Section H





     Peter and Casper Hupp were apparently immigrants who came to settle

in the Shenandoah Valley.  They were probably older than Balser and the

brothers that left the valley in 1770.  Peter arrived in Philadelphia

in 1748 or 1749 and Casper in 1753.  The earliest mention I have of

either of them in the Shenandoah Valley was that Casper Hupp bought

some land in 1763 not far from New Market. 

     Compared to Balser Hupp's family, I know very little about the

families of Peter and Casper.  I think I do know all of their children's

names, though.  

     At the time Peter and Casper were still alive (they both died 

in the 1700's), the records spelled the name "Hoop" or "Hup". 





     It seems that Peter Hupp (immigration records spelled the name

"Hop") was the first member of the family to arrive in America.  He was

on the ship Elliot, which came from Rotterdam, Holland to Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania.  There is some confusion as to its arrival date (see A-6).

He may have lived in Lancaster County, Pa., as may have his brothers(?)

later.  I found a mention of a Jacob Hupp in Lancaster County, Pa.

mentioned in the Shenandoah County records (in 1786).  I have no idea

how he would fit in.  

     Peter's wife was named Magdalen, and they had three children: 

Susannah, who married Hannachel Fry; Peter, Jr.; and John.  John was

born on 5/30/1773. 

     The will of "Peter Hoop" is recorded in the Shenandoah County Will

Book A, pp. 61 and 62.  It is dated 6/8/1773, less than two weeks after

his son John was born.  The location was "Parish of Beckford".  It

states that Peter owned lots 11, 106, and 122 in Woodstock.  The house

was on lot 122, which his wife was to receive.   The other two lots

were to be sold.  His son Peter was to get his land (supposedly

elsewhere).  A book of abstracts of wills of Shenandoah County adds

that the will was proved 6/22/1773.  I do not know if this means that

he died that date, or something else.  But there is no further record

of the older Peter Hupp after that. 

     All I know of Peter's children was that Susannah married 

Hannachel Fry on 6/18/1791, Peter married Madaline Kibler on 3/23/1796,

and John married Rachel Goans on 3/30/1798.  It is not proved that these

are Peter's children, but they fit both in names and dates, and are

among the few Hupp marriages which do not fit in the other families. 

     Since Casper's and Balser's children and their families are well

enough figured, I think it most likely that all of the unconnected

families (section I) are descendants of Peter Hupp. 








     As mentioned on A-6, Casper Hop arrived at Philadelphia aboard

the Eastern Branch on 10/3/1753.  He may have lived in Pennsylvania

a few years before moving to the Shenandoah Valley.  A later deed (land

sold by Casper's son John, in 1800) states that Casper bought some land

in May of 1763 from William and Susannah Clark near what is now

Shenandoah Caverns, four miles north of New Market. 

     In A HISTORY of Shenandoah County, by John W. Wayland, Casper Hupp

is said to have been a Baptist preacher, as was one of his sons-in-law,

Anderson Moffett.  

     Casper's wife's name was Mary, and they had six children: 



Casper Hup  ( - 1781)

m. Mary --- ( - 1810)


     1. Barbara Hup (10/31/1758 - 11/9/1848) see H-3

       m. Anderson Moffett  (8/30/1746 - 5/14/1835) on 6/8/1779

     2. Elizabeth Hup 

       m. Richard Thomas  on 2/15/1788

     3. John Hup  (3/1/1766 - 1807)          see H-3f

       m. Sarah Rader  on 4/22/1790

     4. Samuel Hup (1770's - 1840's)         see H-7f

       m. Margaret Wilson  on 5/26/1796

     5. Mary Hupp (1/17/1773? - )

       m. --- Dundore

     6. Martin Hupp (9/22/1775 - 8/10/1829)  see H-11f

       m1. Clara Copp? (4/27/1781 - 10/5/1826)

       m2. Alice White Frovel 


Mary m2. Charles Taylor  on 12/3/1781

     m3. Sebastian Stegler  on 10/5/1801



     Considering the spread in ages, I think it is likely there were

several other children who died young.  

     After Casper died, his sons were placed under the guardianship of

Edwin Young, John Neff, Joseph Strickly, and Peter Funk in 1784.  When

John reached 21 (in 1787), he was given the guardianship of Samuel, and

then of Martin.

