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     While some families, such as Abraham's, Emanuel's, or Balser Jr's

were large and easy to trace, others, perhaps equally large at one time

were traceable for a while, and then they vanished from any place I

searched.  Mainly, these are the families of Benjamin and Jacob, but 

there were also the families of Martin and Samuel, which were smaller.  




Benjamin Hupp, son of Balser


     Benjamin was a blacksmith, who lived for a while in Shenandoah

County, and then about 1840, he moved south, into Augusta County.  He

can be found listed in the censuses of 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850. 

From the last one, I figure he was born about 1789.  He was married

twice, first to Lydia Newman, the daughter of Walter Newman,  on

12/30/1811 and then to Nancy McCall, the daughter of William and Jane

McCall, on 11/20/1829.  All except one of his children, Benjamin F.

Hupp, were born to Lydia.

     So the last of Benjamin and Lydia's children was born not long 

before Balser Hupp died in 1829.  Since the family was still in 

Shenandoah County, Benjamin was around at the sale of his father's 

estate.  This is what he bought then:  



                      10 bushels potatoes @ 20c      $2.00

                      3 old barrels with soap          .69

                      29 bundles rolled flax          1.04

                      a Quantity unrolled hemp        1.10

                      Some clover seed in the mow      .50

                      3 plane cloth                   1.42

                      1 flax wheel                     .50

                      2 Bushels dry apples @ 52c      1.04

                      1 pr old saddle bags             .25

                      1 ------ with some butter       1.40

                      1/3 of 8 acres Wheat+rye 2-2/3  4.53-1/4


Total Amount bought: $14.47-1/4 



     Over the next several years, Benjamin's brothers moved away

to Ohio and Indiana.  About 1840, Benjamin moved with his family (those

that were still at home), but not as far as the others.  They moved to 

Augusta County. 

     It seems that Benjamin's oldest son was Andrew J. Hupp.  Evidence

that Andrew was Benjamin's son is indirect: process of elimination, and

the fact that the first purchase of land in Augusta County by Hupps was

by Andrew, and that land seems to be the same as that which Benjamin

dealt with soon after.  Andrew married Elizabeth Coffman, as stated in

the Kauffman-Coffman Lineage (I have not found this recorded in any

County Courthouse, but one deed recorded at Shenandoah County said that

Elizabeth had been a Coffman).  In 1846 Andrew and Elizabeth sold their

land in Shenandoah County, and after that I have never found a trace of

them.  By that time Andrew would have been about 35.  





     In Augusta County, Benjamin lived with his family on "the 

Staunton - Port Republick Road".  Since I grew up in Augusta County

myself, I knew well where Staunton and Port Republic were (Port  

Republic is actually in Rockingham County, where North River and South

River join to form the South Fork of the Shenandoah River), and I also

knew that no one road connects the two.  Looking at a county road map,

it is evident where this road was:  Out of Staunton on  254 , then

leaving that at Barren Ridge following  786 , then following  608  

through New Hope.  When it reaches  865 ,  608 ends, and this old road

followed  865  through Mount Meridian near  256 .  This road then 

followed old  256 , and then  605  on to Port Republic (see map on

G-4).  I have checked the cemeteries along this road(s), but I found no

Hupps buried in any of them.  There were some unreadable tombstones at

the cemetery at  New Hope.  Possibly some could be for members of this


     The deeds regarding Benjamin Hupp in Augusta County say his land

was near "the Blacksmith Shop".  I do not know if it was one he built,

or one that had already been there. 

     Other known children of Benjamin's were Catherine, Solomon, Walter,

Amanda, and Benjamin F.  Catherine married Henry Coffman, who was an

uncle to Elizabeth, Andrew's wife.  Henry and Catherine lived in 

Shenandoah County, I think near Edinburg, which is north of New Market. 

