1853 - 1/25/1924) 


IV.  James Knox Hupp (10/15/1839 - 12/25/1912) moved to Aurora, Neb.

    m. Mary J. Brusseau (3/22/1848 - 1/1922) on 11/18/1869

        A. Orpha Hupp (12/16/1876 - 7/18/1939)

          m. Glen Tunison  on 12/9/1910

        B. Rhea Hupp (1/13/1882 - 10/5/1970) - moved to Long Beach, CA

        five children died in infancy 


V.   Thomas J. Hupp (1842 - 2/4/1920) moved to Wichita, KS

    m1. Cynthia F. Winchell  on 2/22/1870

        A. John E. Hupp (1872 - 7/13/1920)

    m2. Albina Edwards  on 1/10/1878

        B. Don Hupp

        C. Merle Hupp 


VI.  Mary Ann Hupp ( - 1916)

    m. Jacob Dawson  on 1/9/1869 


VII. Lucian Evert Hupp (9/3/1847 - 7/23/1909) nm


VIII. Sarah Ann Hupp (3/8/1850 - after 1929)  moved to South

     m. George W. Dawson  on 12/30/1868     Bend, then Wichita

        A. Aubrey Dawson

          m. Adah ---

              1. Lois Dawson

                m. Norris Miller

              2. George Dawson

                m. Anne ---



     Peter, Jacob, and George Dawson were all brothers.  George was a 

minister, and he and Sarah celebrated their 60th anniversery in Wichita,

having moved to Kansas in 1885.  I do not know how much longer George 

and Sarah lived, but as far as I know, Sarah was the last surviving 

grandchild of Balser Hupp. 

     James K. Hupp lived as a prominent citizen and builder in Aurora,

Nebraska.  He battled cancer for his last 12 years.  Thomas was married

twice, both times in Indiana.  Thomas's son, John, became a millionaire

Grain Dealer in Kansas.  His half-brothers lived in Minnesota at that






     It was Theodore who remained on the family farm in LaPorte County. 

He expanded the farm to 600 acres.  Like his father, he was a prominant

citizen of his area.  Here is a list of his descendants:



Descendants of Theodore Hupp, son of Isaac Hupp




Theodore Hupp (10/25/1838 - 7/5/1905)  (from F-3)

m. Mary Belle Galbreath (7/14/1853 - 1/25/1924) on 11/18/1873



I. Fred G. Hupp (4/2/1875 - )

  m. Minnie Alice Melson (3/22/1875 - 3/25/1928) on 3/20/1896

      A. Violet Maurene Hupp (4/19/1899 - 8/31/1928)

        m. George Langman (2/5/1896 - ) on 10/13/1917

            1. Alice Irma Langman (b. 6/5/1918)

              m. Arthur Hartford ( - ) on 12/16/1936

                  a. Judith Hartford (b. 11/6/1937)

                  b. Jacqueline Hartford (b. 9/25/1942)

                  c. Jerry Hartford (b. 4/8/1946)

            2. Theodore Hupp Langman (b. 7/17/1923)

              m. Betty Miner (b. 7/4/1928)

                  a. James E. Langman (b. 6/14/1948)

                    m. Gloria Jean Powell (b. 8/30/1948)

                        i. Jeanine Elaine Langman 

                       ii. James Theodore Langman

                  b. Linda Langman (b. 7/12/1952)

                    m. Gene Franklin Hunn (b. 8/19/1952)

                        i. Andrew Lee Hunn (b. 2/21/1972)

                       ii. Jody Lunn Hunn (b. 6/21/1976)

            3. Mary Margaret Langman (b. 3/13/1925)

              m. Gladwyn Forrester (b. 4/12/1920)

                  a. Robert Forrester (b. 4/1945)

                  b. Terry Forrester (b. 9/17/1952)

            4. Roy Allen Langman (b. 8/31/1928)

              m. June Meyer  on 2/14/1953

                  a. George Allen Langman (b.10/28/1954)

                  b. John Langman (b. 4/4/1958)

                  c. Pamela Langman (b. 7/1/1961)

      B. Dwight Melson Hupp (b. 3/7/1906)

        m. Edythe Foster (3/27/1906 - ) on 5/8/1928

            1. Sarah Jane Hupp (b. 3/10/1930)

              m. Dean Carter  1947

                  a. Kathleen Carter

                  b. Larry Carter 

            2. Minnie Joyce Hupp (b. 7/14/1936)

              m. Paul Turner  1958

                  a. Paula Turner

                  b. Corrine Turner






Descendants of Theodore Hupp, son of Isaac Hupp, continued




II. J. Earl Hupp (8/1876 - 8/11/1953)

   m. Geneve Lay (5/9/1883 - 5/1960?) on 2/14/1905

      A. George Theodore Hupp (4/17/1906 - 2/18/1994)

        m. Ninette Huffman (b. 3/15/1906) on 9/24/1928

            1. George Theodore Hupp, Jr. (7/13/1931 - 11/23/1991)

              m1. Sally Marshall -- div.