     Mary was married twice again after Casper died, as shown above.

She had her will written up 12/22/1808.  She mentions her six children

(mentioning that John had died).  The executor was Henry Greenwood, and

the witnesses were Henry Greenwood, George Black, and George Hupp (as

far as I know, this could only be her grandson, who was 16 at the time.

The will was proved 5/7/1810.  





     The information I have on the descendants of Casper's daughter

Barbara is from the HISTORY of Shenandoah County, plus a few dates

added from tombstones. 



Barbara Hup (10/31/1758 - 11/9/1848)  (from H-2)

m. Anderson Moffett  (8/30/1746 - 5/14/1835)



I.   Mary Moffett (2/9/1782 - 12/21/1872)

    m. Anderson Newman (so. Walter Newman, Rev. War soldier)


II.  Catherine Moffett (1786 - 2/16/1870)


III. George Moffett (1792 - 1/19/1872)

    m. ----

        1. ----

          m. B.R. White

        2. ----

          m. S.K. Cox 


IV.  Samuel Moffett (10/25/1789 - 12/8/1872)

    m. Hannah Bryan

        1. William Moffett (1816 - )

          m. Pamela Ann Clemens (sister of "Mark Twain")

              a. Samuel Erasmus Moffett (1860 - )

                m. Mary Elvish Mantz

                    i. Anita Moffett

                   ii. Clemens Moffett 


(?)V. Col. Anderson Moffett (12/1/1793 - 6/18/1856)


(?)VI. Isaac Moffett (1797 - 8/6/1861)



     Anderson Moffett was a Baptist preacher who preached the gospel

for 70 years.  He was a delegate from Rockingham County to Virginia's

General Assembly.  Anderson and Barbara are buried in Tenth Legion,

south of New Market. 



John Hupp, son of Casper


     After he turned 21, John became the guardian of his brothers 

Samuel and Martin.  Three years later, in 1790, he married Sarah Rader

or Reeder.  John and Sarah had two children:  George F. and Polly.  

John was involved in the education of his brother, Martin.  For more on

that see H-11.  John probably lived several different places from

Strasburg in the north to Keezletown, near Harrisonburg, in the south. 

     There has been a difference in opinion about who John's parents

were:  his descendants in Strasburg told me that he was the son of Peter

and Magdalen; I am claiming he was the son of Casper and Mary.  To state

my case, I make note that the descendants claim John was born on 

3/1/1766, while Peter's son John was born on 5/30/1773.  Also, the

Shenandoah County Deed Book M, pp. 166, 167 state that the John Hup

whose wife was Sarah was a son of Casper Hup.  Furthermore, after John

died, his children were raised by Martin Hupp, who was a son of Casper.




H-4     Known Descendants of John Hupp and Sarah Rader



John Hoop  (3/1/1766 - 1807)  (from H-2)

m. Sarah Rader (2/14/1772 - )



I.  George Franklin Hupp (8/14/1792 - 12/23/1885)

   m. Catherine Spengler (3/16/1794 - 1/31/1875) on 12/22/1814

       A. John Spengler Hupp (11/27/1815 - 9/1851)

         m. Amanda Bowman (5/21/1833 - 9/1851) on

             4/24/1851, dau. of Joseph Bowman of Kentucky

       B. Philip Martin Hupp (12/3/1817 - 9/5/1830)

       C. Elizabeth Margarett Hupp (2/1/1820 - )

         m. Col. George T. Bowman on 2/15/1844

             1. Catherine Bowman

               m. B.S. Cook

             2. George H. Bowman

             3. Fannie Bowman

             4. Nannie Bowman

               m. Augustus King

       D. Sarah Jane Hupp (3/18/1822 - 10/14/1827)

       E. Frances Catherine Hupp (8/22/1826 - 9/1853)

         m. James L. Miller (2/19/1826 - 12/14/1862*)

             1. George W. Miller (3/22/1847 - 11/12/1906)

               m. Anna V. --- (6/24/1871 - )