They had eight children.  What I know of their family is from the

Kauffman-Coffman book.  That Solomon was a son of Benjamin's I figure

since he was recorded in the 1850 census of Augusta County, near 

Benjamin (besides those I list as members of this family, there were no

other Hupps in Augusta County at this time).  Solomon was listed as a

cooper, and married to Marian, with a daughter, Elizabeth.  There is no

record of this wedding in Augusta County, and I find no trace of  them

in later censuses.  Walter was also living away from home in 1850, but

not far.  He was a blacksmith.  I found him in the 1860 census in

LaPorte County, Indiana.  By then he had married to Louisa, and they 

had two sons, Walter and Benjamin, who were most likely twins.  I have

not been able to find any of them in any later censuses, either-- they

also vanished.  Benjamin F., Benjamin and Nancy's son, continued to

live in Augusta County.  His wife's name was Elisabeth (this wedding

was not recorded, either), and they had one son who died in infancy. 

The last I heard of Benjamin F. Hupp is a recording of a lawsuit

against the executor of his estate, for mismanaging it.  The date of

that was 10/2/1884, so Benjamin F. must have died shortly before then. 

     Nancy died on 9/14/1859, aged 66.  The death record says she died

at Newport, but I think it should be New Hope.  There is a Newport in

Augusta County, but it is south-west of Staunton on what is now 252 .  

It is also known as Moffetts Creek.  If that is what the death record 

meant, then she must have been visiting when this happened.  

     I have no idea what happened to Benjamin after that.  I did not

find him listed in the 1860 census either in Augusta or Shenandoah 

Counties.  He was assumed to be alive when his brother John wrote his 

will in 1862 (see C-3).  It is probable that he died during the Civil






Known Descendants of Benjamin Hupp, son of Balser



Benjamin Hupp (1789 - after 1862)  (from A-9)

m1. Lydia Newman



I.   Andrew J. Hupp 

    m. Elizabeth Coffman 

      A. a dau., born before 1840 


II.  Catherine Hupp (1813 - )

    m. Henry Coffman (1797 - 1862)

      A. Mary Elizabeth Coffman (1835 - ) nm

      B. Sarah Coffman

        m. William Bateman

      C. Henrietta Coffman (1838 - )

        m. William Graybill

      D. Caroline J. Coffman (1840 - )

        m. James W. Bell  on 10/14/1867

      E. Amanda Coffman (1841 - )

        m. Edward Knipple  on 11/22/1866

      F. Benjamin F. Coffman (1/17/1842 - )

        m. Barbara Coffelt (11/18/1846 - 12/23/1914)

            1. Benjamin T. Coffman (5/19/1876 - 8/8/1899)

      G. Samuel Coffman (12/15/1845 - 5/14/1910)

        m. Sarah Virginia Coffelt (11/28/1847 - 1/30/1913)

            1. Ernest F. Coffman (12/20/1880 - 12/11/1948)

              m. Lou Hammer (3/3/1887 - 2/24/1946)

      H. Ann A. Coffman (1846 - )


III. Solomon Hupp (1825 - )

    m. Marian --- (1826 - )

      A. Elizabeth Hupp (1849 - ) 


IV.  Amanda M. Hupp (1827 - )


V.   Walter B. Hupp (1827 - )

    m. Louisa --- 

      A. Walter N. Hupp (1859 - )

      B. Benjamin F. Hupp (1859 - ) 




m2. Nancy McCall (1793 - 9/4/1859) on 11/20/1829 


VI.   Benjamin F. Hupp (1831 - before 1884) 

     m. Elisabeth F. --- 

      A. John William Hupp (3/16 - 5/16/1856)











        in Augusta County, Virginia







            <hand-drawn map>




















Benjamin Hupp and his family lived somewhere along the old Staunton-

Port Republic Road, near "the Blacksmith Shop".  This map shows the 

modern roads, with the dotted line indicating the old road. 





Jacob Hupp


     Like Benjamin's family, Jacob's has been lost to my search, also.