              m2. Sylvia Muckway (b. 5/22/1938) -- div.

                  a. Ninnette Hupp (b. 11/1/1970)

            2. John Stephen Hupp (b. 6/26/1934)

              m1. Judy Neighbours  -- div.

                  a. John Stephen Hupp, Jr. (b. 8/5/1961)

                    m. Heather Ellen Brew  on 4/22/1989

                  b. Andrew James Hupp (b. 2/4/1963)

                  c. Sally Ann Hupp (b. 11/29/1966) 

              m2. Terri E. Bloxson  on 9/30/1989

      B. John Earl Hupp, Jr. (b. 9/30/1909)

        m. Ruth Elizabeth Andrew (b. 10/11/1910) on 12/1/1934

            1. Nancy Geneva Hupp (b. 7/17/1936)

              m. Jack Allen Decker


            2. William Andrew Hupp (b. 4/13/1939)

              m. Joan Neff (b. 4/13/1940)

                  a. William Andrew Hupp, Jr. (b. 4/22/1963)

                  b. Linda Hupp (b. 8/17/1965)


III. Burr Willard Hupp (5/20/1878 - 10/11/1938)

    m. Minna Nehmer (9/11/1879 - 4/14/1964) on 10/28/1908

      A. James Galbreath Hupp (b. 10/24/1909) Orinda, CA

        m. Lucie Stith Moorman (b. 11/5/1910) on 10/27/1934

            1. James David Hupp (b. 8/23/1935)

              m. Nancy Sellers  on 9/29/1984

            (ad.) a. Thao Hupp (b. 4/9/1978) (Vietnamese, 

            (ad.) b. Bi Hupp (b. 9/4/1979)   / adopted 1989)

            2. Lucy Ann Hupp (b. 3/28/1939)

              m. Rolfe Kenneth Williams II  on 11/25/1959

                  a. Raymond Andrew Williams (b. 2/4/1961)

                    m. Katherine Stallard (b. 11/15/1958) on 12/28/85 - div.


                  b. Katherine Louise Williams (b. 1/12/1964)

                    m. Joseph John Molinari (b. 2/22/1963) on 2/9/1991

                        i. Dominic Anthony Molinari (b. 7/26/1992)

                  c. Michael Rolfe Williams (b. 12/24/1964)

                    m. Cynthia Sue Brown (b. 8/29/1961) on 8/18/1991

                        i. Savannah Riley Williams (b. 1/14/1995)

            3. Laura Clare Hupp (b. 11/25/1945)

              m. Frederick Hopkins Schell -- div.

      B. Burr W. Hupp, Jr. (7/3/1914 - 12/2/1993) Sarasota, Fl

        m. Janis Graf (b. 3/31/1922)  on 10/29/1949

            1. Melinda Hupp (b. 12/10/1950)

            2. David William Hupp (b. 7/21/1952)


IV. Ora Hupp (3/6 - 4/24/1880)




     James G. Hupp has been my main source of information on the family

of Isaac Hupp, plus some on some other Hupp families that lived in

LaPorte County.  He lives in Orinda, California, so it was a big trip

for him to return to where he was born.  Here is an article about his






<Newspaper article>



 <Newspaper article, continued>
































     In addition to the historical information in the article, I also 

include it to show how facts can get mixed up when stories are passed

between people.  The article says that Burr Hupp's brothers went west,

when it was his uncles that did so-- his brothers stayed in the LaPorte

area.  The story about the Hupps having owned the land which the LaPorte

Courthouse is on is entirely wrong-- it was the Andrews family which

owned that land.  There is also the implication that James Hupp once

lived on the family farm:  he grew up in LaPorte.  

     Such problems arise, James tells me, because journalists are not

trained as historians.  I suspect that the problem arises in many local

history articles and books.  It appears that one of the easiest pitfalls

is confusion of generations by a listener, for I have noticed many of

my listeners making equivalent mistakes as they are taking in what I

have to share about family history. 


     Other Hupps of this family I have had contact with John E. Hupp 

and his wife Ruth of LaPorte.  They had saved some old letters which

enabled me to make other contacts, including James G. Hupp.  Also I met

Steve Hupp of Edwardsburg, Michigan while at the Hupmobile Meet in 

Elkhart, Indiana.  For more on that, see section C.


















      <photo>                                   <photo>














Tombstone of Isaac and Eliza Hupp,       John E. and Ruth (Andrew Hupp

at the cemetery at Salem Chapel,

LaPorte County, Indiana.




























                    Steve Hupp with his Hupmobile


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