             2. John T. Miller

             3. Katie Miller (10/9/1851 - 3/19/1930)

             4. Frank H. Miller (7/18/1853 - 3/25/1939)

       F. George F. "Frank" Hupp, Jr.

         m. Catherine Stewart         / see below

       G. Ann Regina Hupp (11/25/1832 - 6/22/1886)

         m1. James L. Miller  on 10/20/1854

             1. Mamie (Minnie) Miller (1856 - 1933)

               m. Wesley Painter

             2. Lizzie Miller

               m. John Coleman

         m2. A.J. Kelly 

             3. Millie Kelly

       H. Joseph Stover Hupp (5/17/1836 - 6/22/1886) 

         m. Bettie Hollis (1848 - 1911) on 12/20/1886 



II. Polly Hupp (3/22/1796 - )

   m. John Lee  on 2/27/1811



Sarah m2. Philip Snapp on 1/10/1810



     John and Sarah's son George F. Hupp was a very prominent citizen of

Strasburg.  He owned an estate of about 1000 acres which included Hupp

Hill and Hupp's Cave, which was later renamed Crystal Caverns.  He also

lived in a large mansion.  George F. Hupp was reportedly a paymaster in

the War of 1812.  Later he owned or part-owned three of four furnaces

where metals, mostly iron, were smelted.  In the early 1800's he was

involved in so many land deals, that I did not bother writing down

even the reference.  If anyone wants all of that information, it can

be found in the County Courthouse in Woodstock. 















                  <sketch of Hupp Mansion>













        The Hupp Mansion of Strasburg, Virginia 


     The old Hupp Mansion is just north of Strasburg on the east side

of U.S. 11.  Actually the mansion burned in the late 1800's and was

rebuilt.  The mansion was recently owned by the Balfour players group,

but I think they recently sold it.  Frank Hupp, a great-grandson of

George F. Hupp, lives across U.S. 11 in the Hupp Frontier Fort. 

     George's sons George F. Jr. and Joseph S. were soldiers for the

confederacy in the Civil War, and came home expecting to find their home

burned to the ground, as happened to many large houses.  The Shenandoah

Valley was the "breadbasket" of Virginia and it had been long defended

from Union Forces by Stonewall Jackson.  As the war drew to a close, it

was ordered that the valley be laid waste to such an extent that "if

a crow would fly over, it would need to carry its own provisions". 

But Union generals Shields and Banks made the Hupp mansion their 

headquarters, and it was not destroyed.  

     Although George F. Hupp lived to be 93, he was not very active in

trading land after the Civil War.  In fact, his wife Catherine wrote up

her will, deciding how the property was to be divided among the heirs.

Catherine died 10 years before George did.

     There were four sons of George F. Hupp, but only one, George F.

Jr., had any children.  The list of his descendants is on the next




H-6     Descendants of George F. Hupp, Jr. 




George F. "Frank" Hupp, Jr. (3/27/1830 - 2/12/1901)  (from H-4)

m. Catherine B. "Kate" Stewart (1/7/1852 - 2/14/1925)


A. George Boyd Hupp (10/6/1879 - 12/3/1913) nm

B. Irma Stewart Hupp (1/22/1882 - 10/22/1883)

C. Bruce Franklin Hupp (7/4/1891 - 8/25/1945)

  m. Inez Eugenia Rowe (1/21/1895 - 1/31/1985)

      1. Helen Stewart Hupp (b. 1/21/1917)

        m. --- Painter

            a. Rolen Hupp Painter

            b. Shirley Ann Painter

      2. Frank Rowe Hupp (b. 5/8/1923)

        m. Gene Sechrist Richard (11/23/1925 - 1976)

            a. Cliff Richard Hupp (b. 7/2/1951)

            b. Abbie Joett Hupp (b. 6/15/1953)

              m. Jack Francis Pfister  on 5/10/1977

            c. John Franklin Hupp (b. 9/12/1955)

            d. George Steven Hupp (b. 12/31/1959)

      3. Katherine Juliet Hupp (2/19/1927 - 10/27/1944)





     Back to John, George F. Hupp's father:  His estate included four

slaves (there were no slaves owned by Balser or Abraham Hupp).  The

property was sold on 12/30/1807.  Buyers included Martin Hup, Samuel

Hup, Palser Hup, Abram Hup, and Anderson Moffet.  Martin and Samuel

were John's brothers, but Balser and Abraham were more distantly

related.  This shows the different Hupp families were still close at

this time.  