In the mid 1800's, Jacob's family lived in LaPorte County, Indiana,

along with the families of his brother Isaac and nephew Abram.  Isaac's 

descendants either stayed in the area or were traceable (see section F)

and Abram moved his family to Missouri, where they are traceable

(see section B).  Jacob continued to live in LaPorte County after Isaac

died and Abram moved away, yet his sons disappeared in the 1860's. 

     Jacob was the second youngest son of Balser Hupp and Barbara Grove,

with only Isaac being younger.  He was born about 1799.  He married 

Phebe Ann Sheen on 6/12/1824 (the Shenandoah County marriage register

incorrectly states that Jacob was the son of Abraham-- this threw me

off for some time).  A Jacob Hupp was the administrator of the sale of

Abraham's estate in October, 1829, but I do not know whether it was this

Jacob, of Abraham's son Jacob.  This Jacob was about 30, and Abraham's

son Jacob was about 22.  

     The month after that, Balser Hupp had died, and his estate was 

sold.  Here is a list of what Jacob Hupp bought: 




                      81 1/2 bushels Oats @ 37 1/2c $30.56-1/2

                      500 bush. Corn @ 32c          160.00

                      20 bushl Brace @ 8c             1.60

                      1 small fallen leaftable        2.01

                  1 feather bed bedstead and bedding 10.25

                  1 feather bed bedstead and bedding  6.50

                      3 Bed quilts                    1.32

                      2 sheets                        1.00

                      3 sheets                        2.10

                      1 sose blanket                  1.49

                      2 sose blanket                  4.85

                      1 double covertal               6.99

                      1 double covertal               1.00

                      1 double covertal               2.02

                      8 Pillow cases                  1.61

                      4 hand towels                    .81

                      1 table cloth                   1.80

                      2 sheets                        4.00

                      1 small pitokes +c               .25

                      59 Hard soap @ 6c               3.54 

                      1 case with 4 bottles & glass   2.00

                      1 bed bedsteads + bedding      14.75

                      1 box with some lard             .64


Total amount paid: $261.09-1/2






     To Jacob and Phebe, there were born six children:  Anderson,

Reuben, Ann, Amanda, Martha, and Asbury Franklin.  The first three were

born in Virginia, Amanda was born in Ohio, and the last two in 

Indiana.  So it appears that this families moving times were close to

that of Abraham's family (see section B).  It was probably about 1833

when this family moved to Ohio.  I would suppose they lived in 

Champaign County, as did the other Hupp families that moved about this

time.  Then they moved to LaPorte County, Indiana about 1836.  They 

lived in Pleasant Township (see map in Section F). 

     Anderson Hupp was a county official in LaPorte County.  Before that

he lived for a time in neighboring Porter County, where he was recorded

in the 1850 census.  It appears that he married Ursula Huff in Roanoke

County, Virginia in 1852, although he was living in Indiana.  Apparently

he was in touch with Abraham Hupp of Salem, who had earlier married a 

Huff.  The 1860 census of LaPorte County shows Anderson Hupp in LaPorte

City, and his wife's name is listed as "Zoola" (the names of the members

of this family are very hard to read as there is a blemish running down

the middle of their names in the census record).  Anderson and Zoola

had two daughters, and the second one's name was Clara (the first one's

name I can't make out).  After this census, I find no trace of this

family again... Except the 1900 Soundex of Illinois lists living in 

Chicago an Anderson W. Hupp, born in 1861 in Indiana, who has a daughter

named "Zoola".  He was certainly born to this couple just after the 1860

census.  But I have been unable to find him in the 1880 or 1910 


     Reuben Hupp had also moved out from home by 1850.  By 1860 he had

married Josephine --- (no record of this marriage in LaPorte County).  

They had one daughter, Mary, by 1860, and then they too, vanished from


     On 3/3/1852 Eliza A. Hupp married Washington Wilson.  This is 

probably Jacob's daughter, Ann E.  I do not find marriage records of any

of the other daughters of Jacob.  