     In 1800 John had sold some land to his brother Samuel (Deed Book

M, pp 167,168) which was north of New Market.  It was an irregular 

shaped tract that was two miles long.  It ran northwest from the North

Fork of the Shenandoah River and included the present day interchange 68

on Interstate 81, Shenandoah Caverns, and most of Williamsville. 






Samuel Hupp, son of Casper 


     Samuel was the second son of Casper, born in the early 1770's. 

On 5/26/1796 he married Margaret Wilson (also known as Peggy).  They

started their family in Virginia, and then moved to Licking County, Ohio

about 1816.  They had a total of nine children.  

     The 1830 and 1840 censuses of Licking County list Samuel as living

in Licking Township.  But Samuel owned land in several neighboring

counties as well, notably Knox County.  Samuel's will was recorded

in the Licking County Courthouse in Newark.  The courthouse burned

in 1875, but the will was resubmitted in 1878.



Provisions of the Will of Samuel Hupp (Licking Co. Will Book F, p. 504.)


  [the first part I do not have verbatim:

  First:  My burial expenses are to be settled soon as possible]


  Second: I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife in lieu of

  her dower a good and sufficient support, of the farm whereon I now

  live, (Say one third part of all that shall be raised on said farm,

  so long as she shall continue to be my widow, and one horse, three

  cows, and four hogs, She having choice of the stock that I may

  leave and all the furniture about or belonging to the house, during

  her natural life, and at her death to be divided between my two

  younger sons, towit;  Harrison Hupp and Samuel Hupp, each an equal


  Third:  I give and bequeath to my son Martin Hupp my farm he now

  lives on, in Knox County Hi-ger township, designated and know by

  Lot No. 12. 

  Fourth: I give and bequeath to my son John Hupp all notes and book

  accounts I hold against him, except a note and mortgage, the which 

  amount is to be paid to my executors.

  Fifth:  I give and bequeath to my son George Hupp a lot of land in

  Knox County, the which I bot from Harkness and Delleno, containing

  130 acres and also my interest in the stock in the Tanyard.

  Sixth:  I give and bequeath to my son Anderson Hupp, all notes and

  book and book accounts I hold against him.

  Seventh: I give and bequeath to my daughter Polly English one

  hundred dollars in addition to the Book accounts, and notes I hold

  against them, the which together will make them six hundred


  Eighth: I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Sudden one

  hundred dollars in addition to he book accounts and notes I hold

  against them, the which together will make them six hundred


  Ninth:  I give and bequeath to the children of my daughter

  Katherine Patterson four hundred and fifty dollars to be equally

  divided between them male and female share and share alike, If they

  should not live to a lawful age to receive it, then in that case to

  be divided between all my children that then be alive, share and

  share alike.

  Tenth:  I give and bequeath to my two youngest sons namely Harrison

  Hupp and Samuel Hupp to my farm that I now live on with all

  Ballance of my Estate, both real and personal that is not otherwise

  bequeathed, to be equally divided between them, so they to be at

  equal expense, in supporting and providing for their mother and

  myself during our lives.



H-8     Will of Samuel Hupp, cont. 



  And Lastly:  I hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, Harrison

  Hupp and Samuel Hupp, to be the executors of this my last will and

  testament, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last

  will and testament.

       In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this

  tenth day of February 1842. 

  Signed and acknowledged in the              Samuel Hupp    (Seal)

  presents of us who at his

  request have witnessed the same.

     George Bearnes

     George W. Bearnes



     It is interesting how Samuel used "the" as a pronoun.  This could

be a miscopy, or it could be that Samuel was using it as in the German




The Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Margaret Wilson:



Samuel Hup (1770's - 1840's)  (from H-2)

m. Margaret Wilson  on 5/26/1796


      A. Martin Hupp (1800 - )  Knox Co., Ohio

        m. Sarah --- (1814 - )

            six known children

            see H-9

      B. John Hupp

        m. Mary ---

      C. George Hupp          Knox Co., Ohio

        m. Sarah --- (1811 - )

            six known children

            see H-9

      D. Anderson Hupp (1810 - )  Fairfield Co., Ohio,

        m. Maria --- (1813 - )   then Marshall Co., Ind.

            four known children

            see H-10

      E. Polly Hupp 

        m. Joseph English

      F. Elisabeth Hupp

        m. Stephen Sudden

      G. Katherine Hupp

        m. Samuel Patterson

      H. Harrison Hupp (1812 - )

        m. Julia A. --- (1825 - )

            four known children

            see H-10

      I. Samuel Hupp

        m. Adaline --- (1820 - 1885)

            four known children

            see H-10


Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Margaret Wilson                       H-9



     Samuel's son Martin lived in Knox County, Hilliard Township.

His brother George was a near neighbor.  George died before 1850.  The

known descendants of Martin and George are as follows:


Martin Hupp (1800 - )  (from H-8)

m. Sarah --- (1814 - )

        A. Nancy Hupp (1833 - )

        B. Harrison Hupp (1836 - )

        C. Wilson Hupp (5/1838 - before 1910) moved to LaSalle Co., Ill.

          m. Elma --- (12/1840 - )   moved to Sumner Co., KS after 1900

              1. Nellie F. Hupp (1871 - )

              2. Mamie Hupp (1879 - )

              3. Charley M. Hupp (12/1880 - )

                m. Cora --- (1878 - )

                    a. Morrell Hupp (b. 1904)

                    b. Nellie Hupp (b. 1906)

        D. George Hupp (1840 - )

        E. Henry Hupp (9/1842 - )

      (?) m. Mary --- (3/1847 - )

              1. H. Leslie Hupp (1869 - )

              2. John P. Hupp (6/1871 - ) moved to Delaware Co., OH

                m. Jessie L. --- (5/1875 - )

                    a. Lottie L. Hupp (9/1893 - )

                    b. Opal V. Hupp (6/1898 - )

                    c. Dorothy M. Hupp (3/1900 - )

              3. Charles D. Hupp (10/1875 - )

                m. Myrtie L. --- (9/1879 - )

              4. M. Anna Hupp (1878 - )

        F. Lucena Hupp (1849 - )


George Hupp  (from H-8)

m. Sarah --- (1811 - )

        A. Louisa Hupp (1831 - )

        B. Elisabeth Hupp (1833 - )

        C. Samuel Hupp (1837 - ) Licking Co., Ohio

          m. Margararet Meekly (1846 - )

              1. Dora Hupp (1877 - )

        D. Rhoda Hupp (1841 - )

        E. George Hupp (12/1843 - ) moved to Harvey Co., Kansas

          m. Elizabeth --- (6/1850 - )

              1. George W. Hupp (7/1873 - )

                m. Naomia --- (1/1872 - )

              2. Frank S. Hupp (4/1875 - )

              3. Sarah E. Hupp (10/1876 - )

              4. Louisa N. Hupp (5/1878 - )

              5. Alba Hupp (7/1879 - )

              6. Ethel F. Hupp (5/1888 - )

              7. Katie E. Hupp (11/1892 - )

        F. Absalom Hupp (1/1847 - ) moved to Harvey Co., Kansas

          m. Louisa --- (8/1845 - )

              1. Rufina Hupp (1867 - )

              2. Sarah Alice Hupp (3/1871 - )

              3. Mary E. Hupp (1874 - )

              4. Perry A. Hupp (12/1876 - )

              5. Charles L. Hupp (7/1879 - )



H-10    Descendants of Samuel Hupp and Margaret Wilson, cont. 


     Samuel and Margaret's fourth son, Anderson lived in Fairfield

County, Ohio, where he raised his four children.  In the 1860's he moved

to Marshall County, Indiana, along with his wife and his son, George. 