     Jacob and Phebe's youngest child was Asbury Franklin Hupp (in 1850

he is listed as "Franklin" and in 1860 as "Asbury F."  Knowing how 

census recordings are, he could have been Franklin Asbury Hupp).  It

seems odd to me that in the 1860 census, although he was the only Hupp

in the household other than his father, he was listed after a Mark 


     Phebe Ann died in October of 1850, of chronic consumption.  Also,

there was a Marion Hupp who died the next month, aged six months.  He 

may have been a son of Jacob and Phebe.  

     The Civil War could have had its toll on this family for Anderson

was about 36 and Reuben 32 at the beginning of the war, and by the end

Franklin was about 19.  And even if they were not casualties, their 

exposure to other places may have led them to move elsewhere (for

instance, Ormond Hupp, a native of LaPorte County, moved to Missouri 

after he was a soldier in the Civil War).  If the sons of Jacob Hupp

moved south after the war, I would not have followed them at all, for I

have not searched censuses and soundexes south of Virginia.  

     Jacob Hupp was visited in the 1860's by his surviving siblings, 

Barbara, Anna, and Balser, according to James G. Hupp of Orinda, Ca.  

It would be interesting to know what all they had to share with each

other about what all had happened to everyone.  








     Jacob Hupp died the last week of October, 1872, according to a

weekly South Bend newspaper.  He was about 73.  I do not know where he

was buried.  He had lived in Pleasant Township, which contains the Salem

Chapel Cemetery where his brother Isaac was buried, but there is no

marker there for him. 




Known descendants of Jacob Hupp, son of Balser Hupp




Jacob Hupp (1799 - 10/1872)  (from A-9)

m. Phebe Ann Sheen (1808 - 10/1850)


I.   Anderson Hupp (1825 - )

    m. Ursula "Zoola" Huff  1852

      A. Ca--ra Hupp (1854 - )

      B. Clara Hupp (1859 - )

  (?) C. Anderson W. Hupp (12/1861 - )

        m. Magdalene --- (1/1873 - )

            1. Zoola B. Hupp (10/1896 - ) 


II.  Reuben Hupp (1829 - )

    m. Josephine E. --- (1839 - )

      A. Mary Hupp (1859 - )


III. Ann Eliza Hupp (1832 - )

(?) m. Washington Wilson  on 3/3/1852 


IV.  Amanda Hupp (1834 - )


V.   Martha Hupp (1837 - )


VI.  Asbury Franklin Hupp (1846 - )





Samuel and Martin Hupp


     In the three years before and after 1820, two Hupps married 

Pennybacker sisters, and soon after, they moved to Wood County, which

is now in West Virginia.  The Hupp men died before 1830, but their wives

continued on for decades more.  I am quite sure that this Martin Hupp

was Balser's son, but I am less sure that Samuel was.  

     Considering their parallel lives, it would appear that they were

brothers, but there is one problem about Samuel.  The Kagey family book

states that Barbara Kagey married a son of Balser Hupp by his first 

wife.  It goes on to say that they had a son, Christian, and his 

parents died, and that he was raised by his maternal grandfather, Henry

Kagey, but he died aged 15 or 16.  There is a registration of this 

marriage in Shenandoah County, saying it was Samuel Hupp who married

Barbara Kagey on 11/18/1813.  It would appear that Balser's son Samuel

would have died not long after marrying Barbara Kagey.  But there is the

possibility that he could have married again afterward, and his son

raised by the family of his first wife.  Although this practice is rare

among the Hupp family, it was a common practice in past times.  But

why did the Kagey book state it the way it did, which implied that 

Samuel had died?  I don't know, but I do know of another example where

a young couple had some children, then the mother died, and the 

children were raised by the mother's family, and then the father 

remarried, and lived much longer.  One of the first children later

recalled that her parents died when she was young, and she was raised 

by her grandparents-- but that was not the case (see D-15). 

     So conceivably Samuel Hupp could have married again after Barbara 

died.  I do not regard this as in any way proved, but I have no other

place for Samuel Hupp to come from, so I will include the Samuel Hupp

of Wood County in this section.  