Anderson's known descendants are as follows:


Anderson Hupp (1840 - 1/1891)  (from H-8)

m. Maria ---


A. Mary Hupp (1834 - )

B. Margaret Hupp (1837 - )

C. Caroline Hupp (1840 - )

D. George N. Hupp (11/1844 - )

  m. Mary Shorly (1/1849 - )

      1. Hubert H. Hupp (11/1870 - ) moved to Lake Co., Ind.

        m. Maggie --- (2/1872 - ) on 11/2/1892

            a. Harold Hupp (4/1893 - )

      2. Eva L. Hupp (1872 - )

        m. ---- on 11/2/1899


Anderson and Maria celebrated their 50th wedding anniversery in

February of 1882.  They were living in the town of Bourbon in the 

eastern part of the county.  [note- this is the same county that other

Hupps had moved to and out of:  Jacob K. Hupp (section B) and Charles

J. Hupp (section C)]

     Samuel and Margaret's youngest two sons, Harrison and Samuel, 

inherited the family farm in Licking Township, Licking County, Ohio. 

Their known descendants are as follows: 


Harrison Hupp (1812 - )  (from H-8)

m. Julia A. --- (1825 - )

        1. Emaline Hupp (1849 - )

        2. Adelia Hupp (1851 - )

        3. William C. Hupp (1854 - )

        4. Martha Hupp (1858 - )


Samuel Hupp   (from H-8)

m. Adaline --- (1820 - 1885)         some of these are buried in the

        1. Martin Hupp (1840 - )     Fairmont Cemetery near Jacksontown

          m. Lucy ---                and Linnville.  Many other Hupps

              a. William Newton Hupp   are buried there (of

        2. Margaret Hupp (1842 - )                Section E)

          m. --- Richardson 

              a. George F. Richardson

        3. John Wilson Hupp (1843 - 12/15/1880)

          m. Amelia --- (1849 - 10/23/1930)

              a. Mary B. Hupp (3/1869 - 12/20/1884)

              b. Simeon Hupp (1873 - 3/30/1898)

              c. George Hupp (8/1876 - ) 

                m. Grace H. --- 

                    i. Helen A. Hupp (b. 1907)

                   ii. Margaret L. Hupp (b. 1910)

                  iii. Martha G. Hupp (b. 1911)

                   iv. Bettie M. Hupp (b. 1915)

                    v. Anna J. Hupp (b. 1918)

              d. Emma Hupp (7/1879 - )

             Amelia m2. Benton F. Wells (1849 - 1931)

        4. George N. Hupp (10/1845 - 3/6/1920)

          m. J. Etta --- (2/1863 - 1920)

              a. Samuel W. Hupp (1887 - 1887)






Dr. Martin Hupp, son of Casper


     Martin Hupp was born on 9/22/1775, the youngest son of Casper and

Mary.  He was only six when his father died.  After his brother John

turned 21, Martin was under his guardianship.  It was during this time

that Martin received his medical training.


(The following was the first story I read concerning Hupp history)

     Martin Hupp was apprenticed to John Peter Ahl of Keezletown (east

of Harrisonburg, in Rockingham County).  Solomon Henkel was a fellow

student.  But Ahl did not live up to his obligations, and because of

trouble with his apprentices, he was put in the Rockingham County jail

in 1796.  When he was found guilty of violating his apprenticeship

contract with Martin Hupp, he disappeared from Virginia.  Ahl was found

years later, in South Carolina, as a drunk.  He died in 1827.

     The accounts of these events mention John Hupp as Martin's 

guardian, and make note that the Hupps did try to keep John P. Ahl out

of jail while seeking justice.  One source incorrectly states that John

was Martin's father (all others name him as his guardian).  

     After Martin's brother John died, Martin was awarded guardianship

of John's children, George F. and Polly.  By that time, they were in

their teens.

     Martin's practice as a doctor was in Woodstock.  He was one of the

first trustees of Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock. 

     Martin Hupp's wife was named Clara.  I believe her maiden name was

Copp, as this couple, and several of their children were buried in the

Copp-Hupp Cemetery.  Clara bore him at least five children.  After Clara

died, Martin married Mrs. Alice Frovel on 2/26/1829.  The marriage was

shortlived- Martin died the following August 10.  That was a bad year

for that family.  Not only did Martin died then, but so did his son

Harrison and daughter Margaret Samuels.  This was the same year that

Balser and Abraham died, near New Market. 

     Alice's was born Alice M. White.  Before she married Martin Hupp,

she had been married to George Fravel, and after Martin died, she

married William Anderson. 

     An inventory of Dr. Martin Hupp's estate was made on 9/22/1829.

It was valued at $2715.07 + 8 slaves ($2000).  Martin's son George A.

Hupp was the administrator.  Sale customers included William C. Hupp,

George F. Hupp, Mary C. Hupp, Alice M. Hupp, and George A. Hupp.






Martin Hupp's

tombstone.  It is in

the Copp-Hupp Cemetery

on the west end of the              <photo>

cemetery.  The cem. is

two miles north of

Toms Brook, a patch of

woods in a field near 

the intersection of

Va. 646 and Va. 757.



H-12    Descendants of Dr. Martin Hupp, son of Casper



Martin Hupp (9/22/1775 - 8/10/1829)  (from H-2)

m1. Clara Copp(?) (4/27/1781 - 10/5/1826)


A. Margaret Hupp (5/1/1802 - 8/13/1829)

  m. Isaac Samuels  on 8/26/1823)

B. George A. Hupp (11/30/1803 - 2/24/1892) Strasburg, Va.

  m1. Rachel V. Inskeep (4/19/1808 - 8/1/1867)


  m2. Annie M. Stickley  on 1/21/1869 

      1. Sallie Hupp (1869 - 1897)

        m. Louis Kramer 

      2. Clara Hupp (1871 - 1942)

        m. Charles M. Chiles  on 4/19/1893 

            a. Louise Chiles (d. 4/16/1960)

              m. Addison Weisiger

            b. Sally Chiles

              m. ----

            c. George G. Chiles (1899-1975)

            d. Anna Margaret Chiles

              m. Dr. Charles H. Spiggle (1900-1973) 

                  i. Philip Spiggle  - Richmond, Va

C. Harrison Hupp (2/8/1805 - 7/25/1829)

  m. Sarah Huddle  on 12/19/1825

      1. George Stracher Hupp (2/7/1828 - 1887 or 8)

           attorney, died in Nevada City, California

        m1. Rachel Cross of Kentucky 

            a. M. Hupp (1857 - )         lived in Lander Co., NV

            b. H. (or A.) Hupp (1858 - ) / in 1870 with their father

            c. Annie Hupp (1859 - )   lived in Nevada Co., Calif in

            d. Maria Hupp (1860 - ) / 1870 with Joshua A. Cross

        m2. M. ---   by 1870

     Sarah m2. Christian Forrer on 7/6/1833

D. William C. Hupp (12/6/1806 - 7/20/1831)

  m. Mary Elener Massie  on 1/28/1831

     Mary m2. Wesley McKay  on 3/5/1835

E. Mary C. Hupp  ( - 1854)

  m. Dr. William D. Eyster (1804 - 1965) on 5/4/1830 

      1. Jennie Eyster ( - 1923) 

        m. Joseph E. Sands   - Fairmont, WV 

      2. Dr. George Hupp Eyster (3/4/1840 - )

        m. Josephine English  in 1869

            a. J.A.E. Eyster, M.D.

      3. Charles Cook Eyster



m2. Alice (White) Frovel 



     Harrison's son George S. Hupp was raised by George A. Hupp.

     George A. Hupp's will is recorded in Shenandoah County Will Book

23, p. 318ff.  It is printed on the next page. 



The Will of George A. Hupp, son of Martin                           H-13




       I, George A. Hupp of Strasburg, Shenandoah County and state of

       Virginia do make, publish, pronounce, and declare This writing

       as and for my last will & Testament in manner following To


       1st I desire that when it may please my Heavenly Father to

       call me hence that I be burried [sic.] in the old family

       grave yard by my hereinafter named Executors upon the lands

       of John E. Copp aside of my dear departed wife Rachel where

       sufficient ground is left for that purpose in a Christian and

       becoming manner without show or pomp.

       2nd I desire that all my just debts & funeral expenses be paid

       by my Exr. as soon as pacticable [sic.] after my decease and

       of my personal estate.