     Both Samuel and Martin died before Balser did, although not much

before.  Besides that, they had moved away, so even if they had been

alive, they were not around at the sale of Balser Hupp's estate.  They

did, however, get a share of his land, or their heirs did, but they

did come back to it. 

     Samuel Hupp married Mary Pennybacker on 5/7/1817 and Martin Hupp

married Rebecca Pennybacker on 2/10/1823.  Mary and Rebecca were the

daughters of John Pennybacker.  These couples moved to the Lubeck 

district of Wood County, which was then in Virginia, but now is West

Virginia.  Lubeck district is southwest of Parkersburg, not far from

the Ohio River. 

     The families were there not long before the husbands died, first

Martin, on 8/9/1828, and then Samuel in 1829.  They are buried in the 

Humphrey Cemetery.  

     Martin's family was small, with three children, of whom I have no

record of their marrying.  This this line of the family must have soon

come to an end (unless some of them married someplace I have not 

searched).  Samuel's family continued for a while, though.  His son 

Derrick grew up and married, but he died not long after.  His children

did better, but after the early 1900's I lose record of them.  The area

became flooded with Hupps moving in from the Noble County, Ohio area,

who were descendants of Phillip Hupp, and there are many Hupp births,

deaths, and marriages recorded in Wood County, but they are not of this

line, so here another family has disappeared. 








Samuel Hupp (d. 1829)  (from A-9)?

m. Mary Pennybacker (11/28/1795 - 10/11/1858) do. John

        on 5/7/1817 @ Shenandoah Co, VA

      A. Elizabeth M. Hupp

        m. Elisha T. Mitchell on 1/31/1839 @ Wood Co, WV

      B. Derrick P. Hupp -- see below 

      C. Phebe Ann Hupp (1830 - )

        m. Henry Mitchell on 5/24/1853 @ Wood Co, WV


Martin Hupp (1797 - 1828)  (from A-9)

m. Rebecca Pennybacker (12/20/1804 - 8/24/1878) do. John

        on 2/10/1823 @ Shenandoah Co, VA 

      A. William Hupp (1825 - 1850)

      B. Virginia Knight Hupp (1830 - 1885)

      C. Mary Hupp (1832 - ) 




Derrick P. Hupp (1823 - 1853) so. Samuel Hupp & Mary Pennybacker

m. Mary Peyton Beckwith (1824 - 1911)


A. Ernest DeHaven Hupp (12/1849 - 9/2/1913)

  m. Annie Gwynn (3/1852 - 12/12/1933)  on 3/18/1876 

        1. Lyda Wardene Hupp (11/26/1877 - 10/23/1972) - Parkersburg, WV

        2. Claude DeHaven Hupp (2/15/1880 - 1914)

        3. Iris F. Hupp (b. 1/31/1882 @ Lubeck) - Parkersburg, WV

          m. Joe R. Arnold on 6/17/1906

        4. Ada Esca Hupp (b. 5/19/1884 @ Lubeck)  - Long Beach, CA

          m. --- McCoffrey

        5. Lula Leota Hupp (b. 3/30/1888 @ Lee Creek)

        6. Edwin Earle Hupp (10/4/1890 - 4/1981) - Newport, WA

B. William Beckwith Hupp (12/1851 - ) 

  m. Frances Elizabeth Leach (12/20/1855 - 6/16/1947)  on 10/18/1874 

        1. Albert Guy Hupp (8/30/1875 - 5/30/1884)

        2. Laura Jeanette Hupp (b. 10/16/1878 @ Lubeck)

        3. William P. Hupp (b. 3/27/1881 @ Harris dist)

          m. Mary Regina Mitchell on 12/23/1908

        4. Bettie Blanche Hupp (12/25/1883 - 8/1884)

        5. Gladys Smith Hupp (b. 7/29/1895) - Eldorado, KS

          m. Charles Penewell

C. Mary Elizabeth Hupp (1853 - ) 

  m. Charles Smith on 3/30/1875




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