       3rd I give, devise and bequeath As my kind and affectionate

       wife Annie M. Hupp the one third part of my personalty and

       Realty and the third devised to my wife for life, to my two

       daughters Sallie I. and Clara M. Hupp Equally, should either

       of my said daughters die without issue, then the one surviving

       shall succeed to her interest, and if both die without issue

       in infancy then my estate both personal and real shall pass to

       my Paternal & Maternal Kindred and divided in three Equal

       shares as follows -- One to the children of my deceased Sister

       Mary C. the wife of Dr. Wm. D. Eyster dec'd and their heirs,

       one to the Children of my nephew Geo. S. Hupp and their heirs,

       and the other to the children of my niece Elizabeth M. Belew

       the wife of Dr. Peter Belew & their heirs, as also the

       reversion in my real estate after the demise of my wife Annie

       M. in three equal parts as above named.

       4th The estate I have herein named and devised to my two


(page 319)

       Sallie I. & Clara M. I intend shall have but a life estate in

       -- with out power to carry and after their death to their


       5th Should the estate I have herein named and devised to my

       two daughters pass to my said kindred and their heirs, my

       will is and I do so direct that the severed evidences of

       debts due me by my said kindred as named in a paper herein

       enclosed be charged to their children and deducted from their

       share, with all the interest from the time of the


       6th I give to my two daughters as a specific legacy 40 shares

       of Shenandoah Co. Bank Stock half to each. My gold watch and

       appendages to Sallie, my Silver watch & chain to Clara.  My

       piano, stoll, &c to them jointly, the portraits of myself and

       deceased wife Rachel V. Hupp to my daughter Sallie.  All the

       other pictures in my parlor, including those of myself and

       wife and two children to my two daughters jointly.

       7th I desire that my Exr examine the County & Circuit Courts

       of Shen'h, Rockingham, Page, and WArren, with a view of

       ascertaining what if any uncollected debts are due me and

       proceed without delay to collect the same, that they examine

       my diary and Memo Book, where will be found for whom I have

       been, or are still security late legal steps to y estate from

       all liability without delay.


(continued on next page)



H-14    The Will of George A. Hupp, continued



       8th I desire that one or both my ex'ors have kept in good

       repair from friends of my personal Estate the Old family

       burying grounds on the land of now in the occupancy of Geo.

       W. Copp son of John E. Copp and those haveing friends buried

       there be called upon to contribute a share of the expense.

       9th I nominate & appoint my friends Philip W. Magonden and

       Joseph B. McInturff my ex'ors and Guardians for my two

       daughters and desire that they attend & have given them a

       plain English Education in the County of Shenandoah.

            Given under my hand Seal Sept. 1st 1888

                                                 G. A. Hupp (Seal)




       I, G.A. Hupp do make this Codecil to my will & Testament,

       dated Sept 1st, 1888 and direct that it be taken as a part of

       the same, being a member of the Regular or Primitive Baptist

       Church, and desiring to leave behind me some testimonial for

       the Cause and love of God and truth.  I give the sum of Five

       Hundred dollars to and in the building of a church House in

       the Town of Strasburg for worship by the said denomination,

       which sum I have promised in subscription bearing --- date

       herwith which bequeath is not an additional one of Five

       hundred dollars I also give my neice Elizabeth M. Belew wife

       of Peter Belew for her sole seperate use an annuity of $Three

       Hundred dollars to be part out of the fund in the Lands of

       P.W. Magneden Jr Spl. Any arising from the sale of the Belew

       farm, nd of said sum is is collected before my death then to

       be paid her out of my Estate.  Given under my hand Seal this

       17th day of Nov 1888.

                                       G.A. Hupp (Seal)


                       Codecil No. 2


       In as much as Elizabeth Belew above named has departed this 

     (page 320)

       life, the annuity above devised to her is hereby revoked.

       Given under my hand Seal the 6th day of Jany 1891.

       Witnesses  H. P. Ludwig                 G.A. Hupp (Seal)

                  M. Machin 


       I G.A. Hupp omitted in the transcript of my last will &

       Testament herin named of date Sept 1st, 1888 to mention what

       disposition be made of my wearing apparel.  do give it to my

       worthy Brotherinlaw Geo W. Stickley for the many acts of

       Kindness sec'd of him in years gone by and as for giving the

       Belew family anything more than they have had already of me,

       to say nothing of the many thousands dollars I have paid for

       them as their security without the last prospect of even being

       reimbursed either in kindness, love or money, would be perfect

       folly in the extreme.

       Given under my hand Seal Jany 6th 1891

                                       G.A. Hupp (Seal)


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